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St. John’s International School     Alumni Magazine                   Issue 34, May 2004

                                                      Mr. Dennis Davis, coach of the boys’
                                                      varsity basketball team, having just
                                                      completed a 36-0 season, and his
                                                      second consecutive ISST championship.

                                                                                                                           Dreve Richelle 146
                                                                                                                         1410 Waterloo, Belgium
                                                                                                                           Tel. (02) 352-0610
                                                                                                                           Fax (02) 352-0620

                                                    Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends:

                                                    This edition of The Lion’s Pride features information on the new Performing Arts
             Dr. Joseph H. Doenges                  Center (PAC), the history of the first decade of St. John’s, and the international school
                     Director                       basketball championships hosted in our new sports arena last March.

                                                    Formal groundbreaking for the PAC occurred in December and in three months time
                                                    the completion rate is already 20 percent. The most dramatic development so far has
ASBL St. JOHN’S                                     been the installation of the connection bridge between the PAC and the Middle
INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL F.C.J.                         School/High School Foyer. This elevated walkway is a pleasant reminder that students
2003-2004                                           will be able to walk to music, dance, video, and drama activities without going out-
Sr. Ruth CASEY, FCJ                                 side. It will also allow those attending events in the theatre to park on the courtyard
                                                    and enter the PAC through the same elevated walkway.
Dr Joseph DOENGES, Managing Director
Mr. Alain FASTRE                                    Meanwhile, preparations are well underway to celebrate the 40th anniversary of St.
Sr. Barbara HUGHES, FCJ, Vice President             John’s during the upcoming school year. Cardinal Danneels has graciously honored
Sr. Beatrice MOLYNEUX, FCJ                          our request to celebrate a commemorative Mass at St Joseph’s in downtown Waterloo
Sr. Patricia O’CONNELL, FCJ                         on October 8th. This will be followed immediately afterwards by a reception at the
Sr. Margaret QUIRKE, FCJ                            school. A gala dinner dance is also being planned for March 19, 2005. Many will
Mr. Rizwan RAWJI, Secretary                         recall that Cardinal Danneels celebrated Mass at St. Joseph’s for the 25th anniversary
                                                    of St. John’s in 1989-90.
Sr. Marie-Geneviève RENAUD, FCJ
Mr. Thomas SNYDER, President                        Over the years, St. John’s has enjoyed the success of many of its sports teams. In
Mr. Marian WALECKI, Treasurer                       March that success reached a new level of excitement as the boys basketball team
                                                    capped an undefeated season, 36-0, by winning the ISST Championship for the
St. JOHN’S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL                     second year in a row. What made it special was the setting: the new St. John’s Arena
Advisory Board to the ASBL                          was packed with an overflow crowd of more than 1000.
                                                    Finally, the gradual enrolment decline that occurred after September 11, 2001 has
Mrs. Branka COURT
                                                    now been reversed. The number of students dropped from 1010 to 902 over a two-
Dr. Joseph DOENGES, Director                        year period. There was no mass exodus, but many families who left were not replaced.
Mrs. Torhild HAGEN, Ex-Officio PTA Representative   Now there is a measurable turnaround as the enrolment has climbed back to 930 with
Sr. Barbara HUGHES, FCJ                             many potential new families visiting this spring.
Mr. Craig OWENS                                     Good things are happening at St. John’s. It is wonderful to reflect on our past with
Mr. Rizwan RAWJI                                    great pride, to celebrate our current successes with great enthusiasm, and to look ahead
                                                    with great hope and anticipation.
Mr. Thomas SNYDER, Chairman
Mr. Marian WALECKI, Treasurer                       Sincerely,

                                                    Joseph H. Doenges
(President, St. John’s College, Washington, DC,
Representative of the Christian Brothers)

Mr. Jack J. DEVLIN
                                                                            a.s.b.l. St. John’s International School F.C.J.
                                                                                                       TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S

COVER                                                  DEPARTMENTS
                                                       Class News                                                                     2-13

                                                       Former Families / Former Staff                                              14-15

                                                       Around the Campus                                          16-Back Cover


                                                                     For three days in March,
                                                             basketball provided some exciting
                                                                   moments for St. John’s fans,
                                                                        and hundreds of guests
                                                                  from Europe and elsewhere.
                                                                                  pages 16-18

St. John’s
Coach Dennis Davis, moments after the
St. John’s Lions defeated the Frankfurt
International School Warriors 58-47                                                                  Performing Arts Center
to earn top honors in the ISSTs.                                                                     Groundbreaking in December, with,
                                                                                                     L to R, Mr. Tom Snyder, Chairman of
PUBLISHED BY                                                                                         the Advisory Board; Sister Barbara
St. John’s International School                                                                      Hughes, fcj, former Superintendent;
Office of Development & Alumni Affairs                                                               and Dr. Joe Doenges, Director.
PO Box 742, Stratham, NH 03885-0742 USA                                                              pages 19-20
For St. John’s International School
Drève Richelle 146
1410 Waterloo, Belgium
(322) 352-0610 Ph
(322) 352-0620 Fax                                                     History of St. John’s
Editor: Jack Lyons                                               The first decade of the school,
Printed every four months in New Hampshire
                                                          1964-1974, illuminates the profound
by Squamscott Press, Inc. Deadlines for news are
April 15, Aug 15, and Dec 15. Send class notes
                                                            faith and courage of the founders,
or any other alumni news to your class rep or to           as well as their astute management
the email/fax/regular mail addresses above.                                  and planning skills.
                                                                                   pages 21-24

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                                                                                                    cultural diversity.

                                                                                                                  The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 1

          lass     Ms. Cynthia Makush Becket
                                8828 Blue Ball   Upon visiting her son, Nicolas                  Claudia began her career at Bankers Trust
                       Stewartstown, PA 17363    Debetencourt, in New York City, Judith          Company in June 1979. While there, she
                               (717) 993-5432    Hoskins read the name “Claudia Slacik”          was involved in equity investing, corporate
                                                 among his papers. Thirty years ago that         finance, mergers and acquisition, restruc-
                 Associate Diane (Skwish)
                                                 name appeared among the myriad English          turing and corporate lending. She helped
                 Fleming is in Austin, where
                                                 poems Judith corrected. “I knew there           open the Dallas, Texas office in 1982 and
she works as a Technical Writer for BMC
                                                 could be only one Claudia Slacik, and I         managed the bank’s credit training
Software, having earned a MS in Technical
                                                 simply had to meet her again. Claudia was       program in 1984.
Communications from RPI. But the big
                                                 in my first teaching class at St. John’s, and
news is that she was married last summer to                                                      Claudia is currently on the Board of
                                                 she was a real help for me, a young teacher,
Larry Thoren, who is completing his                                                              Directors of the Callen-Lorde Community
                                                 even though she didn’t know it. She and
Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese                                                           Health Center. In the past, she was on the
                                                 her class mates made me love teaching, for
Medicine. Congratulations—sounds like                                                            Board of Directors of the Wickes
                                                 they were so full of love for learning. I
you would have some interesting conversa-                                                        Company and The Jonathan Woodner Co.
                                                 knew Claudia would become a success
tions. Investment banker Claudia Slacik                                                          and the Advisory Committee for the Jill
                                                 wherever she would appear, for whenever I
continues working for Citigroup in                                                               Ker Conway Research Fund at Smith
                                                 needed an organizer my eyes turned
Manhattan and was recently visited by                                                            College. She was one of the founding
                                                 automatically to her.”
colleague Nicolas Debetencourt.                                                                  Directors of the North Fork Women’s                           In 1969 St. John’s moved from Uccle, the        Health Fund on Long Island.
                                                 Montjoie address, to its new home in
                                                 Waterloo along with Claudia Slacik, who         After completing her AB from Smith
                                                 was a student in grade seven at the             College with majors in Government and
                                                 time. She was an excellent student and an       Economics, Claudia received her MBA
                                                 even more enthusiastic leader in every          from New York University as a participant
                                                 aspect of school life. Claudia could be         in their Executive MBA Program.
                                                 depended on to bring the class together to      Additionally, she is a graduate of the
                                                 complete their goals. Recognition of her        French Culinary Institute’s professional
                                                 skills seems to have followed her through       chef program in New York City. (Perhaps
                                                 life to her present position. That Claudia      her sojourn in Belgium was influential in
                                                 would achieve such a brilliant career is no     this endeavor).
                                                 surprise to those who taught her. That she      What a delight to find the St. John’s
                                                 is involved in so many activities today is      family doing so well in Manhattan; and
                                                 absolutely in line with her accomplish-         what fun these chance global encounters.
                                                 ments as a young student at St. John’s.
                                                 Presently Claudia is Managing Director
Nicolas Debetencourt, VP of Global Project and   and the Group Head of the Asset Based
Structured Trade Finance with Citigroup, chats   Finance Group within the Global Fixed
with Claudia Slacik ’75A.                        Income Group at Citigroup, as well as a
                                                 Senior Credit Officer.

40 Years, 40 Reasons to Give
One of my teachers was personally inspiring and influenced
many of my subsequent decisions in a positive manner.

2   The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                                       CLASS NEWS

                   Ms. Kirsten Jensen Robinett                   Ms. Cynthia Howson Weinmann      where he is with the Department of
                       17012 150th Ave. East                              15 Englewood Pkwy       Psychiatry at the Univ. of North Carolina’s
                           Orting, WA 98360                                Metairie, LA 70005     School of Medicine. Well done. Richard
                              (360) 893-5551                                   (504) 835-4765     Destremp, who left in ’79, is in Bethlehem,
                    Mr. Xavier Varela Rosales                      Patty (Fens) Ludka now calls
                                  PO Box 122      Quinlan, Texas home.                  
                   Seabrook, TX 77586-0122        Patty L.:      
                              (281) 326-2635

Dudley Smith and his family are in                                                                                 Ms. Marsha McMahon-Jones
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. J. David Vance                                6603 Ripley Ln N
Ashburn, VA. Associate Dave Simpson                                          2610 Harrison St                               Renton, WA 98056
visited the campus during the ISSTs in                               Evanston, IL 60201-1326                                   (425) 226-7109
March, coming all the way over from the                                       (630) 782-1021                            marsha_mcmahonjones
states to savor the moment. He had attended                                                
when SJ was still in Montjoie, so he was
                                                                   Associate Jerry Destremp is    Anne (Jardine) Footer continues as Asst.
impressed with the Waterloo facilities and
                                                  in Pacifica, CA. Class Rep Dave Vance and       Director of the Stanford Univ. Center for
the basketball team as well. He himself had
                                                  his wife Amy Mosser did a 10th anniversary      Biomedical Ethics in Palo Alto, CA. Anne
played in high school in Connecticut and for
                                                  South African safari, following the latter’s    has a MS degree from the Harvard School of
Washington Univ. in St. Louis.
                                                  distribution of Aids medicine there.            Public Health. Seen on C-level in the high
                                                                     school once again this past Feb. was Simon
                                                                                                  Arpino, who was there to help with Career
                                                                                                  Night. Simon manages Bonsoir Clara, a very
                                                                          Ms. Jocelyne Koepke
                            Class Rep needed
                                                                         101 Riverstone Drive     successful restaurant in Brussels. Brian
                                                                     K2J 5E3 Ottawa, Ontario      Miller, who left in ’79, wishes he could be
                 Mike Innes calls The
                                                                                        Canada    back as well, but manages to enjoy an
                 Woodlands, TX home.
                                                                                (613) 692-6979    occasional Stella or Leffe, thanks to his
                 Associate George Biry came                              brother Michael ’79, who ships it to him in
                 over from the UK to take in                                                or    Albuquerque, New Mexico from Chicago.
                 the ISSTs, and enjoyed all the                     Ms. Jenny Howson Willem       After many years of travel as a professional
ambience and action. George’s father, Yves,                          143 Lakewood Estates Dr      massage therapist working in professional
who still lives in Waterloo, also came by for                         New Orleans, LA 70131
                                                                                                  cycling, and later having his own practice,
the games. Bob Destremps has relocated to                                       (504) 397-5195
                                                                                                  Brian bought his first home and plans to
Oceanside, CA.
                                                  Still in Ottawa, Class Rep Jocelyne Koepke      work on a degree in counseling psychotherapy                             and her husband did relocate to a different     in Santa Fe next fall. He visited the school in                             home. Last summer she was in Helsinki and       ’95 and appreciates being kept up to date                                 reunited with Iikka Juusonen ’82. Jocelyne      on the campus improvements and seeing
                                                  and her husband also managed to visit           familiar faces on the reunion pages. Thanks
                   Ms. Margaret Echols-Jones      London and later Costa Rica.                    for the feedback. Class Rep Marsha
                                5 Angela Dr                           McMahon-Jones and her family have
                        Foxboro, MA 02035                                                         relocated in the Seattle area, purchasing a
                            (508) 698-0578
                                                                                                  home on Lake Washington. They invite
                                             Mr. Joseph Picard      classmates and friends to stop by. Amy
                                                                              44809 Saltz Rd      (Vance) Bard was promoted to Dispatch
                  Associate Heather (Burns)
                                                                      Canton, MI 48187-2982
Mercuur is in St. Maarten, where she                                                              Manager North America for Heidelberg
                                                                              (313) 844-7821
manages her own Medical Clinic. Doug                                                              Press. Congratulations. Sara Devlin and
Hunt and Laura (Vance) Hunt ’79, along                             Associate Damian Perry is      husband Michael Petty, as of this writing,
with their family, and Jack and Barbara                            Managing Director of a         were expecting their first baby in April.
Devlin, grandparents, visited Chef Matt           consulting firm based in Brussels dealing
Chuchman ’82A at his restaurant Buca di           with “Investor Relations.” This past fall he
Beppo in Clawson, Michigan. The occasion          enrolled his 6th grade daughter, Naomi at
was the high school graduation of Brean           St. John’s. This sort of thing happens very
Hunt.                                             rarely at the school; congratulations, and                         thanks for the trust it implies in our educa-                                  tion. Fred Jarskog, M.D. is in Chapel Hill,

