Volunteer Bulletin August 2009 by AaronBurks


									Volunteer Bulletin – August, 2009

Welcome to the Yorkshire                         Volunteer Nominations
Wildlife Trust’s NEW                             From time to time we get asked to put
Volunteer Bulletin.                              volunteers forward for local or national awards.
                                                 It is really difficult to pick out just one
                                                 volunteer who has worked their socks off and
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust receives regular        deserves some recognition for it, as so many of
communications from a variety of sources,        you do this. Usually, when these requests come
some of which may be of interest to you. We      through we get a tight turnaround, maybe only
bundle this together into a monthly bulletin,    a few days, so it is impossible to email all of
and send that round to all volunteers that we    you and ask for nominations… so instead, we
have an email address for.                       thought we’d ask you now. If you’d like to
                                                 nominate YWT volunteers who you think ought
Major items will also appear in Volvox, so you   to be rewarded for their hard work, please
shouldn’t miss out on important information      email us with their names and contact details.
if you don’t get the Bulletin by email.          We will collect these throughout the year, and
                                                 when we get the opportunity to nominate
If you would like to submit information for      people for awards, locally or nationally, we’ll be
inclusion in either Volvox or the bulletin,      ready for it. In addition, we’d like to reward
please send this to Jo Meays at Yorkshire        outstanding volunteers ourselves (see page
Wildlife Trust jo.meays@ywt.org.uk by the        two), so your nominations will help us to do
20th of each month, for inclusion in the         that. We will keep you posted on how this
following month’s bulletin. Bulletins are        develops…
expected to be emailed out on the 20th of
each month.

CRB Checks and the NEW Independent Safeguarding Authority

From 12th October 2009 new measures come into force that mean YWT will be legally
obliged to carry out CRB and ISA checks on volunteers and employees if they are working
with children or vulnerable adults. It will be a criminal offence liable to prosecution for
both the employer (YWT) and the employee/volunteer if staff or volunteers are working
with children or vulnerable adults and they have not been checked. We will be contacting
people affected by these changes. Even those people who have previously had a CRB check
will eventually need to be re-checked through the new system. There won’t be a fee for
volunteers. YWT will do everything we can to make this process smooth and to answer any
concerns or queries.

                                                       Protecting Wildlife for the Future
Volunteer Bulletin – August, 2009

Volunteer Rewards                             V-Volunteering
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust relies heavily       Do you know someone aged 16-25 who would
on the hard work and dedication of            like to pursue a career in environmental
over 500 regular volunteers. For a            conservation? YWT offers funded placements
while we have been thinking about             throughout the year within different teams,
                                              including marketing and communications,
ways to reward volunteers for the
                                              conservation, and reserves. Full-time
work they do, and some volunteers             placements are 35 hours per week for 22
have already made some really helpful         weeks, and part-time ones are for 25 days
suggestions. Ideas so far include:            spread over a mutually agreed period. Both
                                              types offer a generous budget to gain industry
  •   YWT branded clothing (upon              accredited training, out-of-pocket expenses of
      completion of “x” number of volunteer   up to £60 per week, and appropriate clothing
      hours)                                  and protective equipment. V-volunteers will
                                              work alongside professional conservation staff
  •   Christmas cards                         to prepare them for a future career. We also
  •   Recognition of volunteer achievements   offer assistance with job application and
      in publications including Volvox, and   interview techniques.
      the YWT magazine

  •   A YWT volunteering award, such as a
      “President’s Award for Volunteer
                                              YWT offers Traineeships for people of any age
      Achievements” (as mentioned in the
                                              (over 16) throughout the year in various
      Volunteer Nominations article, page
                                              departments, including reserves and
      one, if you want to nominate, please
                                              conservation. They can be full-time or part-
      start sending names in now!)
                                              time, and usually last for a year. They are
  •   An annual get-together, such as a       supported by a training allowance, out-of-
      picnic on a reserve                     pocket expenses, and appropriate clothing &
                                              protective equipment. Traineeships are an
  •   An annual volunteers conference         excellent way to prepare for a career in
                                              conservation, whether you are just starting out
Let us know what you think – send             or thinking of a career change. Get in touch if
us an email with your views.                  you’re interested, or pass this on to people you
                                              think might be.

                                              Protecting Wildlife for the Future
Volunteer Bulletin – August, 2009

Volvox                                             Welcome to:
                                                   William Thompson, part-time V-volunteer, &
In the past we’ve sent out a four-page, black
                                                   Katherine Woolley, full-time V-volunteer, On
and white Volvox three times per year.
                                                   the Wild Side, Selby

In future we’ll produce Volvox twice per year,     Richard Sykes, full-time V-volunteer, Potteric
increase it to 8 pages and use full colour.        Carr Nature Reserve

                                                   Marc Oldridge, full-time V-volunteer with
So over the year you’ll get 16 pages of
                                                   Running Wild, in York
interesting articles and features in colour,
instead of 12 pages of black and white.            Richard Preston, full-time V-volunteer with
                                                   nature reserves, York
As well as that, we’ll be sending out this
                                                   Luke Truman, part-time V-volunteer with
monthly Bulletin by email, to keep you up to
                                                   wetlands, York
date with what’s happening right now.

