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             Our Vision: To bring Christ and His message, in all its richness, into the hearts and lives of all.

Term 3                                                   Week 4                                                      18 August 2009

          DATES TO REMEMBER                     Dear Parents
                                                                                                  Special Celebration
 August                                         TERM 4 SWIMMING: A number of
                                                parents have been in contact with me
 19th: UNSW Maths Skills Test, Years 3-6        about the possibility of changing my           Parishioners are invited to
                                                decision in relation to swimming in            gather as a community to
 20th: Dress-up Parade & Book Fair              Term 4. As I explained to some of           celebrate Mass on the occasion
       Year 3 Mass, 9.30am                      them, I cannot just change my decision          of the 40th Anniversary of
 21st:   Grandparent’s Day (Infants classes),   based on a conversation with a few            Ordination to the Priesthood
         9.30-11.30am                           parents but I would be happy to                   of Father Barry Tunks
                                                reconsider my decision following a
         Book Fair
         Stage 2 Assembly in Hall, 2.20pm       survey of all parents.                        Friday, 28 August, 7.00pm
         Stage 3 Assembly in Library,                                                       Corpus Christi Church, Waratah
                                                With this bulletin there will be a survey
         2.30pm                                 asking if you would like swimming to        A celebratory supper will follow
         No Playgroup                           continue for this year in Term 4. I need              in the Hall
 24th: Swimming Survey due                      to have a minimum of 120 replies and a
                                                2/3 majority for me to consider
 26th: Diocesan Special Needs Mass,             changing my position. This is               WHOOPING COUGH: Parents,
       7.00pm, St Columban’s Church,            important because if we only get 20 or      please be on the lookout for whooping
       Mayfield                                 30 replies it’s not statistically sound.    cough. If your child is experiencing
                                                The survey is due back no later than        difficulty with coughing or showing
 27th: Australian Youth Choir Visit             Monday morning of next week,                any signs of distress in breathing, etc
                                                24 August, so a decision can be made if     please take them to the doctor.
 28th: Anniversary Mass of Father Barry         we have to book buses, pools,               Whooping cough is highly contagious.
       Tunks, 7.00pm at Corpus Christi          timetabling for the school, etc.
       Church, Waratah                                                                      HEADLICE: With the changing of the
                                                I also need to inform parents that this     seasons, headlice will be on the move.
 September                                      could possibly be the last year we hold     Please check your children’s hair and
                                                swimming as there are changes that          treat as necessary. Remember it is not
 1st:    P & F Meeting, 7.00pm in               will come into effect in 2010 to the        oily hair but rather clean, shiny hair
         staffroom                              Teaching Award. These changes will          that headlice are most attracted to.
         Editorial team to visit Newcastle      have an impact on these sorts of extra-
         Herald Office                                                                      LONG SERVICE LEAVE: Mrs Joan
                                                curricula activities.                       Slechta will be on long service leave
         School newspaper published
                                                                                            for two weeks commencing next
                                                The cost of swimming per child will be      Monday. Mrs Sedgwick will be taking
 2nd:    Newcastle Permanent Maths Comp,        approximately $65 to $70 depending
         Years 5 & 6                                                                        Year 2S. We wish Mrs Slechta a well
                                                on bus costs, cost of pool, etc.            earned rest and a great break.
 4th:    Stage 2 Assembly in Hall, 2.20pm
                                                                                            Duilio Rufo, Principal
GRANDPARENT’S DAY: Children in Kinder-Year 2                   YEAR 3 MASS: Parents are invited to join us for Mass on
invite their Grandparents to a celebration this Friday,        Thursday, 20 August when we celebrate the feast of
21 August. This will start with a liturgy at 9.30am, then      St Bernard (9.30am).
classroom visits, finishing with morning tea. We hope you
can join us. If your child does not have Grandparents able     QUIET REFLECTION TIME: Feel like some quiet
to attend, a friend or another relative is welcome.            time? Come along and meet in the office around 9.30am
S Stanbridge                                                   this Thursday to join the small group which will meet to
                                                               reflect and discuss some relevant scripture.
        PRINCIPAL’S          AWARD         RECIPIENTS:
         Congratulations to Harrison Dal Molin, Harry          5 A SIDE FOOTBALL: Three teams of students from
        Wood, Hugh Kelleher, Liam Manditch, Joshua             Years 3 and 4 will participate in the Cottee’s football
      Davis, Heidi Andriunas, Harrison Galvin, Samantha        program on 8 September. Teams will be finalised
        Semple, Noah Mills, Luca Stanton, Emily Lam,           tomorrow – Wednesday.
        Isabella Merrill, Drew Sellers, Rami Saleem,           KINDERGARTEN ASSEMBLY: Friday, 18 September
