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									                                 Selling Old Gold And Jewellery

The gold buying business is booming in the United States and that boom has now made across the
Atlantic and into the UK. Newspaper and television ads regularly appear in the media and many high
street money shops now offer a scrap gold buying service.

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People are increasingly selling their scrap gold and jewellery for two main reasons. Firstly, with the
current economic climate more of us need to raise extra cash and can no longer afford to have unused
gold or jewellery just stuck in a drawer gathering dust.
The sale of scrap gold has also become increasingly popular as the price of gold continues to rise. This
will mean people will receive a good price for their old gold. But the boom in the demand for scrap
gold and valuables has led to some unscrupulous companies
invading the scrap gold buying market.

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 Such companies leave the public dissatisfied as they often pay below par prices, leaving their
customers quite literally short changed.Many of the complaints against companies not paying a fair
price to sellers have been made
in the USA, but British sellers must not become so complacent as to think it could not happen over
here. British people seeking to sell their scrap goal and jewellery should therefore take some
safeguards.The first is pretty obvious. Deal only with reputable companies
who are already established. This is particularly relevant if you are using a postal service whereby you
send the company your gold and they send a cheque in return. There are obvious concerns with this

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method but the reputable companies will have a gold calculator on
their websites so you will know in advance the figure you are likely to receive and, more importantly,
the best gold buying companies will offer a price guarantee.Like any thing shopping around and
comparing services is the best way to ensure you receive the best possib
le amount for your gold or jewellery with the least amount of hassle. Don't just rely on adverts in the
local press, the Internet is a great way to find the best companies and the national companies will offer
the best prices.By entering 'gold buying centres' or 'gold buying
 shops' into a search engine you should be able to find a gold buying company that meets your needs
though be very careful to check the websites terms and conditions and always choose a company that
offers a gold calculator on their site.

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