Report to The Calgary Planning Commission; DP2007-4229 by AaronBurks



DEVELOPMENT PERMIT                                ITEM NO: 03
                                  CPC DATE:         2009 September 03

                                  DP NO:            DP2007-4229

                     (Ward 7- Alderman Farrell)

                                                                        Page 1
                                                                        CPC 2009 September 03

8-Storey Mixed-use Residential Commercial Development

APPLICANT:                                      OWNER:
Clem Lau Architect                              Clark, Diane B T
#113C 1330 - 15 Avenue SW                       520 Rideau Road SW
Calgary, AB                                     Calgary, AB
                                                T2S 0R6
MUNICIPAL ADDRESS:                              LEGAL DESCRIPTION:
201 – 1 Street SE                               Plan 9111437, Lot 41, Block 7
                                                (Map 15C)

EXISTING LAND USE DISTRICT(S): Direct Control District 70Z84

AREA OF SITE:     0.040ha  (0.098 ac )



NORTH:    Mixed Use (Residential & Commercial)

SOUTH: Commercial

EAST:     Institutional (Harry Hays Building)

WEST: Commercial


         RULE              BYLAW STANDARD                   PROPOSED            RELAXATION

                          Common Amenity                3rd Storey floor    N/A
 DIRECT CONTROL           Area: Min. 40% of site        space = 307.4 m²
   GUIDELINE(S)           area (located within
                          16m)                          77% of site area.

        DENSITY           Base = 6.5 FAR (max)          5.21 FAR            N/A

        HEIGHT            46 m (Maximum)                30.16 m             N/A
                          0.5 stalls /unit x 20 units   9 stalls            1 stall (residential)
                          = 10 stalls (residential)
                          4 stalls (commercial)         4 stalls            N/A

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                                                                        CPC 2009 September 03


          RULE               BYLAW STANDARD               PROPOSED             RELAXATION

   PRIVATE AMENITY          Required for each         All units provided     N/A
        SPACE               dwelling unit             with balconies

 Walls: maroon & greystone brick; precast concrete columns
 Roof: dark green metal finishing
 Windows: clear glazing (at-grade) ;

Please delete above categories where they are not applicable, such as DC Guidelines
 Crime Prevention
                       No Comment Received
 Through Environmental
 MANAGEMENT            Not Applicable
 (Calgary Chinese      - concerns with encroaching elements (canopies)
 Cultural Centre)      - concerns with lack of additional parking stalls
 COMMUNITY                   See APPENDIXIII
 (Calgary Downtown



This Development Permit Application proposes an 8-storey mixed-use (residential & commercial)
development on the subject site located on the north-west corner of 1 Street SE and 2 Avenue SE.
The proposed development is comprised of 2 commercial retail units at-grade, office space on the
second storey, along with 20 residential units in the six upper storeys.

Site Context

The subject parcel is rectangular in form and sits within a prominent corner location in Chinatown.
The site has been vacant since 2000, where the lastknown use of a temporary surface parking lot
(5 years) had lapsed. Since then, there have been       several Development Permit applications
reviewed by Administration that have never materialized. In the larger context, there has been no
significant redevelopment for any of the parcels on he block which the subject site is located over
the last 15 years. Buildings of heritage significance on this block include to Ho        Lem Block
(209 - 2 Avenue SE) built in 1919, and the Chinese National Building (110 - 3 AvenueSE) built in
1954. The majority of the building stock on this block pre-dates the1980s.

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                                                                         CPC 2009 September 03

 As context, The Far East Centre, which partially straddles the subject parcel at the south west
corner, was built in 1979 and exists today in virtually the same condition.

Land Use District

The subject parcel is identified as being part of ‘Site under Direct Control District 70Z84. Specific
provisions for this district require a mix ofuses, maximum height, compulsory amenity spaces and
architectural requirements to ensure the objectives of the Chinatown Area Redevelopment Planre    a

Chinatown Area Redevelopment Plan

Development Guidelines for the subject parcel are provided for within Direct Control District 70Z84,
which is also embedded in the Chinatown Area Redevelopment           Plan. The Chinatown Area
Redevelopment Plan (ARP) was approved by Councilin January 1986, and consolidated in 2006 to
comprehensively address all areas within the boundaries of the Chinatown Community.

Relevant objectives of the Chinatown ARP asdemonstrated in the proposed development include:

1) Reinforce the role of retail and entertainment uses throughout the community

2) Ensure the future viability of housing as an important element in the success of the community.

3) Addresses environmental concerns to ensure development is sensitive to the human scale and
that there remains sunlight access to important public areas.

