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					Social Security

                  You Can Rely on Electronic Payments
Rita Meier
Nevada Public Affairs Specialist
   You probably don’t need a     ments. Here’s why.              your house when the weath-      direct deposit, the Direct
reminder that natural disas-        Electronic payments are      er is bad. It’s also nice to    Express card program, or an
ters lurk around the corner      safe. Your money is deposit-    know your payment is in         Electronic Transfer Account.
when we least expect it.         ed directly into your account   your account instead of your    You can learn more about all
   Many natural disasters        each month. Because it’s        mailbox when you’re on          three at
force people to leave their      transferred electronically,     vacation or away from home.        If you’re ever faced with a
homes. The last thing a per-     there’s never a risk of your        Perhaps we also should      devastating event, there will
son who falls victim to this     check being lost or stolen.     mention that electronic pay-    be no question about where
kind of devastation needs to        Electronic payments are      ments are now mandatory.        you’ll find your money when
worry about is how they’re       quick. You’ll get your pay-     People who apply for Social     you receive electronic pay-
going to get their next Social   ment faster when it’s made      Security benefits on or after   ments. The same cannot be
Security or Supplemental         electronically. Your money is   May 1, 2011, must receive       said for paper checks being
Security Income (SSI) pay-       immediately available to you    payments electronically.        sent to mailboxes that may
ment.                            once it’s deposited; no wait-   Nearly everyone currently       no longer exist.
   Here’s a solution. Make       ing by the mailbox for the      receiving benefits who has         Learn more by reading
sure that you’re receiving       check to arrive.                not signed up for electronic    our online fact sheet, Get
your benefit payments elec-         Electronic payments are      payments must switch to         Your Payments Electronically
tronically. Electronic pay-      convenient. No more need to     electronic payments by          at
ments are the best way to        stand in line at the bank to    March 1, 2013. Electronic       pubs/10073.html.
receive your benefit pay-        cash your check or to leave     payments may be made by

                                                                                                                  June • 2011 • 19
“                  Adding Life to Years”

                                 Retirement Living:
                           The Who, What, Where, and How
                   Lawrence J. Weiss, Ph.D.
                   Center for Healthy Aging
            hat is retirement?   retire when physical condi-      retirement decisions.             privatizing or stripping