Please let us know your views on this
arrangement – we’re always glad to hear what
                                                   Wanted! Office Volunteer
you think.
                                                   Reception: Can you spare a day per week, or
                                                   half a day per week, to help Yorkshire Wildlife
Volvox will be emailed to everyone we have an
                                                   Trust with essential tasks? Ideally, we’re
email address for, and posted out to those who
                                                   looking for several volunteers to help us staff
don’t have an email address, or who want to
                                                   the busy telephones throughout the week, and
receive a hard copy.
                                                   to assist with administration tasks. If you
                                                   have previous office experience that’s great,
Remember to let us know if you wish to receive
                                                   but if you haven’t done anything like this
a hard copy of Volvox, rather than an
                                                   before please don’t let that put you off, as
electronic version.
                                                   appropriate support and training will be given.
                                                   If you’re interested, please contact Sarah
                                                   Butcher at the Trust on 01904 659 570.

Wanted! Volunteering & Training Volunteer
There are a variety of administration tasks that we need help with in the Volunteering department,
and we would welcome assistance from anyone with a few hours to spare. It would involve liaising
with training companies, Trust staff, and volunteers to put together the paperwork related to the
Train to Gain Enhancement Fund. Please contact Jonny on 01904 659 570 if you’re interested.

                                                          Protecting Wildlife for the Future
Volunteer Bulletin – August, 2009

Future Jobs Fund                                   Wanted! Conservation
RSWT (the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts)
submitted a funding bid a while ago to be part
of the government initiative to get people back    Conservation recording
in to work who have been unemployed for a
year or more. The bid was successful and           There is a backlog of detailed information
YWT is taking part in the scheme.                  supplied by various conservation enthusiasts
                                                   that the Trust is busily transferring to a
This means that over the coming year YWT will      database. It helps us to see how species of
be able to offer six-months of paid                flora and fauna change over time on particular
employment to people who have been out of          sites.
work for a year or more (and claiming
benefits).                                         If you could spare some time to help with this
                                                   data input, please contact Phillip Whelpdale on
It’s a great way to get back into employment       01904 659 570 for further information or
and learn new skills, especially for anyone who    email phillip.whelpdale@ywt.org.uk
would like to work in conservation.

Posts will be for 25 hours per week, and paid at   Wanted! GIS (Geographic
the minimum wage. Whilst the details of the
scheme are yet to be finalised, we expect it to        Protecting System) data
                                                   InformationWildlife for the Future
be up and running in the next few months, so if
you, or someone you know, has been out of work
for more than a year, and claiming benefits,
                                                   Peatlands project
and would like to take advantage of this
opportunity, please let us know.
                                                   Can you spare one day per week to help with
                                                   data input and aerial photography digitisation
We expect the majority of posts to be based
                                                   on the Peatlands project, at the York office?
at Potteric Carr, near Doncaster, or working on
                                                   It would be a great opportunity to gain GIS
projects in Hull. However, we can be flexible
                                                   experience, but also would suit anyone with
over location, so please do get in touch even if
                                                   spare time on their hands and the ability to use
you don’t live in or near these areas.
                                                   a computer.

Send your details by email to Jo Meays, and we
                                                   Contact Astrid Hanlon at the Trust on 01904
will collate these and contact you when we are
                                                   659 570 for more information.
ready to move forward with the scheme.

                                                         Protecting Wildlife for the Future
Volunteer Bulletin – August, 2009

Get registered!                                     Insurance Explained
When new volunteers join YWT they are asked         We’re covered for various things at the Trust.
to fill out a volunteer registration form. It’s     As far as the insurer is concerned, YWT
not long, and it gives us information on such       volunteers are treated the same as employees,
things as emergency contact details should          and are covered under the Employer’s Liability
there be an incident, and what type of              Insurance. It means YWT would be insured if
volunteering people might want to do. So, for       an employee or volunteer was injured, or
example, when we’re looking for bird surveyors      property was damaged, and we had to pay
we do a search on our database for everyone         compensation as a result.
who has indicated they are interested in that
activity, and we make contact from there.           We also have Public Liability Insurance, which
                                                    means we’re covered for damage to public
That’s one good reason to fill out a registration   property or members of the public, for example,
form. However, there are other good reasons         at an event, or out on a reserve. So if a
too, mainly that if you’re not registered you’re    volunteer or member of staff injured a member
probably not insured by YWT’s insurance policy.     of the public, or damaged public property, the
I say “probably” because in the event of an         volunteer and YWT would be covered for it.
accident or incident a court of law would have
to decide whether you were actually a               In addition to that, we have Personal Accident
volunteer and therefore covered by our policy,      Insurance, which means that, up to the age of
and that may differ from case to case. Our          80, if you have an accident in the course of your
insurer has specified that to ensure all            job, or volunteering role, you may get a pay-out,
volunteers are covered, they really must be         for example, if you lost a limb.
registered with us.
                                                    For all of this cover, we’d need to have you
So that’s it in a nutshell – if you’re not          registered as a volunteer. If you’re not
registered, then you’re probably not insured.       registered then you’re probably not a volunteer,
So get registered!                                  and probably not covered.

Email Jo Meays for a registration form, and
we’ll put you on the system.                        Contact Details

                                                    Got something you want to tell other volunteers
Over the coming months we’ll be reviewing the       about?
types of records we keep, getting rid of
unnecessary bureaucracy, but possibly bringing      Please forward brief information to Jo Meays:
in some new forms and checks. We don’t want
                                                    Email: jo.meays @ywt.org.uk
to create extra work for ourselves or for you,
so we’ll try and keep changes to a minimum.         Tel: 01904 659 570

                                                      Protecting Wildlife for the Future

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