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									Kindle Fire Review
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        Amazon has long been a leader in the digital media world having amassed and empire of mp3s,
books and movies. They have long dominated the digital ereader market with their best selling Kindle.
But they have been noticeably absent from the tablet market; one that has long been dominated by
apple. Recently Amazon has announced that it will be putting a tablet named the Kindle Fire on sale
and it has generated a lot of buzz. But will it be a success? Can it take over the iPad? Let's take a closer

         One of the first things that Amazon did to really try to entice people to buy the Kindle Fire is to
offer it at the lowest price (for a tablet of that magnitude). They are planning on selling the cheap
Kindle Fire for just under 200 dollars. This is a huge price savings as many of the other tablets can cost
up to 500 dollars retail.

        But they didn't stop there. In order to compete with the popularity of the iPad, Amazon pumped
the tablet full of performance enhancing features. They started by using a dual core processor just like
the Apple iPad does. This feature allows the Fire to handle multitasking with ease; so you can
download a movie while you are checking your email or listen to mp3s while surfing the web. It also
enhances the video streaming capability. The Amazon Fire is made to sync up with the massive media
selection to provide seamless streaming of their 100,000 videos and TV shows and fast downloads of
their books, magazines and mp3s.

        Another standout feature of the Kindle tablet is the display screen. Because Amazon wanted to
make this a very media friendly device, they included the revolutionary in-plane switching technology
to their display. What this does is allows viewers to see the screen from many different angles making it
easy to share a book or a movie with a friend. The screen also uses a very rich display that features over
16 million colors and 169 pixels per inch; this provides for some of the deepest and richest colors you
can get.

       Then there is their customized browser that was made specially for the Fire. This web browser,
which is called Silk, uses a special technology which splits the task of loading a webpage such that
your tablet is doing part of the work while a cloud based computer does the other part. Since you have
two computers working on serving up the webpage the loading goes that much faster making for a fast
and intuitive feel to web browsing. Another big benefit is that Silk supports Adobe Flash allowing you
to watch all sorts of streaming videos (such as YouTube, Hulu, etc.).

       This Kindle Fire review was designed to provide you with a brief overview of the benefits of
the Kindle Fire. Learn more about it and see an evaluation of the Kindle Fire vs. iPad

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