W           Retirement is the
            point where a per-
son stops employment com-
                                 tions don't allow the person
                                 to work because of illness or
                                 accident. The idea of retire-
                                                                  • Social Security clearly plays
                                                                  an important role. The cur-
                                                                  rent age to receive Social
                                                                                                    Social Security will “retire”
                                                                                                    early and collect their Social
pletely or a person may also     ment is fairly recent, being     Security is 66-67, but you
semi-retire by reducing work     introduced during the 19th       could draw early at a lower       • Health status has a major
hours. Traditionally, we have    and 20th centuries.              rate. Use the following web       impact on retirement. It is
an image of retirement as sit-                                    site to determine benefits -      widely found that individuals
ting in a rocking chair on the   Previously, low life expectan-            in poor health generally
porch. Modern day retire-        cy and the absence of pen-                                         retire earlier than those in
ment living is more a transi-    sion arrangements meant          • Pensions certainly play an      better health. In general,
tion to doing activities that    that most workers continued      important role. Greater           declining health over time as
you enjoy, whether that be       to work until death. Now, life   financial wealth from all         well as the onset of new
work or leisure, but you just    expectancy experts state that    sources tends to lead to earli-   health conditions, have been
don’t get paid for it.           if you reach 65 you can          er retirement, since wealthier    found to be positively related
Unfortunately, most of us are    expect another 18 years or       individuals can essentially       to earlier retirement.
not financially prepared for     so. Therefore you better be      "purchase" additional leisure.
retirement.                      prepared. Who is dealing         Use the following calculator      • Those that are married, a
                                 with it, what does that mean,    (an example of many avail-        spouse's employment status
Many people choose to retire     where do I go, and how do I      able) to help with your plan-     may affect one's decision to
or stop employment when          go about making the deci-        ning:       retire. On average, husbands
they are eligible for private    sion?                            com/calculator/retirement         are three years older than
or public pension benefits,                                                                         their wives in the U.S., and
although some are forced to      Many factors affect people's     • The financial crisis is         spouses often coordinate
                                                                          affecting retirement      their retirement decisions.
                                                                          decisions. Those that     Thus, men are more likely to
                                                                          were not affected by      retire if their wives are also
                                                                          the stock market          retired than if they are still in
                                                                          decline are not likely    the labor force, and vice
                                                                          to delay their retire-    versa.
                                                                          ment, but those that
                                                                          were will continue to     • The cost of health care in
                                                                          work since their sav-     retirement is a significant
                                                                          ings have been            issue, because people tend to
                                                                          depleted. However,        be ill more frequently in later
                                                                          recent research esti-     life. Many people retire
                                                                          mates that mass lay-      before they become eligible
                                                                          offs are likely to lead   for Medicare at age 65, and
                                                                          to an increase in         even with Medicare, chronic
                                                                          retirement almost 50      long-term illnesses are not
                                                                          percent larger than       covered and become a finan-
                                                                          the decrease brought      cial burden to us.
                                                                          about by the stock
                                                                          market crash. Many        • On a personal level, the ris-
                                                                          boomers at 62 who         ing cost of living during
                                                                          are laid off and/or       retirement is a serious con-
                                                                          fear that the current     cern to many older Adults.
                                                                          political climate of            (Life to Years page 21)
20 • 2011 • June
Life to Years / page 20            more time in a sport or          sometimes in more protec-        Consider what the taxes are,
Therefore, we need to plan!        hobby, while others become       tive environments such as        the climate, work and recre-
                                   restless and suffer from         assisted living or nursing       ational opportunities, cost of
Retirement coincides with          depression as a result of the    homes. Those who have the        living, and the housing mar-
important life changes, such       loss of work and meaning.        finances and need some help,     ket or options.
as re-location, changes in         Since retirement occurs with     but are not in need of per-
social network, chronic ill-       increasing age and getting       sonal assistance, may choose     Retirement living is complex.
ness and loss of function,         older correlates with deterio-   to live in a retirement home     Planning for who you want
and adapting to a new              ration of one's health, then     or independent senior living     to be, what you want and
lifestyle. Retired persons may     you can understand how one       community. Even though the       you can afford, where you
travel more, take on parent-       associates depression with       home is most desirable, since    want to be, and how it will
ing grandchildren and care-        retirement. Studies, however,    that is what we are used to,     occur are critical issues and
giving their parents or love       have shown that healthy eld-     community living can be          should be given time to think
ones. Often retirees volun-        ers are as happy or happier      more beneficial. Socialization   through. If you plan on the
teer for charities and other       and have an equal quality of     and activities foster health     who, what, where, and how
community organizations.           life as they age as compared     and happiness.                   then you will truly find that
Volunteering is generally          to younger employed adults.                                       goal of “adding life to years”.
considered an altruistic           Therefore retirement is not      In addition to financing
activity, intended to promote      as strong an influence on        retirement, health issues,       Lawrence J. Weiss, Ph.D. is
good or improve human              depression as ill health, but    finding meaning, housing,        CEO of the Center for
quality of life, but people that   still can contribute to the      and choosing activities,         Healthy Aging. Dr. Weiss
volunteer also help them-          lack of meaning or self-         another issue that needs to      welcomes your comments on
selves by living longer and        worth.                           be taken into consideration is   this column. Write to him at
having a higher quality of                                          choosing a place to retire.
life.                              Many people in the later         When preparing to relocate,      or c/o Center for Healthy
                                   years, due to chronic illness-   think about where your           Aging, 11 Fillmore Way,
For some retirees, retirement      es, require assistance to        social relationships are,        Reno, NV 89519.
living enables them to spend       function in the home or          whether family or friends.

                                                                                                                      June • 2011 • 21
Get Up & Go                                                                Coupon Booklets for the
                   Eat Your Veggies Day!                                   Senior Farmer’s Market
                   Natalie Hilbert                                           Nutrition Program
                   Fitness Director
                   Cascades of the Sierra
    June 17th every year is             On this day, you are
Eat Your Vegetables Day.           encouraged to eat vegetables
Strategically created in the       for every meal, and for a
middle of National Fresh           snack. Better yet, try to be a
Fruit and Vegetables Month,        vegetarian...for the day. Let
this day is the perfect oppor-     vegetables take center stage
tunity to re-introduce a           on your plate! Any additional
healthy portion of vegetables      vegetables at meal time on
into your diet. No doubt           June 17th will honor the
about it, Eat Your Vegetables      event, as well as make you a
Day was created to promote         little healthier.
a more healthy diet...for life!         To learn more about liv-
    Fresh fruits and vegeta-       ing a healthy lifestyle contact,
bles can help you ward off         Natalie Hilbert, Fitness           Coupon booklets for the        exchanged for eligible foods
heart disease and stroke,          Director at Cascades of the        Senior Farmer’s Market         at Nevada certified farmer’s
control blood pressure, pre-       Sierra. The EverFit Club is        Nutrition Program are avail-   markets. The purpose of
vent some types of cancer,         available for monthly gym          able in June.                  this program is to increase
avoid a painful intestinal ail-    memberships and is a Silver                                       the consumption, produc-
ment called diverticulitis,        & Fit® provider. For more          The Senior Farmer’s Market     tion, and distribution of
and guard against cataract         information call Natalie at        Nutrition program (SFMNP)      fresh, locally grown fruits
and macular degeneration,          (775)-424-5400 ext. 155 or         provides low-income seniors    and vegetables and to sup-
two common causes of               email at natalieh@cascadeliv-      60 years and older with        plement the nutritional
vision loss.                                         coupons that can be            needs for Nevada seniors.

