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The Zoo-hap


A short store written in english class.

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									                                    The Zoo-hap

       Mr. Anderson had just retired from his job as a detective. He was in his early

60’s and wanted something exciting in his life. There were no attractions in his small

town, just housing and forest. Mr. Anderson decided to open a zoo with his retirement


       Within a month, the structure was built. Sand was spread and water was

poured. The next day, the animals started arriving. Elephants, lions, penguins and

beavers all arrived in wooden creates. It was finally opening day and the zoo was

packed. The young, the old, all were there. Most of the visitors had never seen such

animals in their life.

       Within a month, Mr. Anderson had made back his initial investment and was

well on his way to having a successful second career. All seemed fine, but there was a

group of animal activists who strived to shut down his zoo. They had tried tactics like

standing outside and protesting, but nothing worked. Finally they devised a plan to

take all the animals out of the zoo and release them into their natural environment.

These activists had staked out the zoo and found that the east gate was left unlocked

to allow for the early morning delivery of fresh feed.

       On the three month anniversary of the zoo’s opening, the activists decided to

attack. With flatbeds and freezer trucks, they entered and quickly snatched the

animals and were on their way. With just hours until the zoo was to open for the day,

the activists knew they had to get the animals as far away as possible.
       Mr. Anderson was the first one to open the doors for the three month

anniversary. It was going to be free admission that day. With lines a mile long, the

zoo was opened and ready for business. This day was predicted to be one of the

busiest days in the zoo’s short history. All looked normal as the animals did not

usually come out of hiding until later in the day.

       However, soon visitors began complaining that there were no animals. Mr.

Anderson decided to investigate this situation. He walked the zoo seven times, but

could not find any animals. With visitors angry and disappointed, the zoo was closed

for the rest of the day.

       After viewing security footage the thieves were identified by the logos on

there clothing. What was unknown by the activists was that all the animals had come

from a rehabilitation facility and were sent to the zoo for recovery. Any animal

admitted to this facility had a GPS tracker placed in them so when they do reach the

wild they could be tracked. The only problem was that these animals were not yet

ready to venture out on there own. With Mr. Andersons prior police connections he

was able to get a hold of the tracking information that showed all the animals were

still together. This was a great relief for the weary Mr. Anderson.

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