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Guardian Angels

 Anniversary Gala

  Celebrating   3   Decades
  of Empowering People
      to Keep it Safe

                      Tuesday, June 9, 2009
                            The Pierre
                    Fifth Avenue & 61st Street
                          New York City
               Anniversary of The Guardian Angels
                                                             Dear Friends,
                                                             Welcome to our 30th Anniversary Gala.
                                                             It was February 13, 1979 when the first
                                                             Guardian Angels safety patrol – a group of
                                                             13 – was formed. Today, we are represented
                                                             in 14 countries and 140 cities. And the
                                                             demand has never been greater for our safety
                                                             patrols, our school programs to help kids
                                                             turn away from bullying and gangs, and our
                                                              Internet safety program. We have record
                                                                 numbers of young people participating
                                                                    in our youth programs, and additional
                                                                       demands for programs for single
                                                                          parents and senior citizens.

We are extremely fortunate to have you as the wind beneath
our wings. Your loyal, generous support has allowed us to make
an impact in the past, and still today, despite a harsh financial
environment. Private donations are helping us to sustain operations
at youth centers and housing projects, keep chapters going in
troubled cities, and deliver school programs. With your support,
we can continue “keeping it safe” in this city and beyond. We look
forward to a wonderful evening reflecting on our accomplishments,
our growth, and our plans for a safer tomorrow.
Thank you all for being our Angels!

                                                                                Curtis and Mary commemorating The
                                                                                   Guardian Angels 30th Anniversary
                                                                               at event hosted by Fordham University

     Curtis Sliwa                              Mary Sliwa
   CEO and Founder                       Chief Operating Officer

30 Years Proactively Empowering
     People to Live Safer Lives

 1979                       1994-5                       1999
 Magnificent 13             Guardian Angels              Angel Watch
 Our first street patrols   Days in NYC                  New park program
                            Proclamation                 created at NYC Mayor
                            of Mayor                     Rudy Giuliani’s request
                            Rudy Giuliani

 1981                       1995                         1999
 Los Angeles                Angels Online                “Teaching the Teachers”
 The Guardian Angels        Creation of the              Initiative at St. Johns
 are officially             CyberAngels Internet         University with Dean
 “coast-to-coast”           safety education             Jerrold Ross

 1983                       1996                         2001
 President’s Volunteer      Asia                         Japan
 Action Award               First chapter                First Non-Profit Entity
 Awarded by President       opens                        Proclamation
 Ronald Reagan              in Japan

 1987                       1997                         2001
 Caribbean                  Urban Angels                 Guardian Angels Day
 Chapter established in     New life skills              Proclamation of
 Puerto Rico                program created              Mayor Rudy Giuliani
                            to help teens

 1989                       1998                         2002
 Europe                     President’s Service          Volunteer Service
 Chapter opens              Award Bill Clinton           Award
 in London                  recognizes CyberAngels       Curtis Sliwa receives the
                            volunteer services, online   Point of Light Award
                            safety contributions

 1992                       1998                         2002
 Australia                  “Rocky”                      South America
 First chapter              Guardian Angels              Guardian Angels
 established in             mascot joins the team        open chapter in
 “The Land                                               Rio, Brazil
 Down Under”

 1993                       1999                         2002
 First Education            Jr Angels                    Educational Initiatives
 Programs                   New program                  The Guardian Angels
 In New York City           created to serve             Academy is created
 housing projects           at-risk children             to serve schools

Through neighborhood safety patrols, school programs to prevent bullying and raise gang awareness, and the
Presidential Award-winning CyberAngels program, The Guardian Angels has for 30 years helped communities
around the world by empowering people to lead safe lives.

             2003                                 2005                                 2007
             Police Sciences                      Curtis meets                         Virtual Training
             The Guardian Angels                  with Chertoff                        In conjunction with
             Academy of Security                  Homeland                             MOESC: anti-bullying
             and Police Sciences is               Security Secretary                   and Internet safety
             certified                                                                 programs go online

             2003                                 2005                                 2007
             DC Sniper Crisis                     Secret Service                       The Guardian Angels
             Guardian Angels                      Recruited for                        Invited by the Bahrain
             assist citizens by                   Inaugural Ball                       Chapter of the Young
             pumping gas                          for President                        Presidents’ Organization
                                                  George W. Bush

             2004                                 2006                                 2007
             Presidential Praise                  Strike Force on                      The Guardian Angels
             Angel efforts during                 Cyber Safety                         Awarded NYC
             Florida hurricanes                   Gov. George Pataki                   DOE Contract
             recognized President                 Enlists CyberAngels to               To provide educational
             George W. Bush                       promote online safety                programs on safety-
                                                                                       related topics

             2004                                 2006                                 2008
             Japanese                             United Nations                       The Guardian Angels
             Welcome Angels                       Curtis invited to                    Education Team
             Japan’s Prime Minister               U.N. to present on                   Brings a new era of
             Koizumi welcomes                     grassroots safety                    school-based safety
             the Angels                                                                programs to NYC

             2004-06                              2006                                 2009
             President’s Service                  Peru                                 The Guardian Angels
             Awards                               Welcome Angels                       Commemorate
             Hollywood, FL chapter                First trip to                        30 Year
             is three-time recipient              Peru brings hope                     Anniversary
             of this honor                        to nation

             2005                                 2006
             Homeland Security                    Anti-Gang Initiative
             Angels recruited by                  Community-oriented
             General Albert Zapanta               gang prevention
             to develop violence                  forums created
             prevention curriculum

             2005                                 2007
             Africa                               CyberAngels /
             First chapter on                     Time Warner Cable
             the continent opens                  Partnership to create
             in Capetown                          cyber safety guide

                             The Guardian Angels
       Meet Our Distinguished Honorees

  The Guardian Angels is pleased to recognize our Distinguished Honorees for 2009, who are standing
    up for the safety of families and children in our communities. Their personal support and generous
contributions help our organization to continue and expand our work to keep our streets, subways, schools,
       neighborhoods, and the Internet safe, through education and the empowerment of individuals.
                                    They are truly role models for us all!

              The Archangel Pinnacle of Achievement Award

                                      Barry Kaye
               Best Selling Author, Lecturer and Life Insurance Industry Leader

                   The Guardian Angels Ethical Angel Award

                                      Larry Kudlow
                                 Host, CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report”

           The Guardian Angels Role Model for Real Life Award

                                     Wayne Chrebet
                               Wide Receiver, New York Jets 1995-2005
                            Partner, The Moldaver Group at Morgan Stanley

          The Guardian Angels Outstanding New Yorker Award

                                       Dottie Herman
                       President & CEO, Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate

        “The Dare to Care Award” to our Role Model and Leader

                                         Curtis Sliwa
                                           “Angel One”

                                                                   Barry Kaye
                                                                Best Selling Author
                                                            Lecturer and Life Insurance
                                                                 Industry Leader
                                                        A native New Yorker who began his career as a radio and
                                                        TV personality, Barry Kaye joined New England Life as
                                                        an insurance agent in 1962, and proceeded to break all
                                                        the life insurance industry sales records in his first year.

                                                        He established Barry Kaye Associates, a national firm
                                                        headquartered in Los Angeles, in 1968. His innovative
                                                        uses of life insurance earned him a reputation for
                                                        creativity in the insurance field, and his outstanding
                                                        integrity and financial acumen resulted in astonishing
                                                        success in his field. He was the catalyst for last-to-die life
                                                        insurance in 1963 and in 2002 originated the concept of
                                                        life expectancy insurance policies.

Kaye is the recipient of the Man of Hope award from the City of Hope for Founders of Diabetic Research (1976),
the Menachim Begin Award for Israel Bonds (1977) and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Ben Gurion
University of the Negev (1987). Barry Kaye was also granted an honorary doctoral degree from FAU as well as
a professorship, and a senior faculty position that will provide academic leadership in the field of insurance and
financial planning.

He recently made a generous donation to enhance The Carole and Barry Kaye Performing Arts Auditorium on
the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) campus. The Carole and Barry Kaye Foundation made donations to FAU,
with a matching grant from the state of Florida for the naming of the “Barry Kaye College of Business” and for
the establishment of the “Barry Kaye School of Finance, Insurance, and Economics in the College of Business”, as
well as the “Barry Kaye Institute of Insurance in Philanthropy.” The school will bring together the major academic
and professional components of the financial services industry. Barry Kaye was also granted an honorary doctoral
degree from FAU as well as a professorship, and a senior faculty position that will provide academic leadership in
the field of insurance and financial planning.

