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									Uncommon PR
Uncommon PR Is:

  Zach Anderson

   Zach Connett

   Richard Dunn

  Justinn McDaniel

  Arielle Moses

   Caitlin Turney

   Canan Yasar

           Table of Contents

Executive Summary………………………………………3
Situation Analysis
       SWOT Analysis……………………………………..6
PR Plan
       Target Audiences…………………………………...8
       Umbrella Theme
Measurement and Evaluation…………………………..16
Meet Our Team…………………..……………….………..19

                                                   Executive Summary
Uncommon Public Relations Inc. appreciates the opportunity to work with the Ithaca Downtown Partnership in helping
attract more visitors to downtown Ithaca and the Commons. Our team of public relations upstarts strongly believes that
our proposal will provide you with meaningful insight into how to attract a wider variety of visitors to downtown Ithaca and
the Commons, including Ithaca College and Cornell University students, their parents, and residents of all ages from
around the Ithaca area and Tompkins County.

Downtown Ithaca is currently in a state of transition with a number of roads and buildings closed off to public access due
to construction sites. Despite the obstacles of reduced parking, limited walking access and the unattractiveness of
construction, our goal is to educate about the reasons why “Ithaca is Building” and to help beautify the process so as to
make downtown a more attractive and desirable place for all kinds of visitors to journey.

We hope to accomplish our objectives by offering sidewalk art expositions, cooperating with local summer camps to
create banners to cover up unsightly construction work, and by cooperating with downtown restaurants to offer discounts
to frequent customers. By collaborating with local businesses, schools, and residents, we hope to help beautify downtown
Ithaca, especially the parts under construction. We feel this will attract a number of people that have been put off by the
recent obstacles found downtown, and also showcase the efforts of locals, students and perhaps even students’ parents
as well as embrace the spirit that Ithaca takes so much pride in to help make the downtown area a better, more beautiful
place to visit.

                                                         Situation Analysis
Ithaca is a small community that takes great pride in the character and charisma of its downtown area. Downtown
uniquely expresses Ithaca through its variety of thriving local businesses and a smattering of well attended festivals. Its
central location in the city of Ithaca allows it to draw visitors from all over Tompkins County.

In recent weeks and continuing into the summer, the downtown area will be executing some very necessary, yet relatively
inconvenient maintenance projects. The South Aurora Bridge has been completely shut down. As a result, the route
downtown from South Hill has been rerouted. South Aurora and Green Street face detours. Additionally, South Aurora
Street has been completely blocked off at the top of the commons. As a result of these road blockages, citizens of Ithaca
have experienced an increase in traffic, extended travel time to their destination, and difficulty parking in the downtown

Downtown is important to Ithaca and its residents. We all have an invested interest in keeping the downtown area vibrant.
It is our objective to maintain downtown patronage and keep it an enjoyable and worthwhile place to visit throughout the
construction projects. Downtown has not changed, in fact in a few short months it will be much improved. We would like
to remind the communities about the pride we all share as Ithaca residents and help them view the maintenance from an
angle focusing on productivity.

                                                        Situation Analysis

In order to form our plan for the Ithaca Downtown Partnership, it was necessary to gain a better understanding of our
resources and who would be the most productive target market. A survey was conducted for Ithaca College and Cornell
students to help us understand who frequents the area and why they chose to go. The survey displayed a large student
interest in downtown, primarily on restaurants and bars. The primary mode of transportation to the downtown area was by

The Downtown Partnership functions on a limited budget. In order to utilize this budget to the greatest potential an
extensive Internet search was conducted to find the best possible options to order the supplies we need and locate
summer camp organizations and charities to participate. An Internet search was also conducted to locate the best options
to obtain supplies that will be needed. Some of the downtown restaurants were contacted so that it could be confirmed
that they would be interested in a frequent diner card that would benefit the independent restaurants as a collective whole.