                                                                                                                    The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 3

                                MAJ Ian Greene      more info, particularly on accommodations.                                Ms. Barbara Davis
                                46-111 Ipuka Pl     He would welcome assistance from a class-                              11567 Tawny Ash Ct
                             Kaneohe, HI 96744      mate who lives in or near Brussels. One                                St. Louis, MO 63146
                                 (808) 234-5584     possibility might have been Sonya Kundi,                                     (314) 997-2076
                                                    who stopped by the school in March for a
                 Tom Gerigk was traveling           Career Night presentation to interested
around Europe on business this winter when          students and parents, commenting on her        In London, Jas Kundi continues as VP at
snow fell in Waterloo; that naturally reminded      projects in architecture. However, she ought   Credit Suisse First Boston, while also study-
him of Hawaii and Class Rep Ian Greene,             to be settled in Dubai by now, working on      ing to acquire more credentials in the world
and thoughts of a 20th reunion. Please              some new and exciting projects with an         of finance. Associate Robert Blaas is a Data
contact Ian if you would be interested in           architectural firm who made her an offer she   Architect for AMI Insurance in
participating in such an event; the idea is to      couldn’t refuse. Carl Persson is in            Christchurch, New Zealand.
have it in Waterloo the weekend of 13-15            Stockholm.                           
August. It would include a Fri. night cocktail                        
party, lunch at the Lion and a campus tour
Sat. with dinner to follow in Waterloo, and         Carl P.:
an optional Brussels tour on Sunday. He has                                                                                    Mr. Paul Lawyer
                                                                                                                          14252 214th Way NE
                                                                                                                         Woodinville, WA 98072
                                                                                                                               (425) 558-9030
Kathleen Marie Leahan, age 35, and ’84
Associate, passed over peacefully at her
home in Cary, North Carolina on
Monday, March 18, 2002, surrounded by
her family. Kathleen was born on May 23,
1966 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She
was most recently employed by Cisco
Systems; prior to that, she worked at Duke
Medical Center as an anesthetist techni-
cian. Kathy graduated from Springfield            Kathy Leahan, second from the right,
College in Connecticut in 1988 with a             with a few of her friends.
degree in Medical Rehabilitation. From
1978 to 1982, she attended St. John’s and         dying, and was at her bedside when she
was on the track-and-field and varsity            passed. Kathy had been diagnosed with
basketball teams. More recently, Kathy            breast cancer in June 2000.                            Paul Lawyer and his family.
was a member of the North Carolina                Kathy was a bright, funny, beautiful             Class Rep Paul Lawyer and his family—
Trailblazers Women’s Hockey Team.                 woman. She kept us laughing throughout           Erin, Jefferson, Mason, and Jake—enjoy life
A funeral mass was conducted March 21,            her life, even as she was dying. She worked      in the Seattle area, where he continues as a
2002 at Immaculate Conception Catholic            actively on her spiritual growth, and accel-     sales manager for Cisco, while Erin
Church in Durham, NC. Kathleen was                erated this process in the last few years of     maintains domestic tranquility. Paul is
buried at the family plot in Pennsylvania.        her young life. The moment of her pass-          encouraging the class to consider a 20th
Kathleen is survived by her mother,               ing, though painful for her family, was also     reunion in Brussels; with Adriano Prenna
Patricia M. Leahan; sister, Patricia A.           the most beautiful moment of Kathleen’s          there to help coordinate matters, it could be
Leahan; brothers, Michael P. Leahan and           life, as we were powerfully surrounded by        a lot of fun to revisit old haunts. Please
John J. Leahan; and her grandmother,              light and love and a peace-presence,             contact Paul if you’re interested in this idea
Eleanor Maben. Kathleen is predeceased            assuring us that all is well.                    of a reunion. Adriano has been busy lately;
by her father, Francis T. Leahan, Sr.;            Thank you for allowing me the                    besides running his restaurant and pub, he
brother, Francis T. Leahan, Jr.; nephew,          opportunity to share some final thoughts         and his wife Caoilfhionn welcomed the
Ryan Leahan; and niece Kelly Leahan.              about Kathleen. If you need any more             arrival of Liliana Catherine to the Prenna
My sister loved her time at St. John’s. Our       information, please feel free to contact me.     family on March 3rd. She is their second
youngest brother, John Leahan, also                                                                child and a sister for Matteo, who is three
                                                  Blessings to you all.
attended St. John’s. He and Kathy often                                                            this month. Not far away— in Henley on
reminisced about the great times they had                  In Peace,                               Thames, UK—is Morna (Dick) Towers,
there. John was one of the family members                  Patricia A. Leahan                      who has not been heard from in a while. She
who cared for Kathleen when she was                                  is ISV Marketing Manager for Oracle UK,
                                                                                                   but enjoys life with her husband Dan and

 4   The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                                         CLASS NEWS

their 20-month-old son Cameron. She              school in April to see the campus, to meet
frequently joins Dan on his ‘round the           the Director, to speak to students, and to
world’ adventures as a yachting photogra-        renew acquaintances. He is currently   
pher. Thanks for getting back in touch.          Chairman of the St. John’s International
Maybe there is a way they could see Kirsten      Foundation Board. Class Rep Amy (Lyons)
Lauer in Ankara, Turkey, where she teaches       Driscoll’s older daughter Jackie is doing a       40 Years,
first grade at Bilkent, a preparatory school.    semester abroad at St. John’s. Associate Chris    40 Reasons to Give
She is married to Bura Karahan. No children      Oehrlein surfaced in Oklahoma City as a
yet, but several pets. She also sounds           Professor of Mathematics at the community
                                                                                                    The international
enthusiastic about a reunion. Associate          college there.                                     experience was a turning
Hannah Baldwin is in London as a Senior                         point in our family’s
Engineer for the Waterman Group. Dr.   
Steve Thackeray, who left in ’79, and his
                                                                                                    life; our outlook on the
wife, Janet, currently reside in the Salt Lake   Stefan P.:                    world changed forever.
City area with their four sons—Noah,   
Andrew, William, and Eric. Janet stays active
organizing and supervising the boys’ days—                                                                                         Mr. Louis Toth
sports, piano, and reading are the major                                                                                    1100 Remington Rd.
themes. Steve spends his days (and many                                                                                    Wynnewood, PA 19096
nights!) delivering babies as an Obstetrician/                            Mr. James ‘Gil’ Lyons
                                                                                                                                  (610) 896-5890
                                                                              769 Somerville St
Gynecologist. Thanks for getting in touch.                                                                          
                                                                                         Apt. 3                                                Manchester, NH 03103                         If you happen to be in                                                         (603) 232-1058    Brussels and experience heart palpitations,                                         other than the normal ones from sheer                        David Almiñana finds himself busy working        excitement on being there, see Dr. Marc                            for the European Parliament here in              Alkhori, Cardiologist, in Nivelles. After
                                                 Brussels. Former student Yves Pelletier, a       more than a dozen years of study and
                                                 Project Manager in Antibes, France,              residency training, he is fully established as a
                    Mrs. Amy Lyons Driscoll
                                                 appreciates getting the news in this             Medical Doctor. Well done. Margot Eustace
                           6 Gailey Farm Ln
                    Kittery Point, ME 03905      magazine. Associate Marcus Niklasson has         and her family entourage visited her mother,
                             (207) 439-2114      the same title in Helsinki, Finland, for         Marilyn Harper, in Jan. on the occasion of
                                                 Nortel Networks. Anina Mbilinyi is in            the latter’s ‘special’ birthday. They still live in
                 Tom Snyder found time to        Madison, Wisconsin. John Ainger is now in        Marietta, Georgia, near Atlanta, where
                 visit the campus in January     Wilmington, Delaware, where he is a              Margot works for Prudential Securities.
and again in March during the ISSTs, with        Principal Analyst with R.M. Fields               From Switzerland—although he may now
his dad, as they toured the new facilities and   International LLC. Irene (Charlton) Haupt        be in Ireland—lost lion Oliver Muecke
took in some games. It was his first time        and her family are doing well in Greenville,     responded, saying he enjoyed checking the
back in a while, and he was impressed with       SC.; they seem to manage to do a lot of          school website to stay in touch, despite his
the added features, and the chance to chat       traveling.                                       heavy travel schedule. Louisa Prenna is
with former teachers and coaches. Tom lives                                                       enjoying the breezes in Antigua, West Indies,
with his family near Utrecht and works as                                                         and promises to write once she is settled.
VP of Marketing for Priority Telecom.                                                             Anouk (Tydgat) Martin, who left in ’88,
Kalenga Jere is working for a non-                                                                still calls Piedmont, South Carolina home,
governmental organization—NAPHAM—                                                                 and looks forward to hearing from class-
in his home country of Malawi, focusing on                                                        mates, especially Kristen Frankovitch. Mark
those living with HIV/AIDS. He is an                                                              your calendar—November, 2004, Maui,
officer involved with information, educa-                                                         Hawaii—Associate Koert Takkunen and
tion, and communication. Lina (EL-                                                                Renee Tapia plan to wed. When not
Kukhun) EL-Imam is a Pharmacist at Zayed                                                          proposing, Koert offers deals as a Sales Rep
Military Hospital in Abu Dhabi, United                                                            for Nobel Biocare in Dana Point, Calif. In
Arab Emirates. Stefan Prohaska is in             Ed, Adrian, Elise, & Irene Haupt.                Seoul, Yuhee Won, who left in ’87, is
Montego Bay, Jamaica. Jen (Devine)                             Marketing Director for Clarins Korea. Yuhee
Maiona sent a new email address; she and                                  has a BA in Asian Studies from UCLA. Also
her family continue in Wellesley, MA.                                                             there, but less concerned about marketing, is
George Marroig-Tagle stopped by the                                                               Major Mark Clingan USMC; he is keeping

