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Leaving Nothing Undared

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					Issue 4, DECEMBER 2009

Fr Pat Moroney           OMI

40 years of

                       the Rector’s Desk
     t is difficult to credit that it is   marvellous families and                    formed Mazenod Old Collegians
     over 40 years since I first set       generations of young boys being            Association. Still in its infancy, it
     foot in Mazenod, and even             transformed into young men taking          promises to become an integral
     more difficult to comprehend          up the challenges of adulthood.            part of the Mazenod ethos and
that it was the first time I met           When I think of Mazenod, I think           life. I thank those past students
a Mazenod student. It was the              not of the facilities erected or           who have joined the steering
College’s second year in existence,        the many trophies won, I think             committee. We await their final
having been founded by Fr James            rather of the great diversity of           recommendations with the view
FitzPatrick O.M.I. the previous            boys whom we were privileged               that the first AGM will be held in
year. I arrived at the beginning           to ‘educate’ with their diverse            August 2010. With your support
of the College’s second year and           personalities, talents and individual      I am sure the Mazenod Old
after a further term at St Joseph’s        characteristics. I marvel with great       Collegians Association will have
Primary School in Springvale, we           pride at the countless families,           a strong and promising future.
finally moved into the College’s           many new to our land, who sent                 As I leave Mazenod, I have a
current and permanent of                   their sons to Mazenod and who              tremendous sense of gratitude for
residence.                                 struggled to support the College           the many wonderful friendships
    Like many great and worthwhile         under all sorts of conditions. I           formed among past and present
projects, the difficult and humble         recall with immense gratitude              students down the years, and the
                beginnings gave birth      the staff, who over the years gave         caring and thoroughly enjoyable
                  to a wonderful           so much of themselves in order             relationships forged with friends
                    educational            that the boys could achieve their          and colleagues on the staff. The
                     institution which     hopes, dreams and aspirations.             College and all those who have
                      today proudly        In my mind, Mazenod was always             passed through its gates have been
                     holds its head high   about the people involved, from            a significant part of not only my
                  as Mazenod College.      youngsters in Year 7 to the young          ministry, but of my priestly life. I
                 This is no single         men in senior classes; from                have been privileged, and it is a
                   person’s story, but     parents to teachers; from the              blessed feeling to walk away with
                    rather the fruit       founding Parish Priests to the             a wonderful sense of contentment
                      of courageous        Oblates who served; all were and           and imbued with the conviction
                            pioneers,      still are joined in a great enterprise     that, for Mazenod, the best is yet
                                           of faith and future development.           to come. May I wish the whole of
                                               I strongly believe that one            the Mazenod family, young and
                                           extremely important avenue                 old, past and present, God’s ‘love’
                                                     for students to remain           peace and blessing.
                                                       connected once they            God bless
                                                        leave the College is
                                                        through the newly             Fr. Pat Moroney, O.M.I.

     In this Issue
     News from around the College ....................... 1 – 3
                                                                                                          Issue 4, DECEMBER 2009

                                                                                                          Fr Pat Moroney           OMI

                                                                                                          40 years of
     What are the Old Boys Up to? ....................... 4 – 21                                          Nothing
     Old Collegians Football Club ............................. 22
     Old Collegians Association ................................ 23
                                                                              Fr Pat Moroney ........ 1
     Births, Marriages and Obituraries ..................... 24
                                      NEWS FROM AROUND THE COLLEGE

                                                                     1968 Class Photo

  Fr Pat
   OMI              You!
                    For 40 years Fr Pat Moroney OMI
                    had been an integral influence on
                    Mazenod College.

                    F    rom humble beginnings, teaching secondary students
                         at St Joseph’s Springvale, Fr Moroney has been one
                    of the men who have given their lives to making Mazenod
                    the outstanding educational institution it is today. He has
                    been a teacher, an administrator and a builder – but most
                    will remember him for his Irish lilt, his determination and
                    refusal to renege on his values.
                        Father Moroney could be described as a founder of
                    Mazenod, working with Fr James FitzPatrick OMI and the
                    Fathers’ Association in laying down the concrete for the
                    first quadrangle of the college. He spent two years sleeping
                    in college classrooms, until the priests’ house was built in
      Rector 2009


    Fr Moroney has always embraced new
    adventures and challenges in every
    aspect of his life as a priest, teacher
    and Rector.

                                                   1970. It seems that from these       priest, teacher and Rector. He has
                                                   early experiences, he was destined   played numerous roles in sports,
                                                   to become a builder. The New         coaching cricket and football
                                                   Arts Wing opened in 1984. The        teams, introducing the chess club
                                                   O’Rourke Complex in 1987, the        and organising the first inter-
                                                   Founders Complex in 2007 and         school football game with Wesley
    Rector 1986
                                                   the Multi-Purpose Cafeteria in       College in 1968. As a teacher, he
                                                   2009 were all projects which he      has taught English and Religious
                                                   inspired. However, building new      Education to senior students, as
                                                   facilities was only part of his      well as being a Careers Counsellor
                                                   plan for Mazenod. Modernising        from 1968-70. After qualifying as
                                                   and updating the science rooms,      a psychologist and counsellor in
                                                   expanding computer facilities        America, he became one of the
                                                   across the entire curriculum and     first student counsellors in the
                                                   refurbishment of the Student         Melbourne Catholic School system.
    First Musical ‘Joseph and His Amazing          Support Centre have all been part    Fr Moroney’s love of the arts has
    Technicolour Dreamcoat’ 1981
                                                   of his input into the College.       been apparent from the outset. He
                                                       Like his building program,       was the director of Mazenod’s first
                                                   Fr Moroney has always embraced       musical Joseph and His Amazing
                                                   new adventures and challenges        Technicolour Dreamcoat in 1981
                                                   in every aspect of his life as a     and the two subsequent musicals