                                                           Situation Analysis
                        Strengths                                                     Weaknesses

1. Unique shopping and entertainment experience                 1. Maintenance projects
unrivaled by neighboring communities                                    -Traffic delays
2. Captures the spirit of Ithaca                                        -Inconvenient detours
3. Showcases local businesses, which help keep the                      -Lack of parking
community thriving                                                      -Unsightly appearance
4. The businesses have a invested interest in working           2. Lack of commercial businesses
together to keep the area successful                            3. Local shopping is more expensive than nearby malls
5. Appeals to a large variety of people                         4. Because it is outdoors, inclement weather can be an
5. Convenient central location in the city of Ithaca            issue
                                                                5. Roads are difficult to navigate (one-way streets)
                                                                6. Ithaca Downtown Partnership has a limited budget

                      Opportunities                                                      Threats

1. Room for new businesses and a wider variety of               1. Other shopping nearby
attractions to open                                                      -Pyramid Mall
2. Ability to capitalize on the large student population                 -Carousel Center in Syracuse
3. Venue available for more music performances and                       -Collegetown
entertainment                                                    2. Commercial versions of similar stores are located
                                                                elsewhere in Ithaca

                                                         PR Plan
We hope to help you achieve your goal of combating the necessary construction taking place downtown. Through our
effective public relations campaign, we will strive to boost the profits of local businesses and help the downtown economy
flourish. Our strategic plan integrates promotional and information material, as well as events that will attract more people
to the downtown area. Despite the construction, we want to maintain Ithaca’s one of a kind image and keep the Commons
a desirable destination.

To express to the community of Ithaca the purpose for the downtown maintenance projects and promote downtown Ithaca
as a desirable destination despite the ongoing construction.

                                                         Target Audiences
Our plan aims to target the Ithaca community, which includes residents of Tompkins County and surrounding communities
as well as summer students. We will also make other nearby counties aware of our efforts through print and broadcast
media. We will heavily target Ithaca newspapers as well as Binghamton and Syracuse television news stations.

In our efforts to attract audiences to Ithaca’s downtown during this time of construction, we have focused specifically on a
few different groups of people in the Ithaca area. Keeping in mind that the majority of the construction will take place this
upcoming summer, we narrowed down our group of focus to residents, summer students, and summer visitors.

By creating the frequent diners cards, we hope attract the permanent residents of Ithaca and the rest of Tompkins County
to come down to eat and shop often in the downtown Commons, even with the current construction that is taking place.
The sidewalk chalk art contest will also attract residents of Ithaca to the Commons. The children’s art project should
attract families of the children who participated. Lastly, the Green Street sign will let the residents of Ithaca know how the
construction is affecting their hometown.

Students who often eat out in Ithaca may be interested in the frequent diner cards. Also, they wish to participate in or
view the sidewalk chalk art contest. The Green Street sign and the children’s art project will brighten up the Commons
and affect the lives of summer students as well.

The summer visitors are difficult to reach out to in this situation. If they are visiting Ithaca as tourists, it is probable that
they will want to go to the Commons and the rest of downtown Ithaca to see the sites, dine at numerous restaurants, and
shop at the unique stores even with the construction. It most likely will not be necessary to reach out to this group, but the
activities we have planned may still attract a handful of visitors if the media reaches other communities with news of our

                                               Strategy and Umbrella Theme
      To raise understanding of maintenance projects by posting signage and accessible construction information on the
      Downtown Ithaca website.

      To beautify the downtown area with community art from summer camps and a sidewalk chalk contest.

      To increase downtown patronage through a frequent diner card and battle of the bands competition.

Uncommon Public Relations Inc. has adopted “Ithaca is Building” as our theme. This theme combines the traditional
“Ithaca is Gorges” slogan and the “Ithaca is Downtown” slogan adapted by the Ithaca Downtown Partnership to illustrate
to the community and outsiders how the downtown construction projects currently underway will benefit the area in terms
of functionality and overall beauty. Because the slogan “Ithaca is Gorges” has become so popular in and around the
Ithaca area—and even in other parts of the state and country—we feel that adapting this slogan, as did the Downtown
Partnership, is key in drawing attention towards the present status of downtown Ithaca. By substituting “Building,” we
hope our audience will associate progress and beauty with downtown Ithaca and the Commons.