                                                                                                     Seniors must meet income
                                                                                                     criteria established by the
                                                                                                     federal government. To be
                                                                                                     eligible seniors must be 60
                                                                                                     years of age or older with
                                                                                                     household incomes at or
                                                                                                     below 185 percent of the
                                                                                                     poverty income guidelines.
                                                                                                     The program allows one
                                                                                                     coupon book per senior.

                                                                                                     The coupons are honored at
                                                                                                     participating Northern
                                                                                                     Nevada Farmers’ Markets,
                                                                                                     and accepted by most local
                                                                                                     growers. Both the City of
                                                                                                     Reno (334-2262) and the
                                                                                                     City of Sparks (353-2376)
                                                                                                     Parks and Recreation depart-
                                                                                                     ments are participating in
                                                                                                     the program. The Senior
                                                                                                     Farmer's Market Nutrition
                                                                                                     program is a USDA program
                                                                                                     sponsored through the State
                                                                                                     of Nevada.
22 • 2011 • June
               BIGGEST The Widgeon Story
                 little City
              Harry Spencer

Long time Reno automobile dealer, Ben Scott, was the fea-
tured speaker at the April meeting of the area’s Good Old
Days (G.O.D.) club. However he did not discuss land-based
vehicles, instead he described to a standing room only audi-
ence the restoration and adventures with his latest aircraft,
the Widgeon seaplane. As Ben told it...

        he Grumman               as submarine patrol aircraft.

T       Widgeon is a five
        place, twin engine,
amphibious flying boat. As
                                 Indeed, in 1942, a Widgeon
                                 reportedly sank a German
                                 submarine off the coast of
such it can take off and land    Louisiana. Grumman built a
on either water or land, and     total of 276 Widgeons, 176
is more streamlined and          for the military. Forty one,
faster than a land plane         known as SCAN 30s, were          father, who sold it in 1942. It   immediately decided he had
equipped with floats.            built under license in France.   returned to the family in         to have one, and just as
Designated the G44 by                My Widgeon story really      1986. One of the first flights    quickly observed that it was-
Grumman, the first produc-       begins with a 1930 Stearman      then was witnessed by local       n’t going to be mine. He set
tion airplanes were designat-    Speedmail. That Speedmail        airplane and automobile col-      about a five year quest to
ed J4F by the Navy and used      was purchased new by my          lector Steve Hamilton. Steve         (Biggest Little page 26)

                                                                                                                    June • 2011 • 23
                   THE ECLECTIC OBSERVER
                   by Janet Ross

                                Statue of Mary Tyler Moore tossing her hat.