Barry Kaye received the coveted Financial Advisor of the Year award from Financial Services Advisor Magazine
in 1999. He was the 4th winner of this award and the three previous winners were Sir Harry Templeton, Peter
Lynch and Warren Buffett. In 2002 Barry Kaye was Man-of-the-Year for the Anti Defamation League, Jewish
Federation of Palm Beach County and Chamber of the Love and Hope Ball for the Diabetes Research Institute at the
University of Miami that recently received a $1 million donation from the Carole and Barry Kaye Foundation.

                                                                       Larry Kudlow
                                                                       Host, CNBC’s
                                                                 “The Kudlow Report”

                                                           Lawrence Kudlow is host of CNBC’s primetime “The
                                                           Kudlow Report” (7 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST) and co-host of
                                                           CNBC’s “The Call” (11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST)

                                                           He is also the host of “The Larry Kudlow Show” on
                                                           WABC Radio on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

                                                           Mr. Kudlow is a nationally syndicated columnist. He is a
                                                           contributing editor of National Review magazine, as well
                                                           as a columnist and economics editor for National Review
                                                           Online. He is the author of “American Abundance: The
                                                           New Economic and Moral Prosperity,” published by
                                                           Forbes in January 1998.

He is a Distinguished Scholar of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia.

Mr. Kudlow is CEO of Kudlow & Co., LLC, an economic and investment research firm.

For many years Mr. Kudlow served as chief economist for a number of Wall Street firms. He was a member of the
Bush-Cheney Transition Advisory Committee. During President Reagan’s first term, Mr. Kudlow was the associate
director for economics and planning, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President, where
he was engaged in the development of the administration’s economic and budget policy.

He is a trusted advisor to many of our nation’s top decision-makers in Washington and has testified as an expert
witness on economic matters before several congressional committees. He has also presented testimony at several
Republican Governors Conferences.

Mr. Kudlow began his career as a staff economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, working in the areas
of domestic open market operations and bank supervision.

Mr. Kudlow was educated at the University of Rochester and Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of
Public and International Affairs. He is an avid tennis player and golfer. He and his wife Judy live in New York
City and Redding, Connecticut.

                                                                Wayne Chrebet
                                                                Wide Receiver,
                                                            New York Jets 1995–2005,
                                                            Partner, The Moldaver Group
                                                                 at Morgan Stanley
                                                            NFL icon and NY Jets great Wayne Chrebet was born to
                                                            parents Paulette and Wayne Sr., a Vietnam War Purple
                                                            Heart recipient, in Garfield, New Jersey.

                                                            His football career began at Garfield High School. Mr.
                                                            Chrebet then went on to play at Hofstra University
                                                            where he was a four-year letter winner who twice led
                                                            the Flying Dutchmen, in receiving. In addition he set the
                                                            single season and career touchdown marks with 16 and
                                                            31, respectively. Also in 1994, Chrebet became Hofstra’s
                                                            first 1,000-yard receiver. Along the way he set a Hofstra
school record with 245 receiving yards in a game against Delaware, and tying Jerry Rice for the NCAA I-AA
mark with five touchdowns.

Though not drafted by any NFL team in 1995, Chrebet earned a walk on spot with the Jets. An unlikely wide
receiver at 5’10”, Chrebet worked his way up the Jets depth chart to become a clutch player. He earned the nickname
Mr. Third Down and went on to set the NFL record for most receptions by a wide receiver in his first two seasons.
Chrebet’s career history was named one of the greatest rags to riches stories in the history of professional sports
by Sports Illustrated in 2000. There are very few players that captured more hearts through their relentless work
ethic and conduct on and off the field than Wayne Chrebet. As a testament to that, his #80 jersey is ranked as the
most popular in New York Jets history and the best selling jersey of 1995.

On the field and off, Chrebet is admired for his courage, hard work, and integrity. Chrebet has received numerous
awards including New York Newsday’s “Jet of the Year,” the Dennis Byrd Award for “Most Inspirational Player,”
the New York Jets “Unsung Hero Award,” the Thurman Munson Award for outstanding efforts on and off the
field and in serving the community, and the “Ed Block Courage Award.” Chrebet also gives his time to the
Colleen Giblin Foundation, The United Way, The Boomer Esiason Foundation, The Starlight Foundation, and
the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Mr. Chrebet and his wife, Amy, are the proud parents of two sons, Lukas Kane and Cade Jagger. They reside in
Colts Neck, New Jersey.

                                                                      Dottie Herman
                                                                     President & CEO,
                                                              Prudential Douglas Elliman
                                                                      Real Estate
                                                             Dorothy Herman (“Dottie”) is the quintessential New
                                                             York success story. In only two decades, she climbed to
                                                             the pinnacle of the housing industry – CEO of Prudential
                                                             Douglas Elliman, the #4 ranked real estate company in
                                                             the United States and the #1 ranked company in the
                                                             entire Prudential Network.

                                                             Today, under her leadership, Prudential Douglas Elliman
                                                             has become a $12 billion business with over 3,500 real
                                                             estate professionals and 675 employees working in more
                                                             than 60 offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long
                                                             Island, the Hamptons and the North Fork.

                                                             Dottie created a company that serves the customer’s
every real estate need. In addition to leading New York’s largest residential real estate brokerage and rentals,
she also controls a portfolio of real estate services, including commercial and retail leasing and sales, relocation
and settling in services, new development consulting and also Manhattan’s largest residential property manager,
Douglas Elliman Property Management, as well as PDE Title, and Preferred Empire Mortgage Company.

Dottie began her career on Long Island, and purchased Prudential Long Island Realty in 1989. After turning the
company into the powerhouse brokerage operating on Long Island and in the Hamptons, she purchased Douglas
Elliman, Manhattan’s largest and most prestigious brokerage firm, with her partner Howard Lorber in 2003.
Since then, Prudential Douglas Elliman has become the largest and fastest-growing real estate firm in New York,
completing over 13,200 transactions a year from Manhattan to Montauk.

In recognition of her leadership in the industry, Dottie has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Women
in New York for 2007 by Crain’s New York Business. She was honored by Adelphi University as the 2007
Outstanding Executive on Long Island and was invited to participate in the Festival of Thinkers held in Dubai
and Abu Dhabi in 2007. Dottie took a leadership role in this year’s Cutting Through the Red Tape: Building Long
Island Today and is a long time supporter of the American Heart Association, the Tilles Center for the Performing
Arts, the Southampton Hospital, and the North Shore-LIJ Health System and she is presently involved with its
Katz Women’s Hospital and Women’s Health Institute.

Dottie is also an honored contributor to The Sunrise Fund at Stony Brook University Medical Center, a program
established to raise awareness and funds for pediatric oncology programs. In the summer of 2008, Dottie was
honored at the 12th Annual Heart of the Hamptons Gala, receiving the Distinguished Community Leadership
Award for her continual support and contributions.

                                                                  Curtis Sliwa
                                                              Founder and President,
                                                             The Alliance of Guardian Angels
                                                             Curtis Sliwa is CEO and Founder of The Guardian
                                                             Angels, a global organization that brings unarmed,
                                                             volunteer community safety patrols and youth
                                                             programs to 140 cites in 14 nations. The life of Curtis
                                                             as a grass roots leader is one of dedication, unwavering
                                                             commitment, and selflessness, and the red beret
                                                             an icon for safety. He has built his organization by
                                                             “empowering the powerless”, engaging individuals
                                                             to help themselves without standing by, waiting for
                                                             help or backing from government and other resources.
                                                             Says Curtis,“You have to get involved in the process.
                                                             Don’t sit on the sidelines.”

                                                             Curtis brings his high energy, wit, and candor to tens
                                                             of thousands of listeners in 20 cities as nationally
                                                             syndicated host of WABC News/Talk Radio’s “The
                                                             Curtis Sliwa Show.” He hosts an entertaining subway
                                                             and walking “Underbelly Tour” in NYC, sharing
                                                             personal experience, anecdotes, and a past and recent
                                                             history of areas in the South Bronx.

Curtis is a popular speaker for corporate teams, media professionals, senior executives, non-profit associations and
educators He is a member of the Board of Directors for The Children’s Miracle Network, and a guest lecturer at
colleges and universities, and an adjunct professor at St. John’s University.