In an effort to attract visitors of all ages, our task is to make people see past the confusion and access problems caused
by construction projects, so that they may enjoy the quaint and peaceful atmosphere offered by downtown Ithaca,
especially the Commons. Our theme embraces the idea that Ithaca is in a state of transition, while suggesting that
completion of the transition phase will see an even cleaner and more beautiful downtown. “Ithaca is Building” is a slogan
that appeals to all walks of life, and therefore should appeal to a wide variety of onlookers.

To initially raise awareness about the ongoing maintenance projects in a simple and direct manner, we will begin our
summer campaign by posting a large sign at the island intersection on State St. The sign will provide specific titles for the
separate projects as well as integrate our theme, “Ithaca is Building.” It also calls upon Ithacans (the target market) to
support their community, which is one of the central themes of our plan. In addition, the sign reminds tax payers that their
money isn’t being wasted but is being utilized to benefit the city and its thousands of inhabitants.

                                                      Prototype Sign:

Location in the Commons of the Sign:


We will add a link to the main page of the Downtown Ithaca website. This new page will provide better, more detailed
information about the numerous maintenance projects. From this page, visitors can also access detour information and
an updated timeline of construction progress. It will also provide a map showing available parking garages and street
parking information. By providing this information to the public, they can anticipate changes occurring in the downtown
area and quickly adjust their plans, while still being able to visit the downtown they love.

We will kick off the next part of our campaign on Thursday, May 31, the opening day of Ithaca Fest in the Commons. By
this point, most of the college students will have gone home for the summer and the only residents left in Ithaca will be our
summer target audience. On this opening day of Ithaca Fest, we will begin offering a frequent diner card. This card will
represent the following ten restaurants:
       Taste of Thai                                                    Mahogany
       Simeon’s                                                         Kilpatrick’s
       Madeline’s                                                       Moosewood
       Lost Dog                                                         Bluestone
       Benchwarmers                                                     Ale House

Valid from May 31 until August 23 (which is right before students will be returning for the fall semester), our frequent
dining card will be available for free at every one of the above restaurants. Each time someone eats a meal at one of
these restaurants (they must spend at least $10), he or she is able to receive a stamp on his or her frequent diner card.
The card holder is required to buy nine meals. Then, once the card is full of stamps, the card holder is eligible to receive
a free non-alcoholic beverage and dessert at any of the participating restaurants.

*See enclosed sample frequent diner card*

Our first special event in the Commons will be a sidewalk chalk art contest held on a Saturday in June. We will begin by
promoting this event to local elementary, middle, and high school students through flyers distributed to schools. This will
in turn reach not only students but also their parents, which will cause adults to become involved. We will also promote
this event through local media by contacting newspapers like the Ithaca Journal and Ithaca Times and surrounding
television news stations and radio stations who may want to do stories on the event.

The theme of the art will be “progress,” which relates to our overall theme of “Ithaca is Building.” We plan on attracting
participants of a variety of ages and artistic talent, which will expand the number of people in attendance. Participants are
allowed to interpret the theme however they wish.

In order to contribute, the participant or group of participants must “adopt” a square of sidewalk in the Commons by
donating $5 or more to the local charity of choice. We have chosen to donate the money to the Ithaca Better Housing
Bureau. By choosing this charity, we are able to further our theme of building and progress for a better Ithaca. By
requiring a donation to charity to enter the contest, we will attract more participants and media attention because the
contest is for a charitable cause.

The art will be focused in the middle of the Commons and expand outwards depending on how many participants arrive.
We will provide the chalk for the contest by using part of our $1000 budget. Volunteer local community members will
judge the sidewalk chalk art entries based on a number of given criteria. First, second, and third prizes will be awarded,
as well as a viewers’ choice which will be voted upon by visitors using ballots. Winners will receive certificates of merit
and will be featured on the Downtown Ithaca website.