                           he weather gods were        There was more water when

                   T       in a weepy mood dur-
                           ing an end-of-April
                   Road Scholar program in
                                                       we stopped for a photo break
                                                       at Minnehaha Falls. The 53-
                                                       foot falls were in full flood
                   Minneapolis, Minnesota.             and appropriately spectacu-
                   Seventeen of us spent a damp        lar. Our afternoon was dedi-
                   week exploring the cultural         cated to the Minneapolis
                   and historic attractions of the     Institute of Arts where a
                   Twin Cities, with an empha-         world-class collection of
                   sis on urban Minneapolis.           objects and paintings was
                   The program title of “Great         enhanced by the annual Art
                   Art, Architecture, Theater          in Bloom festival.
                   and Music” for our week’s
                   activities was pleasantly           Our third day found us
                   accurate and Road Scholar           enjoying more rain as we
                   delivered on all counts.            sloshed about the
                                                       Minneapolis Sculpture
                   We began with a lecture on          Garden across the street
                   the history of the region the       from the Walker Art Center.
                   first evening and continued         The 11-acre garden features
                   the next day with an explo-         the iconic Spoonbridge and
                   ration of the city’s many lakes     Cherry by Claes Oldenberg
                   (by mini-bus, in the rain).         (Eclectic page 25)
24 • 2011 • June
Eclectic / page 24
and Coosje van Bruggen.          explorations of the magnifi-      equally exquisite gift shop.     ences to meet the needs and
We found a brief refuge from     cent Guthrie Theater -            We lunched on Nicolette          interests of just about any
dripping skies in the Cowles     everything from the build-        Mall. And, no, it is not a       traveler. There are even
Conservatory with its 25-        ing’s unique architecture;        covered Mall - just a down-      inter-generational programs
foot standing glass fish by      prop, construction and cos-       town street closed to traffic,   so you can take the grand
architect Frank Gehry. The       tume shops; history of the        most of the time. And, yes,      kids along. For domestic
Walker Art Center is noted       theater; and an actor Q&A.        there is a small statue of       programs, once you’ve
for its collection of contem-    There was time after the          Mary Tyler Moore tossing         arrived at your destination
porary art, and it houses a      Guthrie to take a breezy walk     her hat. We toured the           (on your own), the program
great gift shop with a wide      across the Stone Arch Bridge      Foshay Tower, the first          cost will include accommo-
variety interesting items and    to view St. Anthony Falls.        Minneapolis skyscraper; the      dations, ground transporta-
books. A tour of the beauti-     After dinner we returned to       lower floors are now a W         tion, most meals, all lectures,
fully restored State Theater     the Guthrie for a perform-        Hotel, but there’s a small       field trips, and admission
ended our touring for the        ance of “Arsenic and Old          museum at the top and an         fees. There is a single sup-
day. A friend and I enjoyed a    Lace.”                            observation deck that shares     plement fee for those who
leisurely dinner enhanced by                                       space with several other sky-    choose not to share a room;
traditional decor in The Oak     Our last - and wettest - day      scrapers. The evening ended      accommodations are usually
Grill, on the 12th floor of      took us to the Museum of          with a performance by the        in full-service hotels.
Macy’s on Nicolette Mall.        Russian Art. The museum is        Minnesota Orchestra at
(This was one of only two        housed in a former church         Symphony Hall.                   To see what’s on offer from
meals not included in the        and, on our visit, featured                                        Road Scholar check out their
program.)                        paintings by 20th-Century         Road Scholar programs (for-      website at by visiting
                                 Russian artists and the           merly known as Elderhostel) You
Day four was devoted to the-     porcelains of the Czars. It’s a   span the globe and provide a     can also request a free cata-
ater, with several docent-lead   gem of a museum, with an          variety of educational experi-   log by calling 877/426-8056.

     Don’t dread your colonoscopy.
     Barton Health introduces colon hydrotherapy,
     an innovative alternative to the traditional drink
     preparation for a colonoscopy. This chemical and
     drug-free procedure provides a gentle infusion of
     regulated, warm temperature, purified water into the

     This preparation methood is conveniently offered at
     our Gastroenterology Lab, located inside                            For more information, call 530.543.5985
     Barton Memorial Hospital.
                                                                              or visit

