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            Association of JCI Senators of the Americas and the Caribbean        EDITOR
                                                                                 EDITOR’s LETTER
                                                                     June 2009
                                                                                 A very intense activity has been
                                                                                 developed by President John Moreno
                    Growing Together”
                   “Growing Together                                                           e
                                                                                 this month, especially attending the
                       2009-2010                                                 European JCI Conference in Budapest,
                                                                                 Hungary, where he had the opportunity
                                                                                 of participating in the Annual Meeting
                                                                                 of te Association of JCI Senators in
                                                                                 Europe and to be witness to the
                                                                                 installation of the new President Arja
                                                                                 Vilanko, corresponding on this way, the
                                                                                 visit former ASE President Clare Ashton
                                                                                 did to the ASAC Annual Meeting in
                                                                                 Puerto Rico last may, during te JCI
                                                                                 Conference of the Americas, together
   ASAC President John Moreno at JCI European Conference in Budapest             with ASE Ambassador to the Americas,
                                                                                 Ulrich Kistner.
With great pleasure I want to share the great experience that was
representing the Association of JCI S   Senators of the Americas and the
Caribbean at the European Conference hosted in Budapest, Hungary,   Hungary
accompanied by my wife Ximena. There were around 2500 Jaycees and 350
Senators Senators; additionally the European Association of Senators ASE
                     ir                            o
was celebrating their 40 anniversary with an array of protocol acts including
the General Assembly and the election of the new President Arja Vilanko
and the new Board of Directors in the magnificent building of the Hungarian
Parliament. We also had the opportunity to ride the original Orient Express
train that use to run from London to Istanbul.
As ASAC President I was invited to participate of the Board of Directors         JCI Leadership Summit at the
meetings as well as the General Assembly It was a very interesting
                                    Assembly.                                    United Nations in Geneva,
experience that allows me to see how ASE is organized. At the end of the         Switzerland July 28 to 30, 2009.
Budapest Conference the Association of JCI Senators in Europe distributed
                                                                                 Join members from across the globe and
the official magazine commemorating 40th Anniversary of its foundation.          some of our powerhouse partners to
    Comienza el octavo express all my sympathy and gratitude to the
Last but not least, we want to año de la ASAC                                    make change work for our planet at the
Immediate Past President Claire Ashton and her spouse Mike, to the new           2009 JCI Leadership Summit at the
President Arja and her Board of Directors, to my good friend and Past
  resident                                                                       U
                                                                                 United Nations office in Geneva. Hear
President Peter den Bremer, to Peter Bakos Director for the Senate Program       from experts from the UN Global
at the Conference (Excellent job Peter) to Ulrich Kistner our Ambassador to      Compact and the International Chamber
                                                                                 of Commerce.
ASAC who did everything he could to make us feel like in paradise, and his
lovely wife Annette, to Earl who was representing JCI, and Mary Sawyer our
                                                                                 JCI members expressed their opinion on
Secretary for the Joint Boards, and to all the people that made my wife and I
                                                                                 climate change as a result of a survey
feel at home in Europe. The beauty of our Creed, once again, has been            applied during the JCI Conferences in
demonstrated "The brotherhood of men transcends the Sovereignty of                      R
                                                                                 Puerto Rico, Hungary, Japan and Costa
Nations".                                                                            M
                                                                                 de Marfil, facing the next Summit.

                                                                                 With the survey results and the voices of
                                                                                 all members in 2009 JCI Conferences,
                                                                                 Delegates to JCI Leadership Summit will
                                                                                 meet in Geneva, Switzerland, July 28 to
                                                                                 30, to make plans and a commitment of
                                                                                 beginning some specific actions to fight
                                                                                 against climate change.
                                                                                 For further information, please visit JCI
ASAC President John Moreno during his attending to the European Conference       Web page at