; The Locality of Mellieha
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The Locality of Mellieha


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									The Mellieha Local Council
            General Information
 Population:
 9,000

 Size of Territory:
 22 sq. km
                              Group Photo of actual
 Local Council:       7       council
  Councilors including the
  Mayor and Deputy
                Administrative Setup
                             (Executive Secretary
                               & 4 Employees)

Contracts Manager                                    Authorized Officer
     Services                 Contract Manager
                                                     Law Enforcement
                               Capital Projects
(1 Architect / 1 Engineer)

                                                      Warden Agency
     Contractors                 Contractors        (vehicular traffic, littering
                                                     and Council Bye-Laws)
                Services Rendered
The obligatory services are laid down in
 Section 33 of the Local Councils Act

   Road Repairs
   Traffic Signs & Markings
   Street Lighting
   Door-to-Door Organic and Recyclable Waste Collection
   Bulky Refuse Collection from Private Residences
   Servicing of Bring-In Sites
   Cleaning of Urban Streets and Rural Roads
   Cleaning and Maintenance of Public Conveniences
   Cleaning and Maintenance of Public Gardens and Playing Fields
             Other Services
 Monitoring of planning applications
  submitted to the Malta Environment &
  Planning Authority;
 Channeling of complaints received by the
  public according to their nature for possible
  remedial action, either by Council
  contractors or the public entities concerned.
        Delivery of Services and
       Implementation of Projects
 Local Councils Act restricts the ability to employ
 Mellieha Local Council only employs four persons
  on front office, organization of activities and
  normal office duties.
 The Act enables the contracting of services to the
  Central Government, or to private contractors,
  according to the legal framework laid down in the
  Financial Regulations and the Tendering
          Sources of Finance
 Annual Government Allocation
 Financial Schemes introduced by Central
  Government obtainable through presentation of
  projects and initiatives
 Urban Improvement Fund administered by MEPA
 EU Funding Programmes
 Council Budget for 2010 – Eur 2,100,000
 Local Councils are precluded from introducing
                 Annual Budget
 The Executive Secretary is responsible for the preparation
  of the Annual Budget and a Three Year Business Plan for
  discussion by the Council.
 Before the Budget is placed on the Council Agenda for final
  approval, a Locality Meeting has to be called so that
  residents will have the opportunity to air their views on
  matters affecting the locality.
 The Financial Regulations disallow Local Councils to
  approve budgets with a deficit.
 Loans can only be sought with the approval of the Minister
  of Finance for a specific purpose.
 Councils going in the red will be subjected to the direct
  scrutiny of the Department for Local Government.
               Financial Control
 Submission of Purchase and Payment Schedules to
  Council for approval.
 Submission of Quarterly Financial Reports.
 Submission of Annual Financial Statements to National
  Audit Office.
 Auditing of Council operations by private auditing firms
  engaged by Auditor General.
 Auditors report their findings in the Management Letter,
  highlighting any detected weaknesses, non-adherence to
  legislation and any other shortcomings.
 Local Council is expected to act upon the points raised in
  the Management Letter, or give reasons justifying its
  actions in its reply to the Management Letter.
         Educational Initiatives

Courses Offered in:
 Maltese Language for
 Computer
 Care for the Elderly
 First Aid
 Aerobics
 Dancing
Children Summer Camp
Recently Implemented Capital

Re-construction of Main Street
     Recently Implemented Capital
 Embellishment of open
  space at Main Street

 Playing Field at Ta’
  Pennellu Housing
     Recently Implemented Capital

 Playing Field at Manikata

 Traffic Management close
  to the School Area
       Capital Projects in Hand
 Public Garden and Playing Field at the Mellieha Heights
  Zone is being implemented by the Council with financial
  support from the Malta Environment Authority Urban
  Improvement Fund
       Capital Projects in Hand
 The Family Park Project involves mainly sports
  facilities and afforestation on a formerly degraded plot of
  land. The project is being implemented in conjunction
  with the Ministry for the Environment and Rural Affairs.
               Promotion the Locality
   Mellieha Through the Tides of Time
   Mellieha – A Destination for All
   Quest for Identity – The Mellieha

Participation in Fairs:
   Malta Book Fair
   European Destination of Excellence
    Award Convention in Brussels
   Fiera EMAIA in Vittoria Sicily
   Malta Week in Brussels

Information Services:
   Opening of a Tourist Information

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