                                                                                                                      June • 2011 • 25
                                           Steve is a very       bags of money later, the parts      there in search of a trophy.
                                           bright guy, and the   were trucked to Vernon,             The airplane was well
                                           best salesman I       British Columbia, and a five        received to say the least, the
                                           know. Eventually,     year effort began.                  crowd loved it. The grass
                                           in February, 2005,         Scheme Designers               around it was well worn by
                                           I became the          worked with me to create a          the time we left. We came
                                           owner of a            paint plan that accentuated         home with the “Golden
                                           Widgeon kit.          the airplane’s good features        Lindy” trophy, Grand
                                              My airplane        and minimized the rather            Champion seaplane.
                                           was a McKinnon        large nose. We looked at a             In September we attended
Biggest Little / page 23        conversion, located in           lot of colors and chose red.        the National Aviation
find, purchase and restore      Daytona Beach, Florida.          Why red? Because red                Heritage Invitational at the
his own Speedmail, a veteran    Steve assured me that the        affords good visibility in the      Reno National
of the Standard Oil Company     airplane had been flown          air, on land, and in the water.     Championship Air Races.
fleet. That consumed so         there from New York, then        Also I have a red horse, a red      There we won the Paul
much time and money that        disassembled for repaint. It     dog, a red Howard airplane          Garber Trophy for Classic
he decided he needed to get     had no corrosion and could       and a red haired wife. I like       Category.
even. Accordingly, I soon       be reassembled and ferried       red. The interior
was on the receiving end of a   to a rebuilder for just a few    was finished in
forceful Widgeon sales pitch.   dollars. Several months and      beige leather. No
                                                                 attempt was made
                                                                 to make the air-
                                                                 plane as originally
                                                                      The wolf head
                                                                 design on the tail
                                                                 came from the
                                                                 Stearman. My
                                                                 father adopted the
                                                                 UNR Wolfpack
                                                                 insignia in 1930 and
                                                                 had it on each of his
                                                                 four airplanes. I
                                                                 placed the same
                                                                 insignia on the
                                                                                                       Ben Scott with trophy
                                                                 Stearman when it
                                                                 was restored. I liked it so             The Oshkosh Grand
                                                                 much I put it on my Howard          Champion trophy is arguably
                                                                 and carried through to the          the top non racing airplane
                                                                 Widgeon. Like my Howard,            trophy in the world. To win
                                                                 the original tail, or “N” num-      two, one for the Widgeon
                                                                 ber was abandoned and then          and one for the Stearman, is
                                                                 used on another airplane.           a rare honor. Two “Golden
                                                                 Luckily, numbers near the           Lindy” statues of Charles
                                                                 Stearman’s number of                Lindberg look great in the
                                                                 “N663K” were available, so          trophy case. The Heritage
                                                                 the Howard became                   Classic Trophy and Grand
                                                                 “N663H” and the Widgeon             Champion Trophy eagle stat-
                                                                 became “N663G.”                     ues are also a great honor.
                                                                      At the end of July, all air-   The best part of the whole
                                                                 planes long to go to                effort, however, is to have
                                                                 Oshkosh, Wisconsin. There           saved two beautiful airplanes
                                                                 over 10,000 airplanes, from         from oblivion, to give them
                                                                 little homebuilts to the            the freedom to soar with the
                                                                 largest warbirds and airlin-        eagles and delight onlookers
                                                                 ers, gather for Airventure.         bound to the earth. They
                                                                 The Widgeon and I, with             belong to future generations;
                                                                 pilot friend Dennis Lyons for       I am just their temporary
                                                                 adult supervision, had to go        caretaker.
26 • 2011 • June
    xpand your world!
        d ou
   Expand your world!
 Silver College offers a fascinating array of
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                                                                             The Variety and Convenience to Fit Your Life!
               TMCC is an EEO/AA institution and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, disability or national origin in the programs or activities which it operates. | 09-0512
                                                                                                                                                                                           June • 2011 • 27
                   Eydie’s Excerpts

                                  The Road back from Hana                                                Part 2
                   by Eydie Scher

            e’re ready for the        We peruse the map which

W           return trip. With
            all the cars we saw
coming and those one-lane
                                  says we can continue the
                                  opposite way. The only
                                  problem is there is a section
bridges, it will be a long,       of unpaved road and we have
slow trip back from Hana.         a rental. The rental agree-