    Blessing and Opening of Mazenod College 1968

    Lecture Theatre                                Founders Complex

                                       NEWS FROM AROUND THE COLLEGE

                   “Wired for sound”

in 1982 and 1983. He also
organized the first musical                              U 15 Football Coach 1969
evening held at the Alexander
Theatre as well as hiring Syd
Bradbury to run the College
Band in 1986.Despite all he
has done in the College, Fr
Pat shies away from accolades
and limelight. He prefers to
remain behind the scenes,
and takes gratification from
seeing the results of his
efforts, rather than being told
of them. Though this article
will undoubtedly infuriate him,
it is written not as a eulogy to
his great service to Mazenod,
but as a reminder of what
hard work, determination and
an Irish stubbornness can
                                                        O’Rourke Library Entrance

                   Founders Complex                       Multi-Purpose Cafeteria


          What are
                                            the Old Boys
                                                                       Up To?
                                           Forster) in Melbourne as a graduate        On a personal level, I met my
                                           in the audit division. I completed     wife Natalie in 1989 and we married
                                           the Chartered Accountant               in 1991 and have a son Jamie, now
                                           program and spent the obligatory       10 years old. We have been in Perth
                                           6 months working in London. I          now for 3 ½ years and enjoy the
                                           went backpacking in Europe and         lifestyle, but miss not being close
                                           worked with many interesting           to family and friends in Melbourne.
                                           clients for 8 ½ years, spending        We try and get back for significant
                                           the last few as an audit manager.      events or just to escape West Coast
                                           With this background, I moved into     / Dockers fans (go Hawks!) and I
                                           industry, falling into the niche of    visit regularly to compete in water
                                           business restructuring for both        ski racing events as a driver in the
                                           public and private manufacturing       eight litre class. It all helps to keep
                                           companies and moved further            the connection. To escape sunny
                                           away from traditional finance roles.   days in WA, we go snow skiing,
    David Egan (1983)                      Currently I’m the General Manager      enjoy social water skiing and play
    I graduated from Mazenod College       of Atom Supply Group, a WA based       competitive volley ball, although age
    as part of the class of 1983. Much     company, majority owned by a           is making it far more social than
    to my surprise, I found myself at      large private equity bank, Investec.   serious.
    Monash studying for a finance          The work here involves growing a           Mazenod gave me a strong
    degree. I started my working life at   successful business in interesting     grounding for the path I have taken
    a chartered firm PKF (Pannell Kerr     economic times.                        to date, which I’m thankful for.

    Adrian Ting (1993)
    After completing Year 12 in 1993,      AWB, Adrian obtained his Chartered     triathlons, cycling and cricket.
    Adrian attended Monash University      Accountancy designation and then       He still holds fond memories of
    to study a Bachelor of Business        went on to complete a Masters in       his time at Mazenod and enjoys
    degree, majoring in Banking &          Applied Finance.                       reminiscing about school days
    Finance. In his final year, Adrian           In 2004 Adrian and Melanie       when catching up with fellow old
    secured a graduate position with       moved to London where they have        collegians.
    the National Australia Bank.           enjoyed travelling, experiencing
    After two years in the wealth          the many different cultures and
    management subsidiary area, he         sights Europe has to offer. Adrian
    moved to a new role working on         has worked for some of the world’s
    the acquisition and implementation     largest investment banks including
    of HomeSide throughout the NAB         Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital
    Group.                                 and currently Credit Suisse where
        In 2000 Adrian married Melanie,    he works within the Equities
    whom he had met at university.         Investment Banking Division. Last
    After almost 2 years working           December, Adrian and Melanie
    in private practice, Adrian then       became the proud parents of their
    joined the Australian Wheat Board      first child, Isabelle.
    where he was involved with the              Outside of work, Adrian very
    privatization and listing of the       much enjoys pursuing various
    company on the Australian Stock        sporting interests which have
    Exchange. During his time at the       included numerous sprint-series

                                                                                   WHAT ARE THE OLD BOYS UP TO?

                                        Focus Merchandise Solutions                   Solutions is the largest importer of
                                        which was established in 2008                 LED martini glasses and through
                                        to provide specialist promotional             an existing relationship with a
                                        product sourcing, decoration and              major national company has been
                                        distribution to corporate and trade           lucky to supply most of the major
                                        clients. FMS provides unique and              concerts and sporting events with
                                        creative products that heighten               this unique product. Jarred is also
                                        brand and exposure in the market              a consultant with Pentridge Village
                                        place. Jarred currently looks after           Centrale & Westhomes Australia
                                        the Phys-Ed uniforms and some of              and has embraced the new
                                        the promotional requirements of               development by now calling the old
Jarred Kelly        (2001)              Mazenod and been able to assist               prison precinct home with good
Since leaving Mazenod in 2001,          with new options for next year.               mate and men’s suit entrepreneur
Jarred has studied, travelled the       He travels to China and South                 Justin Roberts. He regularly keeps
world and enjoyed his passion           East Asia regularly, sourcing                 in touch with other Mazenod men,
for cricket and fishing but is          new products and maintaining                  and is very grateful for these mates
still trying to catch that elusive      the quality of his products which             who have helped considerably with
mulloway with Travis Webster.           allow him to be competitive in the            establishing a wonderful business
Jarred is currently busy running        marketplace. Focus Merchandise                and customer base.