Administration finds that the proposed development is keeping within the context of the Chinatown
Area Redevelopment Plan and existing community.

Site Characteristics

The subject site is located south of the Bow River and the Regional Pathway and is generally flat
with no significant geographical features. The site is within the 1:100 year flood plain. The
proposed development has been designed in accordance with Section 19.1 of Bylaw 2P80
(Floodplain Regulations).

Site Layout & Building Design

The proposed Development on this corner parcel propos s to cap a city blockand keeps within the
architectural context of the Chinatown Community. The building is rectangular in form and
envelopes the entire parcel (see APPENDIX The northand east elevations are to function as the
business frontages as both facades face public ri ght-of-ways. The southand west elevations have
been designed in such a matter to facilitate future development on the adjoining parcels with 0m
setbacks to the property lines.

(APPENDIXI) The design of the 8-storey building is post-modern in its expression, incorporating
Chinese Motif on various architectural features (roof, canopies, balconies, etc.) that is found in
much of the existing building stock within Chinatown. The combination of maroon and greystone
brick for the body of the building provide for a colour scheme that complements surrounding
development, and is found to be       appropriate for this particular expression of post-modern
architecture. Depth in the elevations is achieved with the use of columns (pre-cast concrete).
Fenestration is provided in clear glazing at-grade and green-tint glazing above the first storey.

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                                                                          CPC 2009 September 03

The at-grade condition is further differentiated from the office and residential uses above with the
use of green metal canopies above the glazing, detailed        with Chinese symbols. In addition,
recessed lighting will be installed in these canopies, enhancing the pedestrian realm.

Urban Design Review Panel

UDRP COMMENTS                                      APPLICANT’S RESPONSE
Importance and prominence of this          site Combination of brick and pre-cast concrete in
demands careful consideration with respect to dark maroon and greystone coloursprovide for a
the character of the architecture.               building that is consistent with the context of
                                                 Chinatown and its existing building        stock.
                                                 Chinese motif has been incorporated on        the
                                                 balconies and canopies to distinguish the
                                                 building as being part of the Chinatown
The Panel recommends direct at-grade street      3 at-grade accesses for CRUs provided from 2
access to the ground floor CRUs in order to      Ave. SE, along with a 1 along 1 ST SE. Main
create a higher quality public realm.            entrance (NE corner) provided at-grade.
Comprehensive ground plane design (building See Page 16 of APPENDIXI. Existing hard and
face to face of curb) should be developed in     soft landscaping to remain within public right of
consultation with Urban Development and Parks way. At-grade façade to be permeable and
Department.                                      animated with retail uses.
Garbage ‘alcove’ should be enclosed with a full- Details to be provided prior to release of the
height gate sensitively designed.                Development Permit.

Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment is to be reviewed by Urban Development prior to
release of a Development Permit on the subject parcel.


The proposed footprint of the building is virtually that of the entire site area.        Thus no soft
landscaping is being provided at grade. However,existing hard and soft landscaping that includes
five mature green ash trees (along Riverfront Avenue), sidewalks lined with red pavers, and red
benches are to be maintained, as shown in APPE     NDIXI. Further, landsc   aping is being proposed on
the rooftop amenity area for use by all tenants of building, highlighted by a sensitively designed
steel dome which respects the restrictions of shadowing on the Regional Pathway to the north.

Site Access & Traffic

The main entrance into the building is provided from the north-east corner of the parcel where a
common access is provided for the various retail, commercial and residential tenants, with a shared
elevator (see APPENDIXI).

                                                 reet SE. No new off-site improvements arebeing
Vehicular access to the site is provided from 1 St
proposed as the public amenity currently exist along 2 Avenue SE and Riverfront Avenue SE.

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                                                                           CPC 2009 September 03


Two levels of underground parking are provided with access from 1 Street SE. The first level of
parking is to be dedicated to commercial uses located on the first and second stories, and 9 stalls
located on the second level of the parkade is to be dedicated to the residential uses. Access toeth
second level of parking is to be provided by way of a freight elevator.

Site Servicing for Utilities

                                                    site. The Applicant is responsible for construction
Servicing for utilities are available for the subject
of the new driveway crossing on 2    Street SE, and any other infrastructure rehabilitation upgrades as
deemed necessary by Calgary Roads prior to the release of the Development Permit.

Waste and Recycling facilities are provided withinthe first level of the underground parking lev as
shown in APPENDIXI. A gated staging area along 1 Street SE is to facilitate garbage pickup by
service vehicles.