                                                                                         An Endangered Mullet Seal

                                                                  ment lets us know they do            since the trip to Hana is over.
                                                                  not look kindly on taking one        Why is everyone taking pic-
                                                                  of their cars on such a road.        tures of something on the
                                                                  You know my husband...he             beach? I join the crowd and
                                                                  opts for the road anyway.            find out it is a Mullet Seal
                                                                  The unpaved parts turn out           that is a protected species in
                                                                  to be many miles longer than         Hawaii. The area around the
                                                                  anticipated. Small boulders          seal is cordoned off. It is
                                                                  cross our path. Hang on!             sunbathing and every so
                                                                  No, there is hardly any traf-        often goes in the ocean to
                                                                  fic. My eyes light up when I         cool off. Not a bad life.
                                                                  see a sightseeing bus. They              Two nights and one day
                                                                  all allow us to take the lead.       are spent shopping and din-
                                                                  Breathe, I tell myself. Our          ing in Lahina. For the unini-
                                                                  cell signal is out. There are        tiated, it is a fairly large town.
                                                                  no signs of civilization.            Stores and restaurants line
                                                                  What if we get stuck out             both sides of the street
                                                                  here? Triple A will not find         except for the area that
                                                                  us.                                  opens to the ocean. It
                                                                       The views are breathtak-        stretches for more than a
                                                                  ing. Haleakala follows us for        mile. We know. We walk it
                                                                  miles. It is too late in the day     more than once. Years ago,
                                                                  to divert our attention to the       while dining in an upscale
                                                                  beautiful volcano. It looks          restaurant in Lahina, David
                                                                  close but we know better.            surprised me with a bracelet
                                                                      Finally, a town pops into        with my name in diamonds.
                                                                  view. A school and a church          I promptly lost it but happily
                                                                  can be viewed from the road.         it stayed under the table until
                                                                  A restroom is non-existent. I        the waiter returned it to us.
                                                                  stoically wait. Yes, I recog-        This is one item that won’t
                                                                  nize the area. We are close.         be cherished by future gener-
                                                                  The hotel looms up before            ations who don’t share my
                                                                  us.                                  name.
                                                                      Now we all can rest and              On our anniversary this
                                                                  read by the beach and pool                         (Hana page 29)
28 • 2011 • June
       David and Eydie’s anniversary photo.
Hana / page 28
time we eat at Bubba Gump’s. It is a fun
family place. A sign telling the waiter
“Go Forrest or Stop Forrest” to get our
order or stop is on every table.
    It’s our last day in paradise. The
flight is not until the afternoon. We par-
take of our last Hawaiian breakfast. The
ocean and pool beckon us for a final
fling. The rental takes its place in the
line of returned cars. While I go
through the pat down drill, my bag is
being turned upside-down. Apparently,
I forgot to remove my water bottle. That
isn’t all. Everyone who has left Hawaii
knows they do not permit fruits or veg-
etables being taken out of the state. “Eat
it or dump it”, the security person scolds
me. There I sit munching on my apple
that I had totally forgotten about.
    Four and a half hours later, we are
back in Sacramento. The time is 11 p.m.
There is a 3-hour time difference since
Hawaii does not use daylight savings
time. Just as I relax into sleep, David
wakes me and says we have to get on the
road. A snowstorm is behind us. Right
after we arrive home, the news blares
that I-80 has been totally shut down due
to a bad accident caused by the snow.
Hey, we got back in one piece...and only
David got sunburned.
    I hope you enjoyed the trip. Thanks
for joining us. Aloha!
(I love hearing from you. Write me at
                                              June • 2011 • 29
  by Carolyn Prusa
  and Robert Boyd
                                  Tahoe Ridge Winery & Marketplace
                                  Highway 395 through the        ones to rest
                                  Washoe and Carson Valleys,     on their lau-
                                  is one of the most scenic      rels, the
                                  routes in our part of the      hard-working
                                  state. And, there’s more       couple then
                                  going on in Minden than you    established
                                  might expect. What drew        Tahoe Ridge
                                  our attention to it were the   Marketplace
                                  goings-on at Tahoe Ridge       and Bistro,
                                  Winery & Marketplace.          after vacating
                                      We’ve known propri-        their previ-
            hen was the last      etor/winemaker Rick and        ous tasting

W           time you were in
            Minden, Nevada?
Perhaps, like us, it’s been
                                  Kathy Halbardier since their
                                  first Tahoe Ridge commercial
                                  wine release in 2000
                                                                 room loca-
                                                                 tion in Genoa.
                                                                     You’ve come a long way,
                                                                                                   offers a nice respite along the
                                                                                                   way. Warning: You may find
awhile. With warm weather         although their venture actu-   Rick and Kathy. Our hats off      yourself staying longer than
finally making an appear-         ally started with a research   to you!                           intended, considering the
ance, we are making plans to      vineyard back in 1990. By          O.K. readers, here’s the      complimentary wine tasting
visit this peaceful little com-   the 2005 harvest, Tahoe        deal. Even if you’re just pass-   and vast selection of food,
munity in the heart of the        Ridge Winery was in its new    ing through Minden, Tahoe         clothing, jewelry, and wine
Carson Valley.                    commercial wine-making         Ridge Marketplace and             (of course) offered for sale in
    The drive itself, down        facility in Minden. Never      Bistro (1644 Highway 395)         the Marketplace. Hungry?

30 • 2011 • June
Seniors4Travel /p. 30           Concert and Buffet
                                Dinner. Carey is a remark-

                                                                                       Join Us
                                able songwriter with a
                                beautiful voice and endear-
                                ing stage persona. As a resi-
                                dent of New England, west
                                coast tours are rare. At the
                                Marketplace & Bistro.
                                Concert: 7 p.m., buffet din-
                                ner 5 - 6:30 p.m.

