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					Coronado Telescope Review

The Coronado brand in telescopes is one of the most well-known among solar astronomers and reviews of
their various products abound. Their products tend to be among the best in the business and users are often
quick to give their thumbs up – or thumbs down – when it comes to various Coronado products.

Coronado produces a variety of solar telescopes as well as filters that can make daytime sky viewing easier
and much more exciting. Their top-of-the-line products are the personal choice of sun gazers and their
filters are known to bring a new excitement to the phenomenon of solar astronomy.

For example, Coronado makes a Personal Solar Telescope (PST) for daytime viewing of the skies that has
been reviewed on many websites. Viewing the sun is much more challenging than viewing the sky at night
because the opportunities for clear viewing are often quick and ever-changing unless you have a completely
clear sky. One review of the Coronado Personal Solar Telescope we’ve read said that viewing the sun
through this device is simplicity itself. Very little negative has been written in a review on this Coronado

Reviews of the Coronado solar telescopes are varied and provide little negative feedback when it comes to
their products. The only negative comments we’ve found is that some products come with incomplete
instructions. By that we mean that reviewers have said that they would have liked a little more information
on the best ways to find the sun and what to look for when gazing through the eyepiece.

In general a Coronado telescope review will be favorable among experienced solar astronomers. Their
products are pricey, so having a favorable review is good for the company as well as for the user. Because
you will be spending such a large amount of money on a Coronado telescope having an accurate review is

Look in many places to find reviews of the Coronado telescopes. Most of the astronomy websites – even
though they are generally dedicated to night sky gazing will have reviews of the Coronado telescopes.
Before you make a commitment to their product, do your research and read these reviews.

Personal users of the Coronado telescopes are also happy to post their own reviews of the products on
personal blogs as well as on various websites like clearskies.com and epinions.com. When you are reading
a review from a personal user, keep in mind that these are people who have probably used the product but
probably have little experience with other products so they don’t have much to compare them to. While it’s
nice to have the opinion of someone who has used the product, don’t based your purchase of a Coronado
telescope solely on their review alone.

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