The Guardian Angels’ programs and initiatives have been recognized by Presidents and Prime Ministers,
Governors, Senators and Mayors, leading businessmen, veterans groups and other associations. In 1995,
visualizing the Internet as a new target for crime, Curtis started CyberAngels, an Internet safety education
program. CyberAngels received the prestigious Points of Light Presidential Service Award in 1998.

Born and raised in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, Curtis started his work in public service at an early age. In
1968, at the age of 14, he was a step ahead of the term “recycling;” he was already collecting and separating paper,
bottles, and cans for industrial reuse. He was President of his class while attending Brooklyn Prep. In the early
70s, as night manager of the McDonald’s at Webster and Fordham Road in the Bronx, he instituted a community
clean-up program. Local volunteers, dubbed the “Rock Brigade,” painted over graffiti, cleaned up vacant lots,
boarded up vacant buildings and planted trees and gardens.

Later that decade, determined to take back the community, reduced by drugs, crime, gangs, and arson, Curtis
expanded his neighborhood program to patrol the Number 4 train, then known as the “Mugger’s Express.” Curtis
recruited a multi-cultural, multi-racial team of volunteers (“the Magnificent 13”) who rode one of NYC’s worst
subway lines between the toughest stops in the city, making citizen’s arrest, if needed, to detain gang members and
criminals for police. Initially they encountered resistance and skepticism from both transit and local police. Soon
however, doubt was replaced with trust as Guardian Angels volunteers became role models. Out of these modest
beginnings, The Guardian Angels was born in 1979.

Curtis married wife Mary in 2003. They have one son, Anthony Chester, born in 2003.

“Ideas CAN become realities as long as you roll up your sleeves, you do the hard work, and you’re true to your
commitment and your cause.” Curtis Sliwa
                                                   Past Honorees


         Archangel Lifetime Leadership                                   Archangel Outstanding New Yorker
               Award Recipient                                                   Award Recipient
                          Henry Buhl                                                     Margo Catsimatidis
              Founder, A.C.E. Programs for the Homeless                                   President. MCV Advertising

Cyber Angel of the Year                           Champion for Safety                               Champion for Safety
Internet Safety Award                          Through Education Award                           Through Education Award
         Jim Anderson                                     Howard Szarfarc                                      Joe Di Geso
               Founder,                                          President,                           Vice President & General Manager,
                            Time Warner Cable of New York and New Jersey     Time Warner Cable of New York and New Jersey
Chief Technologist & CEO - Standard ID

                                             Past Honorees


    Archangel Lifetime Leadership                                 Archangel Outstanding New Yorker
          Award Recipient                                                 Award Recipient
                 Simon Bergson                                                John Catsimatidis
                   President & CEO,                                              Chairman & CEO,
               Manhattan Beer Distributors                                   Red Apple Group / Gristedes

Champion for Safety                          Cyber Angel of the Year                       Spirit of New York
through Education                               Internet Safety                             Award Recipient
  Award Recipient                               Award Recipient                                   Warner Wolf
    I. Dolly Lenz                                   Ed Moldaver                                     Sportscaster,
     Vice Chairman,                              Senior Managing Director,                         WABC-770 AM
     Douglas Elliman                                    Bear Stearns

                          Past Honorees

                               Archangel Lifetime Leadership Award Recipient
                               Peter Weedfald
                               Senior Vice President,
                               Chief Marketing Officer
                               Circuit City

                               Dare to Care Award Recipient
                               Sean Hannity
                               National TV and Radio Personality,
                               Co-host of Hannity & Colmes,
                               Fox News Channel
                               Host, WABC-AM’s
                               Sean Hannity Show

  Outstanding Family Role Models Award Recipients

Donna A. Soloway                                                    Richard L Soloway
Board Member & Security Publicist,                                    Chairman & CEO,
NAPCO Security Systems, Inc                                  NAPCO Security Systems, Inc.

         Champions for Safety Through Education
                    Award Recipients

Kristen C. Thompson                                                 Richard Thompson
Jewelry Designer,                                                           Entrepreneur
K.C. Thompson, New York

                      Past Honorees

Guardian Angels                                  Guardian Angels
Archangel Lifetime                               Dare to Care Award
Leadership Award
                                                 Ron Hershco
David B. Cornstein                               Chief Executive Officer,
Chairman New York State Olympic Games,           United Homes
Commission; NYC-OTB; US Vision Corporation;
Pinnacle Advisors, Ltd. and Chairman Emeritus,
Finlay Enterprises, Inc.

Guardian Angels                                  Guardian Angels
Outstanding Leadership Award                     Spirit of New York Award

Matthew Adell                                    Joel I. Klein
President Adellco, LLC                           Chancellor, New York City
                                                 Public Schools

Guardian Angels
Lifetime Achievement Award

Howard Lorber
President and CEO, New Valley Corp,
and Principle Owner of
Douglas Elliman Real Estate                      Guardian Angels
                                                 Spirit of New York Award

                                                 Sid Paterson
                                                 Sid Paterson Advertising

Guardian Angels
Role Model of the Year Award

Chad W. Johnson
Managing Director,
Wachovia Securities

                    Past Honorees

Margo and John Catsimatidis
Chairman, Red Apple Group

                                       Tino Hernandez
                                       New York Housing Authority

Dr. Jonathan & Alexandra Zizmor
The Zizmor Foundation

Guardian Angels                        Guardian Angels
Lifetime Achievement Award             Role Model of the Year

Governor George E. Pataki              Rachelle Friedman
State of New York                      Co-CEO, J&R Music
                                       and Computer World

Guardian Angels                        Guardian Angels
Spirit of New York Award               Role Model Leadership Award

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik                  The Men & Women of
President,                             the U.S. Armed Forces
New York Board of Rabbis               (Accepted by Colonel Stephen Seiter,
                                       Commander of the 53rd Troop Command,
                                       New York Army National Guard)

                       Past Honorees

Guardian Angel of the Year Award                                            Guardian Angels
                                                                            Lifetime Achievement Award
Hon. Michael Bloomberg
Mayor of New York City
                                                                            Fred Drasner
                                                                            Co-Publisher and CEO,
                                                                            The New York Daily News

Guardian Angels                                                             Guardian Angel
Lifetime Achievement Award                                                  of the Year Award

Hon. Rudolph W. Giuliani                                                    Carl C. Icahn
Mayor of New York City                                                      Financier

                                                              Guest of Honor

Guest of Honor                                          James E. Winner, Jr.
                                                 Founder of Winner International
John DiDomenico                                      and Chairman of the Board
Sole shareholder of Neptune Marketing                Winner Holdings Company
Technologies, Inc. and Jupiter Payphones, Inc.

Guest of Honor                                   Guest of Honor
Sean Hannity                                     Leon Temiz
Radio & TV talk host                             Chief Executive Officer,
                                                 Electronics Expo

                                                              Guest of Honor
                                                                 Betsy Jacobs
                                                   Vice President of Operations,
                                                    YMCA of greater New York

                    Past Honorees

Guest of Honor

Hon. Rudolph W. Giuliani
Mayor of New York City
                                         Guest of Honor

                                         Judge Judy Sheindlin
                                         Family court judge and
                                         television personality

Guest of Honor

Bruce Morrow
WCBS-FM radio disc jockey,
known to generations of New York
metropolitan area listeners
as “Cousin Brucie.”

                                         Guest of Honor

                                         Luis A. Miranda, Jr.
                                         President of Miranda Y Mas, Inc.

Internet Humanitarian of the Year

Gordon Ross
C.E.O. and President of Net Nanny

                                                                 Paul V. Carlucci
                                                             Publisher, The New York Post
                                                               and Chairman & CEO,
                                                              News American Marketing
                                                 When we look back on 30 years, we especially want to
                                                 recognize and thank Paul V. Carlucci, for his extraordinary
                                                 contributions to the Guardian Angels throughout the
                                                 years. Paul has been an anchor, a supporter, a mentor, and
                                                 a friend. He is an outstanding role model who stands up
                                                 for the safety of children and families; under his wing, we
                                                 have learned, grown, and flourished.
                                                            Thank you, Paul, for being an Angel!
                                                  Paul V. Carlucci is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
                                                  News America Marketing, the leading single-source provider of
consumer advertising and promotional services. The company’s product portfolio, marketed under the SmartSource
brand name, consists of the first branded free-standing insert, known as SmartSource Magazine®, various in-store
advertising and promotional products, merchandising services, database marketing tools, and online promotions.

In September 2005, Paul gained the additional responsibility of Publisher of the New York Post, the seventh largest
paper in the United States.

Paul has been a member of the Executive Committee of News Corporation since October 1996.