Adam Chalmers (1991)
Since completing Year 12 in 1990,       recently Margaret
I went on and studied Podiatry at       River in W.A.
LaTrobe University. After graduating        From 1999 to 2005
I worked in Warragul and also a day     the business changed
a week at the Springvale Community      many times and was
Health Centre. I felt that private      often a struggle due
practice was more suited to me, so I    to the difficulties of
started my own business in Rowville     getting podiatrists
and purchased another in Lower          to work in regional
Plenty. I worked at these locations     areas. I serviced a
until 1997 when I bought a full time    lot of outlying towns
clinic in Horsham. The business was     not able to easily
in bad shape and there was a lot of     access podiatry
work to be done to improve the way      services, some up to 150km away.
it worked and the number of patients    The podiatry business grew through            the support I received at Mazenod
that were seen.                         many trials and an extreme amount             gave me a great grounding for all of
    In 1999 I employed a new            of hard work. The business currently          my endeavours and I hope, wherever
Practice Manager named Amy. In          employs 5 Podiatrists and 4 support           our family is that our children can go
2003 we were engaged in Monkey          staff, has a large shoe store                 to a school like Mazenod.
Mia and married in 2004. Fellow         attached to it in a busy retail precinct          Basketball has always been of
Mazenodian Dan Horban was best          of Horsham. We sell Birkenstock,              big importance in my life and when
man and Michael Fitzharris one          Merrell, Kumfs, Timberland, Ecco,             I moved to Horsham I got involved
of the groomsmen. In 2004 our           Clarks, Red Bootie, and Naot.                 with the local side, Horsham
daughter Isabella was born and              I was elected to the board of             Hornets. I took over the Presidency
we built a new home in Horsham.         the Australian Podiatry Association           of the Men’s team in 1999 and from
Our son Nate was born in 2006 and       of Victoria, which I have been Vice           2000 – 2004 we won 4 State division
both our children bring us many         President of for the past two years. I        one titles. The team continues to
challenges and a lot of happiness.      have always been motivated and take           excel in the competition and we were
Next year Isabella will start primary   challenges head on, enjoying the              runners up this year.
school. We enjoy family holidays        challenge of improving something
to Noosa Port Douglas and most          others see as too hard to do. I feel


                                             Patent & Trademark attorney firms      Trade Mark group, overseeing
                                             in Australia.                          lawyers and attorneys from our
                                                 In 1988 I married Kim (nee         Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide
                                             Painter), an ex Avila College girl.    Offices. The role is demanding but
                                             We have two children; Jaclyn aged      never boring. Our client base is
                                             17 and Mitchell aged 14. In 1996,      diverse, ranging from large multi-
                                             I went back to university part         nationals including the Coca-
                                             time at RMIT and completed a           Cola Company, Avon, Procter &
                                             BAppSc (Applied Biology/Biotech).      Gamble, Motorola, BHP and Exxon
                                             Whilst doing this I completed          Mobil to small business operators
                                             the necessary Institute of Patent      and individuals. Obtaining and
                                             Attorneys subjects to qualify as a     enforcing intellectual property
                                             Trademarks Attorney in 2001 and        rights on behalf of the firm’s
    Michael O’Donnell                        Patent Attorney in 2005. In 2007 I     clients is often challenging and
    (1980)                                   was made a partner of the firm.        without guarantee of a favourable
    In 1980 I completed HSC at                   Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick is    outcome.
    Mazenod. Having deferred from a          a full service intellectual property       In my spare time I have been
    Commerce degree at Melbourne             firm comprised of three groups: a      known to run the Auskick program
    University the following year, I         Patent & Trade Mark Attorney firm;     at the Waverley Blues Football
    started work as an office assistant      a law firm; an investigation and       Club and currently run the junior
    at Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick,         research firm.                         program at the Mt. Waverley
    one of the oldest and largest                Today I head the firm’s            Cricket Club.

    Martin Van Os            (1980)
    The first thing that I did once I        13 at Lockwood. In late 1999, I
    completed my HSC in 1980 was             moved on to ITW Buildex, initially
    to defer university and get a            as National Marketing Manager
    job. That decision led me to the         and eventually became General
    commencement of a long term              Manager for the business some
    sales and marketing career at            six years ago. Buildex is part of
    Lockwood that finished up some           the New York stock exchange
    13 years later! The deferment of         listed ITW Group. Our business
    University continued to haunt me         manufactures in Australia a range
    and it was not until 1995 that I         of self drilling fasteners for the
    was able to complete my Bachelor         building industry. It operates
    of Business Degree majoring in           across all parts of Australia and
    Economics at Swinburne University        has an emerging export business
    on a part time basis.                    which has just extended to setting
        In the meantime, and whilst          up a facility in Dubai, U.A.E.
    taking on various promotions at              My time at Mazenod managed
    Lockwood, I married the love of          to extend across all parts of my       Mazenod for his results in 2007. He
    my life Jacquie, and we were very        family. My father Bill spent many      is now into his 2nd year at Monash
    fortunate to have two lovely children;   years helping out Norm Davie           University studying Engineering.
    Jarrod who turns 20 this year and        as a Soccer Coach, with my son         Kelly our daughter is halfway
    Kelly who has just turned 18.            Jarrod completing his VCE there        through her VCE and attends Sacred
        In the mid 90’s I was approached     in 2007. I must admit it was a bit     Heart College in Oakleigh. Kelly is
    to take on a role as National Sales      tough having Jarrod at Mazenod         keen to pursue studies in a business
    and Marketing Manager for Ipec           especially when “comparisons”          discipline, which at least resembles
    Road Express which was part of the       were readily made by some of           some of her father’s business and
    Mayne Nickless organization. Whilst      the long term teaching staff such      personality attributes.
    my tenure in that role was relatively    as Norm and John McCabe. We                It will be interesting to see if the
    brief, I probably learnt more in those   were extremely proud of Jarrod’s       Van Os family legacy continues at
    4 years at Ipec than the previous        inclusion into the 90+ Club at         Mazenod in years to come.