                                                                                                                       The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 5

a sharp eye on the DMZ for us as part of the       working for a company, PTC. Joon Arn
UN Command. Sharon and the children                Chiang, a class associate, was in Boston, but
were able to accompany him.                        has returned to his native Singapore,
                                                   working for Ernst and Young. Ho-Seung
                                                   Lee is working for the UN in Vienna,
                                                   Austria and hopes to visit the school at his
                                                   first opportunity.
                                                                          Helping out at the Tom O'Donnell Tournament,
                                                               L to R: Rogier Verbruggen '93, Oliver Harold-
                                                      Harrison '92, & Martijn Verbruggen'91.
                                                                      she works at the Wilder Research Center as
                                                                   a Research Scientist, evaluating agencies in
The Clingan family–Mark, Sharon, Morgan,
                                                                                                    the Twin Cities dealing with violence and
and Erin.                                
                                                                                                    immigration. Well done. She would love to                  
                                                                                                    have a reunion in a warm part of the US                                                                                     with former classmates. Jeff Heydt, who left                                                    Mr. Richard Jensrud     in ’88, has settled into Longmont,                                                                            Colorado.
Anouk M.:                                                                                                            
                                                                    By now, Frederica Saltre, a                                              lawyer, may be in Tokyo                                           working for a company 
                                                   known as CapCom Inc. She may run into  
                             Ms. Elizabeth Drent
                          Ayako Tanaka, who is also there, working
                                                   for AIG/Alico. Ayako was kind enough to
                                                   try to help place a SJ alum in an internship
                 The Vice President—of                                                                                 Ms. Judy Schmitt Adams
                                                   there. She is also happy to be able to be in
                 Industrial      Maintenance                                                                              187 Prince George St
                                                   touch with classmates. In the UK, Associate                       Annapolis, MD 21401-1722
                 International—in Tunisia          Gail (Jelley) Field and Adrian welcomed                       
dropped us a line to say all was well with his     Jessica Rosalee into the world in early Jan, a
family. That would be Karim Ayed, whose            few weeks earlier than expected, but every-
position causes him to travel more than he         one is healthy. They are preparing to move
would prefer, as it takes him away from his                                                         Linda Forslund is now in the Washington,
                                                   to Australia in the late summer. Congratu-
lovely daughter, Maya, who now is over 3                                                            DC area, having left Michigan last August.
                                                   lations and best wishes. Also on the move is
years old. He sends his kind regards to his                                                         Linda has an international law background.
former teachers and classmates, and feels                                                           Elsa (Madrolle) Heitzig is in Brussels,
privileged to have been associated with all of                                                      having left London, while her husband
you. Bill Sakkab has moved apartments in                                                            works on an MBA. She has had an impres-
NYC, but remains hard at work for a law                                                             sive array of jobs with Goldman Sachs in
firm there, as well as serving on the St. John’s                                                    NYC and Deutsche Bank in London. She
International Foundation Board. Many                                                                was intending to assist the school for a
thanks. In London, Manuel Vicente has also                                                          Career Night earlier in the new year, but had
relocated to new digs and is now the Audit                                                          to go off for an interview herself. Well done.
Manager for HSBC Holdings. Associate                                                                Associate Allison Peters is in Denver,
Jason Stanard is also in London as a                                                                keeping kids well informed, as the Children’s
                                                          Proud parents, Gail and Adrian,           Information Librarian at the Jefferson
Marketing specialist. Likewise, Sonja
                                                          with their new baby daughter,             County Public Library. From the Big Apple,
Oosthuizen, who is International Assign-
                                                          Jessica Rosalee.                          Associate Lauren O’Brien sent a wonderful
ment Manager, Prudential Real Estate and
Relocation Services/Karen Deane Relocations.                                                        update. She is working freelance as a
                                                   Altay Ural, somewhere around Paris.
Kimberly (Peterson) Morris, who left SJ in                                                          teaching artist in Theatre and Playwriting,
                                                   Associate and now Dr. Lyungai Mbilinyi
’85, is a Data Analyst in Norfolk, VA. Jay                                                          focusing on programs and curriculum
                                                   completed her PhD in Social Work last May;
Muelhoefer is in Westwood, near Boston,                                                             design, using arts to prevent violence among
                                                   she continues to live in St. Paul, MN, where
                                                                                                    youth. She also finds time to do a raft of

 6   The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                                      CLASS NEWS

social work with teens and families at a                                                                                      Class Rep needed
homeless shelter agency in New Jersey, and
                                                                                                                     If you happen to be in
to run an anti-bullying program at a YMCA.
                                                                                                                     Florida, stop by the Boca
Oliver Harold-Harrison is leaving London
                                                                                                                     Raton Resort and Club and
after four years to travel the world,
                                                                                                                     say hello to Nicholas Hardy,
interviewing political and business leaders,
                                                                                                                     who is working there. No
whose views will be included in brochures
                                                                                                doubt he’ll be glad to show you pictures of
distributed by his company in the press. Stay
                                                                                                his baby son, Caiden Daniel Hardy, and his
in touch. Associate Kevin Cameron checked
                                                                                                wife, whom he met while living in Hawaii.
in from Bear, Delaware, where he is working
                                                                                                They were married in September. Congratu-
for Gunnip Employment Solutions. Laura
                                                                                                lations all around. Also in FL (Winter
Manfre is involved with multicultural
                                                                                                Springs) is Cristine Bischof, who left in ’90.
marketing at the Home Depot’s home office
                                                                                                She continues working for Lanier, keeping
in Atlanta. She and her husband Chuck are
                                                                                                the accounts straight. Isabel (Huwart)
pleased with the recovery their son Dante
                                                                                                White and her family, who are now in
has made, as a result of a life-saving liver    Legal Eagles: Rasina Rubin & her brother        Grand Prairie, TX, have reason to cele-
transplant from his Aunt Cristina last year.    Firdause.                                       brate—she and Greg have added a lovely
He received much attention in the local and
                                                                                                daughter, Sophie Marie, to their family.
national media and will be representing         Congratulations. Chad Toleafoa is far from      Born 2 Dec, she is being well cared for by
Children’s Hospital of Atlanta in this year’s   the shores of Western Somoa; he is living in    her brothers, Joseph and David. Associate
Children’s Miracle Network fundraising          Salt Lake City, Utah. Also in that general      Erin O’Brien lives in NYC, but works in NJ
campaign.                                       part of the continent is Kyle Glidewell (Fort   as an 8th grade Language Arts and                         Collins, CO). Marc Hurfeld is in Shanghai,      Journalism teacher. She looks forward to                         China, where he is Associate Director of        hearing from former classmates, like Mary                           Jones Lang LaSalle. Marc has acquired an        Telling, Charlie Englehart, and the Mellet’s,                       impressive list of credentials along the way.   particularly at the 10th anniversary of the                    Congratulations.                                class. Reunion anyone? Carla Campoy, who                            Kelli S.:               left in ’91, has turned up in Madrid, Spain,
                                                            as Marketing Manager for Unico Communi-
                                                           cation. Another communicator is Sophie
                      Ms. Samantha Dennis                        Philippa, who is with British Telecom in
                     Euchan Bridge Cottage
                                                Firdause R.:                Brussels. She found the time to raise lots of
                       DG4 6LA Sanquhar,
                                  Dumfries                            tombola prizes for the Tom O’Donnell
                           United Kingdom       Kyle G.:             Tournament in March. Suzanne (Lindstrom)
               marc.hurfeld@ap.joneslanglasalle                Khairallah is now married and living in
                                                                                                Cairo, Egypt, working as Manager, Financial
Should you find yourself in Broken Arrow,                                                       Analysis Group, Procter & Gamble.
Oklahoma, look up Kelli (Creswell) Self.                                                        Congratulations.
Dr. Kristiina Jalas continues residing in                                             
London. She and Katariina met up with                                                           Cristine B.:
former classmate Rasina Rubin there last
January for a bit of reminiscing. Since         MOVING?                               
leaving Waterloo in ’91, Rasina has been           If you have moved this spring, or  
busy, having done A levels, then studied at
the Sorbonne, and then law at the Univ. of
                                                   completed university, please try to
Bristol in the UK, where she was called to         remember to notify the Alumni      
the English Bar in ’99. Since then she has         office of your change of address.  
worked in Hong Kong and is now a private                                              
                                                   Often the magazine is sent to your
banker in Singapore. Her brother, Firdause,
who also attended SJ, recently graduated in
                                                   old address, only to be returned, at
law from the Univ. of Durham, UK, and is           a considerable fee. Your timely
launching his own legal career. Katariina          notification of a new address
herself has returned to the classroom, having      would save us some money.
started an Executive MBA program in
January at the London Business School.

                                                                                                                   The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 7

                       Ms. Francesca Catarinella                              Ms. Sarah G. Harding      Best of luck. Junko Kanda is into her second
                                Via S. Ruffino 23                             5804 Merton Ct #183       year of a Management Training Program
                                     10090 Trana                               Alexandria VA 22311      with JP Morgan in Singapore. She was kind
                                             Italy                                   703-567-7801       enough to try to help place another SJ alum
                              (39) 011 935-5038                   
                                                                                                        into an internship. Associate Carson McCoy
                                                                      Niclas Eriksson left his job      checked in from somewhere in Virginia,
Lawrence Fox, who left in ’93, has settled in        with Worldwide Promotions for a new                having left Waterloo in ’92. Sabina Ansar is
Basingstoke, UK, where he is a Financial             position with Octagon, working on the              in Gothenburg, Sweden. Julie Ruquois is an
Analyst, having earned an honors degree at           MasterCard account, for managing its               architect in Brussels. Associate Mara
Leeds in Int’l Business Finance. Gregory             sponsorship of football (Champions League          Gaulzetti is in Somerville, outside of
Bertholet, along with his brother Arnaud             & 2004 European Championships in                   Boston, MA. Michelle Czirjak, who left just
’93, and their parents, have expanded their          Portugal). He is still based in Waterloo.          prior to graduation, is in Arlington, VA,
business in the center of Bastogne with the          Louise Sandmark was kind enough to                 where she continues as a Consultant with
addition of a hotel to their already very            update the class rep: Three years ago she          American Management Systems.
successful restaurant. If you ever visit that        graduated from Edinburgh Univ. with an   
historic town, be sure to stop by for a great        MA in International Business and French. 
meal, and now accommodations. Associate              Soon thereafter she started working for a
                                                     multinational company in Paris as an inter-
                                                     national sales executive. After a lot of travel,
                                                     she was promoted and most recently was             Carson Mc.:
                                                     reportedly residing in The Netherlands,
                                                     where she is responsible for developing the
                                                     Scandinavian market. Her parents are in
                                                     Paris. She looks forward to hearing from 
                                                     classmates. Katharina Ullmann is in      
                                                     Telluride, Colorado.
The Bertholet team – prepared to serve and to
accommodate you.                                                                        Mr. Jonathan Saylors
                                                                                              655 W Irving Park
Megan Van Arsdale has relocated within                                                                     Apt 4104
Louisville, but continues as Asst. Golf                                                                                           Chicago, IL 60613
Course Superintendent of the Valhalla Golf                                                                                           (312) 498-9730
Club there. Ryan Coleman, who left in ’88,                                                                                          jonathan_saylors
                                                                                Ms. Guilia Prenna
is in Toronto. Will Henebry presumably has                                                                                  
                                                                     1024 North Stanley Ave Apt 6
had good days at Blackrock, Co. Dublin;                                                                                                           or
                                                                       West Hollywood, CA 90046
nice to hear from him after a hiatus. Stephen                                                                                 Mr. David De Visscher
                                                                                  (323) 822-9812
Sequeira has relocated to Minneapolis, MN,                                                                   
no doubt for the weather. Katie Jackman                                                                 Pascale Berthier achieved a ‘first’ in Fine Art
reportedly was getting married this month                            Louise Farrington started
                                                                                                        as part of her BA at Camberwell School of
in NYC to a Russian economist. Perhaps               working full-time in January on the staff at
                                                                                                        Art in London and has continued her
more details will follow.                            St. John’s in Pre-Kindergarten. Megan
                                                                                                        studies at the Chelsea College of Art for a                                        McIntyre now calls Fort Worth, TX, home,
                                                                                                        post-graduate diploma. From there it may be
                                                     where she works as an underwriter for
Gregory B.:                                                                    on to graduate school for an MA. Well done.
                                                     Countrywide Financial. Meg earned a BA in                                                                                      Also studying the arts—performing arts—in
                                                     Journalism at the Univ. of TX in Arlington.                                                                               London is Associate Stephanie Fastré. She
                                                     Yujeong Lee, world-class cellist, and former                                                                                    planned on seeing Hugo Harold-Harrison
                                                     student, stopped by the school in January to                                                                          ’97, who is starring in the musical Fame in
                                                     say hello to some teachers and to do a bit of
                                                                                                        the West End theatre district of London.
                                                     research, as she plotted the next move in her
                                                                                                        Also in London is Marie Lagerwall.
40 Years,                                            musical career, which could take her to
                                                                                                        Cassandra Hodziewich, who left in ’95,
40 Reasons to Give                                   London. She had been in Seoul, and before
                                                                                                        earned a BS from St. Joseph’s Univ. in
                                                     that, in NYC, where she recorded a CD.
Friendships formed there                                                                                Philadelphia, as a Phi Beta Kappa scholar,
                                                     Best of luck; keep us posted. Former student
                                                                                                        and is now in her 2nd year of medical school
remain important to me                               Amy Magdanz should be finished with law
                                                                                                        at the Univ. of Maryland in Baltimore.
                                                     school—Washington College of Law—in
today.                                               DC by now and studying for her bar exam.
                                                                                                        Congratulations. Also accumulating some
                                                                                                        impressive credentials is Anna Asa Persson,