From August 1995 to September 1997, he held the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of News
America Publishing, Inc. (parent company of TV Guide, the Weekly Standard, and News America New Media).
He joined News Corporation in June 1991 as Executive Vice President and was appointed to President of News
America FSI in July 1992.

Before joining News America Marketing, Paul was Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing at Caldor, Inc., a
175-store general merchandise chain.

Prior to his service at Caldor, Paul worked for the New York division of R. H. Macy’s, Inc., where he started
as Advertising Manager in 1979. He was promoted several times over his nine-year tenure and was eventually
appointed Senior Vice President, Director of Sales Promotion of Macy’s New Jersey.

He began his career at the New York Daily News where he worked for nine years, holding several sales positions,
before his promotion to Retail City Account Sales Manager.

Paul currently serves on the Board of Directors for News America Holdings, Inc. He served at the Chairman of the
Board of Trustees of The Guardian Angels from 2000 to 2007. Paul continues to serve on The Guardian Angels
Board of Trustees. In addition, he is on the Board of Governors for the Children’s Miracle Network, serves on the
Advisory Council of the National Easter Seals Society, and on the Boards of both Herald Media, Inc., and Winner
International. He resides in New York City, and has a B.S. degree in marketing from Fordham University.

               The Guardian Angels Board of Trustees

                                             Chairman, Board of Trustees
                                                      Robert J. Frey
                                         President, Frey Family Foundation, Inc.

        Joseph P. Acquavella                      Henry Buhl                           Paul Clolery
         Managing Partner,                          Founder,                Vice President & Editorial Director
               ACSB                     A.C.E. Programs for the Homeless          NPT Publishing Group

           Matthew Adell                        Paul V. Carlucci                     John DiDomenico
            President,                   Publisher, The New York Post                    President,
           Adellco, LLC                     and Chairman & CEO,                         US Starcom
                                          News America Marketing

          Howard J. Adler                    John A. Catsimatidis                     Les Goodstein
       Senior Vice President,                 Chairman & CEO,                      Senior Vice President,
     Advertising Sales, New York          Red Apple Group / Gristedes                News Corporation

            Jim Anderson                      Margo Catsimatidis                     Keith Kantrowitz
         Founder,                       President,                            President,
Cheif Technologist & CEO, Standard ID         MCV Advertising                 Power Express Mortgage Bankers

            The Guardian Angels Board of Trustees

 On this occasion, our 30th anniversary, we salute our Board of Trustees and Friends.
 You are our Angels, who we can count on for support, encouragement, and guidance.
  Our accomplishments are only possible through your participation and generosity.

     Mario M. Kranjac, Esq.                Curtis Sliwa                            Jeffrey Tolkin
            Partner                      CEO & Founder                        Co-Chairman & Co-CEO,
Kranjac, Manuali & Viskovic, LLP       The Guardian Angels                     World Travel Holdings
                                     WABC Syndicated Radio Host

          Ed Moldaver                         Mary Sliwa                            Laura Tufano
      The Moldaver Group                Chief Operating Officer,         Free-lance Writer/Producer/Publisher
   Global Wealth Management              The Guardian Angels
        Morgan Stanley

           Ian Moore                       Donna Soloway                          Peter Weedfald
Executive Vice President, Human    Board Member & Security Publicist,        President, North America
 Resources, News Corporation         NAPCO Security Systems, Inc.       GE General Displays and Technologies

    Rabbi Joseph Potasnik                     Leon Temiz                         James E. Winner
          President,                    Chief Executive Officer,                    Chairman
   New York Board of Rabbis                Electronics Expo                Winner Security Services, LLC

                                                                        Meet Our
                                                                   Guardian Angel Team
                                                              The wonderful people on the following
                                                              pages are the dedicated members of our
                                                              Angels team. This is a glimpse into our
                                                               organization featuring key members.

                  Anthony de Araujo & Katya Gifford: CyberAngels

Anthony and Katya have been the Program Managers of our CyberAngels
program since 2002. As leading authorities on the topics of Internet
safety, security and support, they play a vital role in ensuring that the
message of The Guardian Angels resonates in online formats.

                                         John Ayala: Director of Mid-Atlantic States

                                         “Unique” joined the Angels as a young teenager, and relocated to
                                         Washington D.C. at the age of 19 to bring a chapter to our nation’s
                                         capitol. His work there has earned the respect of the local police, who
                                         have supplied them with police radios in order to take advantage of the
                                         assistance Angels provide in the city.

                                    Aaron Brilbeck: Midwest Director

Aaron Brilbeck began with The Guardian Angels in Syracuse, NY in
1984, when he was just 16 years old. After a brief hiatus to attend college
and work on a career as a TV news reporter, Aaron re-joined the Angels
as second-in-command of the Albany, NY Chapter. He then moved to
Toledo, OH where he serves with his wife, Lisa, and has since started and
trained chapters in Detroit, Akron and Cleveland.

                                        Joseph Crooms: Professional Education Programs Director

                                        Joseph is a Professional Education Programs Director for The Guardian
                                        Angels, working with alternative youth and adult education programs.
                                        Joseph is a great role model and leader for our schools and community
                                        endeavors. This June, Joseph already a Pastor and ordained minister in
                                        Brooklyn, will be consecrated to the office of Bishop.

           William Cruz & Wilka Claro: East Coast Coordinators

William Cruz and Wilka Claro are two hard working individuals who
have spread their wings over the East Coast since 1984. Their efforts
have earned them The Presidential Volunteer Service Award from
President George W. Bush four years in a row.

                                       Marcus Dent: Baltimore Chapter Leader

                                       Recently named Outstanding Citizen of the Month by the city of Baltimore,
                                       Marcus exemplifies The Guardian Angels spirit of community service.
                                       He is described as teacher, friend and role model by everyone he comes
                                       into contact with. Under his leadership, the Baltimore chapter has
                                       successfully created partnerships with law enforcement, public schools,
                                       community groups, and businesses.

                      Cristina Fernandez: Oakland Chapter Leader

Cristina Fernandez, known as Ajax, is a 40 year old mother and Army
wife from California. A licensed pharmacy technician, Ajax joined The
Guardian Angels as a way to contribute to her community while so many
Americans are currently serving overseas. Her mission, as she states it,
is to “walk the streets to protect the innocent, and to allow children to
play without fear.”

                                  Miguel Fuentes: Midwest Director

                                  Miguel “3rd Rail” Fuentes is a 20 year veteran who was recruited
                                  by Curtis in 1988. As the Midwest Coordinator, he has established
                                  chapters in Peoria (IL), Davenport (IO), Madison (WI), Milwaukee
                                  (WI), and has also provided assistance to many other chapters.
                                  Miguel considers himself the past, present, and future of The
                                  Guardian Angels.

                          Benjamin Garcia: NYC Patrol Leader

A force to be reckoned with, Benjamin divides his time between the
NYPD Axillaries and his position as Director of NYC Patrols.

                                  Ricardo Garcia: Hawaii and the Philippines Chapter Leader

                                  An Angel since 1982, Ricardo left the Angels after only two years to
                                  join the United States Marines. After serving his country for 17 years,
                                  Ricardo returned to his early ambitions to serve the community from
                                  within by bringing The Guardian Angels to Hawaii. The Presidential
                                  Service Awards later, Ricardo continues to expand the program in
                                  Hawaii, with chapters in Honolulu, Maui, and Kauai, as well as assisting
                                  in the introduction of chapters in the Philippines.

Hashim Garrett , CEO of Wisdom and Understanding, LLC
founded in 2001, Motivational Speaker and Consultant

While living in Brooklyn, NY at the age of 15 Hashim was shot
6 times and sustained a spinal cord injury as a result. Since this
terrible tragedy Hashim has dedicated his life to inform young
people about the causes of violence and the importance of making
wise decisions through difficult adolescent years.

                                    Ian Hodgkinson: Director of Guardian Angels Mexico

                                    Ian Hodgkinson is leader of the Mexican Guardian Angels in Mexico
                                    City and Guadalajara. Hodgkinson, better known as a famous luchadoro,
                                    professional wrestler, El Vampiro in Mexico, helped to start a chapter
                                    to reclaim the city’s crime-ridden streets. He is also coordinating new
                                    chapter efforts in Central & south America.