                                                                                WHAT ARE THE OLD BOYS UP TO?

Ben Reynolds (2002)
Since graduating in 2002, I began                                                  Dubai and was an opportunity to
studying Architecture in Melbourne                                                 focus on issues that are currently
at RMIT and working for the local                                                  emerging, given the unprecedented
firm MGS Architects. Then after                                                    developments in the city. My
having received a study abroad                                                     proposal sought to rectify the
scholarship to the Technishe                                                       injustices of the migrant labour
Universität, Berlin, I also worked for                                             conditions through a series of
Magma Architecture, and formed                                                     interventions at the urban level.
the beginnings of my freelance                                                         My Spanish partner, Valle,
work: working with the American                                                    and myself now spend our days
design and research advisors,                                                      writing for architecture magazines,
Regional at the Shenzen Biennale                                                   completing more competitions,
of Urbanism & Architecture, PRC.                                                   maintaining a blog and working
After my eye-opening experience                                                    on getting ideas built through
in Berlin I moved to Granada,                                                      our small office—Palace (www.
Southern Spain to begin learning                                         , an architectural
Spanish and using it as a base to                                                  design and research firm that
travel Europe. My time there, under      successful and that I am to spend         speculates and reacts to issues
the shadows of ‘La Alhambra’, gave       two years there.                          existing in levels of culture,
me time to prepare for my future in          Recently, I also received second      space and economy’ (all of this
architecture and to pursue further       place in the 2A International             while taking siestas and eating
endeavours.                              Architectural Students and                Andalusian food!). It must be
    One of those was an application      Young Architects Competition in           said that I owe a lot to Mazenod’s
to the Architectural Association         Dubai. The jury was composed of           graphics department—to Michael
School of Architecture, in Central       international architects including        Keady and Jim Shoebridge—for
London, to finish off my degree.’The     Donald Bates of LAB Architecture,         their progressive teaching styles
AA’ is considered one of the             a director in the firm that designed      and dedication to their field. The
most prestigious architectural           Federation Square in Melbourne,           base I, and indeed all students,
universities in the world, and a         and there were a total of 550             received there, placed us in good
place that I had hoped to gain           entries from 90 notable universities      stead for the future, and we are
entry into. In early 2009, I received    around the world. The competition         indebted to their cause.
good news that my application was        aimed to carry out new visions for

Matt Morley (1988)
Matt was a graduate of the 1988          friends from his year level at
Mazenod class. He lives in Brighton      Mazenod including Chris Smith,
with his wife Maria, whom he             Dave Biviano and Simon Fisher
married in 2002 and their two            and through his association with
children, a 4 year old girl Jenna        the Old Collegians counts many
and 6 month old son Callum.              other ‘Old Mazenodians’ as
    Matt works at BDO Kendalls           friends.
Wealth Management as an                      On a social note, Matt enjoys
Associate Director with his primary      taking his daughter Jenna to
role being in Business Development       Mazenod OCFC games where
and Marketing.                           she enjoys playing with her
    Matt played football and cricket     ‘gang’ of kids whose numbers
with the Mazenod Old Collegians          include the offspring of Chris
and still has an active role at MOCFC    Murray, Tim & Chris Smith,
by assisting the club in obtaining       Simon Fisher, Wayne Francis,
and managing sponsors.                   Damien Sherlock and many
    Matt regularly catches up with       others.


