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									Free spay and neuter and why it should be done

Every day thousands of cats and dogs are born and most as pets. Naturally there will not be enough
individuals to care for all the animals. Each year over six million animals tend to be killed through the
euthanasia process or are picked up in trucks and put into animal homes.

Perhaps, the use of free spays or neuter, will help avoid the pointless slaughter. The belief that free
spaying or neuter or nuking causes any kind of negative impact for domestic pets, is extremely incorrect.
There are essential facts about sanitizing a pet that owners should know.

Animals’ partner for one cause only since it is an instinct to reproduce. Sterilizing may cause your pet
being more loving companions. Sanitized pets tend to be far less prone to spray and marking their own
territory. Spayed or even neutered dogs and cats reside longer as well as healthier life.

Unspayed females possess higher situations of mammary growths, uterine infections, as well as cancer.
Nuking males cuts down on the risk of cancer of the prostate. Neutered animals tend to be far less likely
to roam as well as fight along with other animals

Canine bites and attacks will certainly go down. Studies have confirmed that free spayed or neutered
domestic pets are much less prone to chew and that unaltered creatures display much more behavioral
as well as temperament issues than those which have been sterilized. Finally it is your decision to take,
so read up on the internet and ask your vet and take the best decision for all involved.

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