               Scott Koppenhofer: Pennsylvania Regional Director

Scott Koppenhohfer joined The Guardian Angels in July of 1989 in
San Diego, Ca. while on active duty in the U.S. Navy. When Scott
was not deployed or on duty he spent his time patrolling with the
Guardian Angels. Scott is a proud American and very passionate about
the Guardian Angels – he knows what a difference it can make in all
communities. He speaks to numerous groups and organizations about
the Guardian Angels and about crime prevention and awareness.

                                    Eric Krauss

                                    Eric Krauss joined The Guardian Angels as a project manager in October
                                    2008. He brings to the organization experience in public relations, event
                                    planning, business and importing and importing, Previously, Eric was
                                    with Premiere Speakers Bureau in Franklin, TN working with Col.
                                    Oliver North, Glen Beck and Sean Hannity in radio, television, and
                                    book tours. His life and travels have taken him from the Detroit area, to
                                    cities across the United States, as well as Sudan and Thailand, providing
                                    firsthand opportunities to see the positive changes The Guardian Angels
                                    have brought to cities, towns and communities all around the world.

                Robert McClintick: New Orleans Chapter Leader

“Jaguar” joined the Guardian Angels in 1989, with no idea of the
experiences in store for him. An ardent community service proponent,
he has traveled throughout the US assisting in starting chapters and
providing training to other Angels. His current project is centered on
helping New Orleans citizens stay safe in a city still rebuilding after
Hurricane Katrina.

                                      Sebastian Metz: Rocky Mountain States Co-Ordinator

                                      Sebastian “Iron” Metz came to Denver in the early ‘90’s during the
                                      “summer of violence” to build Guardian Angel chapters and help
                                      neighborhoods take back their streets. Sebastian went on to open chapters
                                      all over the world including Denver and continues to this day to be the
                                      Western Regional Director.

                          Keiji Oda: Director of Asian Operations

A dedicated Angel, Keiji left NY after a tragic 1995 earthquake
shook Japan in order to provide assistance and start Guardian Angel
initiatives in Tokyo. An instructor at the Japan Police Academy and
Special Lecturer at Kurume University, Keiji continues to build on the
mission of serving as role models for youth and making communities
safe from crime through safety-based education.

                                     Ed Parks: Reno Chapter Leader

                                     Ed Park feels that The Guardian Angels have transformed his life and
                                     taught him the core principles which drive him to be an asset to his
                                     community. While serving as an Angel, Ed has assisted in the start-up
                                     of 31 chapters.

                      Helaine Rizzo: S.A.V.E. Program Instructor

Helaine Rizzo, Guardian Angels S.A.V.E Program Instructor at St.
John’s University School of Education and Iona College. Helaine has
a Masters Degree in Special Education and is nationally certified.
Helaine has been a core volunteer for the Guardian Angels for the past
eight years. Always there to volunteer and roll up her sleeves to help
others, she’s a true member of The Guardian Angels family.

                                         Arnaldo Salinas: Guardian Angels Senior Director

                                         Arnaldo “13” was the first to participate as a member of the
                                         Magnificent 13 subway patrol. Today, Arnaldo is a NYS licensed
                                         teacher and school director/principal, as well as a Professor of
                                         Security & Police Sciences licensed Dept of Criminal Justice
                                         educator. In addition to his work with The Guardian Angels, Arnaldo
                                         has served as a Senior Advisor to the United States Reserve Military
                                         Policy Board under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and
                                         owns and operates Archangel Global Security.

                       Antonio Segundo Prieto Torres- “X-Men”: Peru

Antonio, known as “X-Men,” joined the Guardian Angels in the 2003 NYC
blackout. His spirit of volunteerism led him to introducing the Guardian
Angels precepts in Peru, where Angels have worked to support children,
have provided emergency assistance after natural disasters, and continue to
support community efforts to “keep it safe.”

                                         Dave Schroder: Edmonton Chapter Leader

                                         In February of 2007, Dave was appointed Edmonton’s first Chapter
                                         Leader by Curtis Sliwa. Since then the small, but dedicated group,
                                         making up the Edmonton Chapter has worked to build a solid foundation
                                         upon which to grow. The Edmonton Chapter would not exist without the
                                         efforts of Bruce Neumann Assistant Chapter Leader, Allan St.Arnaud
                                         our Martial Arts Instructor, and Mike Mrochuk.

                                                      Jill Shames: Israel

  Jill Baker Shames is the Executive Director of El HaLev, a not-for profit
  organization that empowers women in Israel through training in the
  martial arts and self-defense. Jill holds a B.S. in Communications, an
  MSW, a black belt in Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate and Self-Defense
  Instructor certification from the NWMAF (US), the Wingate Institute
  (Israel) and IMPACT full-contact self-defense.

                                        Dennis Torres ADA Super-Stretch is one of the original Guardian
                                        Angels who joined in 1979 he has been in the Martial Arts for over 35
                                        years and has won several karate championships and has been inducted
                                        into several Martial Arts Hall Of Fame. Superstretch has worked for
                                        the past 25 years with various communities based organizations, senior
                                        citizen groups, youth groups, NYC Board Of Education, Gang & Drug
                                        Prevention Programs. Super Stretch is the Director of the Washington
                                        Hts & Inwood Guardian Angels Community Service Center and also
                                        leads several Safety Patrols on Weekly bases.

Elizabeth Castellano has been with the Guardian Angels since the Washington Hts & Inwood Guardian Angels
Community Service Center opened in 2003 which service 250 Kids and 100 Adults on weekly bases services.
Program’s provided Martial Arts Drugs & Gang Prevention, Arts & Crafts, Help With Homework, Weekend
Camping, Summer day camp, Senior Citizen and Women Self-Defense programs, Law Enforcement & Security
Self-Defense Programs.

      Carlos Valentin & A . “Brighteyes” Arroyo: Alumni Directors

 Longtime members of The Guardian Angels, the Alumni untiringly lend
 their hands to assisting new chapters, training leaders, mentoring Junior
 and Urban Angels, and marching alongside active Guardian Angels in
 parades honoring Veteran’s Day, at ethnic pride festivals, and working at
 toy and food drives.

                                       Charl Viljoen: South Africa

                                       Charl Viljoen is the first police officer in the world to start up, lead, and
                                       actively grow a Guardian Angels chapter. He still does active police
                                       work in Cape Town and is closely involved with the establishment and
                                       training of Neighborhood Watches all over the city, most of the training
                                       being ‘powered’ by Guardian Angels.

                                  Erick Wong: California Coordinator

 Erick “Confront” Wong joined the Guardian Angels in 1998 in Los
 Angeles, CA. Today he serves as San Diego Chapter Leader and CA
 Regional Director.

                                                                     Mary Sliwa
                                                    Chief Operating Officer,
                                                 The Alliance of Guardian Angels
                                                 Mary Sliwa, COO of The Guardian Angels, is truly “Anchor
                                                 Angel” for the global organization. As the point person for
                                                 business operations, collaborations, communications, fundraising,
                                                 and events, Mary has taken dozens of ideas from concepts to full-
                                                 fledged programs.

                                                   She is responsible for guiding and nurturing the Angels’ school
                                                   programs and CyberAngels, the Internet Safety program. She
                                                   has fostered powerful collaborations, taking the Angels from
                                                   “the streets to the suites.” Under her wing, The Guardian Angels
                                                   Education Team has been designated a contracted vendor for the
                                                   NYC Department of Education, opening doors to deliver student
support services to greater numbers of city schools. She has been instrumental in developing and enriching the
organizations’ web sites, realizing her vision of a Guardian Angels virtual online safety center. She created Rocky,
the beloved Angels’ mascot. Almost single-handedly, Mary organizes the annual fundraising Gala, honoring
supporters and reinforcing the Angels’ mission.

Mary draws from a rich background in education, business, marketing, and advertising, bringing her innovations,
talents, and high energy to grow The Guardian Angels and help make schools and communities safer for families
and children through education and outreach.

Mary earned degrees in Special Education, Psychology, and Elementary Education from William Paterson
College, subsequently earning Manager’s Certificates from The Sterling Institute and The Wharton School.

A media career followed, including Sales Manager at CNN/Headline News Cable, WPLJ Radio, WRKS Radio
and WPAT Radio. At WPAT Mary was instrumental in the development of the “SAY NO TO DRUGS” campaign.
She went on to assume positions for WABC News Talk Radio, Capital Cities/ABC (now Disney/ABC) in New
York. She received ABC’s Circle of Excellence Award and went on to become executive producer of her own show
at WABC Radio, “The Home Talk Show,” which became a top-rated Sunday show for WABC.

