; Amazon Kindle Fire What Are Its Main Features
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Amazon Kindle Fire What Are Its Main Features


The latest version of Kindle is offered at a competitive price for an ereader that has the computing power and operating system support of a tablet PC.

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									Kindle Fire Announced
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Just yesterday Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the release of their newest tablet, the Kindle Fire.

       This new tablet has some pretty competitive features:

        a low $199 price tag,
a super fast browser called Amazon Silk
access to tons of movies, music, apps, and books.
It has a 7 Inch touch screen
runs a resolution of 1024×600
14.6 ounces
Functions only over WI-FI

         Now the Apple I-pad 2 with this same features costs a whopping $499!!! So you're really
getting a steal here Amazon can offer to sell the kindle so low because most of their income is earned
from their ebooks. The Kindle Touch is a pretty big step forward from the actual Kindle because now
it's actually a tablet (Think I-pad)

        Kindle Fire runs the Android OS which I'm definitely a fan of over the iOs. So far from the
Kindle Touch Reviews I've read so far (keep in mind it was just released yesterday) it doesn't seem that
Kindle Fire will have 4G capabilities. This is sort of a set back because having internet everywhere is
definitely desirable I will keep you updated on this!

       A new browser is going to be released for the Kindle Touch called "Amazon Silk" now silk
look very effective but the question is DOES it work!? I guess this is just one of those things
where we will have to wait and see but so far it looks extremely promising.

       The Kindle Touch is comparable to the Barnes and Noble Nook, except you're really getting a
lot more with the Kindle. Honestly the Kindle is two or even THREE times better. Not to mention the
nook costs around $250 so you're getting more and definitely paying a lot less. So if you're comparing
the Nook to the Kindle Touch it's a pretty easy choice the Kindle Touch has more to offer at a cheaper

        Also we can't forget about the great Kindle Market, the online market will give users
accessibility to movies, music, games, books and apps. This is pretty neat especially since Amazon is
the best online store in the world. So I'm sure everything will be up to par and it will FAR surpass the
iPod marketplace and the android marketplace. It should have plenty of juicy apps and things at release
so that's something to look forward to!

       Pretty excited about this product and will keep you guys up to date with the latest reviews!
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