 8   The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                                          CLASS NEWS

now in Stockholm. She has earned an MA in
Int’l Relations and Modern History, and
another MA in Environment, Culture, and
Society—one from St. Andrew’s, the other         Anna P.:
from Lancaster Univ. Isabelle Ulfsdotter is      Isabelle U.:
completing her studies at the American
Univ. of Paris, graduating with a double
major in Computer Science and
International Economics. That’s admirable!
                                                                                                     Laura Taylor & Paul outside their cottage.
Aerospace Engineer Derek Inaba has got 
himself launched into an exciting career
                                                                                                                                Mr. Andrew Bouda
with Lockheed Martin Space Systems, work-        Kevin R.:
                                                                                                                                          Jankova 4
ing in Denver on a project known as the                                                                                              160 00 Prague
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It involves a                                                                                          Czech Republic
satellite going to Mars in a year or so that                                    Mr. Zafiris Vartis                                 420-732-633657
should be able to provide photos of unprece-                                          Varnali 14                 
dented resolution. Meanwhile, he continues                                       59200 Naoussa                                                   or
his studies at the Univ. of Southern Calif.                                                Greece                                 Mr. Ryan Sigouin
through distance education. He promises to                                    (30) 233 2052501                                 1217-160 Chapel St
                                                                                                 K1N8P5 Ottawa Ontario
keep us posted. Before leaving the Seattle
area, he happened to meet Jamie Glidewell        Jeewon Rhyu has been studying Business at                                          (613) 562-0507
in a bank—small world. Taylor Latour left        the Univ. of Minnesota in Duluth. Mariam                             
England for Tempe, Arizona, where he is          Halstead is an Administrative Assistant/
slated to study intensively the Recording        Paralegal in training for a law firm in the         Associate Sarah Thompson is in Nepean,
Arts for a year. Meanwhile, he continues to      Arlington, VA area. She has also been               Canada, studying Business Administration
write music. Associate Jennifer O’Brien          attending Northern VA Community                     and Finance at Algonquin College. Kyong-
lives in Brooklyn, NY, working in the PR         College in Alexandria, studying Fine Arts.          Eun Lee is enjoying her time studying
department at Lancome, a branch of Loreal.       Thanks for the update. Gabriel Sanchiz-             Illustration at the Cleveland Institute of Art
                           Grainne Gough         Garin, who is studying architecture in              in Ohio. The weather and the size of the
                           and her fiancé        London, visited the school in February, and         school evoke memories of SJ, which she
                           Noel are expect-      could appreciate the finely designed build-         misses and hopes to revisit someday.
                           ing a baby in a       ings that have been added to the campus.            Michael Blattner still has a Belgian address,
                           few months. They      Magali Jaumol was also there; she is study-         but may actually be on another continent.
                           live in Belfast,      ing International Business in the UK. It was        Erik Petersson is graduating from the
                           No. Ireland, where    great to see them both. Laura Taylor is in          London School of Economics (LSE) with
                           she works in the      Oxfordshire working at an Estate Agent,             his BSc in Accounting and Finance.
                           Civil Service. She    and enjoying a lovely cottage set on a manor        Subsequently he plans to join Goldman
                           enjoys revisiting     ground In a slightly different setting, no          Sachs there in the Investment Management
                           Waterloo, where       doubt, Paul Gibbons is studying and thaw-           Division. Prior to that, though, it’s off to
                           her parents reside,   ing out at North Dakota State Univ. in              NYC for some training. Somehow, he has
Grainne Gough, Irish lass,                                                                           managed to continue a high level of tennis
                           and reconnecting      Fargo. Mark Blunk continues his Advanced
enjoying a laugh.                                                                                    playing, which was one of his trademarks at
                           with      friends.    Math studies at UCLA. David Boylan and
Alison Borthwick is in Canterbury complet-       family have relocated to Petersfield in the         SJ. At LSE, he was captain of the Men’s first
ing her year of teacher training. Anouk          UK.                                                 team for two years. He also competed for
Vandeneijnde is working as a journalist in                                                           the Univ. of London Men’s first team, for
Brussels, writing columns for the well-                                                              which he was awarded ‘full colors’ (a purple
known and popular weekly English                                                                     jacket). Well done. Alejandro Gutierrez is
                                                                         studying Theatre at Frostburg State in
language magazine, The Bulletin. Class Rep
                                                                   Maryland. Danny Kambe is back in Tokyo.
David De Visscher is in Brussels, possibly
                                                                       Oscar Sundholm has finished his time
working as an architect. Associate Kevin
Rogers, from somewhere in the tundra of          Mark B.:                   abroad in NYC and is returning to Europe
Minnesota, would like to hear from Lucy                            for further studies. During spring break, like
Germain, James Hensher and Isabelle U. It                                                            other alumni, he returned to Waterloo,
sounds like he is working in cabaret theatre,                                                        caught ISST fever, and spent hours in the
and enjoying it.                                 Let us know what’s happening in your life!
                                                                                                     new arena, watching some excellent basket-

                                                                                                The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 9

ball. Allison McLane also plans to return to      studying at Grinnell in Iowa, but reportedly    Mathilda, her sister, is at UMIST in
Waterloo, tearing herself away from the           would be doing a summer internship in           Manchester, studying and celebrating when
Univ. of Denver to be here for the SJ             Denmark concerning fisheries and develop-       her university soccer team wins. Ben
graduation, when her brother Chris gets his       ment. Don’t ask. Associate Jennifer Boylan      Morgan is also there, so he no doubt helps
diploma. Heejoon Ryu has returned to              expects to complete an MA in French at St.      her balance her time between the library and
Seoul. Tenji Nsingo and her sister Betty ’01,     Andrews in Scotland by next year.               the pubs. Vanessa Goddevrind is studying at
are studying at Towson State in Maryland.                             Schiller Int’l Univ. in Madrid. Billy
Nearby, Associate Alessandra Manfre is                         Mainguy, who was here a couple of times,
graduating from Goucher College and, as                            but had to say farewell in ’99, is studying
her father says, ‘joining the real world.’        Andrew M.:                   Economics at Queen’s Univ. in West
Having earned a BA in Economics and                               Vancouver. It appears he was also an intern
Political Science from Northwestern Univ.,                                                        with Palmer Jarvis DDB. Class Rep Jason
Serdjan Balach is not going far away—                                                             Touw is now also a Resident Assistant at
                                                                                Mr. Jason Touw
Chicago—where he will be an analyst with a                                                        Lynn Univ. in Boca Raton. In March Max
                                                                                Lynn University
consulting firm dealing with management                                       3601 No. Military   Majewski rolled in from Dusseldorf to drop
strategy. Wendy Marshall is in Pretoria,                                Boca Raton, FL 33431      off the first draft of his science fiction novel
South Africa.                                                                   (561) 302-4599    for Mr. Tobin to look over. He has put his                                         filmmaking career aside in favor of writing.                                                                          or
                                                                            Ms. Antonia Strom
Michael B.:
                                                                       60 Thomas More Street                                                   St. Katherine’s Docks
Alejandro G.:                                          E1W1YJ London                                                                      UK                                             Ben M.:
Allison Mc.:
                                                                            Ms. Bianca Hutton                                                             10 Campbell Dr
Tenji N.:                                              Norse Hall 1304
Betty N.:                              Highland Heights KY 41076
Alessandra M.:                                             Associate Lindsey Magdanz is currently                              majoring in biochemistry at Clemson Univ.
                                                  in South Carolina. In the UK, associate
                                 Ms. Sian Leech   Claire Morgan is studying at the Univ. of
                         10 Westholme Gardens
                          NE15 6QL Newcastle
                                                  Portsmouth, with a BA (hons) in Illustration    40 Years,
                                                  as part of her future. Meghan Newlund,
                                     Upon Tyne    who left in ’01, is at Ball State Univ. in      40 Reasons to Give
                               United Kingdom
                                                  Indiana, where she serves in the Student         The extra help from
                             (44) 191 256-8420
                  Government Association, while majoring in
                                                  Public Relations and Spanish. She misses her     counselors and support
                           Ms. Courtney Dwyer     former classmates. Not far away, in              service teachers made a big
                            947 Greenwood Ave     Bloomington, is Associate Daniel Keeley,
                          Ann Arbor, MI 48109     who is studying at Indiana Univ. Class Rep
                                                                                                   difference in my language
                        Antonia Strom is studying at the London          acquisition and education.
Associate Billy Bischof is studying at Stetson    School of Economics & Political Science.
Univ. Associate Felix Happel was in London
at the European Business School, but may
have transferred to Bentley College in
Massachusetts. Tine Aatangen is in
Vancouver, BC, Canada. Marcus Westberg                  From the Lion.
is studying at the Univ. of Queensland in
Australia, while Andrew Madadha has                     A monthly enewsletter—between issues of The Lion’s Pride—goes out to
settled into Harrisonburg, VA, at James                 those alumni for whom we have an email address. If you are not
Madison Univ. Mark Gardiner has been                    receiving it, go to our website at and then to the Alumni
                                                        section and let us know your latest info. Or send me an address and any
                                                        other news at
10 The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                                       CLASS NEWS

                 Ms. Claire Anderson-Wheeler     Hartford in Connecticut (Is dad or mom                                            Send info to
                        reading this?). She has changed her major to                       
                                          or     Criminal Justice, so she cannot get too
                          Ms. Gretchen Kissel                                                                        Frans van Zeeland, who left
                                                 carried away, and she is pledging a sorority.                       in ’98, is in Oak Ridge,
                          6504 Gleneagles Dr
                                                 Linda Westberg has migrated to Australia,                           North Carolina, and sends
                              Tyler TX 75703
                where she is studying Commerce at the                               greetings to former class-
                                          or     Univ. of Sydney.                                 mates. He hopes to visit the Netherlands
                     Mr. Christopher Warner      Ovidiu O.:                  this summer and may be able to stop by the
                                      school. Let us know when. Katy White finds
                                           ot                      herself in Plymouth, Michigan, and would
                           Ms. Claire Watson
                                                 Leander S.:    like to hear from former classmates.
                                                 Claudia S.:                 Frans vanZ.:
From Scotland—St. Andrew’s—comes word                            KatyW.:
that Ovidiu Olea is enjoying his study of        Johanna S.:
International Relations and Economics,           Mary W.:                                             Send info to
such that he would like to intern in Japan, as
                                                 Maheen G.:                                     
he knows that language and culture. Good
luck. Victoria Borthwick is also there.
                                                 Michelle VanS.:
Associates Marco Vanini and Bill Lowden
stopped by the school in Jan. to check out
the new facilities and see former teachers.
Marco lives in Waterloo and is studying
                                                                                  Send info to
Business at Louvain, while Bill is officially
                                                                       40 Years,
enrolled at Bristol Univ. in the UK,
although his semi-pro rugby career often has
                                                                                                  40 Reasons to Give
                                                                 Jared Deering is poised to
him in Scotland for practices and games.                         graduate from high school         One of the keys to our
Malim Holmlund is studying Media and                             in Winter Park, FL, armed
Communications at the Univ. of London.
                                                                                                   choosing St. John’s was the
                                                                 with an IB. Well done.
Leander Schaerlaeckens has also joined the (parent)                presence of nuns and brothers
growing list of alumni who similarly call                                                          on the staff.
London home; he is studying at City
University. He also managed to show up for
the basketball ISSTs in March to support his
former teammates. Also in London
(Metropolitan Univ.), and also at the ISSTs                     A ST. JOHN’S
was Claudia Sanchiz. Michael Ford has
found a happy spot at Ohio Univ. In central
Pennsylvania, Johanna Simpson is quite
pleased with Dickinson College. Mary
Warmka has been accepted into the School
of Communications at Florida State Univ
and has joined a sorority, where she encoun-
tered a former middle school classmate from
Argentina. On her trips home to her parent’s
in Virginia, she met up with Johanna and
Yinka Abioye ’02; he is at the Univ. of VA.
She also heard that Johanna, Kristen Floyd,
and Aaron Rossi got together on spring
break in Calif. Maheen Ghani has returned
to Lahore, Pakistan. Thomas Geelen now
calls Rotterdam home, at least during the
academic year of Erasmus Univ. Michelle                          White wonderland in the playground. St. John's primary students enjoy
Van Syckel, who left SJ in ’99, is, in her                       an unusually heavy (for Belgium) snowfall this past winter. They still
words, ‘having a blast’ at the Univ. of                          had classes, however.