Isabell De Laurentis-Larken, Harrison Dwyer, Mackenzie         at 2.30pm.
Sutcliffe, Astrid Kitley-Haskal, Jordan Daly, Ruby Girvan
and Emily Whelan.                                              JOURNEY NEWS: The after school program is under
                                                               review for now and will restart again at the beginning of
NETBALL: Thank you to the mums who have                        Term 4. Belinda (my co-worker) and I are coming together
volunteered to coach our netball teams for the Diocesan        with the intention of creating a program that will benefit all
Gala Day on Tuesday, 15 September. They will soon be in        ages – a program that is time friendly for parents and one
contact with their teams to organise a couple of training      that is durable and do-able. The children have enjoyed the
sessions. A big thank you also to the selectors. Permission    afternoon sessions and the feedback tells me the classes
notes and more details will be sent home in the near future.   may work better on a once a month schedule, perhaps the
A Duggan                                                       first Tuesdays of each month. We have learned a lot about
                                                               how best to support the children in this trial period and will
       DRAMA GROUP: Last Friday the children took a            come back to you with a plan of action before the next
       note home to be completed for our Drama Teacher.        holidays. As you will not receive this notice until Tuesday
       If you would like to send those in to the office we     afternoon, Belinda and I will be here to take a class for the
       will pass them on to Michelle Clipsham when she         children who do come today. Blessings.
       is in on Thursday or just send them in on Thursday.     Cheryl Roberts, Pastoral Care Worker
Denise Burgess, Learning Support Teacher
                                                               FATHERS’ DAY STALL: Only two weeks left until the
UNSW MATHS TEST: UNSW Mathematics will be held                 Fathers’ Day Stall. Many more gifts are urgently required
this Wednesday, 19 August. This will conclude the series       to make the stall a success. Please leave all donations at the
of UNSW Tests.                                                 office before 28 August. Thank you. If anyone has
S Stanbridge                                                   anything they would like to donate to the Fathers’ Day
                                                               Raffle could they please contact Mandy Mills on
           SCRIBBLER: Parents, do you need extra               0402 781 388.
           maths help with your child’s homework? Why          Year 4
           not try This site gives
           you access to an explanation as well as             PLAYGROUP: No playgroup on Friday, 21 August
           examples.                                           because it’s Grandparents Day.
         The Learning Centre
                                                               “PARTY FOR KIDS WITH CANCER”: Just a reminder
DIOCESAN CARNIVAL: Congratulations to our athletes             from last week’s newsletter that Lorraine Lea Linen is
who represented Central Region at the Diocesan Carnival        working hard raising money for adolescent and young
last Friday. They all performed to their best ability with     adults with cancer. The survival rate for this group is 30%
many reaching the finals. Special mention to Anaseini          and has increased by 30% in the last 10 years. Please help
Misimisi who was placed second in the 8 years 100m final,      by purchasing our fundraiser bear, PJ. He is so cute and
Ajok Marial who was second in the 11 years 100m final          cuddly and would love to live at your house. He is on
and 200m final and our Junior Boys Relay Team who ran a        display in the school office. PJ costs $30 and $3 of that sale
brilliant race to place second (Thomas Rodgers, Thomas         goes straight to the cause. In addition, 10% of all sales will
Nolan, Nicolas Gentizon and Connor Wild). Our valiant          go to St Therese’s to use as they wish. Please contact me
Riley Myles ran his 100m, 200m and 800m, being                 on 0434 061 399, email or just
supported with cheers from the whole stadium! Well done        grab me in the playground. Payment will be due on Friday,
to these seven athletes who will represent our Diocese at      28 August. Thank you for your support.
the Polding Carnival in September.                             Carolyn Delizzotti (mother of William in KR/H)
                                                               and Lorraine Lea Linen
FOR SALE: We’re moving to a smaller home! Country-              central Newcastle locations between 10.20am and 2.00pm.
style single bed, timber and wrought iron frame (mattress       Traditional and contemporary Indigenous activities and
included if you want it) – $50. Large country-style solid       demonstrations including art, dance, music and food will
timber desk – $40. Country-style/dresser style TV cabinet       be happening at the Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Civic
(3 large drawers, shelves for hifi equipment, TV sits on        Park, Wheeler Place and Honeysuckle. Try a salt and
top) – $50. Child’s bike, hardly ridden, VERY good              pepper crocodile wrap at the Djapa Bush Tucker Café,
quality, suit child in Year 3 or 4 – $50. 2 near new colour     learn how to beat box with popular Aboriginal hip hop act
TVs with remote (suit kitchen or bedroom) – $40. Call Lisa      The Last Kinection, listen to traditional story-telling, watch
on 0403 052 039 for details.                                    traditional dance or see authentic Aboriginal art.
                                                                When: Sunday, 30 August, 10.20am-2.00pm.
CHILDREN’S LITURGY ROSTER: Deanne March will                    Where: Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Civic Park,
be leading the Children’s Liturgy this Sunday, 23 August.       Wheeler Place and Honeysuckle.
                                                                Cost: Free.
MULOOBINBA: Walkabout Newcastle is a free                       See for more details.
Aboriginal cultural day happening on Sunday, 30 August at


