Bulletin #23 31.7.09 by AaronBurks


									              Dates to note:                Dogs on school grounds             Students of the Week
              Saturday 1 August             Another reminder to all that       Athlone
               Wattle Day                 dogs are NOT permitted on          Noemie
               Horses’ Birthday           school grounds at anytime          Nino
              Sunday 2 August               (before, during or after           Carlow
               National Tree Day          school).                           Evan
              Tuesday 4 August              The NSW Companion Ani-             Taylor
               National Aboriginal and    mals Act of 1998 states that:      Kinsale
                 Islander Children’s Day    Dogs are prohibited in the         Laura
               Life Education van to      following place (whether or        Dunowen
                 KHPS                       not they are leashed or other-     Aimee
              Wednesday 5 August            wise controlled):                  Omagh
               OC test at Cromer          School Grounds (meaning            Tara
                 campus for Yr 4            any property occupied or           Rathowen
                 candidates                 used for a purpose connected       Lauren
              Friday 7 August               with the conduct of a govern-      Mullinar
               Tree planting day at       ment school or non-                Amelia
                 KHPS                       government school under the        Holywell
               Jeans for Genes Mufti      Education Act 1990).               Audric
                 at KHPS                    Do please take note of this        Limerick
                                            advice and assist us in keep-      Helen
              Saturday 8 August
                                            ing KHPS safe.                     Wexford
               P&C Fireworks at KHPS
                 from 4:30pm
                                            KHPS Athletics Carnivals           Ballyshannon
              Monday 10 August
                                            Congratulations to everyone        Kiana
               Life Education Forum
                                            who participated in both our       Galway
                 for KHPS parents
                                            athletics carnivals held on        James
                                            Thursday! The Yrs 3-6 stu-         Fermanagh
              Tuesday 11 August
                                            dents who went to Narrabeen        Luke
               P&C meeting                enjoyed their excursion,           Newry
                  7:00pm                    showed fantastic house spirit      Troy
                  Bini                      and behaved excellently,           Quilty
              Saturday 29 August            while our K-2 students dem-        Duvessa
               FANS Dinner Dance          onstrated fitness, strength        Tramore
                 7.00pm at KHHS             and agility in all their activi-   Mitchell
                                            ties.                              Inishmore
              Principal Points              Thanks to all parents who          Myles
              Welcome back to Term 3        came to either venue to lend       Ennis
              and a special welcome to      a hand.                            Marion
              our new families who began    Our great gratitude to Mon-        Portmarnock
              this week.                    sieur Laurent, Mrs Franks          Jean-Claude
              This term will certainly be   and all our teachers who           Shannon
              just as busy as the last      worked so hard to make             Nick
              with many activities          these events such special          Youghal
              planned including the         occasions! BRAVO!!!                Brian
              athletics carnivals, Book
              Week, the FANS dinner,
              some band concerts and of
              course our Springfest
              concert in Week 6! This
              year’s theme celebrates the
              International Year of
              Astronomy, so watch for
              lots of stars!!
              You will have noticed that
              workmen came to school
              during the holidays to
              begin work on our hall. We
              thank then for leaving our
Issue No 23
              pedestrian back gate
  July 31
              available for normal use                 Parachute games at the
              and look forward to seeing
              the hall’s progress!                      K-2 Athletics Carnival
KHPS Website                  Peer Reading
Our thanks to Sarah Swift     Peer Reading is back in full
for continuing to make        swing!!
the Bulletin available on     Please come along to the li-
our website. You will be      brary at 8:30am on Wednes-
pleased to learn that a       day mornings.
new page Useful Links for
Parents has now been          KHPS Fireworks Night
added for your informa-       Our annual KHPS Fireworks
tion.                         Night is fast approaching! We       Canteen News
                              encourage you all to pre-           We plan to open our
Clothing Pool                 purchase your tickets from          canteen again next
The Clothing Pool team        the school office at $15 per        week. Our thanks to
has been working so hard      family.                             everyone in the team for
during the holidays and       Tickets will be available at the    all the help!
this week to enable the fit   school gates however they will
-out to occur.                be $20 per family if purchased      Canteen Roster
Following completion of       on the night!                       Monday 3 August
the fit-out, which we ex-     So please try to get to the of-     CLOSED
pect now to be in WEEK        fice before next Friday….and        Tuesday 4 August
4, the Clothing Pool will     don’t forget your tickets for       Ryoko Yoshi
open on alternate Tues-       extended family members and         Sarah Trisic
days and Fridays, except      friends who might also like to      Michele Hackney
for Week 5 when it will       enjoy the evening.                  Christine Hancock
open on both days to start    We will have face-painting          Wednesday 5 August
the selling of summer         available so bring some gold        Beatrice Lamaro
stock.                        coins!                              Lorraine Jennings
Details will be posted on     We also have a cake stall, cof-     Ricky Mitchell
the Clothing Pool windows     fee van, ice-cream van and the      Preedika Martyn
as well as on the website.    BBQ.                                Thursday 6 August
                              The event officially kicks off at   Helene Do
FANS Annual Dinner            4:30pm.                             Preedika Martyn
Dance...                      Volunteers Required!!               Nicole Samuels
….will take place on Sat-     We still need more volunteers       VACANCY
urday 29 August from          for the night.                      Friday 7 August
7:00pm till midnight at       Each grade has been allocated       Karen Prince
Killarney Heights High        a task so you will be with peo-     Stephanie Guerin
School.                       ple you know. It is so easy to      Graziela Bueno
The evening’s entertain-      volunteer. Simply log on to         VACANCY
ment will begin with an       http://fireworks.khps-
aperitif followed by          pc.com.au                           Life Education
French Dinner, BYO alco-      And pick up a half hour time-       The Life Education Van
hol, French DJ : Frank.       slot...easy!!?!!                    will visit KHPS on Tues-
Advanced ticket sale &        This is a wonderful social op-      day 4 August for nearly
payment only.                 portunity for the school com-       two weeks to provide
Table bookings of 10          munity so come along and            health education lessons
available.                    have some fun. Thank you to         for all our students.
$55 FANS members &            everyone who has already vol-       Just a reminder that
KHPS parents, $65 non-        unteered to help on the night.      this year we have been
members. Early bird until     Looking forward to seeing you       able to organise a Life
15/08: $5 discount per        there!.                             Education Parent Forum
ticket.                       Penny Stanbury and Liz Blake.       which will be held at
Book the date, your baby-     KHPS Fundraising Committee          7:00pm on Monday 10
sitter, your friends and                                          August in the Bini.
your tickets!                                                     The forum will run for
AND…..second semester                                             approximately 90 min-
FANS contributions are                                            utes and will provide
now due, please!                                                  information on the pro-    Issue No 23
                                                                  gram, drug education         July 31
Call Sabine 02 9451 0852                                          and local support ser-        2009
or info@fanssydney.org                                            vices available to par-
for all info or enquiries.                                        ents.

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