Environmental Sustainability

APPENDIX II provides the LEED table indicating sustainable principlesto be incorporated into the
proposed development. The proposed development seeks to accumulate a total of 35 points for
sustainability however, the development is not seeking a LEED certification.

Community Association Comments

Various comments regarding the proposed development were received at the time of circulation.
Much of the concerns raised by the Calgary Downtown Association (See APPENDIX Chinatown
Merchants Association and Chinese Cultural Centre were related to the lack of parking provided.
These concerns have been addressed with addition of a second level of underground parking
provided for the residential tenants, where four stalls have been dedicat to the commercial uses,
sufficient as per the requirements of DC70Z84.

Adjacent Neighbour Comments

No comments as of the date of this report.


The proposal is supported for the following reasons:

1. The proposed mixed-use development complements the existing development within the
   Chinatown community as it provides for a mix of housing, retail and office uses within a
   relatively small parcel. Administration finds the proposed development would represent the
   most intense form of development for a significant corner lot of Chinatown, while preserving
   sunlight penetration to the Regional Pathway along the Bow River.

2. Residential units ranging from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom units (see         Unit Information in
   APPENDIXI) is to provide for a mix of housing choices and contribute to increasing the
   residential population base of the Chinatown community, increasing the safety of downtown
   streets and public spaces by providing more natural surveillance to the public realm.

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                                                                        CPC 2009 September 03

3. Administration finds that the level of detail and incorporation of the Chinese motif by way of
   symbols and colour scheme satisfies the r equirement under DC 70Z84 and Chinatown ARP.
   Furthermore, all residential units are provided with balconies, as required by the Development
   Guidelines of the Chinatown ARP.


Recommend that Calgary Planning Commission APPROVE the application with the following

Prior To Release


1.     Provide scaled details of proposed signage areas for building(s) and freestanding sign(s)
       (dimensions, height width, text information and municipal address).

2.     Amend plans to clearly show the location of all visitor and handicap parking stall

3.     Amend drawings to indicate a gate to secure the staging area for waste and recycling.

Urban Development:

4.     Amend the plans to:

       a.    Remove the encroachments (bench) from within the 1 Street SE road right-of-

5      Submit a current Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report. The report will be used
       to determine if the site is suitable for the intended development, as related to
       environmental issues. The report is to be prepared in accordance with accepted
       guidelines, practices and procedures that include but are not limited to those in the
       Canadian Standards Association (2001) “Phase I Environmental Site Assessment -
       Z768-01,” or its successor.

       If the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report indicates that there is actual or
       potential site contamination, then the developer is to submit a current Phase II
       Environmental Site Assessment report. The report is to be prepared in accordance with
       accepted guidelines, practices and procedures that include but are not limited to those in
       the Canadian Standards Association (2000) “Phase II Environmental Site Assessment -
       Z769-00,” or its successor.

       If the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment report indicates that there is a
       requirement for remediation or risk management, then the developer shall submit a
       current Remedial Action Plan and/or Risk Management Plan. The report(s) shall
       document how the site will be remediated or risk managed to such an extent that the site
       will be suitable for the intended development.

                                                                                            Page 7
                                                                        CPC 2009 September 03

      All Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments submitted to The City that have been
      commissioned on or after November 1, 2005 must conform to The City of Calgary
      Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment Terms of Reference. Please visit for the latest version. Any Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site
      Assessments that do not conform will require additional work to meet the standard.

      All report(s) are to be prepared by a qualified professional and will be reviewed to the
      satisfaction of the Manager, Environmental Assessment and Liabilities.

6.    Remit payment (certified cheque) for the infrastructure upgrades for the Centre City
      communities, in the amount of $82,300.00 to Urban Development. This levy includes
      both the Centre City Utility Levy approved under the Centre City Utility Levy Bylaw
      9M2007 and an amount approved by Council for community recreation, transportation,
      parks upgrading, and greenways. The amount identified above is determined by using
      $3,970 per meter of site frontage (on avenues only) for the proposed development.

7.    Remit a security deposit (certified cheque, bank draft, letter of credit) for the proposed
      infrastructure within the public right-of-way to address the requirements of the Business
      Unit as listed below:

      a.    Construction of new driveway crossings on 2 Street SE,
      b.    Rehabilitation of existing driveway crossings, sidewalks, curb and gutter, etc.,
            should it be deemed necessary through a site inspection by Roads personnel,

8.    Remit payment (certified cheque, bank draft) for the proposed infrastructure within the
      public right-of-way to address the requirements of the Business Units as listed below:

      a.    Street lighting upgrading adjacent to the development.
      b.    Proposed new light pole to the Chinatown standard

9.    Provide a letter to confirm the owner will remove the canopy from within the City road right-
      of-way and corner cut at the owner’s expense within 30 days’ notice from the City of
      Calgary requesting removal.