    Wednesday              Thursday                Friday               Monday                     Tuesday
    19/8/09                20/8/09                 21/8/09              24/8/09                    25/8/09
    Linda Kelleher         Sonia Egan              Lisa Masson          Tracey Smith               Liz Etheridge
    Noelle Smith           Shona Adams             Julie D’Amico        Karina Thomson             Vicki Stewart
    Stacey Greentree       Sheree                  Caroline Bates       Gai Lovell                 Denise Jones
    Robyn Donnelly         Elizabeth Nixon         Edwina Forrest       Rachel Carey               Stacey Cameron
    Sophia Moratidis       Adrienne Haynes         Tamara Murrell       Felicity Howard            Michelle Manditch
                           Carmel Bartlett         Brooke Taylor

                                             FRIENDLY SCHOOLS & FAMILIES

                                    Talking with your children about bystanders

Bullying involves more than the students who are bullied and those who bully others. Ninety-one per cent
of children (in primary school) report having witnessed/seen bullying occurring. Bullying often continues
because people who are involved do not talk about it and seek help. This includes people who observe
bullying – the bystanders.

A bystander is someone who sees the bullying or knows that it is happening to someone else.

What can Bystanders do?

If children see another child being bullied they could:
    Ask a teacher or support person for help.
    Let the person doing the bullying know that what they are doing is bullying.
    Refuse to join in with the bullying and walk away.
    Support the student who is being bullied.
    Support their friends and protect them from bullying by being there for them (children who are alone
    are more likely to be the target of bullying, so encourage your children to be aware of children who
    are left out or on their own in the playground).
                           SWIMMING SURVEY
               Please return to school no later than Monday, 24 August

Please tick:

    YES, I would like swimming to be held in Term 4.

    NO, I would not like swimming to be held in Term 4.

Name: __________________________________________

Phone number: ___________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________

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