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					    AUG 2009 • • Vol 1. Issue 2 • Passages Education • P.O. Box 89055 •Tucson, AZ 85752-9055

   “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. ” ~ Marie Curie, chemist & physicist (1867 - 1934)

Progress Notes and Report Card                                          Keep Informed and Spread the Word

As a result of attending the Passages presentations, and                Free September/October Classes
completing evaluations:                                                 Open to the Public
  •Seventy-four percent reported they were less fearful                 Free talks open the the community in Tucson for
about the dying process                                                 September through October include:
  •One hundred percent thought they were better
prepared to ask questions and communicate with their                    My Life, My Choice – Navigating the Challenges of
physician and family.                                                   End of Life Decision-Making
                                                                        Decisions based on fear, lack of information or misinformation
Do you want to make sure your friends and family also                   can have devastating consequences. By understanding
gain that confidence? Share this email or encourage                     the legal, ethical and emotional issues that can complicate
them to attend a talk!                                                  end of life decision-making, we will identify resources and
   •As of July 23, Passages has provided 85 free talks                  methods to overcome barriers. Improved communication
throughout Pima county to 2,058 attendees.                              and navigation will help assure your rights and choices are
   •Because of the interest for more in-depth learning,                 upheld.
we will be providing workshops with continuing                            •Saturday Sept 19
education credits for professionals for improving                           Tucson: 10:00AM - noon
their skills in working with those facing end of life                       Grace Temple Baptist Church on 1031 E. 31st. St
issues. These are appropriate for those in healthcare,                    •Friday Oct 2
supportive care, pastoral care, advocacy, and worklife                      Green Valley: 1:30 - 2:30pm
programs. Call or email us about content and cost!                          780 S. Park Centre Avenue, Community Room

                                                                        Navigating the Storm – Tools for the Caregivers
                                                                        We explore the challenges of caring for someone who is
                                                                        terminally ill. Issues of loss, grief, self care and enhancing
                                                                        communication are discussed.
                                                                           •Tuesday Sept 1
                                                                            Tucson: 10 - 11am, TMC Senior Services
                                                                            on the El Dorado Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd.
                                                                            Seniors conference room
                                                                           •Friday Oct 30
                                                                            Green Valley: 1:30-2:30pm
                                                                            780 S. Park Centre Avenue, Community Room

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  Passages Education is a non-profit organization                      You can easily visit our website located at:
  available to assist during times when illness or                     
  advancing age presents new challenges. Whether                       for information about our service or find out how
  newly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, facing              you can help us grow and serve our community.
  advancing illness or age, people think about dying.

  You are not alone. We can help guide you through the maze.           Passages Wish List: a powerpoint projector
    page 2 • • Vol 1. Issue 2 • Passages Education • P.O. Box 89055 •Tucson, AZ 85752-9055

Pain Hurts Everyone –                                             Passages -- a Step Ahead!
Understanding and Managing Pain
The myths and misconceptions about pain are examined in           There are currently 3 legislative bills before Congress that
addition to understanding the physiology and impact of pain       all acknowledge the need to improve communication
and how best to promote comfort.                                  between you and your physician in talking about
  •Friday Oct 23                                                  treatment decisions and advance directives.
    Green Valley: 1:30-2:30pm
    780 S. Park Centre Avenue, Community Room                     There is no doubt that a better job needs to be done, and
                                                                  that’s one reason Passages was formed. There is also no
From Touchy to Touching –                                         doubt that your right to ask questions, to make informed
Talking About the Dying Process                                   choices, to determine the extent that you do or do not
This provides the opportunity to face fears about dying as        want life-prolonging treatments has been yours since
the physical, psychosocial and mysterious aspects will be         November 5, 1990 when Congress passed the Patient
examined. By understanding the process you will better            Self Determination Act (PSDA), an amendment to the
manage the changes and promote comfort.                           Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.
  •Tuesday Oct 6
     Tucson: 10 - 11am, TMC Senior Services
                                                                  Effective on December 1, 1991, this act requires many
     El Dorado Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd
                                                                  Medicare and Medicaid providers to give adult
     Seniors conference room
                                                                  individuals, at the time of inpatient admission or
  •Friday Oct 16
                                                                  enrollment, certain information about their rights under
     Green Valley: 1:30-2:30pm
                                                                  state laws governing advance directives, including:
     780 S. Park Centre Avenue, Community Room
                                                                     (1) the right to participate in and direct their own
                                                                           health care decisions;
You Call this Living? How Dying Transforms Us
                                                                     (2) the right to accept or refuse medical or surgical
We will explore issues that people facing a terminal illness
may confront, including concerns about quality of life, fear of
                                                                     (3) the right to prepare an advance directive;
being a burden, loss of independence, loss meaning, purpose
                                                                     (4) information on the provider’s policies that govern
and the impact on patient and caregiver alike. Viewing
                                                                           the utilization of these rights.
“Living Through Dying – The Struggle for Grace”, you will
witness how others face these issues and examine how our
                                                                  The PSDA further requires institutions to document
experiences can be transformed to find new meaning.
                                                                  patient information and provide ongoing community
   •Friday Oct 9
                                                                  education on advance directives.
    Green Valley: 1:30-2:30pm
    780 S. Park Centre Avenue, Community Room
                                                                  Obtaining the information you need to make important
                                                                  decisions in advanced illness is not just your right,
Remember!                                                         it’s your responsibility. The classes and individual
Check our website ( for additional          consultations provided by Passages helps give you the
talks. Call or email us to schedule a talk for your own group.    tools and support to navigate the challenges of decision-

                                                                  It’s OK to Ask
Your Voice is Important
                                                                  Now there’s more proof!
Our commitment is to build Passages Education by the
community, for the community.                                     A study of 332 terminally ill cancer patients conducted by
                                                                  the Dana Farber Cancer institute revealed that
We will soon be collecting data about your needs, to
further develop the our progams. If you would like to                • Only one-third of the terminally ill patients said their
share your experiences or thoughts and ideas, please              doctors has discussed end-of-life care.
write to                                 • Without this discussion, patients were 3 times more
                                                                  likely to spend their final week in the intensive care unit
    “What you leave behind is not engraved in                     and 4 times more likely to be on a breathing machine.
    stone monuments, but what is woven into                          • More aggressive was linked to worse quality of life
    the lives of others.” ~ Pericles                              in the final week of life.