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The "PAST" is history, the "FUTURE" is a mystery and Today is a
gift. That is why we call it the "PRESENT"

  Many of us here do not view things as it is said. Look at the sentence; it says the past is
history. How many of us agree with it? I believe all of us agree but, but do we not look back at it?
Let me tell you memories and history is two different things in life. That’s why we did not learn
memory in life but we learn history. Each of us here has learn history before, and the main
reason we learn so that the history will not repeated. History in life is made out of our
experiences we had gone through. We learn as we experience. This is history. Memories on the
other hand are a process. Process of happiness and sadness that we had gone through in our
history. What we had gone through is a past, it can never be replaced. Each of us has our own
history in life. Our history starts from the day we were born into this world. Our family structure is
a history not a memory. Memories are when events occur and we had laughter and when we
mourn together. My fellow readers, I strongly encourage all of you to make your history an
interesting story not a repetition of your previous recorded history.

   Next will be the line that continues which says the future is a mystery.I strongly agree with it.
We will never know what will happen in the future. Tobe more precise we can never know what
will happen even in a second from now. I always have this in mind where life istoo short to stop
at a junction. Why? Reason is life is short. We can’t plan when we want to die. It comes
naturally. That’s why we must not procrastinate things. What we can do today, we should do and
not delay it for another day. Just like when you want to say sorry, thank you, I love you, I miss
you, I appreciate you etc to a particular person, said it while you can before it’s too late. You will
never know what happens to the person or what happen to you tomorrow. Do not tell me, well I
do not have time, and I'm pretty busy, so what? Can’t you just send a message? Email? Or even
give a phone call? A minute or two will not harm you nor delay your work. Do you not know
when you keep saying you are busy, you will never free, when you keep saying you have no
time, you will never have time, when you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow, there will
never be tomorrow. Isn’t it so true? We human always say well tomorrow we will do it, tomorrow I
will settle it. But,do we settle it? Or we will end up saying tomorrow after tomorrow? Well as for
the busy and the time I was pretty much feel that it just me. I’m always packed with things ad
workload. Asa result, I’m out of time and I’m pretty occupied. One thing I believe is time is in my
hand, and I can surely find the time. Talking about future it reminds me a verse in Jeremiah
29:11 where it says for I know the plans for you,plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans
to give you future and hope.God promise us that He will prosper us and gives us a future and a
hope. Indeed our future is a mystery when we do not know God has planned for us tomorrow.

   Next, the sentence continues by saying today is a gift. That is why we call it the present. How
beautiful is the word. Today is a gift. We are still here Today because it is a gift. A gift from who?
A gift from God. I thank God everyday as I wake up on my bed because I was given the
opportunity to experience God’s love and blessings. Besides, I also have the opportunity to learn
a new lesson each day to improve myself. Thank God for giving me life. Since the word here
says Today, I wanna ask all of you out there, what is the happiest thing that happens today? The
reason I say today is because what is past is past and what had yet to come are coming. Think
about it and praise God, thanking God for that particular thing in life. Next question is what is the
saddest thing that happens today? I know it sounds a lil contradict with the earlier question but
just think about it. What do you learn out of it? Thank God again for it because it is for your own
good. The Bible says, and we know that in all things God works for the good for those who love
him, who have been called according to his purpose-Romans 8:28

  Therefore my brothers and sisters, live your life properly for the life we have now is an
opportunity that only happens once in a lifetime.

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