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  Alumni Relations Annual Report

Our Mission/Purpose
The Alumni Association’s mission statement is as follows:
The Alumni Association of Nebraska Methodist College, in partnership with the College,
is wholeheartedly committed to the work and constituents of the College: past, present,
and future.

The role of the Director of Alumni Relations is to serve as a liaison between the Alumni
Association and the College and to plan and facilitate this mission.

About Us
        •   The purpose of the Director of Alumni Relations is to provide leadership for
            the Alumni Association and the College in building and maintaining
            relationships and connectivity between members of the Association and the
            College; collaborate with the Nebraska Methodist Hospital Foundation in
            fundraising for the Association; provide leadership for strategic planning and
            continuous improvement for the Alumni Association; and cultivate and
            mentor volunteers to meet the objectives and goals of the Association.
        •   There are currently 6,081 alumni in the alumni database – including living,
            deceased and honorary alumni.
        •   Alumni reside in all 50 states and in Canada.
        •   Numerous events were offered throughout the course of the year and will be
            addressed in detail.

Our current faculty/staff include:

     Name             Job title         FTE     Credentials                  2008
                                       status                       Awards/ Achievements
Denise Carlson     Director of        FTE       MS, LMHP      Honored by Sigma Theta Tau as a
                   Alumni                                     Friend of Nursing during the
                   Relations                                  October induction ceremony.

           Student Support                                       Results
Alumni Recognition Awards ($300)           4 awards were presented at each of the three
support new graduates as well as to        commencement ceremonies for a total of $3,600.
provide visibility of the Alumni
Association at each commencement

ACE Celebration and the Sigma Theta        Assist in the planning of the ACE celebration and
Tau Induction Ceremony                     provide punch for both receptions.

Student Support to build relationships     Provided candy and chips during finals week in
with our future alums.                     December and May.
Promote Alumni Association                Presence at Graduation Breakfasts, Honors Night and
                                          Sigma Theta Tau Inductions.

                                          Director speaks with soon-to-be grads prior to

                                          Director participated in the new student orientation
                                          Habitat for Humanity project.

Nursing a Global Society Class            Collaborate each semester with nursing faculty by
                                          securing guest speakers for classes.

           Financial Status                                       Results
The Alumni Association had two             Although attendance decreased at the reunion
annual major fund-raising events, the     events, the proceeds from the Silent Auction
Silent Auction and Golf Tournament.       increased.
                                           $10,000 was pledged to the College to be used at
                                          the discretion of the College president.

Methodist Hospital makes an annual        Based upon the number of correct addresses at the
donation to the Association based on      time of request, the Hospital again supported us.
the number of reachable alums.

The Methodist Hospital Foundation         $10,000 was available for 2008. The Association did
holds the Alumni Development              not request these funds.
Endowment. The interest is available to
the Association upon request.

2008-2009 Goal Reflection

                2008-2009 Goals                                  Progress/Outcomes
Reformat and update alumni database.                The reformatting remains in progress.
(Internal Processes)                                Information updates were made on 592
                                                   alumni records.
                                                   Through internet searches, 87 Nebraska
                                                   alums with bad addresses were located.
Enhance electronic communication with alumni.       E-mail addresses were obtained with each
(External Processes)                               phone or e-mail communication as well as
                                                   alumni events.
                                                    Promotion of the $50 gift card drawing for
                                                   sending updates doubled the average amount of
                                                   updates received.
                                                    To accommodate new e-mail addresses, two
                                                   new distribution lists were added for a total of
                                                    E-mails were sent to the distribution lists on
                                                   a regular basis.
                                                    The website was kept current with upcoming
                                                   events as well as post-event coverage and
                                                   meeting minutes.
                                                   Alums were directed to the College/Alumni
                                                   website for additional info and to view photos
                                                    Increased communication with alumni via
Increase attendance at Alumni Association           Attendance at the Reunion events decreased:
meetings and events.                               BBQ decreased from 187 to 147 and Banquet
(External processes)                               from 188 to 115. The economy, specifically
                                                   high gas prices, was often given as a reason for
                                                   not attending.
                                                    Golf tournament participants increased from
                                                   126 to 142.
                                                    To appeal to alums from all decades, the
                                                   “Banquet” has been changed to “Reunion
                                                    Association meeting attendance averaged 15.
                                                    First annual volleyball tournament was
                                                   successful in bringing together alumni, students
                                                   and College personnel with 109 participants.
Maintain level of Caring Campaign employee          Maintained the 100% employee participation
contributions and increase percentage of alumni    for the third consecutive year.
giving                                              The alumni percentage of giving increased
                                                   from 9.94% in 2007 to 10.77% for 2008.
                                                    1,005 gifts were received from 453 alums
                                                    There were 98 first-time donors.
                                                    The Class of 2008 had a 24.10% rate of
                                                    The Class of 1958 had an 81.82% rate of
                                                   giving in honor of their 50-year reunion.
                                                    40 additional bricks were purchased in 2008
                                                   by alums and honorary alumni.
                                                    Angel Tree donations from the Christmas
                                                   Coffee were earmarked for the Student Crisis
                                                    Memorials to the MHF in 2008 totaled $600.

