Minutes for the National Association of Sports Commissions by yaosaigeng


									                    Minutes for the National Association of Sports Commissions
                                    Board of Directors Meeting
                     Wednesday, October 22, 2008 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. ET
                                          Pittsburgh, PA

In attendance:
Jack Hughes, Gainesville
Jon Schmieder, Phoenix
Regina Zara, Nassau County IDA (Tourism)
Tara Green, Dallas
Terry Hasseltine, Maryland
Jim Hilb, Associated Premium
William Knox, Hamilton County
Mary Lee Malmberg, Cedar Rapids
John McCasey, Sacramento
Kathy Siford, Grand Geneva
Kevin Smith, Clearwater/ St. Pete
Tammy Stout, Augusta
Vince Trinidad, Tucson
Todd Whalley, Louisiana Northshore
Don Schumacher, Staff
Lori Gamble, Staff
Beth Hecquet, Staff
Elizabeth Chaney, Staff

I. Welcome and Call to Order
Chairman Jack Hughes called the meeting to order at approximately 1:05 pm ET.

II. Approval of the Agenda
Chairman Hughes presented the agenda to the board for approval. Jim Hilb made the motion to approve
the agenda, and Jon Schmieder seconded the motion. The agenda was approved unanimously.

III. Secretary’s Report
Tara Green presented the minutes from the September conference call for approval. She noted that
although the treasurer’s report was approved unanimously, a motion to approve the report did not occur
because the board was testing a new web technology during the call and recommended incorporating
that motion into the approval of the September minutes. Jack Hughes called for a motion to approve the
September meeting minutes as amended. Terry Hasseltine made the motion, and Vince Trinidad
seconded the motion.

Vince Trinidad commented that the date for Symposium Sponsorship renewals on page 2 of the
September minutes should be changed from October 1, 2009 to October 1, 2008. Staff noted the
comment and will make the change to the minutes.

With there being no additional comments, the September Secretary’s Report was approved unanimously.

IV. Treasurer’s Report
Regina Zara presented the Treasurer’s Report. Regina brought attention to the following items in the
Exceptions Report: Partners, Professional Development, and the customized SGMA research report.

The Partners line item is $4,000 under budget as no partnership fees were collected in September.
Professional Development is $4,850 under budget through the end of September as registration fees are
still being received for the fall 2008 CSEE module. The overage of $5,000 in the surveys and reports
line item reflects the expense incurred for the deposit for the SGMA customized research report.

Regina reviewed the retained earnings projects to date: Event Owner Survey and SGMA license. To
date, $31,000 of the $72,500 available for retained earnings projects has been spent. The partnership
with ACES that was proposed as a project for 2008 has been moved back to 2009. Symposium Speaker
fees and CSEE enhancements have also been proposed as retained earnings projects, but no funds have
been dedicated to either project to date.

Jack Hughes called for a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Jim Hilb made the motion and
Vince Trinidad seconded the motion. The October Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.

V. 2008 Year End Projections/2009 Budget Draft
Don Schumacher reported that this is the first of several discussions regarding the 2009 budget, which
will not be approved until after the executive committee meeting in January. He added that staff spends
cautiously the first six (6) months of the year, as a majority of the income is received from membership
dues and the Symposium.

He noted that the first draft of the 2009 budget reflects a negative bottom line, but that the final version
of the budget may not have a negative bottom line. He pointed out that $15,000 which is currently
expensed for the customized SGMA report in the surveys and reports line item could be shifted to a
retained earnings project

Lori Gamble presented the first draft of the 2009 budget. She noted that minor changes will be made to
budget account names to better reflect account activity, including:

                                               Income Line Items
  Old Account Name                       New Account Name                       Account Activity
  Professional Development               Meetings & Events                      CSEE and Market Segment
                                                                                Meetings (registration only,
                                                                                not sponsorships)
  Partners                               Partners & Advertising                 Partners and revenue from
                                                                                new advertising programs

                                               Expense Line Item
  Old Account Name                       New Account Name                       Account Activity
  Developmental Seminars                 Meetings & Events                      Expenses for CSEE and
                                                                                Market Segment Meetings

Lori noted that staff is currently redeveloping the Affinity Partner program and will be focusing on
increasing the number of partners for 2009. Staff is assessing inventory categories available for
sponsorship and creating additional advertising opportunities. This program will be geared toward allied
members. While the increase in income is an ambitious goal, staff believes it is attainable. Lori asked
for feedback from the board regarding the first draft of the budget.

Jon Schmieder asked how the check received from the Greater Columbus Sports Commission (GCSC)
for the 2010 host fee will be noted on the balance sheet. Lori responded that the check received from

GCSC has been deposited into the NASC checking account and the revenue will be listed in the balance
sheet under “other current assets” because it is cash that is being held for a specific purpose. The cash
will be transferred to the appropriate line item for the 2009 budget year.

