Defining Moments Summative Essay by dfhdhdhdhjr


									Defining Moments:
 Summative Essay
Thinking through the parts, process
           and question
   So far you are aware
    of the process
   Thesis and annotated
   Research Notes
   Essay outline (written in
   Final essay (written in     Hmmmmmmm……
        What you have done so far
   You have chosen 3 events that
    you think are important to Canada
   You have developed criteria to
    determine why each event is
   i.e. Boer War (Canada emerged as
    a country of compromise)
   You have thought of a way that
    the 3 events are somehow linked     So, now that your annotated
                                        bibliography is prepared…..
   You have developed an annotated     based on the 3 topics you have
    bibliography; you have read and     chosen to research…. let us
    understood a number of sources      focus on your thesis for a
    on each event you have chosen….     moment (before you submit it to
   To deepen your understanding of     me!)
    each event
    The question… and refining your
   “Canada has been modest in          To begin, paraphrase the
    its history. In my estimation,       quote
    it is only commencing. It is        “Canada had a good 20th C”
    commencing in this                  The 20th C was good for
    century… I think the                 Canada
    twentieth century shall be
    filled by Canada”                   From 1900-1999 Canada
   So, what is the purpose of           developed significantly as a
    this question in developing          country
    your thesis?                        Etc etc…..
                                        Now, do you agree with the
                                         statement or not
                                        So….
                                            Yes! Or….
                                            No
     Question, Criteria and Thesis
                                     It is the answer to the
   “Canada had a good 20th C”        WHY? That your thesis will
                                      come from.
   The 20th C was historically
    significant for Canada…          Also, your criteria for
                                      selecting each event will
   Yes, or No                        also come in handy….
   OK……WHY?????                     So, the 20th was historically
                                      significant for Canada
                                      because, A, B, C
                                     A= criteria for event 1
                                     B= criteria for event 2
                                     C= criteria for event 3
                                      This would be a level 3 to
                                      3+ thesis
                     Thesis Types
   The 20thC was historically       A level 4 thesis would
    significant for Canada            develop one criteria that all
    because, A, B, C                  3 events can be interpreted
   A= criteria for event 1           through
    (1900-1920)                      So, “The 20th C was
   B= criteria for event 2           historically significant for
    (1920-1945)                       Canada because….#
   C= criteria for event 3          Interpret event A through #
    (1945-present)                   Interpret event B through #
    This would be a level 3 to      Interpret event C through #
    3+ thesis
   People have often wondered      Where is the thesis
    about the practical use of      Why is it a thesis?
    studying Canadian history.      Where are the arguments?
    Studying Canadian history
    can be a valuable and           Can you find the criteria for
    personally enriching             each argument?
    experience. Studying
    Canadian history
    strengthens the cultural
    identity of all Canadians,
    it gives Canadians
    perspective about
    Canada’s multicultural
    heritage, and it sharpens
    critical thinking skills.
                        Argument #1
   Studying Canadian history teaches Canadians to           What is the
    be proud of their cultural identity. For example,         purpose of the 1st
    the political contribution of Aboriginals to              underlined
    democracy is something that should invigorate all         sentence? What is
    Canadians. The Iroquois Confederacy of the 18th           its relationship to
    C, is the inspiration for our modern Federalist           the thesis?
    government. As well, Canadians have gained               What purpose
    international respect for peace-keeping around the        does “For
    world over the past forty years. In a world filled        example” serve?
    with violence and conflict, this is something to be      Where are the
    proud of. Furthermore, the economic and                   proofs or
    technological contributions of Canada’s newest            research? What
    immigrants show how the Canadian economy has              makes this good
    flourished by the contributions of everyone who           research for this
    makes this country their home. Studying Canadian          essay?
    history is useful, not only to help strengthen our
    identity, but it also culturally enriching               What is the
                                                              purpose of the last
            Back to your research
   What sort of research notes
    should you be collecting?
   Evidence to support the
    criteria you have chosen for
    each historical event
   You need 3 pieces of
    evidence (or facts) for each
   Your research must be
    relevant so it supports each
    argument, and ultimately
    your thesis

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