    Vivi Chau          (2000)
    No matter what you do in life, stay in                                              can speak the local language and
    touch with your friends! The friends                                                usually have friends that can show
    that I’ve made during my years in                                                   you around. My best time was hiring
    Mazenod are still around today,                                                     a car and driving around Tuscany.
    some 9 years since I left the College.                                              Eating fresh food on top of a hilltop
        During my university days, whilst                                               under a shady tree is simply
    studying Commerce at Monash,                                                        breathtaking.
    I kept in touch with my friends                                                         After three years, I felt it was
    who studied with me and kept me                                                     time to “settle-down” and live
    sane during exams. I increasingly                                                   closer to family and friends. Having
    became more interested in                                                           been exposed to the world of
    international issues and cultures                                                   entrepreneurs, working in small
    during my studies. I joined a student                                               teams and with a background in
    organisation called AIESEC that                                                     marketing, I started looking for
    helped graduates find jobs overseas                                                 work as a Business Developer
    whilst learning and adapting to a                                                   in small firms. Whilst preparing
    different culture. So, on graduating,                                               for an interview with a landscape
    after a year in an un-fulfilling sales                                              architecture company, I contacted
    role, I decided to take the leap and      and I was exposed to the life and         a friend from Mazenod at ASPECT
    just travel. Given that I wanted to       culture of entrepreneurs.                 Studios. He quickly told me that they
    live in Europe for awhile, I decided it       Living in Copenhagen, I travelled     were currently looking for someone
    was best to find a job and a base to      around Europe without the rush            for their Digital Media Studio that
    travel from. Through my contacts in       of a short-term visit. I was able to      specialises in animations and virtual
    AIESEC, I was able to find a position     spend entire weeks or weekends in         reality. This was perfect since I
    in a small company in Denmark.            cities, exploring all the non-tourist     would be helping an innovative
        What began as a one year              and typical tourist attractions. I felt   studio with an entrepreneurial spirit
    traineeship ended as an amazing           that I could experience the city and      grow and expand.
    and memorable three years. The            countries for what they truly are             It’s been a year since I have
    job itself was extremely satisfying,      and not just for the photo-friendly       returned from Europe and despite
    the company I worked for assisted         attractions. I made friends from          being away for a few years, some of
    young Danes to start-up their own         all different cultures which really       my closest friends are still the ones
    companies. Everyday was different         helps when you’re travelling. They        I made at Mazenod.

     Aldo Di Petta          (1989)
     Aldo completed VCE at Mazenod
     in 1989. He then went to LaTrobe
     University and completed a
     degree in Podiatry. During his
     uni years Aldo played a handful
     of games for St Kilda F.C. In 1993
     with the guidance of the great
     Michael Brown, Aldo moved to
     Canberra to play football for Ainslie
     F.C.and take up a podiatry role.
     From Canberra he was drafted
     to the Sydney Swans where he
     only managed another couple of            for 12 months. Upon their return          is also a member of the ACT
     senior games. He then returned            to Canberra they started a family         Fire Brigade. Despite these
     to Canberra where he met his              and now have three beautiful              commitments, he gets back to
     lovely wife Hena Fulivai. They were       daughters. Lani 5 yrs, Moki 3yrs          Melbourne as often as possible
     married in 2002 and then decided          and Ruby almost 2 yrs. Aldo still         so he can catch up with family
     they would live and work in London        has a podiatry practice but he            and some old Mazenod mates.

                                                                                         WHAT ARE THE OLD BOYS UP TO?

    Jeff Watson (1984)
    Recently returning to Australia for            Officially based in Bahrain since
    vacation after a five year break, Jeff     2000 as General Manager of Palace
    met Father Mackintosh, Father              Affairs, Finance and Projects, Jeff
    Hannah and Father Moroney at St.           still travels regularly throughout
    Mary’s Star of the Sea one Sunday,         Europe and Asia, working closely
    and commenced a great return to            with designers and suppliers for
    the Mazenod community. On his              projects, and accompanying Her
    return visit to Mazenod College, as        Majesty and Family on official and
    Fr Moroney’s guest, he visited a           private travel.
    somewhat expanded and improved                 Jeff states that, “It is certainly
    college and enjoyed the hospitality        not a one man show though, as we
    of both Father Moroney and the             would not be able to achieve what
    College.                                   we have done without our staff and
        After completing studies at            management. We presently have
    Mazenod in the vintage of ‘84, Jeff        staff of 14 different nationalities
    joined the Hyatt Hotel group for           and 5 religions, making for a great
    the opening of the Grand Hyatt             learning environment. The Royal
    Melbourne, and continued to spend          Family is fantastic, and our staff
    the next ten years in the hospitality      are great. The Palaces operate in
    industry.                                  a similar way to five star hotels
        Travelling to the United Kingdom       but with higher standards. With an
    in 1990 to further his studies             inventory stretching to properties
    (with the intention of returning to        on various continents, yachts and
    Melbourne after completion), Jeff          aircraft, it has been a great and
    stayed in Europe for a further four        rewarding challenge. Her Majesty                 As for the future, Jeff would like
    years working at Cliveden, travelling      considers the welfare of staff and           to find a balance between spending
    and enjoying his time.                     their families to be part of her             more time in Melbourne and Asia
        1994 saw a change of direction         responsibility, and has created              where he has several personal
    when Jeff commenced employment             trust funds which I utilize to provide       projects underway, but with two
    in Bahrain, a small island kingdom         assistance to staff when their               large construction projects in the
    in the Middle East, working for the        families are in need of medical,             pipeline in the Middle East plus the
    then Crown Prince, now King. A             education or emergency help.                 Palace affairs, we will have to see.
    two year contract has turned into          As the majority of staff are from                In the meantime, should any
    a fifteen year commitment so far,          developing nations, this is a difficult      Mazenodians be passing by Bahrain,
    during which time Jeff has been            yet rewarding part of my job, and            Jeff would welcome the opportunity
    based in the USA, U.K., France and         one of the reasons for the strong            to catch up over a beer and show
    innumerable countries overseeing           bond between the Royal Family and            you around a small desert kingdom.
    the affairs of the Royal Family.           their staff.”