Beginning in the middle of June, many local summer camps open for children. We will contact a number of these camps,

       Cass Park Day Camp
       University Summer Day Camp
       Cayuga Nature Center
       Community School of Music and Art
       Ithaca Community Childcare Center
       Boy Scouts
       Girl Scouts

Upon contacting these camps, we will request that they create an art activity with their campers that will in turn be placed
downtown to cover the construction areas. We will provide the camps with medium density fiberboard to use as a canvas.
The theme of the art will be “Ithaca is…” and campers will be asked to fill in the blank. This will also tie in to our central
theme of Ithaca pride and spirit—this time expressed by children. We will ask for creativity on the part of the campers,
and they will be allowed to utilize any number of media, as long as the art will be able to withstand the weather for the

The art will be placed in and around the construction areas to draw focus away from the unsightly construction areas.
This art will also attract visitors such as the children’s parents who will wish to see the product displayed.

Example of How the Art Might Be Displayed:

                                                     Measurement and Evaluation
We will conduct surveys on a regular basis during and after our summer campaign. In these surveys, we will evaluate the
behavior of our target audience’s behavior to see if more people are going downtown, and if so, where in the downtown
area are they going and what are they doing. We will also evaluate our target audience’s attitudes about the construction,
especially after the sign and our summer camp artwork is displayed in from of the construction.

We will ask restaurants to collect all used frequent diner cards in order to keep track of the success of our card and the
number of people who actually partook of the discount offer.

We will meet with several local business owners and workers in the downtown area to gather their opinions on responses
they gathered from the individual components of our campaign as well as the overall feeling of success during the course
of the entire campaign.

We will regularly monitor website traffic, keeping track of unique visitors and the average length of time spent on the
website. Special attention will be paid to our newly added construction section.

We will keep a record of any mention of the downtown area on local radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. We
will also conduct another communications audit at the conclusion of our campaign to discover if the number of articles
written about downtown Ithaca has increased or at least stayed the same during this summer of construction. The Green
Street sign, frequent diner card, and children’s art will run continuously for most of the summer, while the sidewalk chart
competition will be a one-day event held on June 16.


May                                 June                                      July                           August
Sign May 28----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------End of

Diner Card-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------End
May 31                                                                                                          Aug. 23

                                  Children’s Art
                                  June 18-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------End of

                               *Sidewalk Chalk
                                 June 16*

Our budget for the Ithaca Downtown construction project is $1000. We have researched costs online and broken down
the budget into estimated costs as follows:

      $165 for 5,000 copies of flyer advertising the contest
      $50 for chalk supplies
      Total: $215

      20 medium density fiberboard at $4.73 for each 1/2” x 4’ x 8’ board: $94.60
      $200 for supplies to mount the art around the construction areas
      Total: $294.60

      10 .5” x .5” custom-made stamps at $2.95 per stamp: $29.50     26%
      10 2.5” x 4.25” ink pads at $2.60 per pad: $26.00
      5,000 cards at $25 per 1,000 cards: $125
      Total: $180.50

GREEN ST. SIGN                                                  5%
      Total: $50 for wood, stencils, and paint

GRAND TOTAL                                                                                29%
      Total Used: $740.10
      Total Left: $259.90

                                                      Meet Our Team
                                                   ZACH ANDERSON
                                                   ITHACA COLLEGE
                                                     CLASS OF 2008

Zach Anderson is an integrated marketing communications major at Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications.
Finishing his junior year with a 3.6 grade point average, Zach will spend his summer as assistant to marketing and track
events at legendary Watkins Glen International Raceway. After graduation Zach plans on working for Fisker Automotive
Choachbuild’s marketing and communications division under Cristina Cheever—former director of marketing for Aston

Zach has held prominent roles in four official Ithaca College clubs including the American Marketing Association,
American Advertising Federation, the Public Relations Student Society of America, and the Sports Car Club, in which he
was one of the founding members of the IC, having fought for its official collegiate standing. Zachary’s recent projects
have been donation, prize, and food organization for the Relay for Life event in Cornell as co-chair to Ithaca College along
with PRSSA President Lindsay Walker. He aids the sports car club with ‘Know Your Car Day’ every April as an initiative
for proper automotive maintenance, as well as works in a design team for the Yellow Pages AAF competition.