Mary joined the Angels initially as a Board member in 1996. Today, she continues to assemble a solid and
supportive Board of Trustees of varied backgrounds to help lead and guide the organization. Mary married Curtis
in 2000. Their son, Anthony Chester, was born in 2003.

Says Mary, “Our goal is to help families and children to be safe, through education and empowerment.”

                                     Mission Statement

     To provide peaceful solutions to safeguard neighborhoods, schools and cyberspace
     from bullying, gangs, and violence. To empower individuals, especially our youth,
                       to lead safe, positive, and contributing lives.

Grim realities families face every day...                          The Guardian Angels solutions...
In suburbs, rural areas, and cities across the nation              Safeguards for Neighborhoods
thousands of kids and families are living in fear.                 Guardian Angels Volunteer Safety Patrols heighten
                                                                   security on streets, in subways and neighborhoods, and
The reasons for their fear: bullying, gangs, violence,             at community events.
and a growing number of Internet threats, including
cyberbullying, pornography and identity theft.                     Safeguards for Internet Use
                                                                   Our Presidential award-winning CyberAngels program
The price of that fear: social isolation, school avoidance,        supports safe, ethical use of Internet, awareness and
anxiety, depression, physical illness, and violent means           prevention of cyberbullying and other cyberthreats, use
of self-protection.                                                of security tools to help keep kids and adults safe while
These realities will not resolve on their own, and they
can get our kids into trouble.                                     Educational programs that empower and engage
                                                                   Guardian Angels and CyberAngels raise awareness
Hundreds of thousands of kids fear school bullies                  and outline resources for fathers, mothers, kids, and
• 160,000 students miss school daily because                       educators:
  of fear of bullies, and the number is growing.
                                                                   • Topics: gang resistance, bullying, cyberbullying,
Schools report gang activity nearby                                  Internet safety

• US Schools in suburbs, rural settings, and cities                • Interactive web sites
  reporting gang activity near schools: gang                       • Online training modules
  fights (42%), gang recruiting (35%), gang
  shootings (25%).                                                 • Downloadable presentations, lessons plans,
                                                                     handouts, fact sheets, newsletters
• Local gangs, girl gangs are on the rise.
                                                                   • Frequently asked questions blogs
Kids Are Unsafe Online                                             • Videos, web casts, links

• 42% of kids are bullied online, (35%) of kids                    • Ask an Angel
  have been threatened online, and (21%) of kids
                                                                   • and more...
  have received mean or threatening e-mail or
  other messages.

• 1 in 3 youth report unwanted exposure to
  sexual material.

• 1 in 7 youth report unwanted sexual solicitation.

                       Guardian Angels Progr ams

Community Safety Patrols
 · The heart and soul of The Guardian Angels since 1979
 · Chapters in 140 cities and 14 countries, 5,000 members
 · Comprised of volunteers who patrol streets, subways, neighborhoods, and community events to safeguard
   citizens of all ages
 · Community services include graffiti paint-outs, park reclamation, first aid, self defense and safety seminars
   for vulnerable populations, and emergency responders

Educational Programs
 NYCDOE Contracted Vendor – Contract No. TM07009
 · A contracted vendor with the NYC Department of Education since 2006, the Angels provide Student Support
   Services to students, professional development programs to educators, and programs for parents and
   community members. Topics include bullying, gangs, cyberbullying, youth violence, leadership, conflict
   resolution, school pride, community involvement.
 Guardian Angels Role Model Academy
 · Peer-led intervention program
 · Extends friendly hand to students who are bullied, harassed, excluded
 · Teaches kids to be ambassadors of kindness and look out for one another
 Online Training In-Service Seminar (O.T.I.S.)
 · An 80 minute online professional development video program that engages educators in keeping students safe
   from bullying, cyberbullying, gangs (produced in cooperation with Monmouth-Ocean Educational
   Services Commission)
 S.A.V.E. Certification Provider
 · The Guardian Angels certifies New York educators at St. John’s University and Iona College in youth violence
    prevention with a program that meets the requirements of the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education
   (S.A.V.E.) Act.

CyberAngels Internet Safety Education Program
 · Web-based information and resources for educators, caregivers, and children to provide education and
   resources to establish and maintain a safe online environment for everyone.

                                         Safety Patrols

The Guardian Angels remains a volunteer-based organization made up of dedicated individuals who generously
donate their time and energy to help protect communities around the world. A unique feature of The Guardian
Angels approach is the group’s inclusion of inner city youth in the safety patrols. By making young people part of
the solution rather than casting them as part of the problem, The Guardian Angels empowers youth to take pride in
their communities and contribute to the safety of their neighborhoods. Over the years, Curtis and his Angels have
empowered thousands of citizens – both young and old – to take responsibility for cleaning up their communities
and safeguarding their streets.

As a result, there are now more than 140 Guardian Angels safety patrol chapters throughout the world, with constant
additions being made. And the grass roots community patrols that Curtis began also spurred the creation of
neighborhood watch groups throughout the United States and around the world.

In each safety patrol chapter, Guardian Angels volunteers safeguard streets, subways and other public areas.
From dusk until dawn, without weapons, these committed volunteers help to ensure that citizens can enjoy their
communities without fearing for their safety. The Guardian Angels attend community festivals and other large
gatherings to deter criminal elements from disrupting the celebrations.

                                                                          Guardian Angels volunteers are also on
                                                                          call 24/7 and support the community
                                                                          whenever they are needed.

                                                                          Each time a new Guardian Angels
                                                                          chapter forms, the entire network
                                                                          of Angels around the world grows
                                                                          stronger. The strength of The Guardian
                                                                          Angels network and the visibility of the
                                                                          organization’s trademark red beret allow
                                                                          new chapters to benefit from the goodwill
                                                                          and trusted reputations of all the Angels
                                                                          that have come before them.

                                                                           For instance, popular support of The
                                                                           Guardian Angels safety patrols is growing
                                                                           in Japan. With the strong support of
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, The Guardian Angels has been recognized by the national government as the
country’s first non-profit organization. Programs are offered throughout Japan, including in Tokyo, Yokohama and
Hiroshima. In addition to safety patrols in the schools and communities, The Guardian Angels offers educational
programs to teach safety techniques and provide safety training.

And recently in 2005, The African National Congress in Capetown, South Africa invited The Guardian Angels to
establish a local chapter. Over the years, The Guardian Angels has also expanded to locales such as New Zealand,
Peru, Brazil, Canada and the Philippines.

Throughout its existence, The Guardian Angels and Founder Curtis Sliwa have received awards and commendations
from Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Joining
forces with community groups like the YMCA, the National Crime Prevention Council, The United Way and
the Points of Light Foundation, The Guardian Angels’ message of hope and community empowerment has only
grown stronger.

