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					dnp Holo Screen

                   Screens of the art
             dnp Holo Screen                                     TM

             The transparent eyecatcher !

             dnp Holo Screen is a revolutionary         The transparent display allows view-
             holographic rear projection screen         ers to look at – and see through –
             for Point of Sale applications in          the screen. This is especially useful
             shops, window displays, airports,          in shop environments as the screen
             banks and other high-traffic areas.        becomes an integral part of the in-
                                                        store layout.
             The dnp Holo Screen features an
             advanced holographic film that
             displays images rear projected from
             30˚-35˚. All other light is ignored.
             The result is remarkably bright and
             sharp images – even in brightly-lit

             = Window displays
             = In-store exhibitions
             = Concept stores
             = Banks
             = Reception areas
             = Showrooms
                                                                                                                  dnp Holo Screen used
                                                                                                                  as eye-catcher in a
                                                                                                                  high-profile fashion

                                                                                                                  The dnp Holo Screen
                                                                                                                  provides bright, sharp
                                                                                                                  images even in broad

                                                                                                                  The dnp Holo Screen
                                                                                                                  can be hung in free
                                                                                                                  space so it does not
                                                                                                                  take up valuable ex-
                                                                                                                  hibition space.

Holographic lens

                        Holographic screen technology
                        The dnp Holo Screen comprises a unique holographic film, which only displays images rear projected from 30˚-35˚
                        – all other light is ignored. The result is a strikingly bright and sharp holographic image, seemingly suspended in
                        mid air.

                             Rear projection
                             Rear projection means that the projector is placed behind the screen, shining straight forward towards the
                             audience. The optical screen controls the light path and distributes bright, sharp images into a predefined view-
                             ing zone. Furthermore, the presenter and the audience can stand in front of the image without casting shadows.
                             And with the projector equipment hidden behind the screen, the viewing area remains quiet, clean and tidy.

                                                                    Special features
=Genuine holographic technology =Transparent appearance =Resistant to high ambient light
                       =Can be hung in free space =Easy to install =Screen sizes up to 80"

                                                                       Image sources
                                           =Displays video, DVD, TV, computer and HD video
               =Compatible with all single lens projectors providing 30˚-35˚ projection angle

    Point of Sale applications
    The dnp Holo Screen is the ideal      Apparently suspended in mid-air, the   locations, where most people will
    Point of Sale display: it displays    transparent dnp Holo Screen gives      be exposed to the messages e.g.
    sharp, crisp images in brightly-lit   an impression of almost-3D depth.      in shop windows, above counters,
    environments – and takes up a         The unique projection concept          in-store hallways, escalators and
    minimum of valuable retail space.     means that the dnp Holo Screen         in café environments.
                                          can be hung or mounted in the best

                                                                                          The dnp Holo Screen offers new
                                                                                         possibilities for creative in-store
                                                                                             design with moving images.

                                                                                                           dnp Holo Screen used as
                                                                                                           eye-catcher in a fashion
                                                                                                           shop environment.

dnp Holo Screen used
as Point of Sale display
in a café environment.

                                                            This real estate agency
                                                            uses a dnp Holo Screen
                                                            as a dynamic alternative
                                                            to traditional printed

                                                                                                        Screens of the art
            The dnp product range includes 8 different screen series in sizes from 40" to 200" for all rear projection applications
              – each offering individual benefits in both size and specification: dnp Alpha Screen, dnp ViewFlex, dnp Wide Angle,
      dnp New Wide Angle, dnp Giant Wide Angle, dnp Ultra Contrast, dnp Black Bead, dnp Attention Screen and dnp Holo Screen.
                                                                         Please contact your local dnp distributor for more details.

    Optical principles
    The dnp Holo Screen is a hologram          The holographic film is designed in                  cross section – side view
    in the form of a thin film, laminated      such a way that the screen remains
    to a transparent acrylic plate. This       transparent where there is no pro-
    hologram will only respond to light        jected image. This allows users to be
    rear projected from 30˚-35˚. All other     creative in the content and images
    light – such as sunlight and other         used on the screen. The holographic
    ambient light – is ignored.                film consists of four holograms which
                                               are tiled together in the manufacturing          30˚- 35˚

    The dnp Holo Screen has a gain of          process, so the film appears as one
    3.2 at 30˚-35˚ horizontal projection       full hologram.
    angle. The hologram is very selective
    about the direction from which it re-
    ceives the light. This makes it suitable
                                               When projected light hits the hologram
    for use in the most extreme cases of
                                               from 30˚-35˚ angle, it is redirected straight
    ambient light, such as shop windows.       forward to the viewer.                          HOLOGRAM                  ACRYLIC SHEET

          Installing the screen

         Ceiling mounted                                 Floor mounted                                     Window mounted

    The dnp Holo Screen can be hung            Another installation method is to               As a special option the holographic
    free from the ceiling using most           mount the dnp Holo Screen on a                  film can be mounted directly onto
    types of wire systems. The benefit of      floor stand. This method is ideal in            the inside of a shop window. In this
    this method is that the installation       situations where floor space is not             case you will have to specify that
    does not take up any floor space.          limited; when the ceiling does not              you need the holographic film with-
                                               allow mounting a wire system – or if            out the acrylic plate. Please contact
                                               the dnp Holo Screen has to be mobile.           dnp for further installation details.

        Installing the projector
        The dnp Holo Screen is compatible                 screen – and 2700 mm for a 60" or                is very important to note that the
        with all single lens projectors which             80" screen. The projector can be                 screen should be turned upside down
        are capable of projecting images at a             positioned either above or below                 if you choose the ceiling mounted
        30˚-35˚ angle. The projector’s throw              the screen – in both cases the image             solution.
        distance must be 1800 mm for a 40"                quality will be the same. However it

                         Ceiling mounted projector                                                  Floor mounted projector

        The advantages of using upper-angle projection is that                      If the projector is positioned at floor level, it will be very
        the projector can be hidden in the ceiling – almost out                     easy to get access to the projector. However, the projector
        of sight.                                                                   will take up more floor-space which can be limited at
                                                                                    some locations.

        Product specifications
          Type                                                40" dnp Holo Screen                   60" dnp Holo Screen                80" dnp Holo Screen
          Product no.                                                       7400                                  7600                               7800


          Width                           mm                                  825                                 1230                               1780
          Height                          mm                                  690                                  995                               1380
          Thickness                       mm                                        8                                  8                                5
          Weight                          kg                                   5.5                                 11.8                              14.5
          Image area

          Image width                     mm                                   814                                1219                               1628
          Image height                    mm                                   610                                  914                              1220

          Optical specifications

          Peak Gain                                                            3.2                                  3.2                               3.2
          Horizontal half gain angle                                           15˚                                  15˚                               15˚
          Vertical half gain angle                                             12˚                                  12˚                               12˚
          Transparency                                                        60%                                  60%                               60%
          Optimum lens throw ratio                                             2:1                                  2:1                              1.5:1
          Optimum projection distance mm                                     1800                                 2700                               2700
          Projection angle (horizontal)                                        35˚                                  35˚                               30˚

Subject to change without notice. Please check specification at time of ordering.                                                            November 2002

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                          dnp denmark is the worldwide large screen centre of Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd – one of the world´s
                          largest printing and media companies. The DNP Group has a total annual turnover of 13 billion US$.

                          The contents of this brochure are courtesy of dnp denmark as. Text and photos may not be copied or reproduced without approval from dnp denmark.

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Description: CLARO launched a never-before-seen display -- clear glass TV, called" Holoscreen". It is different from the present any television, is holographic technology and visual aesthetic of the perfect combination. Can be regarded as display technology revolution.