                                June 19: Father’s Day Car
                                Show & BBQ. The Bistro
                                team is firing up the BBQ
                                for Father’s Day! Local car
                                clubs will be showcasing
        Rick Halbardier         their cars. 11 to 3 p.m.
                                Reservations not required.
The extensive Bistro menu
features an array of salads,    July 30: Mimi Fox
appetizers, gourmet pizzas      Concert & Dinner.
and sandwiches. And             Outstanding jazz guitarist
wouldn’t you know it, each      Fox dazzles audiences with
menu item offers an ideal       amazing renditions of
Tahoe Ridge wine pairing        American Standards and
suggestion. (Tahoe Ridge        Pop Classics. Guitar Player
Marketplace and Bistro:         Magazine hailed Mimi as “A
Tues.-Sat. 11-8 p.m.; Sun.      prodigious talent who has
11-5 p.m. Closed Mon.)          not only mastered the tradi-
    We, however, have no        tional forms, she has man-
intention of ‘passing           aged to invigorate them.”
through’. After a tour of the   Held in the production
vineyards and wine-making       facility, directions emailed
facility (available by          to attendees before the
appointment: 800-783-           event. Concert: 7 p.m., buf-
1566), and taking advantage     fet dinner 5 - 6:30 p.m.
of all that the Marketplace
and Bistro has to offer, our    August 20: Ralph Shaw
plan is to top off the day by   Concert & Dinner. Travel
taking in a Tahoe Ridge         back to the Golden Era of
monthly concert. Perhaps        Entertainment, and witness
we’ll see you there.            the true spirit of early 20th
                                Century Music Hall show-
Tahoe Ridge Winery and          manship. Whether recreat-
Marketplace Concert             ing vaudeville, reincarnat-
Schedule:                       ing Fred Astaire, crooning
                                an Ink Spots classic, or
June 9: Edie Carey               (Seniors4Travel page 33)       Retirement L i v i n g
                                                                R e t i r e m e n t Living
                                                                                             June • 2011 • 31
                   June 1 - 30 - Artist show to       debut novel that paints the
                   benefit the SPCA, open daily       Rat Pack era, Thursday, 6:30
                   11 - 4 p.m., Artists Co-op         p.m., Sundance Bookstore,

      Calendar     Gallery, (775) 322-8896.

                   June 3 - Sept. 5 -

                                                      June 10 - Larry King Show
                   Fleischmann Planetarium:           CANCELLED, Silver
                   Hurricane on the Bayou,            Legacy, Reno.
                   Mystery of the Nile, Pink
                   Floyd’s Dark Side of the           June 13 , 20, 27 - Brain
                   Moon, call (775) 784-4811.         Games, stimulates the mind,
                                                      1 - 2:30 p.m., Neil Road
                   June 8 - Retired Public            Recreation Center, 50-cents,
                   Employees Association of           (775) 689-8484.
                   California, Grandma Hattie’s
                   Restaurant, Carson City,           June 14, 21, 28 - Senior Tai
                   11:30 a.m., call (775) 424-        Chi, Noon - 1 p.m., Evelyn
                   2283.                              Mount Northeast Community
                                                      Center, $20 per month; also
                   June 8 & 22 - Sudoku, brain        Thursdays on the 9, 16, 23,
                   stimulation, 10 a.m., Neil         30, call (775) 334-2262.
                   Road Recreation Center, 50-
                   cents, call (775) 689-8484.        June 18 - Exploring Acrylics,
                                                      9:30 - 12:30 p.m., Nevada
                   June 9 - Pamela Cory signs         Fine Arts, Reno, $40, (775)
                   “Hassie Calhoun: A Las             376-8225.
                   Vegas Novel of Innocence.” A                (Calendar page 33)

                       Ms. Classic Residence
                   S      even senior beauties
                          participated in the
                   Ms. Classic Residence, a
                   VI Community, for
                   retirees in Reno.
                       Contestants were
                   judged on evening dress,
                   random questions about
                   themselves, and personal
                   appeal before a panel of
                   judges. Many of the par-
                   ticipants had served in
                   various branches of the
                   armed forces during WW
                   II, significant for the cele-
                   bration of Memorial Day.
                   Several contestants had
                   also raised families, held
                   careers, and volunteered
                   in their communities.                     Eileen Borjes
                       Awarded the Classic
                   Residence, VI Community,           enjoyed living at Classic
                   crown was Eileen Borjes. Borjes,   Residence and giving tours to
                   formerly of California, worked     visitors. Her favorite place to
                   as a registered nurse, and has     visit in the area was the Fallon
                   two daughters. Borjes said she     Naval Air Base, and Lake Tahoe.
32 • 2011 • June
Calendar / from page 32          ple, call (775) 829-2575.       ers, (775) 356-NNCMC           $99, call (775) 829-9010.
June 16 - The Heart of the                                       (6662).
Matter: Peripheral Vascular      June 22 - A.V.A. Ballet                                        June 26 - 30 - Nevada
Disease, 6-7 p.m., Northern      Theatre’s Rock Ballet Vortex,   June 22 - AARP Chapter 416     Humanities 20th Anniversary,
Nevada Medical Center, free      Robert Z. Hawkins               meeting, 10:30 a.m. social,    Robert Z. Hawkins
to Senior Advantage mem-         Amphitheater, Bartley Ranch;    11:30 a.m. luncheon, $15,      Amphitheater, Bartley Ranch,
bers, $5 to others, (775) 356-   also June 23.                   Golden N Silver, Reno; next    6 p.m. music, 7 p.m.
NNMC (6662).                                                     meeting Sept. 28. Call         Chautauqua, (775) 784-6587.
                                 June 22 - Nonsurgical           Jerry at (775) 473-3092.
June 18 - Dream Analysis, 2      Approaches to Elbow Pain,                                      June 29 - July 2 - Quilting,
- 4 p.m., $32, TMCC, call        Northern Nevada Medical         June 22 - 27 - Golf for        Stitches & Crafts Expo, 10
(775) 829-9010.                  Center, free to Senior          Beginners, 6:15 - 7:15 p.m.,   a.m., Grand Sierra Resort,
                                 Advantage members, $5 oth-      TMCC Meadowood Center,         call (775) 971-2000.
June 18 - Dr. John, John
Ascuaga’s Nugget.

