“Requesting” Reports Conventions Used in the Reports Section by AaronBurks


									                           OSPA Reference Manual
Reports                                                                   Introduction


                           “Requesting” Reports
OSPA prints a standard set of reports for each preliminary and final payroll run. In
addition, OSPS requests special reports on a one-time, quarterly or annual, basis. The
Report Descriptions in the Reference Manual include the report’s frequency.

Two screens affect the reports agencies receive:
• PRPT OSPS – Agency Report Selection – Agencies use the PRPT to indicate the
   number of copies (00 to 10) of specific OSPA reports they want. Agencies must
   receive at least one copy of the following:
       XREF43 Payroll Register Detail Alpha
       XREF46D Payroll Register-OR ID Version

•     PBAP Agency Table – Payroll, PAYROLL REPORT OPTIONS, A thru D control
      the sort order on designated reports. . See Screen Descriptions, PBAP for possible

                Conventions Used in the Reports Section
Some reports have OSPS as part of the report number or the report title. The report
descriptions are in alphabetical order by title, omitting the OSPS reference.

                  Confidentiality of Report Information
Some of the OSPA reports contain employee social security numbers or other
confidential or sensitive information. The individual Report Descriptions indicate reports
that have sensitive data. We recommend that you periodically assess your daily use,
storage and destruction of all payroll reports to ensure a secure environment.

                              Records Retention
See OAR Chapter 166, Division 300,
http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/recmgmt/sched/index.html for the retention schedule for
OSPA reports.


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                           OSPA Reference Manual
Reports                                                            Introduction

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