Old Collegians Music Club
Footballers have one, cricketers have one, why not musos?
 Were you involved in the Symphonic Wind, String Ensembles or Senior Band at
  Mazenod College? When you consider the vast pool of musical talent that has
     left the College in the last 20 years, the possibilities are very exciting.
Why not form a Mazenod Musos’ Club? Concerts, competitions, weekly rehearsal?
           ANYTHING is possible at this stage. Want to get involved;
                  email Doug Leutchford, our music director on or ring him on 9560 0911


                                            kept us fired up and on our toes.         My brother Philip attended
                                                I left Mazenod in 1972 with my    Mazenod from 1971 until 1974. In
                                            Leaving Certificate, settling into    1975 at age 16, he went to HMAS
                                            ‘motor-trade’ at Repco in 1975,       Leeuwin Fremantle as a junior
                                            followed by time at Federal Mogul     recruit in the Royal Australian
                                            and Nissan. This was followed         Navy. He has subsequently had
                                            by stints at Terumo, Beecham          many postings, including Sydney,
                                            and Sigma as a storeman in            Canberra, Melbourne and HMAS
                                            pharmaceuticals and medical           Cerberus. He is now a Chief Petty
                                            supplies. I did move around a bit!    Officer in recruiting based in
                                            More recently, I worked for ten       Melbourne. He is a devoted family
                                            years in transport at Toll-Ipec,      man with a lovely wife, Sue and
                                            Clayton. I also toured Europe         three grown daughters, Sarah,
                                            and Scandanavia in the nineties       Katie and Amy.
                                            after travelling Australia in the
                                            seventies. Currently I am a full-
                                            time carer for my mother Pauline.
     Paul Meiklejohn (1972)                     I completed HSC/VCE in
                                            the Eighties and an Advanced
     I started at Mazenod in 1968           Certificate in Accounting at Casey
     when Form I and II were located        TAFE in 1995. In 2006 I graduated
     in temporary accommodation at          with an Arts Degree from Monash
     St Joseph’s Springvale, moving         University as a mature-age
     to Kernot Ave when the College         student. I am considering doing
     opened at the beginning of term        an Honours year in Sociology next
     two. The College was nothing if not    year. Perhaps the early influence
     wet, cold and sinking in clay. Lucky   of Fathers FitzPatrick, Moroney,
     we had our “jiffies” to protect the    McGillicuddy and McFall instilled a
     carpet! However, teachers like         lifelong appreciation of education,
                                                                                            Phillip and Sue
     Father FitzPatrick and Mr Villums      especially the Humanities.

     Rodney Beckwith (1987)
                                            in the hospitality industry and       Rod spent many of his younger
                                            has since worked his way into         days surfing with his mates at
                                            a management role. In 1998 he         Barwon Heads and playing footy
                                            was the assistant manager of the      on the coast. In 1995 Rod made
                                            Ocean Grove Bowling Club, he          the Sea change and moved there
                                            then progressed to the Manager        permanently and married Michelle.
                                            of the Barwon Heads Hotel, and        They have two sons, Matthew and
                                            then he was offered the Managers      Thomas. Matthew is to commence
                                            position at the Lockley’s Hotel in    secondary school next year at St
                                            SA. Moving state was a huge, but      Joseph’s in Geelong and Thomas
                                            rewarding experience.                 will be in grade 6 next year. They
                                                 Once they decided to move        are both active members of the
     Rod completed his VCE in 1987.         back to Victoria, Rod managed         Barwon Heads community, sitting
     He then completed Marketing            the Cove Hotel in Patterson Lakes     on many committees throughout
     studies at Holmesglen College.         and then the Vaucluse Hotel in        the town and assisting in junior
     Whilst studying he gained part time    Richmond for the Munday Group         sport in Barwon Heads.
     employment in the swimming pool        of Hotels. He now is the Manager          Rod says his best friends are
     and spa construction industry and      of the Sebastopol Bowling Club        those he made at Mazenod. He is
     this work continued well after he      in Ballarat and is on the Board of    still in close contact with many of
     completed his studies.                 Clubs Victoria.                       the old boys and regularly catches
         In 1995 Rod took up a position         On a more personal level          up for dinner and drinks.

                                                                                    WHAT ARE THE OLD BOYS UP TO?

David Kelly (1984)
After completing HSC in 1984, it was     with the Auskick coaching to now              the Kelly’s were blessed in this area.
time to earn an income and I applied     being the runner for his team which               The preparation and upbringing
for a range of administration jobs. I    keeps me fit.                                 Mazenod gave me cannot be
decided whichever firm accepted me           After spending 9 years at                 understated, and for that I am
first was for me, and it happened to     Lowndes Lambert, I decided to                 grateful to the school and to my
be the AMP Society. Some 25 years        move on and took up a role at Marsh           parents for making sacrifices to
later, I am still working within the     insurance brokers. I am still with            send me there. I am currently
insurance industry so it couldn’t have   this company after 11 years, and              trying to prepare my son, Andrew,
been a bad decision.                     am fortunate to have specialised in           for school life next year. He is at
    I spent some 4 years at AMP          the sporting segment for the past 5
before I decided I wanted to move        years. Dealing with national clients
across to broking and joined             in the sports segment has brought
an international broking firm,           with it plenty of challenges, but at
Lowndes Lambert. It was during           the same time a lot of enjoyment and
this employment that I met my            satisfaction. One of the benefits of my
lovely wife Helen, and we are now        current role is that it has taken me
blessed with two wonderful boys.         to London on a number of occasions,
Two of my passions are golf and the      and being the sporting enthusiast I
Carlton Football Club so it was only     am, it was a thrill to visit places like
logical that the boys were named         Wimbledon, Lords, Newmarket races
Andrew (named after St Andrews golf      & attend a Premier League soccer
course) and Stephen (after Stephen       match. One day I would love to take
Kernahan).                               the family across to London, and take
    After getting married, we moved      in the history of the city.
to Bentleigh East where we have now          Life constantly throws up its
resided for some 14 years. Andrew        challenges and tests your faith. My
is now 12 years old and is in grade 6    mother unfortunately passed away
at St Peters Catholic Primary school     from a brain aneurism on the same             present involved in an Environmental
not far from home. He is heading off     night I first went out with my soon to        Sustainability leadership program
to Salesian College next year, and I     be wife, Helen. My father is currently        and plays chess at lunchtime.
keep reminding him of how easy his       battling a rare form of cancerous                 All I can say is if he has the same
future school was to beat in the EIS     blood disease, and is commuting               amount of laughs as I did, and is
sports in my day. He is a keen soccer    to hospital treatment in Brisbane             prepared by the school for university
player and this keeps me busy during     from Hervey Bay every month or so.            or working life as well as I was,
winter with training and coaching.       During these periods, my faith and            then Helen and I will be very happy
    Stephen is 9 years old and is also   family have remained strong and               parents.
at St Peters, where he loves playing     helped me through. I also believe it             My thoughts and wishes of health
football for that Club. Over the past    is important to have a good sense of          and happiness to the entire class of
few years I have gone from assisting     humour, and I can certainly say that          1984.