                                                     Meet Our Team
Having been through many sports, Zach is working harder than ever perfect his driving skills in local Sports Car Club of
America (SCCA) events with other club members. While he favors road courses, against all odds he finished first place in
the SCCA Finger lakes Region’s 3rd mud filled rally cross event on March 3rd. He accomplished this using his recently
acquired new commuter car, a Volkswagen Jetta—only because the car he uses to compete was not running, but he did
not want to miss a single race. Zach is considering another seat on the Ithaca College men’s crew team to finally hang up
his hat as men’s varsity coach for the local high school team.

During his four seasons as men’s varsity and junior varsity coach he took pride in developing kids of little or no experience
into serious, competitive athletes.

Born in Denver Colorado, Zachary attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for his first year for mechanical
engineering but soon came back to Ithaca where he grew up and went to high school. After a long night at prom he
helped his men’s eight-man boat win their last regatta of their high school careers early the next morning. In 2002 he
stroked (first position) his men’s four-seat skull to a state championship.

                                                     Meet Our Team
                                                    ZACH CONNETT
                                                   ITHACA COLLEGE
                                                     CLASS OF 2009

Zach Connett, a sophomore at Ithaca College, is a sport media major. Next year, during the spring semester of his junior
year, Zach plans to travel abroad to Europe, either for a semester in Italy or Spain. He is undecided as to what he wants
to pursue after graduation, but is interested in the field of sports marketing and sports advertising.

Zach has lent a helping hand to many community service organizations, mostly in his hometown of Dobbs Ferry, NY.
There he has worked alongside his father during his campaign for village trustee. He also works with his mother, who is
the head of the local senior center. He volunteers to assist the senior citizens of Dobbs Ferry, as well as the surrounding
town’s seniors.

                                                    Meet Our Team
A devoted athlete, Zach also belongs to the Ithaca College varsity football team, which has maintained its position as one
of the premier teams in the nation, being ranked among the top 25 year in and year out. He spent his freshman year as a

captain on the junior varsity team, also being one of the team’s leading offensive players. This past season was his first
on the varsity squad. He appeared in every game, finishing the season with 6 tackles, along with 1 catch which he had in
his second varsity appearance.

Born in New York, New York, Zach spent the first five years of his life in the city, and then his family moved to Dobbs
Ferry, a suburb located on the Hudson River about 20 minutes north of New York City. He has lived there ever since and
went through the public schools of Dobbs Ferry until he graduated high school in 2005. He ended out his high school
career as a consistent honor roll student and was one of the top athletes in the area. He was a member of the football,
basketball, and track squads. A captain of both basketball and track, he also received all-state honors as a football
player, as he played a large roll in helping his team to two state titles, one in 2003 as a sophomore, the other in 2005 as a
senior. He enjoys spending time with his two brothers and younger sister. Zach also enjoys traveling. He has been to
Utah, Colorado, and Vermont on snowboarding trips, and has also vacationed with his family in Italy, Puerto Rico, the
Bahamas, and California.

                                                Meet Our Team
                                                  RICHARD DUNN
                                                 ITHACA COLLEGE
                                                   CLASS OF 2009

Richard Dunn, a junior at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, is journalism major with a minor in
Spanish. Richard previously attended the State University of New York at Albany where he majored in English and
minored in Spanish. At Albany Richard earned a place on the Dean’s List in the spring and fall semesters of 2005.
Richard transferred to Broome Community College for the spring 2006 semester and changed majors from English to
Communications. With a cumulative grade point average of 3.8 in two semesters at Broome Community College, Richard
earned a place on the Dean’s List and President’s List. In doing so, Richard also received recognition from Phi Theta
Kappa, an academic honor society for two year colleges, and was admitted soon after.

                                                  Meet Our Team
Now at Ithaca College, Richard plans to work as an intern at Clear Channel Communications in Binghamton, New York
over the summer. In addition, Richard intends to study abroad during the spring 2008 semester, attending classes at
Ithaca College’s London Center, while interning as a journalist for one of the media outlets in London.

While attending Broome Community College, with the exception of one game, Richard was the varsity soccer team’s
starting left defensive back and earned a nomination for first team all conference. Richard’s sights are set on trying out for
the Ithaca College varsity soccer team in the fall 2007 semester, but he is also considering going out for the Ithaca
College men’s club soccer team.

