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					Draft Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council of the 16th November,
                      2011 in Dalswinton Village Hall
Present – KCC Members - Jean Muir, John Young, Neil Munro, Hugh Johnstone, Fiona Meikle-
Latta, Peter Landale,

Non-KCC Members – Claire Corlett, Gordon Bisset, Pam Taylor, John Charteris, Lorna McGowan,
Jeff Leaver

1 – Apologies – Derek Ivy

2 – Minutes of the last meeting on 19th October, 2011

2.1 – Approved the minutes of 19th October, 2011 moved by JY and seconded by FM-L.

3 – Matters arising from the minutes -

3.1 – JY spoken to Sheila Armstrong of the Council re financial protocol.

3.2 – It was decided not to have microphones at KCC meetings.

4 – Kirkton Enhancements (NM)

4.1 – Thanks to all who helped with The McNays’ bench, particularly Peter McMillan, Neil Munro,
John Young, David Howdle and Alexander Muir.

4.2 – Some bulbs have been planted and the project will be completed shortly. Thanks to Jean Muir,
Sheila Johnstone, Nena Cuthbertson, Esme Kerr and Heather McNay.

4.3 – NM and JY to put up the Christmas lights on the green. The display to be switched on 18th
December, 2011.

4.4 – Noted the position about temporary boundary fencing around a house in Kirkton.

4.5 - Fault to BT phone has been rectified. Kiosk maintenance program being scheduled by BT.

5 – Auchencairn Forest Windfarm Proposal

5.1 – An objection to the proposed development has been submitted on the grounds of the lack of
information re distribution and overhead wires.

5.2 – JY to write to the Council requesting that KCC be kept informed about Auchencairn Windfarm

5.3 – JM to draft letter objecting to cumulative effect of windfarm development from Dalswinton, north
along the Nith Valley.

5.4 – After discussion it was decided that JM would draft an objection to the windfarm planning
application; write to Force 9 Energy re access and distribution and write to MSPs and MPs.

5 A – Treasurer’s Report

5 A.1 – There has been little change since the last meeting to the overall financial position. Total
assets in the bank amount to just over £3,000.

 5 A.2 – An email has been received from Morag Williams re War Memorial book. This project has
been taken on by the local Heritage Group. It was agreed that KCC will support this project. DI
suggested applying for Windfarm money to contribute to this cause. JM to email Morag Williams re
how much money would be suitable for KCC to contribute.

6 – Police Report – no police present.

7 – Councillors’ Report

7.1 – JC thanked GB for the improvements to the War Memorial and surrounding area.
7.2 – In December the Council will announce the budget for the next 3 years.

7.3 – The Council are investigating the cause of the problems at DG1.

7.4 – Proposals have been sent in for a single Police Force and Fire Brigade in Dumfries and

7.5 – 25% of bus services is out to tender.

8 – Planning Matters

8.1 – There were no planning matters other than the discussion on windfarms.

9 – Events

9.1 – This year’s Carol singing will be held on Sunday 18th December at 6.30 pm meeting at the
village green.

9.2 – Senior Citizens Night will be held on Friday 24th February, with music by the Old Geezers . HJ
to make enquiries about options and costs of catering and report at the January meeting. A leaflet will
be sent out about this and possibly a Spring Clean event at the end of January..

9.3 – The Race Night has been deferred until Autumn 2012.

9.4 – A barbecue based event will take place on Sunday 3rd June 2012 to celebrate the Queen’s
Diamond Jubilee.

10 - Correspondence – Items dealt with elsewhere on the agenda.

11 – Any other business

11.1 – NM reported that following a number of complaints about the odious smell coming from
Kirkton Sewage Plant, it had been further reported that sewage waste products had been seen
floating in the burn. It has been common knowledge that the capacity of the plant is inadequate for the
community’s needs and that its age renders it likely to inefficient operation. Councillors JC, LMcG and
JL all expressed their support in an approach to Scottish Water, (SEPA, Nith District Salmon Fishing
Board) in requesting that a site meeting be held with interested parties to discuss this problem. JY
and NM to meet and agree the format of letters to be sent to the various authorities with copies to be
sent to all the local Members of Parliament.

11.2 – JY and NM attended a seminar for community council representatives, organised by D & G
Council and held in Castle Douglas. Aileen Campbell, MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Local
Government and Planning outlined the changes and opportunities in respect of the role of Community
Councils. The seminar centred round the forthcoming Fourth Periodic Review which deals with a
number of community council matters including the establishment of some new CC area boundaries.
There seemed to be a lack of clarity within D & G Council with respect to responsibilities to
community councils and an expression of discontent from community councils with regard to their
relationship between the Council and their responses to issues raised.

11.3 – GB advised that the funding application for the War Memorial railings was on track, completion
of renovation in progress including cement slabs and fence. There was a favourable response to the
considerable improvements that have taken place at the memorial including the establishment of the
kissing gate.

11.4 – PT talked about her concern for the future and possible decline of rural schools. Thereafter,
there was a discussion about the future of secondary school provision in Dumfries.

11.5 – Noted grit bins available from DG First in the next two weeks.

11.6 – Noted JY to email link re sandbags to JM.
11.7 – FML reported that there have been several thefts in the area and the public should be extra
vigilant as a result.

12 – Date of Next Meeting - The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 18th January 2012 in Kirkton
Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

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