June 20 - Summer
Watercolor Flowers, 1:30 -
4:30 p.m., $99, TMCC, class
ends July 25, (775) 829-9010.

June 21 - Food Pantry,
Washoe County Senior
Center, 8 a.m., first 225 peo-

Seniors4Travel / p. 31
channeling Elvis and Tom Jones,
Ralph's performances are world-
class acts. Held in the Production
Facility, directions emailed to
attendees before the event.
Concert: 7 p.m., buffet dinner 5 -
6:30 p.m.

October 16: Richard Smith and
Julie Adams Concert & Dinner.
Acoustic guitarist Richard Smith
and cellist Julie Adams weave a
captivating evening of musical
genius, haunting one moment and
exhilarating the next. Their act is
remarkable, whether on tiny stages
such as this, in Nashville's largest
theaters, or backed by the Mormon
Tabernacle Choir. At the
Marketplace & Bistro: 7 p.m., buf-
fet dinner 5 - 6:30 p.m.                                                                          call775.858.1900 or

   All concert/dinner tickets are
$40, and can be purchased through
the website:
                                                                                                                 June • 2011 • 33
34 • 2011 • June
        If yo are el ligible for Medicaare
                    eligible for Medicare,
             it can be overwhelming.
                     e overwh  helming.
                                                                 Senior           s (HMO-
                                                                 Senior Dimensions (HMO-
                                                                 POS) has been ser
                                                                 POS           serving
                                                                 Nevadans for over 25
                                                                 Nev              r
                                                                 years and our Med
                                                                 year          Medicare
                                                                 Advantage plan includes:

                                                                   prescription coverage in
                                                                   pre                 e
                                                                   one plan

                                                                   service team
                ww                    m

Senior Dimensions is a Medicare Advantage p offered by
                                                plan                  nd
                                                                 To fin           about
                                                                 To find out more about
                 Nevada, Inc., a UnitedHealthc
Health Plan of Nev  vada,                       care Company.
                                  UnitedHealthcare Company.
Health Plan of Nevada, Inc. is a health plan w a Medicare
                Nevaada,                       with              Senior Dimensions, ca
                                                                 Senioor              all
contract. Anyone w Medicare Parts A & B m apply. You
                   with            Parts        may apply. You
                  pay                  Part premium and use
must continue to pa your Medicare Part B pre
                    ay                          emium                 ensed
                                                                   licensed insurance a
                                                                 a lice               agent at:
                   routine care. Prescription coverage subject
plan providers for ro
                    outine       Prescription coverage
to limitations. Service area includes Clark, Esmeralda, Lyon,
                Serv                          Esmeralda, Lyon,
Mineral and Nye co counties, as well as designated zip codes
                     ounties             designated
   Washoe County.
in Washoe County. The benefit information p    provided herein      88
                                                                    88-202-9076; TY
                                                                 1-888-202-9076; TT : 711
                                                                 1 88 202 9076 TTY:
is a brief summary, not a comprehensive list o benefits. For
           summary,                             of
more information, contact the plan. Benefits may change
on January 1, 2012  2.
For Member Services, call 1-800-650-623 TTY: 711.
               Serv            1-800-650-6232; TTY:
Member Services hours: From November 15, 2010 through
                  h      From                 ,
March 1, 2011, we are open seven days a week from 8 am
                  e                         w
          From March 2, 2011 through Octo
to 8 pm. From Ma  arch                   October 14, 2011,
              Monday Friday
we are open Monday - Friday from 8 am t 8 pm. Calls
   Saturday, Sund
on S    d     Sunday
   Saturday, S day and holidays will be re  received by our
automated phone s system (where you can le  leave a detailed
                representative will return your call as soon
message and a rep presentative             your
as possible).

                 VSD10790G_File Use_01/29/2
H2931_002_004_21NVSD10790G_File & Use_01/29/2011
                                            2011                                   o
                                                                                  You n
                                                                                  You can count on us.

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