Over the past two years, Richard has held a variety of part-time positions. Currently Richard works at the local YMCA as
a part of the youth sports staff. Richard also began working at Auntie Anne’s Pretzel shop in March of 2006, until leaving
for Ithaca College in January of 2007. During the summer of 2006 Richard worked at the Town of Union’s Parks and
Recreation department in the “Summer Fun” program at Highland Park, where he watched over children ranging from
ages 4-13, as a recreation leader. In the summer of 2005 Richard assisted with the take down and set up of $400,000 of
inventory in moving Dunn Electric from Endwell to Binghamton, New York in under three weeks.

Born in Johnson City and raised in Endwell, New York, Richard attended Maine-Endwell High School where he graduated
with gold academic honors and as a part of the national honor society’s class of 2004. Richard captained his varsity
soccer team and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout while attending Maine-Endwell. Richard enjoys spending time with his
grandma, parents, two older sisters and their families, even though he misses his brother, Jason, dearly. Richard also
spends his free time playing with his dog, Winston, and likes to snowboard, skateboard, play soccer and root for his
favorite soccer team Manchester United. In the future Richard hopes to become an accomplished journalist for a
magazine publication and travel to many parts of the world so as to experience many different cultures.

                                                 Meet Our Team
                                                 JUSTINN MCDANIEL
                                                  ITHACA COLLEGE
                                                    CLASS OF 2009

Justinn McDaniel, a sophomore at Ithaca College’s School of Humanities and Sciences, is a theatre arts management
major with a minor in integrated marketing communications. Her cumulative grade point average of 3.92 has given her a
spot on the Dean’s List each of her three semesters at IC. This summer she will be an intern in company management at
The Little Theatre on the Square in Sullivan, Illinois. Next semester, Justinn will be attending Ithaca College’s London
Center in London, England, where she has been accepted into the school’s intensive drama program. While in London
she also hopes to be interning in company management for a commercial theatre. Following graduation, Justinn plans to
work in entertainment booking or company management in Chicago.

                                                Meet Our Team
As an active participant in Ithaca College Theatre, Justinn has held a number of positions on the management staff,
including program coordinator, assistant ticket office manager, business manager, and assistant concessions manager.
She is also the front-of-house assistant for Susie Monagan, the manager of audience development and special projects

for Ithaca College Theatre. Last year she was the co-organizer and treasurer for Sherry Party, an end of the year student-
written musical and gala for 300 theatre students and faculty members. In addition, she is a President’s Host and a
member of the Oracle Society.

For the past two years, Justinn has worked at BJ’s, the campus sub shop, where she was promoted to student manager
last year. During the summer of her freshman year, she interned in patron services and community outreach at Krannert
Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. At Krannert she compiled and
maintained a volunteer database, assisted in the renovation of theatre evacuation procedures, updated the assisted
listening devices protocol, and worked with local businesses to promote the theatre. She has also been employed with
the Kerasotes Showplace 10 movie theatre in Mattoon, Illinois since 2004.

Justinn was born and raised in Charleston, Illinois and attended Charleston High School, where she graduated as fourth
in her class and was active in marching band, concert band, tennis, speech and drama, and French Club. She also
volunteered at the local community theatre. Justinn’s hobbies include attending theatre performances (she has seen her
favorite musical, RENT, 29 times), going to concerts, and watching the New York Giants football team.

                                                  Meet Our Team
                                                   ARIELLA MOSES
                                                  ITHACA COLLEGE
                                                    CLASS OF 2009

Ariella Moses, a sophomore at Ithaca College’s Roy. H Park School of Communications, is an integrated marketing
communications major, with plans to minor in legal studies. This summer she plans to work at Ford Models as an intern in
the women’s commercial fashion division. Next summer she will be going abroad to take classes and intern in London.
She also plans to spend a semester in Los Angeles her senior year. After graduation, she plans to join a public relations
agency in New York City.