                                                                                                                    The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 11

            this just in…
                                                 Carmela Barcia ’84 reportedly is in          Johan Sjobeck ’92 is an IT lawyer in
                                                 Senegal, serving as a Spanish diplomat.      Stockholm.
                                                 Samantha Bolton ’84A is in Geneva            Diego Geltsch, ’92A is in Sao Paulo,
                                                 working for the World Health Organi-         Brazil, working for Mackenzie Interna-
                                                 zation, in charge of Advocacy and            tional Trade. He visited the school in April
                                                 Communication on HIV.                        for the first time in 15 years, recalling
                                                       some fond memories in the process.
                                                 Janmari Hallahan ’85 continues working
                                                 for the US State Dept, residing in           Laura Mann ’93A is in Shiogama, Japan
                                                 Arlington, VA.                               as an Assistant Language Teacher.
                                                 Diana Kollacks ’87 is managing customer      Todd Glidewell ’96 has married another
                                                 relations for Allstate Insurance in          SJ alum, Sarah Shilling; they have two
    Brian Keegan with his family and Judith
                                                 Chicago. She, Jennifer (Wood) Ward           daughters and are living in VA. A trip to
    Hoskins on a campus tour.
                                                 ’87A and Vanessa Naylor ’87A had a           Europe to see old friends is being consid-
                                                 mini-reunion last month for Jennifer’s       ered. Congratulations.
   Brian Keegan ’77 and his family visited       daughter’s baptism – Catherine Zoe Ward.
   the school last month, his first time back    Vanessa lives in London; her own
   in 27 years. One of his former English        daughter Megan recently celebrated her       Class Rep Sarah (Gardiner) Harding ’96
   teachers, Ms. Judith Hoskins, was on          2nd birthday. Diana and Jennifer reside in   and her husband visited associate Martha
   hand to welcome them, during the Easter       Chicago.                                     White and Nate in San Francisco not long
   break. She immediately recognized him,                          ago, the first time they had reminisced in
   despite the many years, which caused his                                                   a decade or so.
   daughters, Nicole and Lauren, to wonder                                                    Martha White:
   what their father had done that caused
   him to be so unforgettable. Brian is                                                       Marie Lagerwall-Makuvise ’98 appears to
   Managing Director of JP Morgan in                                                          have married. She is working at the
   NYC. His wife Denise is a New Yorker                                                       London School of Economics as Editorial
   whose family is from Greece, so they                                                       Assistant for the International Biblio-
   related well to the hit movie, My Big Fat                                                  graphy of the Social Sciences. Congratu-
   Greek Wedding. The family speaks Greek                                                     lations.
   and visits Greece often. Brian was                                               
   impressed with all the changes in the                                                      Sara Sundholm ’03, in the midst of a gap
   school’s campus.                                                                           year, is traveling the world, visiting class-                                                                     mates and places, like Thailand,
   Joanie Brooks-Lindsay ’78A and her                                                         Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, with
   family this month left sunny Napa, Calif.     L to R: Vanessa Naylor, Jennifer Ward, &     Fiji and some place called California to
   for northern Virginia to rejoin the Foreign   Diana Kollacks                               follow. She drops us a line from the air-
   Service, awaiting an overseas assignment.                                                  ports just before take-off. In Sydney, she
   Good luck.                                    Greg Von Holle ’87A is in Cincinnati,        linked up with Alex de Boissezon ’02,
                                                 Ohio.                                        Geoff Mugliston ’02, Linda Westberg
                                                                   ’03, and Angela Cobb ’03A.
   Brad Clason ’78A is self-employed, living                                        
   in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.                 Fredrik Errestad ’91 is in Åre, Sweden,                    where he is Front Desk & Guest Service       Yuzhong Bi ’04A, who left in ’97 while in
                                                 Manager for a resort known as SkiStar. He    Grade 5, is in Toronto. He would love to
   Tom Rinker ’79A re-established contact;       reminds alumni to not forget to have         hear from former classmates and friends.
   he is in Canada.                              some fun.                                              

12 The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                              CLASS NEWS

40th Anniversary Update!
Lost Lions…no email or regular mailing address on the alumni data base.
(If you have contact with any of them, please let them know. We’d like to hear from them at
If you sent your address in, and your name still appears on the list, our apologies.)

1974                                         1984                                         1989
Daphne Ann Perkins                           Millan Alvarez-Miranda; Patrick Brochez;     Amy Beckett; Mike Kinzer; Allison Myers;
                                             Linda Cavanna; Francois Dubruel de           Warren O’Connor; Peter Paul Oosterman;
1975                                         Broglio; William French; Todd Gallichant;    Santiago Pons.
Russell Foster; James Lachaussie;            Bendu Johnson; Saidi Mlewa; Bonnie
Valarie Lindsey; Michael Louton;             Powell; Nadia (Verheyden) Powell;            1990
Hélène Walton; Suzanne Wijkander.            Michael Spitze; Erik Vos; Sabina             Elizabeth Husby; Hany Kamel; Tonya
                                             (Tierelinckx) Wainwiller; Yeibiri            Mittag; Davinder Prakash; Keshav
1976                                         Zuokumor.                                    Prakash; Eric Running; Karin Tuukkanen;
Olodele Akinyele; Carter Benjamin; Jon                                                    Francesca Veldhuzen; Robert Wharton.
Hager; Douglas Harris; Janni Holt Larsen.    1985
                                             Erik Bacho; Christina Dorson-King;           1991
1977                                         Barbara Eugster; Frank Gagliano; Marie-      Alexander Scott; Stuart Dennis; Frederick
Olufunke Akinyele; Cheryl (Hall) Amey;       Theresa Griscavage; Christopher Hanson;      du Hane; Patrick Myers; Annelli Örbom;
Gwen Hardison; Gregory Hebert;               Njaal Haugen; Loretta Lodrini; Veronica      Xavier Perez; Natasha Smith; Sarah
Michael Korican; Pascale (Musch)             Mlewa; Athanassios Petridis; Mary Louise     Taylor; Quirine van den Born.
Maquinay; Mary (Sargeant) Ramies;            (Emplaincourt) Smith; Jason Stanford.
Patricia Walker.                                                                          1992
                                             1986                                         Wahb Dahak; Niels De Wit; Jason
1978                                         Izmeer Ahamat; Steve Filipov; David          Doeler; Brendan Englehart; Christian
Stacy Hall; Tracy Hall; Gérard Wright;       Fried Smith; Mitchell Greenblott; Bryan      Jiru; Erik Martin Jönsson; Stephanie
Ann Collins.                                 Horadam; Mustafa Johnson; Joseph             Plumecocq; Altaf Qader; Byung Wook
                                             Johnson II; Paul Joldersma; Margarita        Sohn; Eriko Totsuka.
                                             (Griscavage) Laurient; John O’Brien;
Diane Ciasullo; Tiernan Dolan;                                                            1993
                                             Johanna Oduyemi; Duncan Roche.
Judith Rowland.                                                                           Lynsey Adams; Heriko DeGasperi; Austin
                                             1987                                         Farrell; Jonathan Fawbush; Richard Hart;
1980                                                                                      Catriona Jones; Adophe Marrache;
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Souto; Luiz Souto; Franco Caterini.
                                             Holm; Charlotte Janes; Francis Kambona;
                                             Diana Lewis; Thierry Logiest; Anne-Marie     1994
1981                                                                                      Elena Almagro; Thomas Bjellaas; Stephen
Farzin Arsanjani; Nicole Colcaire;           Marino Mortera; Kaoru Matsuda; Wendy
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Helen Palim; Jane Strickler.                                                              Gardiner; Charlotte Lang; Young-Ki Lee;
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Peter Bakker; Jacqueline Cassidy.
                                             Renato Frediani; Malcolm Jere; Victoria      Waedemon; Sophie Wolters.
1983                                         Kambona; Sylvia Schmidt; Yasser Suwesi;      The Lost Lions list will continue in the
Panagiota Drouvis; Rosemarie Griscavage;     John Todd; Susanne Williams; Tom             next issue of The Pride.
Pedro Sallent; Catherine Byrne.              Zacharkevics; Idan Zareski.

                                                                                                           The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 13

Margaret & Roy Hoskin, former parents, stopped by the
school this spring for a campus tour and visit, arranged                                            In Palm Beach, Jorgé and Florence
by their friends, Rita & John Greene. They were part of                                             Marroig-Tagle have a new email address.
the parent community in the early 1980s, when their                                       
son and daughter, Alan & Helen, graduated from the                                                  In Winter Springs, Barbara Bischof
school. They continue to reside in Belgium.                                                         announces that Bill has retired, or semi-
                                                                                                    retired, giving them more time to share and
                                                                                                    more time for him to work on all the post-
 Australia                                                                                          poned projects. Best of luck.
 The Frews (Scott, Christine, & Jackson) are
 off to Killara, NSW.
                                                  Switzerland                                       Georgia
                                                  The Simmonds family (Michael, Isabelle,           The Tatum family (Kyle, Loretta, Caroline,
 Germany                                          Thomas, & Benjamin) is now in Richterswil.        and Mariah) is in Kennesaw. They would like
 Kevin Singel and Laura Hoeppner and the                                                            to hear from St. John’s classmates and friends.
 children, Will and Ellen, left at Christmas
 and are now settled in Unterschleissheim.
                                                  Ray Humphreys, husband of Tessa and               lllinois
                                                  father of Elaine and Adèle ’98, died Jan. 8th     The McCurry family (Scott, Trixley, &
 Italy                                            following a hard battle with cancer. Our          Steven) has settled in Sarasota. The Beatty
 Chris and Betty Manfre continue to reside        condolences to the family; may he rest in         family (Eric, Janet, Henry, Gretchen, &
 in Milan, keeping busy with keeping up           peace.                                            Clara) are happy in their new home in
 with their three daughters and two grand-                                                          Winnetka.
 children. Besides traveling to the states
 occasionally to visit with family and friends,
                                                  The Nieto family (Andres, Carolina &
 Betty has become a center of activity on all
                                                  Daniel) is now in Caracas.
 matters related to lace-making. Chris is
 holding Citigroup together in that part of
 the world, and is thankful not to have to
 travel too much any longer.                                         USA
 Japan                                            Former Board Chairman Alain Fastré has
                                                  settled in Campbell, where he works for
 In Tokyo, the email address for Yoshi and        Nokia.
 Yoshiko Kanda has changed.                                          The Beatty family.
                                                  Connecticut                                       Indiana
 New Zealand                                      The Lacina family (Douglas, Elizabeth,
                                                  Brian, & Patrick) is now in West Hartford.
                                                                                                    The Abuaita family (Omar, Jennifer, &
                                                                                                    Alexander) is in Columbus.
 The Jolly family (Tanya, Bill, Sarah, &
 Jamie) now call Palmerston North home.                                                                                Florida                                           Louisiana
                                                  The Wilczek family (Jerry, Kate, Kalen, &         Rogers and Jackie Reeves have relocated to
 South Africa                                     Jake) is in Cocoa Beach. It sounds as if every-
                                                  one has adjusted well back to the states and
                                                                                                    Lake Charles.
 The Hitchcock family (Basia, Julian, Simon,
                                                  to the school situation. Congratulations
 and Kelly) has relocated to Umhlanga Rocks,
                                                  especially to Kalen and Jake on all their

14 The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                              F O R M E R S TA F F

Mike and Elie Devlin have relocated to
                                               Hungary Prague, Richard and Carol
                                               After six years in
Framingham, where he is VP for Tax Issues
                                               Dulac are moving in June to Budapest,
for Staples.                     Hungary to work at the American Intern-
                                               ational School there. Richard will do high
Missouri                                       school art, while Carol will inspire 5th
Renee and Mike Hilz have returned to the       graders. They are looking forward to their
St. Louis area.                                new adventure.                    