10.   Future on-street cycling routes are planned for the following roadways and they shall be
      identified as future bikeways on all development plans:
           1 Street SE
           Riverfront Avenue SE

11.   Design the driveway surface material to prioritize pedestrians over vehicles. Pedestrian
      access across driving aisles is to be clearly differentiated from the driving aisle through
      the use surface marking, and/or a change in surface materials or colours.

12.   Pedestrian routes are to be free of obstacles that would interfere with the accessibility of
      pedestrians using wheelchairs. Sidewalks are to be constructed with curb cuts where
      there is a change in elevation.

13.   Driveway flares shall not encroach into neighbouring sites unless written permission by
      the adjacent owner is obtained.

                                                                                          Page 8
                                                                       CPC 2009 September 03

Permanent Conditions

14.   The development shall be completed in its entirety, in accordance with the approved
      plans and conditions.

15.   No changes to the approved plans shall take place unless authorized by the
      Development Authority.

16.   A Development Completion Permit shall be issued for the development before the use
      is commenced or the building occupied. A Development Completion Permit is
      independent from the requirements of Building Permit occupancy. Call Development
      Inspection Services at 268-5491 to request a site inspection for the Development
      Completion Permit.

17.   The approval of this Development Permit includes Comprehensive Signage.

18.   Any alteration to Comprehensive Signage requires a new Development Permit.

19.   Fascia signage shall be placed only in the designated sign area as indicated on the
      approved plans.

20.   At no time shall any signage obstruct parking stalls.

21.   The garbage staging area shall be kept in a good state of repair at all times and the door
      shall be kept closed while the enclosures are not actively in use for removal of refuse.

22.   Loading and delivery shall take place in the designated loading stall as shown on the
      approved plans and shall, at no time, impede the safety of pedestrian movements and
      use of the parking lot.

Urban Development:

23.   If during construction of the development, the developer, the owner of the titled parcel, or
      any of their agents or contractors becomes aware of any contamination,

      a.     the person discovering such contamination shall immediately report the
             contamination to the appropriate regulatory agency including, but not limited to,
             Alberta Environment, the Calgary Health Region and The City of Calgary (311).

      b.     on City of Calgary lands or utility corridors, the City’s Environmental Assessment
             & Liabilities division shall be immediately notified (311).

24.   a) The developer shall be responsible for the cost of public work and any damage during
      construction in City road right-of-ways, as required by the Manager, Urban Development.
       All work performed on public property shall be done in accordance with City standards.

      b) In accordance with the Encroachment Policy adopted by Council on June 24, 1996,
      and as amended on February 23, 1998, encroachments of retaining walls, planters,

                                                                                         Page 9
                                                                            CPC 2009 September 03

         entry features, building projections, etc. are not permitted to extend into the City right-of-
         way. New encroachments that are a result of this development are to be removed at the
         developer’s expense.

25.      The grades indicated on the approved Development Permit (DP) plans must match the
         grades on the Development Site Servicing Plan (DSSP) for the subject site. Prior to the
         issuance of the development completion permit (DCP), the developer’s Consulting
         Engineer must confirm under seal that the development was constructed in accordance
         with the grades submitted on the development permit (DP).

26.      The owner, and those under their control, shall develop an erosion and sediment control
         drawing and implement good housekeeping practices to protect onsite and offsite storm
         drains, and to prevent or mitigate the offsite transport of sediment by the forces of water,
         wind and construction traffic (mud-tracking) in accordance with the current edition of the
         Guidelines for Erosion and Sediment Control. Some examples of good housekeeping
         include stabilization of stockpiles, stabilized and designated construction entrances and
         exits, lot logs and perimeter controls, suitable storm inlet protection and dust control.
         The developer, or their representative, shall designate a person to inspect all controls
         and practices every seven days and within 24 hours of precipitation or snowfall events.

27.      Contain storm run-off on site.

28.      The development site lies within the Bow River floodway and as such must conform to
         Section 19.1 (2) of the Land Use Bylaw (2P80).


29.      Public trees located on boulevard adjacent to the development site shall be retained and
         protected during all phases of construction by installing a temporary fence around the
         extent of the branches ("drip line") and ensuring no construction materials are stored
         inside this fence.

Joseph Yun
2009/August 18

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