                               Safety Patrols 2008–2009

UNITED STATES                                    Omaha, NE                             Kyoto, Kyoto
Gadsden, AL                                      Asbury Park (In Development), NJ      Miyagi, Sendai
Apache Junction, AZ                              Millville, NJ                         Okayama, Okayama
Phoenix, AZ                                      Sussex, NJ                            Saitama, Kawaguchi
Huntington Park/ Maywood, (In Development), CA   Trenton, NJ                           Saitama, Saitama
Los Angeles, CA                                  Las Vegas, NV                         Saitama, Soka
Oakland, CA                                      Reno, NV                              Saitama, Tokorozawa
Riverside County / San Bernardino County, CA     Albany/Gloversville, NY               Tokyo, Minato
Sacramento, CA                                   Bath, NY                              Tokyo, Musashino
San Diego, CA                                    Elmira, NY                            Tokyo, Shibuya
San Francisco, CA                                Middletown, NY                        Tokyo, Toshima
San Jose (In Development), CA                    Newburgh (In Development), NY         Wakayama, Wakayama
Solano County (In Development), CA               NYC, NY
Stockton (In Development), CA                    Poughkeepsie, NY                      CANADA
Turlock (In Development), CA                     Yonkers (In Development), NY          Toronto, Ontario
Ventura County (In Development), CA              Akron, OH                             Calgary, Alberta
Colorado Springs, CO                             Toledo, OH                            Vancouver, B.C.
Denver, CO                                       Portland, OR                          Edmonton, Alberta
New Haven, CT                                    Coatesville (In Development), PA      Halifax, Nova Scotia
Norwalk (In Development), CT                     Easton, PA                            Red Deer (In Development), Alberta
Washington, D.C.                                 Hazleton (In Development), PA
Broward County, FL                               Philadelphia, PA                      SOUTH AMERICA
Cape Coral, FL                                   Scranton (In Development), PA         Mexico City, Mexico
Ft. Myers, FL                                    Slate Belt, PA                        Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ft. Pierce/Port St. Lucia, FL                    Stroudsburg, PA                       Lima, Peru
Jacksonville, FL                                 Wilkes Barre, PA                      Talara, Peru
Kissimmee, FL                                    York, PA                              Ayacucho, Peru
Lake Mary, FL                                    Chattanooga, TN                       Chimbote, Peru
Miami, Dade Co, FL                               Nashville, TN
Orlando, FL                                      Dallas, TX                            MIDDLE EAST
Palm Beach Co - Lakeworth, FL                    Houston, TX                           Israel
St.Petersburg, FL                                San Antonio (In Development), TX
Tampa, FL                                        Salt Lake City, UT                    AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND
Atlanta (In Development), GA                     Roanoke Valley (In Development), VA   Auckland Region, NZ
Savannah, GA                                     Green Bay, WI                         Auckland Central Business District, NZ
Honolulu, HI                                     Madison, WI                           Cromwell (In Development), NZ
Kauai, HI                                        Milwaukee (In Development), WI        Canberra, AU
Maui, HI
Fort Dodge, IA                                   JAPAN                                 PHILIPPINES
Davenport/Moline/Rock Island, IA-IL              Chiba, Chiba                          Tupi (In Development), Mindanao
Chicago, IL                                      Chiba, Kashiwa                        Davao City, Mindanao
Peoria, IL                                       Chiba, Matsudo
New Orleans, LA                                  Ehime, Matsuyama                      SOUTH AFRICA
Boston, MA                                       Fukuoka, Fukuoka                      Capetown
Brockton, MA                                     Fukuoka, Kitakyushu                   Kuilsriver, Cape Town
Baltimore, MD                                    Fukuoka, Kurume                       Potchefstroom
Detroit (In Development), MI                     Hokkaido, Sapporo
Minneapolis, MN                                  Kanagawa, Yamato                      EUROPE
Kansas City, MO-KS                               Kanagawa, Yokohama                    Greater London
Jackson, MS                                      Kanagawa, Yokosuka                    Italy
MS Gulf Coast (In Development), MS               Kumamoto, Kumamoto

                      NY Department of Education

The Guardian Angels Awarded NYC Department of Education Contract
The Guardian Angels was awarded a contract from the NYC Department of Education to provide student support
services to city schools under procurement 1C510. Approval of our organization as a contracted vendor is a
tremendous opportunity to increase and broaden our outreach to NYC elementary, middle, and high schools. This
contract allows us to bring our programs to greater numbers of teachers, students, and parents, and help to keep
NYC schools and young people safe!

The Guardian Angels Education Team faculty is equipped with the knowledge, training, skills, and resources to
conduct assemblies, workshops, interactive classroom exercises, seminars, and customized program for schools on
topics including:

                • Leadership
                • Anti-bullying
                • Gang awareness, prevention and defense
                • Internet safety
                • Youth violence reduction
                • Empathy training
                • Anger management
                • Classroom management
                • School pride
                • Bob Proctor’s Youth Coaching program, which helps kids plan their futures
Our educational programs are unique and powerful and equip schools with practical tools for immediate application
in the classroom and outside world. They are designed to help school staff members create safe and productive
classroom environments and instill students with the knowledge, tools, and perspective needed to help them resist
gangs and minimize bullying and cyberbullying.

Team members will also work with staff and students to establish a Guardian Angels Role Model Academy in
the school, offering an opportunity for ongoing implementation of The Guardian Angels lessons. The student
members of the academy, under the direction of a school staff member, model the leadership, civility, citizenship,
volunteerism, and kindness modeled and nurtured by all Guardian Angels youth programs.

                      Gang Awareness & Prevention

                                                    The pervasiveness of gangs throughout our society is undeniable.
                                                    They incite fear and violence, threatening our schools, our
                                                    children, and our homes. Gangs today are more sophisticated
                                                    and flagrant in their use of violence and intimidation tactics.
                                                    As they proliferate in schools and neighborhoods, they bring
                                                    with them drugs, weapons, and criminal activity.

                                                    The Guardian Angels possess a unique ability to make an
                                                    impact with students, teachers and parents. Today’s volunteers
                                                    hail from diverse professional backgrounds – education, law
                                                    enforcement, information technology, and law – reflecting the
                                                    new challenges that face our communities. At the same time,
                                                    The Guardian Angels still carry the “street cred” that is so
                                                    essential to earning the respect of young people participating
                                                    in our educational programs.

Research and experience have shown us that one-shot programs or even limited anti-gang/violence education
programs for students and staff do not initiate long term, positive change in behavior for children. Students as well
as adults need constant reinforcement as to how their words and actions will affect people around them.

Our programs attack the problem from many angles, emphasizing and reinforcing gang resistance
in school, home and community. Our initiatives include:

For Children
• School-Based Conflict Resolution Program – Peer Mediation has proven to be the most effective tool in preventing
youth violence and gang recruitment in schools. The Guardian Angels trains students to participate in mediation
and conflict resolution.

• Basic Skills Training – By teaching flexible coping strategies, problem solving skills, and interpersonal skills,
The Guardian Angels helps children to define clear options in the decision making process, rather than using
impulsive decision making.

• Peer Mentor Program – Mentors are developed and assigned to students who are at-risk and might be potential
targets for gang recruitment.

• School Pride – Establishing a sense of pride
and belonging in school through fun activities,
and allowing children to have a voice in school
policy, can make their learning experience more
authentic and meaningful. This is important
because a smaller campus sometimes loses
a school identity and school pride         of the
original parent school. This allows children
to feel capable, contributing, and connected to
the school and the community in which they
live so that they are less likely to seek outside
identification with gangs.

                      Gang Awareness & Prevention

For Schools                                                     For Parents
The Guardian Angels Gang Suppression Seminar                    • Gang recognition – the three “P’s : Posers (no real
teaches educators how to identify gang activity and             threat, they are the “wanna- be’s”), Prospects (growing
what to do when it is recognized. Session participants          threat, actively being recruited by the gangs), the
first investigate a brief history of gangs and learn to         Predators (immediate threat, hard-core gang members
clarify their definitions to identify a wide range of           living that life 24 hours a day).
groups appropriately called gangs.
                                                                • Behavior patterns to look for
Participants then develop a comprehensive outline for           • How to talk to your child about gangs
gang intervention strategies and learn gang management
techniques that can reduce and even eliminate                   • Community resources that parents can draw on
the presence and influence of gangs in school and               • Family and Community role model training
classroom environments. Participants learn how to
identify various gang affiliations and which students           • How to deal with police
may be involved.

                                                          Participants Learn:
                                                          • To define gangs
                                                          • Strategies and techniques to reduce gang participation
                                                            in schools
                                                          • Signs and symbols that identify gangs
                                                          • How students are a resource in gang education
                                                          • The use of technology in gang activity and how to handle it
                                                          • Warning signs of gang membership drives

                              Anti-Bullying Progr am

                                                       Children who come to school each day fearful of being bullied
                                                       simply cannot be expected to concentrate on their academic
                                                       studies. Unfortunately, 160,000 children fear attending
                                                       school each day because of intimidation and humiliation
                                                       suffered at the hands of bullies, according to a recent study.
                                                       Far from being a harmless playground nuisance, bullying
                                                       causes psychological harm, self-esteem damage and other
                                                       lasting effects for victims.

                                Anti-Bullying Tactics
The Guardian Angels Academy anti-bullying sessions cover topics such as:
        • What constitutes bullying behavior and what are the effects of bullying
        • How teachers can recognize/differentiate between “kidding around” and bullying
        • Interventions for violent and at-risk students
        • Diffusing potentially dangerous encounters
        • Gang recognition (shortened version of the larger Gang Recognition module)
        • Students’ use of verbal weapons
        • Encouraging students to report bullying behavior
        • Practical ways to set the stage for a civil and tolerant classroom atmosphere
        • Practical alternatives to traditional detentions/suspensions
        • Strategies for teachers when parents and students are bullying them
        • How to build a team united to protect the entire school community from the negative effects of bullying

                                 Role Model Academy

Our Role Model Academy is a peer-led intervention program dedicated to the philosophy and ideals of The
Guardian Angels. Under the auspices of trained faculty members, the students participate in various activities that
contribute toward positive self-esteem and character building. These youngsters represent the ideals embraced by
The Guardian Angels.