New Jersey
The Kuchinski family (Kevin, Leslie, Ryan,     Japan
& Brennan) is in Pennington.                   In Tokyo, Johanna Bambridge continues as       Chris Mahoney & Michelle in southern
                                               Elementary Principal at Seisen International   California.
New Mexico                                     School (all girls). She, John, and the
Robert and Ellen Manogue are living in         children, Juliana and Joseph, stopped by       to Michelle, with June 2005, as the target
Albuquerque.                                   Waterloo for a few days near the end of        month for the big ceremony. Congratu-
                                               March. It was a chance for them to show off    lations and best wishes.
Karen Setzfand has relocated to Westlake.      the Japanese they are learning. Conversely                                 John is busy teaching English to the
                                                                                              Cherie (Allemand) Sckorohod is a 5th
                                               Japanese business community. It was excit-
The Stagaman family (Joe, KC, Chloe, &                                                        grade teacher at Bellevue Christian School
                                               ing for former colleagues and families to be
John) now lives in Cincinnati. A year ago                                                     in Redmond, WA. Her oldest son is
                                               reunited with them.
they welcomed a new young lady, Elise                                                         married, graduated from the Univ. of
Katherine, into the family. Joe continues as                                                  North Dakota, and an instructor pilot in
                                                                                              the Seattle area. Her second son is off to
a VP for AC Nielsen.
                                               USA                                            Australia for a semester abroad at the Univ.
                                               Andrea and Wayne Gaulzetti wave to             of Sydney. Her youngest daughter is a
The McKinney family (Richardson, Chris         everyone who flies into Boston from their      freshman at Washington State Univ.
’76, Jono ’80A, Rick ’80A, & Cricket) was      home on a spit of land (Nahant) jutting into
profoundly saddened to say farewell to         the harbor.
Betsy, their wife, mother, grandmother, and
guiding light for many decades. She fell
                                               Sheryl Salem and Brad Kurtz have adjusted      Stuart Lyon is happily
victim to cancer in November. The family
                                               to the American School of Guatemala,           teaching at a private
was a vital part of the St. John’s community
                                               where she is Curriculum Coordinator.           school in ‘Bonnie
from 1967—1976, and continues to stay
very connected with us. May she rest in                          Scotland’ near Aberdeen.
peace.                                                                                        He was able to enjoy a
                                               Christine Waggoner is a Principal in the                                                                                St. John’s visit in
                                               Charlotte—Mecklenburg School system in
                                                                                              December, meeting
                                               North Carolina. Christine was on the staff
Virginia                                                                                      former colleagues and
                                               at SJ from ’79 to ’92.
Paula and Alan Kugelman have relocated to                                                     students and seeing the
                                                          new additions to the
Potomac Falls. They send their regards to
friends and families whom they knew while      Chris Mahoney, Middle School Principal,        campus.                  Stuart Lyon
in Waterloo.                                   Buckley Country Day School, in Great                               Neck, NY, has announced his engagement

                                                                                                              The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 15

                             round                         he ampus
Smells Like
                                         Teen—and team—spirit were in abundance           game was rela-
                                         at this year’s International Schools’ Sports     tively close as the
                                         Tournament (ISST) for varsity basketball         pesky      Hague
                                         (Men’s and Women’s) hosted by ISB and St.        team, led by
                                         John’s 10-13 March.                              ultimate Scott

Teen Spirit!                             Marc Poncelet ’77 had called me from
                                         Atlanta (I live in NYC), and asked me if I
                                         wanted to join him, George Biry ’77A, Marc
                                                                                          Baillie Award
                                                                                          Stephens, and 7'
                                                                                          center, Philip

                                         Messier ’78, Chris Codelli ’78, Christine        van der Krogt,
By David Simpson                         Veenendaal ’77 and some select others to         hung in there
                                         celebrate the occasion, catch up on Brussels     and kept the
(A St. John’s student in the third       and hit a few cafés in the process.              score close. In
grade in ’65 and a die-hard Lions                                                         the end, though,
                                         To the planned reunion of sorts: “‘Tis a no
Booster today!)                                                                           St. John’s stellar
                                         brainer,” I said, “I’m soooooo in!” So off I
                                         flew on 3/11 from Newark non-stop to             team play and
                                         Zaventem. (As it turns out, only George          defensive pres-
                                         Biry and I made the trip. The others bagged      sure wore them
                                         out citing some lame excuses having to do        down and they Benjamin Dupont makes
                                         with work, family and other trivial              succumbed by two on a fast break.
                                         priorities!)                                     12. Frankfurt
                                                                                          International stomped Cairo in the other
                                         I made it to Waterloo just in time for the       semi-final match and so the table was set for
                                         9.30AM St. John’s Men’s Quarterfinal             Saturday’s final between FIS and your still
                                         tip-off v. Am. School of Paris (ASP). The        undefeated (yes, 35-0) St. John’s Lions.
                                         Lions raced out to a quick lead on some
                                         long-range jumpers by the feisty Yugoslav,       So, enough hoops for one day! Jack Lyons,
                                         Petar Joksimovic, a reincarnation, some-         head of Alumni relations at STJ, gave
                                         what, of the Piston’s now retired Bill           George Biry and me a tour of the campus,
                                         Lambeer (you know, the guy with the              featuring the new Middle School and
                                         scowls, elbows flying, in-your-face,             Performing Arts Center in the making.
                                         tenacious defense, etc.). Some good inside       (Note: The school sure has come a long way
                                         play by the Erol brothers, Hakan and             since my day, when papyrus was in abun-
                                         Serkan, and a long-range shooting display        dance, and it’s good to see a program so
                                         by sophomore sensation, Benjamin Dupont,         committed and invested in the students’
                                         and St. John’s coasted. The only thing left to   future.) After the guided tour and the trip
                                         watch as the lead grew into the 30’s was the
                                                                                               Lindsay Augustine was selected to
                                         amusing antics of the ASP coach as he
                                                                                               the All-Tournament team.
   Petar Joksimovic & Coach Davis show   steamed, vented and chewed out his players
   off the 1st place team trophy.        for miscue upon miscue by his clearly over-
                                         powered team.
                                         A quick nap and a stop at the local
                                         Carrefour for some Cote d’Or, and it was
                                         back to the arena for some more hoops. ISB
                                         was quickly dismantled by The Hague, who
                                         later met St. John’s in one of the tourna-
                                         ment’s semi-final matches. The semi-final

16 The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                      AROUND THE CAMPUS

            Josh Davis & Ryan Larsen, 11th grade classmates, will return
            for another season next year.

down memory lane, George and I headed            Solid coaching (truly)
downtown to the ’N te Spinnopke restaurant       Lessons learned from last year (STJ’s first
near the Bourse for some much-needed             ISST Championship season), including, “it
moules, frites, and Belgian libation (of the     ain’t over until it’s over”! (Coach Davis told
hops-and-barley kind). In bed by 2AM, and        me later that the win over ISB in last year’s
I passed out from what was one long day.         ISST tournament featured a 20-point come-        Hakan Erol, Laurent Karim, & Josh Davis savor
                                                 back victory by STJ and, with it, immense        the moment.
After some shopping and a walk in the Forêt      confidence knowing that the team could
de Soignes on Saturday, it was back to St.       always comeback from a deficit.)
John’s for the 5.30PM Men’s Final between
the tournament’s top 2 teams, STJ and FIS.       The players are committed to the concept
The lady’s final was a nail-biter down to the    of “team”. (Yes, there are individual stars on
end, with ASL (London) pulling off a 1-          this team but everyone is committed to the
point upset over favored FIS. Could a            Greater Cause and there are no apparent
similar upset be in the making on the men’s      egos.) Everyone on this team understands
side? It wasn’t to be.                           his role, and this is evident by the way each
                                                 approaches and plays the game.
Though FIS and STJ were tied at the half
20-20, largely due to the fact that FIS kept     They pass, they pressure, they come at you
STJ out of its game by working them into a       relentlessly... and their shot selection is
half-court lull, featuring a tightly packed      excellent.
zone defense, which STJ could not take
advantage of due to some horrendous out-         Superior physical conditioning—most of
side shooting, the second half was a whole       STJ’s opponents are doubled over with their
different affair. Before we were even            hands on their knees by the first half mid-
comfortable and settled in our seats, STJ        way mark. At this stage of the game, STJ’s is
pressed and attacked on defense, took away       often just getting warmed up!                    Benjamin Dupont & Hakan Erol with the
the inlet pass and harassed FIS into multiple                                                     game ball.
                                                 One other tidbit that may be of interest...
turnovers, which the Lions converted into        Many people came up to me after the tour-
easy transition baskets. Poor FIS never had a    nament and asked me how I thought this
chance! They fought hard but STJ’s trapping      team would match up against High School
game took the wind out of their sails and        teams from the States. I gave this some
they were outscored by 24-8 in the Third         thought and noted the following:
Quarter. Another brief STJ spurt in the 4th
Quarter, featuring some 3-pt bombs by            Against the large, inner-city public schools,
Petar and Benjamin, plus the cool, penetrat-     which typically have 2000+ students, are
ing play of point guard Josh Davis, and          highly competitive and are feeding grounds
STJ’s pulled their starting 5 with an 18-        for Division I NCAA basketball (and in
point lead with 1.45 to go. From this point      some cases the NBA), STJ would likely meet
on, the second-stringers held off FIS, paving    their match. They could conceivably fall far
the way for a final 58-47 STJ win. Yes, folks,   behind in the early going of a match, but
a perfect 36-0 season!!                          because of their team play and deep bench
                                                 would likely make it close. They might even
Observations re the ISST Champions               pull off the occasional upset of a team high
for 2004, and why they had such an               in talent but not committed to the “team”        Kevin Koval & Serkan Erol with their 1st place
unprecedented season:                            concept.                                         medals.

                                                 continued on page 18

                                                                                                                    The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 17

Against the smaller, suburban private or
public high schools of similar size (300-400
students), I could see them with a superior
record and perhaps even a conference or
district title. (A state title would be tough,
given the large number of schools and the
talent). I also see STJ faring well against
some of the prep schools (boarding schools)
in the Northeast, e.g., Kent, Taft, Hotchkiss,    Ms. Alyson Maybrey, current parent, and Mike     David Simpson, left, '76A, and George Biry,
Exeter, etc., against whom they could no          Mitchell, former coach at SJ, are happily        '77A, enjoying the new SJ arena. David flew
doubt compete.                                    reunited at the ISSTs. Mike came over from       in from NYC, while George hopped over from
                                                  the UK to support the teams.                     England.
Given their success this season, one can
imagine why these kinds of questions are
asked: “Hey! Aren’t there any other worlds
we can conquer here?!” As STJ’s loses only
two players from this year’s team, and is
bringing up some additional talent from the
JV’s for next year, the expectation for another
successful season is high. I’m assuming,
therefore, that the questions and “what-if ’s”
will persist!
Maybe the school can get a couple of U.S.
teams over for next season and put these
theories and arguments to the test!
I flew back to the States on Monday AM                                         The boys' varsity team & managers (Stephanie Dubois on the
and went straight to work back at the ad                                       left & Alex Maybrey)–ISST champs, 2004, with their coach, Mr.
agency in NYC. But I will definitely be back
                                                  A pensive Nadia de           Dennis Davis; school Director, Dr. Joe Doenges at far left; and high
for next season’s boys’ ISST (in the UK, at
                                                  Boissezon '03, who           school Principal, Dr. Nick Miller at far right. Not pictured is asst.
Cobham) and will try to get more of my
                                                  came in from Boston          coach, Mr. Rick Katherman. FEDEX supplied the uniforms for both
STJ breathren into the act. “Marc Poncelet!
                                                  Univ. to catch the action.   varsity teams, so the lions not only played well, but they looked
Dudley Smith! Christopher McKinney!
That means you!”
(Editor’s note: David played high school
basketball in the USA and college basketball
for Washington Univ. in St. Louis. We’re
grateful for his insightful comments and look
forward to seeing him, and many other
alumni, at future ISSTs).

                                                                               The girls' varsity basketball team finished 7th overall in the ISSTs.
                                                                               Coaching the team: Asst. Coach Mr. Mike Augustine; Athletic
                                                                               Director & Head Coach, at right, Mr. Eric Johnson. Front row, L to
                                                                               R: Rachel Youssef, Sarah Katherman, Whitney Webber, Jackie
Andrew Youssef & Steve Katherman, two forwards who saw a lot of                Driscoll, Dionna Shear. 2nd row, Mgr. Stephanie Cannoles, Andrea
playing time this year. They now move to the pitcher's mound of the            Horberg, Sara Massey, Anna Kittl, Valerie von Merveldt, Lindsay
baseball team.                                                                 Augustine, Mariana da Silva Lemos.

