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									                             It is important for a college student to get
a student loan if he or she wants to resume his or her higher education.
Because of the rising cost of pursuing higher education, student loans
play a crucial role in helping them achieve their higher education goals.
Student loans are of two types.They are: Federal Student Loans Private
Student Loans 1. Federal Student Loans: Federal Student Loans are made
available by the Government.These student loans are very beneficial for
the poor students looking for a student loan.Federal Student Loans offer
low interest rates and are flexible with regards to the type of student
loans.These loans can be got very easily since credit score of the
college students is not taken into account seriously.The main requirement
for these student loans is that you should be an US Citizen or a
permanent resident of the United States. 2. Private Student Loans: Some
students looking for college loans go for private student loans since
private student loan lenders offer more money for their higher education
than the federal student loans.If you are a student, you may be able to
get a student loan from a bank.But, in most instances, the amount offered
to you will not be sufficient to cover the absolute cost of your higher
education.Here, private lenders come to your aid.They decide first of all
how much can be provided as student loans and they offer generously once
they have decided to give. Students can utilize the internet for getting
suitable student loans for continuing their education.While internet is
used for finding information on car purchase, house for sale etc., it is
also useful for choosing suitable student loan offers.The students can
conveniently choose the correct lender for their student loan needs.They
can simply fill the online forms available on the internet and they do
not require any commitments on their behalf other than filling the online
form.They need not walk far or stand in queue. What Are Campus Loans?
Every Year, educational institutions get considerable amount for giving
out as student loans.This money can be availed by the students as student
loans.The students will pay back the amount to the institutions with
interest & again the amount is reloaned to other poor students for
continuing their higher education. What Are FFELP Loans? The students are
informed about a list of authorized lenders who provide student loans to
the students.These are called FFELP Loans are SLS Loans. Consolidation Of
Student Loans Student debt consolidation can help the students deal with
the excessive amounts of debt accumulated by bringing all the loans into
a single loan.This can help them avoid dealing with various lenders with
different rates of interest.

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