2009-2010 Goals
Strategic Plan Goals

   1. Continue exploring options for electronic archival displays.
   2. The Class of 2009 to meet or exceed the 24.10% of giving by the Class of 2008.
      Increase 2009 overall percentage of alumni giving from a minimum of 1% to

 The cohesiveness of alumni is apparent and continues to ensure the future success of
our Association. Active alums are very welcoming to new attendees. Although
attendance decreased at reunion events, meeting attendance is stronger than ever with an
average attendance of 15 for the year of 2008. (For comparison, attendance averaged 4-5
five years ago.)
 The first volleyball tournament was very successful with 109 participants and will be
an annual alumni event.
 100% College participation in the annual Caring Campaign for the 3rd consecutive
 Overall Alumni giving increased nearly 1% from 2007 to 10.77%. The class of 2008’s
percentage of giving was 24.10%. In honor of their 50-year reunion, the class of 1958 had
an 81.82% rate of giving.

Alumni Events/Projects

2008 Alumni Weekend – May 30th and 31st

   •   Educational Offering – was presented by Sarah Shomshor, MSN ’06 and
       attended by approximately 65. Her presentation focused on her research regarding
       comfort touch.
   •   50 Year Luncheon – was attended by 22 of the 32 surviving members of the
       Class of 1958.
   •   BBQ –Catered by Texas Roadhouse. BBQ attendance decreased from 187 to 147.
   •   Banquet – Held at Holiday Inn Central. Attendance decreased from 188 in 2007
       to 115.
   •   Silent Auction –Began on Friday morning and bidding continued through the
       evening BBQ. The items were then packed and moved to the Holiday Inn.
       Bidding closed at 6:30. Profits increased to $2,606 from $2,583 in 2006.

Golf Tournament – June 6th - Golf registrations increased to 142 from 126 in 2007. The
tourney was held at Miracle Hill Golf Course.

1st Annual Volleyball Tournament – September 6th – Held at The Digz. Students,
alumni, College personnel along with family and friends participated. (109)

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch – October 7, 2008. – Attended by over 100 alums, students, and
College employees and their children. The Association provided hot dogs, chips,
s’ mores, soda and juice boxes at the reserved bonfire site.

Mall of America Trip – October 9-11. – Nine participants, including two 2007 grads
traveled to Minneapolis. Three Minnesota alums met us for dinner.

Christmas Coffee – December 6, 2008 – This event draws alums who do not attend
other events or meetings throughout the year. Fifty eight alums attended. Invitations were
sent to the December graduates and two attended. Angel Tree donations supported the
Student Crisis Fund.

Monthly Old Chicago informal gatherings – Held the second Thursday of each
month. Attendance decreased to an average of 4-5 from the numbers that attended in

Community Blanket Project – alums met on two occasions to complete tied fleece
blankets. Eleven alums participated in the Cafeteria Classroom on November 12th and
eight on November 17th at Legends Bar and Grille. Six of these alums had not previously
participated in/attended alumni events.

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