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CD34 _Endothelial Cell Marker_


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MOC-31 (Lung Cancer Marker)                                                                  Code: 13-2222MOC-31

 SPECIES:                         Mouse Monoclonal; Hybridoma's: Mouse myeloma X 63-BALB/c

 CLONE:                           MOC-31

 Ig CLASS:                        IgG1

 REAGENT:                         Culture Supernatant

 IMMUNOGEN:                       Small cell lung carcinoma derived cell line preparation.

CLINICAL APPLICATION:             This antibody is reactive with all lung carcinomas and most epithelia.
                                  MOC-31 is unreactive with normal and malignant mesothelia and
                                  therefore especially useful for the detection of carcinoma cells in ascites
                                  or pleural effusions. Immunoblotting: MOC-31 (Cluster 2 antibody) is
                                  directed against a membrane associated protein of 40 kD

 LOCALIZATION:                    Membrane

 APPLICATION:                     Frozen sections / Cell preparations
                                  Paraffin sections: *
                                      * No pretreatment
                                      * Microwave oven / Autoclave:
                                      * Protease Digestion Trypsin:

 POSITIVE CONTROL:                Brain / adrenal gland

 CONTENTS:                        1.0 ml

 STORAGE:                         Store undiluted antibody at 2-8ºC (until expiry date).
                                  For prolonged storage: store aliquots at -20ºC.

 DILUTION:                        1:5 – 1:10 (Based on the Indirect method, with a normal ABC
                                  method the dilution can be 5-10x higher, but the optimal dilution
                                  should be tested by serial dilution)
                                  Dilute immediately before use with PBS or Tris

REFERENCE:                        Berendsen H.H., et al. Detection of small lung cancer metastases in
                                  bone marrow aspirates using monoclonal antibodies directed against
                                  neuroendocrine differentiation antigen (1988). J. Clin. Pathol, 4, 273-276.


                                      WARNING AND CAUTION:
          This product is intended FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY, " FOR TESTS IN VITRO",
           not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures involving humans or animals.
 This product contains sodium azide. To prevent formation of toxic vapors, do not mix with strongly acidic
solutions. to prevent formation of potentially explosive metallic azides in metal plumbing, always wash into
                                    drain with copious quantities of water.

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