Tara asked Lori to clarify the membership dues and Symposium income line items. Lori explained that,
based on the economy, the projected income from membership dues reflects membership remaining flat
in 2009. The projected income for 2009 is based on the current level of membership in all categories.
She also explained that the first version of the budget reflects a modest increase in income from the
Symposium, based on maintaining the same level for attendance with a slight increase in registration

Tammy Stout recommended assigning a committee to oversee the redevelopment of the Affinity
Partners program. The marketing committee has been working with staff on this project.

Jon Schmieder recommended reaching out to marketing consulting companies that specialize in valuing
inventory. This could potentially be a retained earnings project.

Kathy Siford advised to proceed in developing this program without taking away from the Symposium
sponsorship program. Lori explained that the partners program will not affect the Symposium because
Allied members will be targeted for this program rather than active members.

Regina Zara recommended asking Systems Insight if they are able to develop packages or provide the
NASC with a list of inventory that is available on the web site. She recommended either dedicating
additional funds to web site enhancements specifically to evaluate inventory available on the web site or
using retained earnings and outsource the project to a consultant. Jack Hughes asked the board to
review the budget and identify items that may seem too aggressive or not aggressive enough. The board
will continue the process of developing the budget over the next few months.

VI. SGMA Research Program
Don reviewed the program with SGMA. He noted that three (3) SGMA reports were purchased for
members to use including using $22,500 of retained earnings: SGMA 2008 Sports & Fitness
Participation, SGMA 2008 State of the Industry, and SGMA 2008 Sports Participation in America.
Additionally, through this partnership, NASC members are able to purchase team sports reports at
discounted rates.

The NASC will expense $15,000 from the surveys and reports line item to develop a customized report
with SGMA that will evaluate travel patterns and behavior. SGMA will develop a qualified respondent
list to complete a survey regarding travel patterns and behavior in the last six months. The information
gathered from the survey will be available before Christmas.

VII. Committee Reports
Marketing – Todd Whalley reported that the marketing committee held a conference call on October
15th. The current projects for the committee include: moderating best practices calls, updating the
member message board, contacting inactive members, developing retained earnings projects, and
redeveloping the Affinity Partners program.

Due to the success of the Best Practices calls (the average number of participants is 30-40 each month),
the committee has approved the development of best practices webinars through myEventPartner.com,
which is an online meeting platform that can be used for the monthly best practices calls, Board of
Directors calls, and committee calls. Staff shared the tool with the committee, as it could be used to
enhance best practices calls and provide a more interactive platform. Staff envisions this tool as
something that could be used moving forward for distance-learning opportunities as well, which could
be beneficial to the Professional Development Committee. The tool is $96/month for 50 seats
(attendees) per meeting. Additional seats can be provided at a minimal cost, and an unlimited number of
meetings can be scheduled each month. This plan also would decrease the ReadyConference Rate by
$0.02/month per call per attendee. ReadyConference is the conference call system the NASC currently
uses for all conference calls.

Future best practices topics include:
November - Negotiating Fees, In-Kind Gifts, and Support
December – TBA
January – Web Site Demo (with the launch of the redesign, the web site committee proposed using the
best practices call as a platform to help members learn how to navigate the site)

The marketing committee requested sending any ideas for future topics to staff.

The committee sent status reports for their inactive member contacts to the national office. The NASC
is offering inactive members a discounted membership rate if they renew by October 31st ($125,
Active/Allied, and $25, Rights Holders). Staff will send out a contact sheet with 2009 membership
renewals requesting updated contact information for all members.

Rights Holder – John McCasey reported that the rights holder committee held a conference call on
October 8th. The committee reviewed the action plan for contacting event owners and will be dividing
up the top prospect list. Then the committee will assign a mentor from the rights holder committee to
each organization on that list. Elizabeth will continue to contact all event owner members to strengthen
the relationships as well all the organizations on the top prospect list. The rights holder committee
involvement in the recruitment process will simply serve as a supplement to Elizabeth’s efforts.
Elizabeth will develop a template for an e-mail for each committee member to send to their prospect list
that includes all pertinent information about membership and attendance at the Symposium. The
committee members can personalize the e-mail template.

The committee also brainstormed additional ways to reach out to prospective event owner members:
    Arrange to be on the agenda for an upcoming NGB event managers and directors conference call
      or meeting – Elizabeth will follow up with Mike Chandler regarding this potential opportunity.
    Develop an incentive program for host organization members who recruit event owners to attend
      the Symposium – Elizabeth and Beth will research this option and report back to the committee

The committee prioritized member benefits. The following member benefits were seen as most
beneficial based on the input from event owner representatives on this call:
•      Personal relationships
•      Networking opportunities
•      Instant access to the member roster
•      Educational component of the Symposium

The next rights holder committee conference call is scheduled for Tuesday, December 2, 2008 at 4 p.m.