   In memory of his late father Henry, Phil Nash and family
   have generously donated funds to commence the Henry
   Nash Bursary a Perpetual Bursary at Mazenod College.
   If you wish to contribute to this bursary please contact
   Steve Putrino on 03 9560 0911 or


     Jeremy Stagg (1984)
     It’s almost 25 years since completing       access that re-energises us for
     Year 12 at Mazenod in 1984. Studying        the new year. That and the annual
     Science at Monash University led            National Taekwando championships
     to an interesting career change             that Julian (1st Dan Black Belt) now
     into sales, which then progressed           competes in. All I did was basketball
     through to education, and has               and a bit of footy. And yes, there is
     remained in business since 1998. In         still music!
     1991 a return to University (La Trobe)           My family are my focus when
     led to a Diploma of Education, then         not running an IT consultancy
     a Masters Prelim (completed) and            business in Heidelberg – Network
     later a Masters (deferred) has been         Help which has a distinct focus on
     the sum of a tertiary career, but with      the desktop virtualisation market
     an interesting period of different          (Sun Microsystems) and the green
     roles and jobs as a result.                 economy. I now smile when I think        Health (Hospitals) and the corporate
          Pictured in the photo are my           that I am actually working in an area    sectors - all with the green targets
     wonderful family on the occasion            based around the principles I learnt     in mind.
     of Callum’s confirmation at St              so many years ago from both Neil             In 1997 a one year teaching and
     Patrick’s Cathedral. Reagan has             Rickards and Wadih Ogeil !               IT management stint at Mazenod
     been my devoted wife since 1990,                 Facing the challenges of the        College was one I shall not forget
     Julian is now 15 and studying at            economy and the development of           as I experienced a wonderfully
     Parade College and Callum is now            continuous services is ongoing. So       supportive fellowship of staff,
     12 (yes, the red head !) in Grade 6         the necessity for diverse sales skills   particularly with the birth of Callum.
     at St Thomas The Apostle Primary.           and targets has been a must and we       Steve Putrino has been a fantastic
     An annual getaway to a cattle farm          are now working with Government          colleague and Alumni man and a
     in the north-east of Vic is the period      (Local Councils/State Gov.),             warm reminder at all times of the
     of seclusion and non-mobile phone           Education (K-12 and TAFE Colleges),      Mazenod family at heart.

     Danny Horban (1990)                                                                      I was married in 2003 to Brenda
                                                                                          who is Canadian, with many thanks
                                                                                          to Father Moroney for guiding us
                                                                                          through the process and blessing us
                                                                                          with the gift of marriage. We made
                                                                                          a decision to move to Canada in 2004
                                                                                          where we now have two beautiful
                                                                                              I continue working as an
                                                                                          occupational therapist, having
                                                                                          established my own business in
                                                                                          Canada. However, I usually return
                                                                                          home for a few weeks each year to
                                                                                          escape the cold winters in Canada
                                                                                          and introduce my children to the
                                                                                          Australian culture.
                                                                                              I like to keep in touch with some
               Danny Horban and Adam Chalm
                                                                                          of the ‘old boys’ through my links
                                                                                          with the MOCCC and peers from the
     After successfully completing VCE in        my passion for football ! Whilst         class of 1990. I always feel welcome
     1990 with numerous great memories           having a stint at three separate         visiting the College when I return
     of college life, I moved on to Latrobe      VFA/VFL clubs I still consider the       home, although still find it difficult
     University and completed my                 Mazenod Old Collegians as my home        to address my 1985 home room
     Bachelors degree in Occupational            club, and when returning home I          teacher as other than Mr.Johnson !
     Therapy in 1994. Whilst my studies          always like to join the boys for a run   Cheers Johnno and I look forward to
     were certainly a focus for my future,       or catch up on how things are doing      catching up with all on my next visit
     they invariably took a back seat to         with the old collegians.                 to the College.

                                                                                    WHAT ARE THE OLD BOYS UP TO?