“Kids Sticking Up For Kids”
This program was developed to hold out a friendly hand to children who are bullied, harassed or excluded.
Our children learn to raise the level of civility, kindness, and tolerance in our schools through their pro-active
rolemodeling. “Kids Sticking Up for Kids” becomes a reality as students are taught to be ambassadors of kindness
and to take care of each other. Students involved in the Role Model Academy also help staff members recognize the
children who are affected by negative or aggressive behavior.

Through student assemblies and small-group sessions, students learn to:
   • Understand the definition of bullying, and comprehend its impact on themselves and others
   • Achieve an increased level of empathy for each other
   • Understand that no one has the right to bully or harass them
   • Learn empowerment strategies and coping skills necessary to counteract the negative impact of bullying
   • Recognize the importance of “sticking up” for each other to deny bullies an audience
   • Learn the importance of the individual in making a change in society

                            Junior Guardian Angels

This Guardian Angels youth program provides education and youth violence prevention programs to at-risk youth
ages 4 - 15 years in a safe, supportive environment. By teaching and modeling positive alternatives to gang violence,
this program can help youth in neighborhoods riddled with drugs and gangs to turn away and focus on education,
development of life skills, and community involvement. The goal is to help youth to stay safe and choose positive,
contributing alternatives.
The program uses a variety of teaching tools—including arts and crafts projects, games, puppets, guest speakers,
trips, and workshops with community leaders, police and fire departments—all of which foster an appreciation and
respect for positive role models in the community.
The youngsters develop self-esteem through role-playing, verbal defense skills, martial arts training, and community
projects that give them a sense of purpose. Children participate through Junior Guardian Angels After-School Club
Programs, including those administered through the YMCA of Greater New York. Recent grants by the New York
City Department of Youth and Community Development have furthered delivering these life-shaping programs to
today’s youth.

                            Urban Guardian Angels
Urban Guardian Angels, for teens 12 to 16, provides an alternative to gangs and drugs through a supportive club
environment dedicated to community service and personal responsibility. This program operates throughout the New
York City Public School System, the YMCA of Greater New York, and the New York Housing Authority as well as
in other Guardian Angels chapters, such as Washington D.C., within the school system, teens are recommended by
teachers and principals.

The program focuses on those who need to improve attendance or behavior, or who face other adjustment challenges.
It also provides structured weekend recreational activities that combine fun with education and the challenges of
                                                   group dynamics. Many participants have successfully turned
                                                   away from the lure of drugs and gang life to become role models
                                                   for their peers and local community.

                                                    To date, the Urban Angels have serviced 1,200 teens and preteens
                                                    in crime and violence prevention education, as well as character-
                                                    building education. In addition, participants in these programs
                                                    have provided community service in the form of approximately
                                                    50 service-related projects linked to community safety. Thanks
                                                    to the generosity of our supporters, eight scholarships have been
                                                    awarded to our achievers!

Collabor ations with Universities and Colleges

S.A.V.E. Workshops at St. John’s University and Iona College

The Guardian Angels delivers a two-hour violence prevention workshop for educators just entering the field and
experienced classroom veterans. The workshop meets the certification requirements for the “Safe Schools Against
Violence in Education (S.A.V.E.) Act” signed into law in New York in 2000.

Through this program, available at St. John’s University and Iona College, teachers learn to recognize and prevent
violence, not just in the classroom but throughout the school environment and community. Topics covered include
identifying the warning signs and impact of bullying, the role of school staff in protecting kids, and strategies for
dealing with “at-risk” kids.

“Your knowledge of the S.A.V.E. legislation, your commitment to students’ safety, and your empathy for students
who need our care were evident to all program participants.”
                                                            Florence D. Musiello, Education Dept - Iona College

“It would certainly be in the best interests of students at other institutions should they be able to hear you and
profit from your point of view as well as from the strategies you propose to deal with (and sometimes even prevent)
school violence where it occurs.”
                                               Jerrold Ross, Dean of the School of Education - St. John’s University

                                                                   St. John’s University School of Education

                                                                   The Guardian Angels collaborates with St. John’s
                                                                   University School of Education throughout the
                                                                   year. In January, a Bullying Prevention Workshop
                                                                   was held for members of St. John’s Chapter of
                                                                   Phi Delta Kappa.

                                                                   Phi Delta Kappa is an organization composed of
                                                                   professional educators and students preparing
                                                                   for a career in education. Phi Delta Kappa’s
                                                                   mission is to, “promote high-quality education,
                                                                   in particular publicly supported education, as
                                                                   essential to the development and maintenance
                                                                   of a democratic way of life. This mission is
                                                                   accomplished through leadership, research, and
                                                                   service in education.”

               The Future of The Guardian Angels

                                                    The Reality

Every day, we receive calls and letters from individuals pleading for help to overcome violence in their worlds. These
calls only confirm the increases in violence, harassment, and intimidation reported daily in newspapers and research
surveys. Bullies, predators, and gangs, in increasing numbers, are creating fear and danger in our communities. The
perpetrators lurk in schools, neighborhoods, streets, subways and the Internet.

                                                    The Dream

That all children will enjoy a safe environment in which they can rise to their full potential and develop self-esteem,
confidence and pride of accomplishment through a contribution and commitment to society.

                                                     The Goal

To motivate teachers, parents and children to create a safer, more powerful future through our programs focused on
personal safety, civic contribution, value development and cyber security. To bring violence prevention programs to
schools across America for the benefit of students, families, and teachers. To serve as a resource for training teachers
in violence prevention at institutions of higher learning.

                                                     The Plan

Through increased partnership with educational, business, cultural and religious institutions in our communities, we
will solidify and expand our pragmatic and positive role model programs. We will expand and enhance our programs
focused on personal safety, neighborhood safety, cyberspace safety and civility, with a special emphasis on overcoming
social and educational adversity. In concert with our nation’s schools, we will continue our groundbreaking work to
develop curricula illustrating and documenting the benefits of violence prevention.

                                                                      Future Community Center

Rocky the Mascot

        Rocky, the Guardian Angels’ scruffy sheepdog mascot, has
        been brought to life. Mary Sliwa, C.O.O. and Executive
        Director of The Guardian Angels, invented Rocky as a means
         of using humor and puppetry to entrance audiences of children
         and adults alike. She found using Rocky enhanced the ability
          of kids to better communicate and interact with each other,
          as well as teach verbal defense skills. Rocky’s laughter and
           antics became medicine for all who experienced the delight
           of hearing him speak. Using her special warmth and sense
            of humor, that can translate to any age group, Mary not
            only created a voice for Rocky, she created a flamboyant

   Rocky is indeed the bad boy of The Guardian Angels. Yet, you only
   need to watch the faces of the children and Guardian Angels to
   realize how endearing the rough-talking, wise-cracking puppet can
   be to all in his company. Rocky places a smile on each face in the
   crowd. Much like Santa Claus, spreading the gift of magic, Rocky
   gets around, as he has two homes in New York, one in Hollywood,
   Florida, and one in Japan. His humor does not seem to need
   interpretation though, as his voice is universally understood. Rocky’s
   bark can be heard ‘round the globe!!!


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                                       When Curtis Sliwa founded The
                                       Guardian Angels in 1979, the
                                       safety risks facing New Yorkers
                                       were daunting and obvious. Yet
                                       today our children face even
                                       greater threats in the online world
                                       - insidious because they elude
                                       detection, making them difficult
                                       to avoid. In response to citizens’
                                       calls for assistance in dealing with
                                       online threats, the Guardian Angels
                                       launched CyberAngels in 1995.

                                       When Mary Sliwa joined The Guardian Angels in 1996, she
                                       took CyberAngels under her wing, guiding its expansion
                                       and shaping the program of today. Under her vision and
                                       direction, CyberAngels debuted in Washington at the
                                       “Focus on Children: Internet Safety” summit, earning
                                       recognition from President Bill Clinton, who bestowed
                                       the 1998 Presidential Service Award on the organization.
 Please visit
to learn more about our work online.

                                       Journalists, often consult our experts when researching
                                       online safety topics. CyberAngels has been featured in
                                       Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, TV Guide, Cosmopolitan,
                                       Family Circle, French Elle, The Sunday Times Magazine,
                                       Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping and Family
                                       PC Magazine. Our work has been lauded on programs
                                       such as 20/20, CNN, Good Morning America, The Early
                                       Show, Today Weekend, Extra!, BBC, and ABC’s television

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