Web Site – Kevin Smith reported on the Web Site committee had their conference call on October 9.
The committee discussed the member message board, the web site redesign, job board and event
database updates and the web site spotlight in the newsletter. The committee also proposed that topic of
one of the education sessions at the Symposium focus navigating the web site. Beth will take this
proposal to the meetings committee. Members are beginning to use the message board; however, the
committee will be responsible for continuing conversations on the web site and have each been assigned
particular topics to monitor weekly. He added that the redesign for the web site is expected to be
launched in January 2009. Kellie Wise, the member services intern, is researching job postings and
updating the job board regularly. Elizabeth continues to update the event database and research new
events to post in the database. Once the site is re-launched, Elizabeth will focus on different areas of the
web site each month in the eNewsletter to help familiarize members with how to navigate the site. The
January best practices call will also be an opportunity for members to walk through a tutorial on how to
use the new site. The next call is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 11 at 2 p.m. ET.

VIII. Meetings Update
Market Segment Meetings Recap: Don Schumacher reported that the CVB and Sports Commissions
market segment meetings held in September were well attended. The plan for next year is to hold all
market segment meetings at the same time at a destination with a major airport. Each segment will have
separate meetings, but common receptions and meal functions will take place. Don asked for feedback
regarding this set up. Jon Schmieder is in favor of the set up. Jack Hughes agreed that it would be a
good experience for members from different market segments to interact with one another. Tammy
Stout recommended marketing the market segment meetings differently so that the meetings do not
compete with the Symposium (i.e. refer to the meetings as workshops, shirtsleeve sessions, etc.).

Don added that staff can poll the members and ask the committees for additional input. A final decision
regarding the location and agenda of the meeting will be made after the first of the year and before the

2009 Symposium Planning: Don recapped the process of changing the dates and location of the
Symposium and gave the status to date. He shared his discussion with the general manager and sales
manager at the Sheraton Denver, who are also aware of the make-up of the NASC’s membership. The
NASC presented a request for damages amounting to $51,000 to the Sheraton and is awaiting a
response. Don sent the letter outlining the damages the NASC is requesting to the executive committee
and will forward that letter to the board. Don noted that Tom James is aware of the situation. The new
date and location of the Symposium are: April 27-29 at the Hyatt Regency Denver. Staff will keep the
board informed about all developments with this situation.

The marketing plan to inform the membership and attendees of the new dates and location included:
- E-mail notification
- New save the date post card
- New brochure
- Information listed on the NASC and Symposium web sites

Beth added that the schedule was revised slightly due to the change in dates, but the meetings committee
will work through the schedule. She added that all speakers are available on the new dates.

ACES Proposal - Status:
Don made the proposal to ACES to incorporate their semi-annual meeting with the Symposium. ACES
notified staff that they accepted the proposal. Jack Hughes and Jon Schmieder have a meeting
scheduled with Steve Ducoff during the TEAMS Conference and will report back to the board.

Beth reported that the contract for the Spring 2009 Module has been finalized with Disney. She also
reported that the attendance for the Fall 2008 Module was 125 (goal attendance was 100).

IX. Retained Earnings
To date, the SGMA License and Event Owner Survey are the two retained earnings projects that have
been completed for 2008. The ACES project will be taken out of retained earnings in 2009. No
resources have been allocated to Symposium Speaker Fees or CSEE enhancements.

X. Other Business
Don shared statistics that he retrieved from the Department of Labor web site. He reminded the board
that membership dues have not increased since 2002. Based on the calculator on the Department of
Labor web site, $700 in 2007 is equivalent to $853.71 in 2008. He recommended the board propose a
by-laws change that allows the board to set membership dues. Tom James is crafting the language of
the proposed change, and staff will present the language for the by-laws change to the board at the next
board meeting.

Don reported that the NASC has fulfilled its commitment to TEAMS for its current contract. He
proposes simplifying the arrangement which would entail TEAMS joining the NASC as an Allied
member and a booth trade with two complimentary registrations. There will no longer be a contractual
agreement to hold a board meeting or CSEE module at TEAMS, although there is no reason why the
NASC wouldn’t continue hosting these events in conjunction with TEAMS.

Jon Schmieder added that SportsLink attendees received requests to complete surveys about the
conference and asked for suggestions for next year’s conference. About 60 NASC members attended
the conference.

Jim Hilb requested the staff continue to send marketplace appointments to attendees prior to the

XI. Board Member Announcements
Tara Green announced that she has taken a new position as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
with the North Texas Super Bowl Host Committee. Her new organization will join the NASC, and it
will not affect her commitment to the NASC Board of Directors.

XII. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m. ET.

The next conference call is scheduled Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elizabeth Chaney


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