18 The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                          P L U S 4 0 C A M PA I G N
                                                             As of 22 April 2004

Invest in St. John’s                                         Director’s Club ($5,000 & above)
                                                             3M Foundation
                                                                                                            Alumni Club ($100 & above)
                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Graham Lythgoe
                                                                                                            McKinney Family
Check out the ‘almost live’ 24/7 Web Cam of the              Mr. & Mrs. Craig Owens                         Mr. & Mrs. Nigel Griffiths
construction of the Performing Arts Center. Go to            Newell-Rubbermaid                              Mr. & Mrs. Harold Radday                            Mr. & Mrs. Rizwan Rawji                        Mr. & Mrs. Mark Achorn
                                                             Hewlitt-Packard                                Anonymous
Donating to the Performing Arts Centre                       Allia Insurance                                Mr. & Mrs. William Beatty
Take a Seat and/or Be a Star                                 PTA                                            Mr. & Mrs. Greg Brinks
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Nigel Wray                          Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Davis
“Buy A Seat” in the Theatre.                                 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mars                          Ms. Lorrie Field
Buy one or more of the 400 theatre seats and have it         Eli Lilly                                      Ms. Felice Green
reserved in your name forever! An engraved seating           Dr. & Mrs. Gregg Codelli                       Mr. Dean Jacoby
diagram in the foyer will reflect your participation.        Brussels Sports Association                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark Malkovich
                                                                                                            Ms. Elizabeth Meyer
Price per seat is $500. Follow Steps 1 or 2 below.           International Club ($1,000 & above)            Mr. & Mrs. Bert O’Donoghue
                                                             ExxonMobil                                     Mr. & Mrs. Ed Rutan
Join the “Hall of Fame” in the PAC                           Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hegnauer                      Mr. Pablo Sanz
If you or your children performed in one or more St.         Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schiller                       Mr. David Schaefer
John’s stage productions, honor that memory by cre-          Mr. Hubert Fabri                               Mr. & Mrs. Werner Schuster
ating an engraved star that will appear in the PAC.          Mr. & Mrs. Craig Kissel                        Mr. Brian Shriver
Provide the person’s name, name of the show (if you          Mr. & Mrs. George Bustin                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Swartele
                                                             Class of 2002                                  Rev. William Traylor
recall it; otherwise, indicate, eg, High School Play), and   Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pepper                      Mr. & Mrs. H. Verbruggen
the year, for each star you wish to have. Each star is       UPS Foundation                                 Ms. Marie McCarthy
$250. Follow Steps 1 or 2 below.                             Mr. & Mrs. John Bambridge                      Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Tunstall
                                                             Dr. & Mrs. Joe Doenges                         Mr. & Mrs. Fred Charlton
Step 1 - Donation Form                                       Mr. & Mrs. Tim Dunleavy                        Mr. Ken Sultany
To make a donation, please complete either or both           Ms. Diane Mothander-Seltzer                    Rev. & Mrs. Kempton Baldridge
Donation Form(s) & mail it/them, along with your             Mr. & Mrs. George Van Kula                     Community Foundation of SE North Carolina
                                                             Mme. Nadine Tyteca                             Mr. & Mrs. Michel Hilz
check in US dollars, to the address below. Check             Mr. J. Michael Fallin
payable to St. John’s International Foundation. If pay-      Mr. & Mrs. Ron Gardiner                        Lion’s Club ($50 & above)
ing by banque transfer in Euros, send it to                  Mr. & Mrs. Gorham Cowl                         Ms. Joanne Oakes-Brennan
St. John’s Int’l Foundation, Account Number                  Mr. George Marroig-Tagle                       Ms. Kristine Neate
953-0242005-56, Citibank, 1410-Waterloo, and mail                                                           Mr. & Mrs. John M. Rice
                                                             Friends of St. John’s Club                     Mr. & Mrs. William Ryall
the Inscription Form in an envelope to the address           ($500 & above)                                 Mr. & Mrs. David Saenz
below.                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Lehne                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wilber
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Ali Alhomaidhi                      Mr. Aubrey Hayward
Step 2 - Pay Online                                          Mr. & Mrs. W. Andebrhan                        Mr. & Mrs. Tim Heydt
If you want to pay by credit card online, go to              Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Cummings                     Mr. Jay Muelhoefer then Alumni, & click the Donate               Mr. & Mrs. John Dover                          Mr. & Mrs. D. B. Baldridge
Now button. It will link you to a site where you can         Mr. & Mrs. G. Hindemark
provide the necessary information to make a secure           Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McLane                        College Club
                                                             Mr. Charles Setzfand                           Mr. Heinz Blennemann
donation. Mail the Inscription Form in an envelope           Mr. & Mrs. Ido Terpstra                        Br. Tim McNary FSC
to the address below.                                        Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McKenney                    Ms. Jannette Paulu
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Reiner de Bruine                    Mr. Bobby G. Wood
Mail envelope to:                                            Mr. Jack Lyons                                 Sr. Patricia McKeown FCJ
St. John’s International Foundation                          Mr. Terry O’Brien
P.O. Box 742, Stratham, NH 03885-0742                        Mr. & Mrs. Peter MacGahan                      Total Donations: $600,510
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Jack Devlin
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Zelewski
40 Years,                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Morrin
40 Reasons to Give                                           1964 Club ($250 & above)
  St. John’s is changing, to stay                            Ms. Marion W. Coffey
                                                             Ms. Marianne Hulsey
  current and competitive,                                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McManus
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. T. Zelewski
  particularly regarding                                     Ms. Carol Stack
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gambello
  technology, yet it has                                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Innes              The front entrance of the PAC.
  remained faithful to its                                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Paquette

  core principles and values.                                                                                         The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 19
P L U S 4 0 C A M PA I G N

                       NAME       ________________________________________________________________

                       ADDRESS       ______________________________________________________________


                       Which campus project would you like to support? (Please check one)
                       ❐ Cafeteria ❐           Chapel     ❐   Gymnasium/Athletic Fields      ❐   High School Science Wing

                       Please note the level of your total gift (Pledges over several years are encouraged):
                       ❐     Director’s Club   ($/€5,000 & above)                ❐ 1964 Club ($/€250 & above)
                       ❐     International Club   ($/€1,000 & above)             ❐ Alumni Club ($/€100 & above)
                       ❐     Friends of St. John’s Club    ($/€500 & above)      ❐ Lion’s Club ($/€50 & above)
                       Amount of your total contribution ___________ Amount of this payment ___________

                       Balance due next year or over several years ______________

                       Method of payment (please check one):
                       ❐    US Check                ❐   Banque Transfer             ❐     Credit card on line


                       NAME       ________________________________________________________________

                       ADDRESS       ______________________________________________________________


                       Number of seats you’re buying                   ______________________Total Due ____________

                       Amount of this payment ___________ Balance due next year __________________

                       Name(s) to be engraved (one/seat purchased): (If more space is needed, include on the
                       reverse of this sheet.) Indicate method of payment below.

                       If creating one or more stars, please provide the info requested under “Join the
                       Hall of Fame” above _______________________________________________________

                            PRODUCTION                                                                                 YEAR

                       Number of stars you’re buying                   ______________________Total Due ____________

                       Amount of this payment ___________ Balance due next year __________________

                       Method of payment for seats and/or stars (please check one):
                       ❐    US Check                ❐   Banque Transfer             ❐     Credit card on line

20 The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                  AROUND THE CAMPUS

  St. John’s English-Speaking School
                                                                                the first decade: 1964-1974
                                                             [Compiled by Bernadette Perry from original sources, minutes of meetings,
                                                            alumni magazines, newsletters, and a document by Robert Wood, a former
                                                St John’s History teacher, covering the story of the early years of the school 1964-1980].

In November 1963, the Brussels Commu-
nity of the International Congregation of
Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ)
were visited by two American businessmen,
Messrs Howley and Hewitt, who were then
on assignment in Belgium with their
families. These two men were soon joined
by Colonel Daries. They represented a
number of Catholic business and govern-                                                             A message from Sr. Maeve
ment employee with young families, who
                                                                                                    Shannon fcJ (alias: Sr. Mary John)
worshipped together and whose pastor was
                                                                                                    Bucharest, Romania, April 2004.
Monsieur l’abbé Blondel. The group was
seeking a Catholic-based education in                                                               Dear Parents, Teachers and Students of
English for their children. At that time,
                                                                                                    1964 and onwards, I am sure you are as
there was no English language alternative
to the International School of Brussels         Inauguration of St. John's first campus, 95         amazed as I am that St. John’s is about
founded in 1951. The group of parents had       Avenue Montjoie, Uccle, September 8, 1964.          to celebrate its 40th birthday! I just
been directed to the Soeurs Fidèles                                                                 want to wish each one of you and your
Compagnes de Jésus at Institut Montjoie by      teaching sisters were recalled for other duties
                                                                                                    families, every possible blessing on this
Monsieur l’abbe Blondel, and it was he who      by the Congregation, they were replaced by
                                                lay staff. The strictly Catholic approach gave      very special occasion. Thank you for
arranged the meeting with Mother Mary
                                                way to a more ecumenical one following the          having been part of those early years,
Gerard Sinnott FCJ the Mother Superior.
She agreed to make enquiries on their           teachings of Pope John XXIII who encour-            for your confidence and constant
behalf.                                         aged a sympathetic view toward other                support, which have contributed in
                                                Christian denominations, seeking to unite,          making St. John’s what it is today, as it
Long months of discussions and negotia-         rather than to divide the Christian world. It
                                                                                                    continues to offer a quality education
tions followed, during which the continued      was in his honour that the name for the
                                                school was chosen.                                  to young people from all over the
influx of American families into Brussels
and the strong interest in the proposed new                                                         world. Be assured I remember you very
school convinced the FCJ to proceed with        The question of space was by now an                 often in prayer and thank God for the
the venture as an annex to their educational    ongoing problem. It was obvious that the            privilege that was mine in being associ-
activities at Avenue Montjoie. By Sept 8th      original building was insufficient to house
                                                                                                    ated with you all. Special greeting to
1964 the dream had become a reality. St         the expanding school community. Two
                                                adjoining properties (Nos. 213 and 215) on          the Class of 1974!
John’s English-Speaking School opened its
doors to 114 students from 1st to 8th           Avenue Winston Churchill, which joined                            Affectionately,
Grade, in an eight-classroom facility and six   the Montjoie property at the rear, were                           Sr. Maeve fcJ.
FCJ Sisters.                                    purchased in 1966 by the FCJ/ASBL (a
                                                non-profit organization), to provide more
In 1966 Sister Mary John Shannon FCJ was        classrooms. In 1967 the basement of the
appointed principal of St John’s English-       convent in 211 Avenue Winston Churchill,
Speaking School. As the number of students      was opened to the school. However, these
on roll continued to increase, changes were     solutions were perceived as being temporary
beginning to appear in the religious back-      and unsatisfactory.
ground of the teachers and students. As         continued on page 22

                                                                                                                The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 21

There was by now already in existence a                                                       On April 9th 1967 Timothy Dunleavy of
thriving and enthusiastic Parent Teacher                                                      ITT committed his company to the prepay-
Association. It was agreed that this group                                                    ment plan, promising to pay in advance the
should be reorganized as a Development                                                        tuition of twenty dependents of ITT for
Committee. Included among the members                                                         four years. Caterpillar, Clark, Esso, Ford and
were Messrs Abel, Devlin, Dodson, Duncan,                                                     Procter and Gamble followed with similar
Easley, Farrell, Floyd, Kloet, Lippert,                                                       commitments. The building fund now
Mason, Poirier, Venuto and Mother Mary                                                        stood at 10 million BF. The contributions
Joseph Pechdimaldji FCJ and Mother                                                            continued to flow in as the final building
Cecilia Gillow FCJ. Their goals were the                                                      and finance plans were approved. On Aug
location of a new site and the planning,                                                      8th 1968, the ground was broken at
construction and financing of a new build-                                                    Waterloo for the new venture, and in June
ing. Three external factors were working in                                                   1969 a model classroom was available for
their favour. The English-speaking commu-                                                     the public to view.
nity continued to grow as some 100
                                                 Mother Mary Gerard Sinnott greets
American firms entered the Brussels area                                                      On September 8th 1969, the 5th anniver-
                                                 guests in 1964 at Montjoie at the
each year. The Headquarters of the North                                                      sary of the foundation of St John’s as an
                                                 opening of St. John's English-Speaking
Atlantic Treaty Organization was moved           School.                                      annex of Institut Montjoie, the new school
from France to Belgium causing an influx of                                                   opened its doors in Waterloo with 420
military and civilian support personnel also                                                  pupils and 30 teachers, of whom three were
to the Brussels region. About this same time   The Development Committee in conjunc-          FCJ sisters. The new St John’s school was a
there was a relaxation of rules within the     tion with the ASBL worked long and hard        three-story brick building with 17 class-
FCJ Congregation. The Sisters could now        to find answers. Agreement was finally         rooms, a laboratory, cafeteria, library, nurse’s
take their summer vacations with their         reached that the FCJ would provide half the    office, faculty room, various offices, and
families or in another community. This         capital sum required, and that the compa-      beautiful little Chapel where the Blessed
meant that there was now no need to main-      nies who were the major employers within       Sacrament was reserved. There was also a
tain Bella Vista, their summer retreat in      the school community would be approached       large gymnasium equipped for tennis,
Waterloo. To the surprise and gratitude of     with a scheme whereby they would pre-pay       volleyball, basketball and an extensive sports
the Development Committee, the land and        the tuition of their employees’ children for   field.
buildings were donated to the fledgling        four years. If enough companies agreed to
school by the FCJ Sisters.                     this scheme, there would be sufficient funds   The official opening of the new building
                                               to begin construction of the first building,   took place on the weekend of Thanksgiving
Demolition of the villa and the construction                                                  November 28th and 29th 1969. Friday the
                                               to cover operating costs, and to repay the
of a suitable school building demanded a
                                               loan to the FCJ.                               28th was the Grande Fête des Enfants. A
huge capital investment, and the Develop-
                                                                                              Blessing of the premises, followed by an
ment Committee were faced with many
                                                                                              Ecumenical Celebration of the Eucharist,
troubling questions in their search for
                                                                                              was conducted by the Chaplain from
answers. As an annex of Montjoie, St John’s
                                                                                              Montjoie, the Rector of the American
had come under the wing of a long estab-
                                                                                              College at Louvain and the Pastors of the
lished Belgian educational institution. Its
                                                                                              Episcopalian Church and the Anglican
financial demands had been entrusted to the
                                                                                              Church of Brussels. The celebrations
ASBL of the FCJ. Loans made to St John’s
                                                                                              continued into the afternoon and included
had been easily repaid through monies
received from tuition fees. However, the                                                      the showing of the movie Apollo 2! On the
huge expense involved in the building                                                         evening of Saturday November 29th, despite
program proposed for St John’s was quite                                                      a heavy and unexpected snowfall, four
another matter. Architects’ drawings were                                                     hundred guests were welcomed at St John’s.
requested from a firm in England, which                                                       Among these were several Ambassadors,
had designed several schools for the FCJ.                                                     Reverend Mother Mary Gerard Sinnott
These were studied by the Committee and                                                       FCJ, and numerous Belgian and English-
substantially revised in light of Belgian                                                     speaking friends. Monseigneur Cardinale, the
building standards and the needs of the                                                       Papal Nuncio to Belgium, presided over
school. By early 1967 the plans were agreed                                                   the dedication ceremony and blessed a
but BF 35 million, or $660,000 was                                                            bronze plaque that carried the following
                                                 Bella Vista, site of the St. John's          inscription:
required to pay for the project.                 Waterloo campus, 1967.

