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					Best eBooks on Project Management
SaaS, SaaS Project Management – Best eBooks on Project Management Busy professionals
often do not have time to actually sit down and read a book. While an actual book is always nice
to have, ebooks are often much more convenient. An eReader can often hold thousands of books
and this can allow you to have a large library without having to find a spot for all those books.
You can also easily take your books with you to work or lunch without breaking your back. Here
are some of the best ebooks for SaaS project management.

1. A User’s Manual to the PMBOK Guide – This book is a professional standard. It is published
by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Not only is it an excellent resource for SaaS project
management professionals to use but also a great study guide for those taking the PMP exam.
2. Six Sigma for Dummies – Part of the popular “For Dummies” series, this book shows SaaS
project management professionals how to implement Six Sigma for use in their companies.
3. Project Portfolio Management – This ebook shows how to use proven business practices to
manage projects successfully and offers years of research to the project manager.
4. Project Manager’s Spotlight on Planning – All project managers have to be able to plan and
while you may know it’s necessary you may not be sure how to go about it. If you do SaaS
project management then this book can help you plan each project and have a strong strategy for
start to finish.

5. Identifying and Managing Project Risk – In SaaS project management, there is always an
element of risk. This book helps you to identify and manage any risks to your project before they
become a huge problem.

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6. Strategic Project Management Made Simple – In this book, you’ll find a step-by-step process
that will help you take your projects from idea to fruition and see them through successfully.

These six ebooks are excellent starting points for seasoned SaaS project management
professionals who need something to help them further their education or for those who are new
to project management. There is nothing wrong with keeping these ebooks close at hand for
when you need them so that you can make sure that your projects are successful every time.
Since you can take these books anywhere, you will be able to easily work at home, in the office,
or even in the park while enjoying fresh air.

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