Last year, Ariella worked at Cornetta’s Restaurant as a waitress and bartender. She also traveled on a business trip with
her father to Hong Kong. During her junior and senior years of high school she interned at Chief Executive Magazine.
She worked in the marketing department and helped plan major events, assembled media kits and managed databases.
She has also volunteered for AMFAR at a major fundraising event, where she promoted and assisted with a silent auction.
Ariella worked part time as a sales representative at numerous gift shows at the New York International Gift Fair as well.

Ariella is from Pearl River, New York and she graduated from Pearl River High School. She spent her freshman year at
Saddle River Day School in New Jersey. As a member of the soccer, track, and volleyball teams, she was very involved

                                                Meet Our Team
in sports. Outside of school, she played competitively on Clarkston women’s travel soccer team for six years. Painting
and drawing have been continuous hobbies for Ariella. She likes to spend her free time with family and friends. Ariella
has a passion for traveling. She has been to many different islands and has spent time in London with her family. She
has also backpacked through Colorado, Utah, and Arizona .

                                                Meet Our Team
                                                    CAITLIN TURNEY
                                                   ITHACA COLLEGE
                                                     CLASS OF 2009

Caitlin Turney a sophomore at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications is an integrated marketing
communications major with a planned minor in legal studies. Caitlin has earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.4.
She will remain at the Ithaca campus for her fifth semester, but will hopefully be traveling to the Ithaca College London
campus for the second half of her junior year. After graduation she hopes to join the creative team at an agency in the
New York City or Boston area.

As an active member of the American Advertising Federation Ithaca Chapter, Caitlin has taken part in advertising
campaigns for some area non-profits such as Meals on Wheels. In the future she will be traveling to New York for several
advertising conventions and competing in AAF competitions.

                                                  Meet Our Team
Caitlin is also an athlete. She played outfield and catcher for the women’s varsity softball team her freshman year. The
2005/2006 Bomber softball team achieved first ever Empire 8 team to complete conference play and Empire 8 tournament
undefeated. After finishing first in the regional tournament the Bombers went on to place fifth in the NCAA division three
national championships. Caitlin retired her softball career in order to pursue internships and further job opportunities in
the communications field.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Caitlin has moved her ambitions to the east coast. She attended high school at
St. Teresa’s Academy, a Catholic single sex environment, where she was an ambitious student, athlete, and choir
member. She enjoys returning to the Midwest on school breaks and looks forward to time spent with her parents and two

                                                 Meet Our Team
                                                   CANAN YASAR
                                                 ITHACA COLLEGE
                                              EXCHANGE STUDENT 2007

Canan Yasar is an exchange student from Sweden at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications. The
school system in Sweden is very different compared to that in the USA. In Sweden they don’t have majors or minors. If
you would compare the program she is attending to something at Ithaca College it would be a combination of a television-
radio and journalism major.

Canan will be graduating after this semester with a bachelor’s degree in media and communications science from the
University of Jönköping. Even though she will have graduated, Canan is going to Istanbul Bilgi University in Turkey this
fall for yet another semester abroad. She will be studying in Turkey to improve her Turkish and see more of the world.

                                                  Meet Our Team
As one of the editors of STV, student television at her university in Sweden, she has a vast knowledge in TV production.
Canan has also been a student ambassador for her university, which entails her traveling to education fairs and high
schools across the country to promote her university.

Last year Canan had an internship at MTV Nordic in Stockholm. She was there daily for three months working in the
news department. Her main tasks at MTV were to write scripts, conduct research for the news, edit, and film the

Born and raised in Skövde, Sweden, Canan attended Västerhöjdsgymnasiet, which is the same thing as an American
high school. The difference though is that in Sweden you can chose different programs in which to enroll. Since Canan
always wanted to work within the media industry she chose the media program. During this time she was a member of
the student council board.

Canan comes from a big family with five siblings and she goes home to visit them whenever she gets the opportunity. Her
parents are from Turkey and when she was younger they always went there for summer break. Now that she is older
Canan spends her summer breaks going to different countries all over the world. This summer will be her last summer
break and she wants to make the most of it. Next year she will hopefully have a job somewhere in Europe.


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