22 The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                                       AROUND THE CAMPUS

                                                                                                   Committee decided to look for, and seek
                                                                                                   assistance from, an established High School
                                                                                                   in the United States. In December 1970 this
                                                                                                   search resulted in contact being made with
                                                                                                   Brother Charles Adams FSC, Principal of St
                                                                                                   John’s College High School Washington
                                                                                                   DC. Before long, Brothers Vincent Brown
                                                                                                   and Coleman Coogan FSC arrived
                                                                                                   in Brussels for discussions with the
                                                                                                   Committee. An agreement subsequently
       The Papal Nuncio and other guests at the Inauguration of St. John's in 1969.                signed by both schools provided for assis-
       Next to him is Reverend Mother Raphael Conran FCJ (Superior General). Mr. Jack              tance from St John’s Washington and the
       Devlin is seated behind the cardinal; Sr. Maeve Shannon FCJ (Principal) is partially        Christian Brothers who administered it,
       visible behind one of the VIPs in the front row. To her right is Sr. Winifred Dando         with curriculum planning, staffing and
       FCJ (Assistant General). To her right is Sr. Elizabeth Garraghan FCJ (Superior of           administrative needs. The ground was
       the FCJ Community, Ave Montjoie).                                                           broken in Waterloo for the building of a
                                                                                                   new wing to house grades 9 through 12.

“St     John’s      English-Speaking              efforts, through the PTA, ensured the strong
                                                  growth and independence of the school as it
School, dedicated November                        became an entity in its own right.

29th, 1969, on which occasion                     There were already enthusiastic parents on
                                                  the new Advisory Committee of 1969—an
the Sisters wish to express their                 outgrowth         of     the    Development
                                                  Committee—who, inspired by the success
appreciation to the American                      of the building campaign, were even now
                                                  considering the addition of a High School.
business, the English-speaking                    Notable among these parents were Jack and
                                                  Kathy Devlin who had arrived in Brussels
Community, and all those whose                    during the first negotiations for the school     At an Open House in June, 1969, L to R: Mr.
                                                  and two of whose children had become
constant co-operation has made                    numbers thirty-two and thirty-three on the
                                                                                                   Paul Tyteca, President ASBL FCJ; Mr. Marty
                                                                                                   Kloet (Caterpillar), Member of the Develop-
this building possible.”                          first list of pupils. Mr. Devlin had served as   ment Committee; Sr. Mary Gerard Sinnott,
                                                  PTA president, member of the ASBL and            FCJ; Fr. Albion Bolger, Pastor, Our Lady of
The dedication was followed by speeches, a        had been involved in all major plans regard-     Mercy & Chaplain to St. John's; Sr. Maeve
cocktail party, a performance by the school       ing the school’s future since his arrival. He    Shannon, FCJ; & Mr. Frank Mason (Citibank),
choir and a tour of the premises. The beau-       became a key figure in discussions about the     Member of the Development Committee.
tiful new building, designed and financed         proposed high school. Recognising the need
co-operatively by the FCJ, the parents and        for advice and counsel, the Advisory
                                                                                                   By 1971 facilities were in place for the recep-
the multinational firms that had brought                                                           tion of grades 9 and 10. Four Christian
them to Brussels, was the culmination of                                                           Brothers (FSC) arrived in the fall of 1971 to
several years of hard work, hope and faith in                                                      ensure a good beginning to the High
the future. The role of the ASBL had been                                                          School. The decision was made to appoint
pivotal. This group of sisters FCJ and                                                             separate principals for the Elementary and
Belgian Community leaders, particularly                                                            High Schools with Sr. Mary John Shannon
Monsieur Paul Tyteca, who was the first lay                                                        FCJ as Superintendent overall. Brother
Administrator of the ASBL of the FCJ,                                                              Charles Klein FSC took up his appointment
Monsieur Charles du Fontbaré and                                                                   as Principal of the High School. Mr Paul
Monsieur Charles Lecompte, had taken a                                                             McCarthy, who had joined the faculty in
special interest in the development of the                                                         1966 in the Montjoie days, was appointed
new English-speaking school. Added to this        St. John's English-Speaking Preparatory School
was the active role of the parents whose          in Waterloo in 1969.                             continued on page 24

                                                                                                                     The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004 23

                 St. John’s English-Speaking School
                                                                                        the first decade: 1964-1974
                                                                                                           (continued from page 23)
                                                Elementary School Principal. With the           700 pupils of various nationalities. A
                                                strong working relationship with St John’s      further extension to the High School wing
                                                Washington already in place, the important      during this year completed the building. In
                                                question of Accreditation was addressed. It     the new wing, there were now a total of 15
                                                was agreed to seek this through the Middle      classrooms, a library, assembly hall and
                                                States Association of Colleges and Schools.     various offices. In addition, the athletic
                                                This process normally took place after a        fields were completed providing full-sized
                                                new school had had at least one graduating      soccer and baseball playing fields.
                                                class. Parents were assured that temporary
                                                lack of Accreditation should not hamper         During 1974 a greatly expanded
                                                the transfer of credits to other high schools   Elementary wing was completed with a
                                                or colleges.                                    well-equipped new library, a cafeteria, a
                                                                                                large Art room and classrooms for Special
                                                Grade 11 opened in 1972 and Brother             Education lessons. As a crowning achieve-
                                                Dominic Everett FSC replaced Brother            ment for this first decade, eleven students,
                                                Charles Klein as Principal of the High          from six countries, became the first gradu-
In 1972, Mr. Jack Devlin cuts the ribbon to     School. Grade 12 commenced in 1973.             ates of St John’s English-Speaking School—
a 'Fancy Fair,' assisted by Mr. Paul Tyteca.    The student population had now risen to         the Class of 1974.

                 Alistair Thorpe Basketball Memorial
                                               The Alistair Thorpe Basketball Memorial          The following also donated gifts and food:
                                               was held on Sunday 21st December in the          Christopher Atkins Antiques
                                               Sports arena of St. John’s. It was a big         Restaurant les Six Colonnes – Waterloo
                                               success; a lot of fun was had, and the event     Restaurant Coeur d’Artichaud – Waterloo
                                               made €1,272. The money will be donated to        Brasserie des Arts – Nivelles
                                     , which will have a           D’Ieteren Sports – Yamaha
                                               link page for Alistair.                          Zone Rouge – Yamaha
                                               The organisers would like to thank the           Nizette VanKeemeule
                                               following people for their help:                 Mr. and Mrs. Simon Thorpe
                                                                                                Tonus Travel
                                               Christian Karl, Sara Sundholm, Jane              Boulangerie Patisserie Lonbois
                                               McCarthy, Marianna de Boissezon, Angie           The Snug Pub – Waterloo
                                               Slann, Christian Hagen, Nicole Maes and all
                                               the student volunteers who helped out on         The next Alistair Thorpe memorial Basket-
                                               the day.                                         ball event will be held on Saturday 18th
                                                                                                December 2004.
                                               Thanks also to the Athletic department of
                                               St. John’s who helped with the timings and
Alistair Thorpe, Class of 2002, [RIP]
                                               let us use the gyms, the Booster Club, and
                                               Linda Augustine, who let us use the booster
                                                                                                40 Years,
                                               kitchen, and to everyone in St. John’s who       40 Reasons to Give
                                               was so supportive.
                                                                                                 The small classes afforded me
                                                                                                 greater access to my teachers.
24 The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004
                                                                                              AROUND THE CAMPUS

Reunion                                                                                    Tom O’Donnell
     Boca Raton, Florida                                                                   5-aside Indoor
As St. John’s alumni were celebrating their annual Christmas reunion in Waterloo
December 21st, there was another mini-reunion going on at the same time across the         Football Tournament
Atlantic in Boca Raton, Florida. Three extended families—the Guiliano’s, the
Crisalli’s, and the Mayer’s, including parents, alumni, and their offspring—gathered       19-20 March 2004
to toast their friendship, St. John’s, and the holidays, at the home of Carolyn Guiliano                     This annual fund-raiser
Burie ’78. Celebrating over 30 years of friendship were Kim Mayer Stofft ’80A, Jo                            for cancer research, named
Anne Crisalli Zellers ’74, Karen Crisalli Pennell ’78A, Rita Guiliano Kissel ’80A, and                       after a courageous and
Barbara Guiliano Harbin ’77. A good time was had by all!                                                     popular former student
                                                                                                             who died of cancer in
                                                                                                             1997, was once again an
                                                                                                             outstanding        success.
                                                                                                             Many staff, students,
                                                                                                             alumni, families, and
                                                                                                             friends joined in the effort
                                                                                                             to make this one even
                                                                                            Tom O'Donnell more fun and productive
                                                                                                            than the last one, an expe-
                                                                                           rience Tom himself would have enjoyed. St.
                                                                                           John’s students and alumni, in fact,
                                                                                           featured in 25 of 30 teams, and a high
                                                                                           school team made it to the final, but lost to
                                                                                           a consistently tough team from outside the
                                                                                           school who have been in it for three years.
Front row L to R: Kim Mayer Stofft '80A, Ann Mayer, & Barbara                              The Junior Tournament honors—medals
Guiliano. Back row L to R: Rita Guiliano Kissel '80, Karen Crisalli                        and a trophy—were presented to a 7th
Pennell '78A, Barbara Guiliano Harbin '77, Jo Anne Crisalli Zellers '74,                   grade team called the Royals.
& Carolyn Guiliano Burie '78.
                                                                                           Coordinator and high school teacher Ms.
                                                                                           Angela Slann wishes to express her
                                                                                           profound gratitude to her colleagues for
                                                                                           their admirable efforts on the court, as
                                                                                           members of the now infamous ‘S’ team (for
                                                                                           ‘Staff ’). As well, others lent a hand ‘behind
                                                                                           the scenes.’ She also acknowledges the
                                                                                           valuable role alumni play insuring that
                                                                                           everything runs smoothly.
                                                                                           The O’Donnell family and team look
                                                                                           forward to another successful effort next
                                                                                           year; the dates are March 18th—19th. For
                                                                                           photos of this year’s action, and more infor-
                                                                                           mation, please check out the website at

        The Boca Raton, Florida Christmas reunion.

                                                                                                           The Lion’s Pride • MAY 2004   25
Christmas Reunion
                    Mathilda Strom '02, Tina Folkebo '01, Antonia Strom '02, &            Mrs. Rita Greene & Helen Claire (Hoskin) Lambert '82.
                    Ana Kauffmann '00.

                    Yuji Kudo '02, Oscar Sundholm '00, & Sara Sundholm '03.               Ashley McNamee '02, Suzie Arsenovic '01,
                                                                                          Ms. Cathy Swanson, & Tina Arsenovic '00.

                    The class of '03 gets back together: Claire Watson, Alex Day,         Mr. Lindstrom & Jenny '01
                    Lisa Dvorjetz, Chris Warner, & Megan Damour.

                                                                                                           The next Christmas Reunion:
                                                                                                           On Friday 17 December 2004,
                                                                  Vanessa Marschner '92                    5-7 pm in the school cafeteria.
                                                                  & Jack Lyons.                            See you there!

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