Joseph Aiello            (1988)
I am a graduate of the class of
1988. Upon graduation I only had
some vague ideas about helping
people and with no clear direction, I
enrolled at Rusden College (Deakin
University) in Clayton. In the late
eighties, the emerging ‘next big
thing’ was Information Technology
and in 1992 I graduated with a               Joseph Aiello on the left
degree in Information Management.
Whilst at University I continued my
involvement with Mazenod through           grand final appearances in 2008             of football and club life regardless
the Mazenod Old Collegians Football        and 2009 and a half time MCG                of their ability and always with an
Club where I helped out as boundary        appearance this year, I have hung           emphasis on fun. As a result of
umpire and runner. After university        up the boots as my wife and I are           this philosophy, the Panthers has
I felt the desire to help others again     moving to Inverloch in September of         become a well respected club in
and decided to become a police             this year.                                  FIDA and this has given the club
officer. By late 1992 I had joined             As already mentioned in my              such opportunities as playing at
the Victoria Police and for the first      article, the Panthers are part of the       the MCG. I would also like to
18 months I worked at Knox Police          Football Integration Development            acknowledge the assistance of
Station and remained involved with         Association (FIDA) and being part           David Reagan, one of MOCFC senior
the Mazenod Football Club during           of this association means that              players, who has helped me coach
this time. In 1995 I had to leave my       people with an intellectual disability      the Panthers for the last couple
football behind as I was sent to work      get a chance to play the game of            of years and the players and staff
in country Victoria at the Traralgon       Australian Rules Football. The              of the MOCFC under 19 team who
Police Station. Since 1996 I have          Panthers have players ranging in            have challenged us each year
worked at many different places            age from 16 years old to 63 years           in a day of fun and football. The
around the state. One highlight            old and come from many areas.               Panthers currently have two teams
of my career was working with ‘at          All the people involved in the              in FIDA and I wish them luck in their
risk’ youth for four years with the        Mazenod Panthers Football Club              endeavours next year.
police Youth Advisory Unit where           are volunteers who give their time
my task was to ‘break down the             freely and I have only been a small
barriers’ between police and young         part of a great team of people. The
people by conducting programs              Mazenod Old Collegians Football
that involved activities such as           Club (MOCFC) has been instumental
bushwalking, high ropes courses and        in providing support, facilities and
rock climbing. In early 2003 I finally     encouragement to the Panthers
put to use my university degree            since the formation of the first team
when I was promoted to Sergeant            in 2005.The Oakleigh Centre and
at the Information Management              volunteers from this organisation
Department of Victoria Police.             have also been a part of the club
     In 2004 I married my wife             from the beginning and their support
Susannah, who is also a police             is ongoing.
officer, and settled in Wheelers                I was fortunate to become
Hill. After an absence of 13 years,        involved with the Panthers while
I returned to the Mazenod Old              associated with the MOCFC. With
Collegians Football Club.The players       the support of the president and
and management have always been            committee of MOCFC and the great
a warm and welcoming group and             volunteers at the Panthers Football
in 2007 I happily accepted the role        Club, I have been lucky enough to
of coach of the Mazenod Panthers           be involved with a great bunch of
Football Club. The Panthers provide        boys and men for the last three
an opportunity for athletes with           years. I guess the philosophy that
intellectual disabilities to participate   we have tried to adopt over this
in the game of Aussie Rules football.      time has been to give our players
After coaching the Panthers to two         a chance to participate in all forms


     Craig Azzopardi (1988)
     After completing my VCE at             my 10 years in teaching I have          Cranbourne Superules team.
     Mazenod in 1992 I started a            taught Maths to year 7-12, Year             In early July of this year (2009)
     teaching degree at Deakin Rusden       7 Science and Year 11 Physics.          I completed the Kokoda Track.
     the following year. In 1994-95 I was   For the past 7 years I have been        What an experience to remember!
     involved in an exchange program        a Homestead Coordinator and             While the going was tough, it was
     to the US where I spent six months     have been involved in many school       an amazing time and one I will
     at Winthrop University in South        camps, the most recent being            treasure forever. I am looking
     Carolina. Through this exchange I      a surf camp at Anglesea in the          forward to planning my next
     had the opportunity to experience      second week of August. Sounds           adventure which will hopefully be
     being a member of the Pi Kappa         cold but it was great fun.              in the near future.
     Alpha fraternity as well as a white        During my time at Crown I
     Christmas and New Years Eve in         met my wife Janette, who was a
     Times Square.                          gaming supervisor at the time. In
         During the next few years I        2002 Janette and I were married
     spent much of my time dealing          by Christian Fini OMI at Good
     Blackjack, Roulette and Pai Gow        Shepherd Church. In October
     at Crown Casino during the night       2006 Janette and I welcomed
     whilst completing my degree            Phoebe Jae into the world. She
     and teaching rounds during the         can be a handful at times but is
     day. After five years working at       a darling when she needs to be.
     Crown I decided it was time to         She definitely keeps us on our toes
     put my degree to use. In June          and never ceases to amaze us. We
     of 2000 I found employment at          have recently moved into another
     Woodleigh School in Baxter, on the     home in Narre Warren South and I
     Mornington Peninsula. Throughout       still enjoy playing football with the

     Beovich Brothers
     Between 1977 to 1988 five of the                                                   Since 1991 he has worked as a
     Beovich brothers attended Mazenod                                              GP at Burwood Health Care Medical
     College.                                                                       Centre. For the last 12 years he has
         The health professions and                                                 been a partner of the clinic.
     sports are common themes in their                                                  Robert has enjoyed working
     lives after leaving Mazenod.                                                   most weekends the last 18 years
         Daryl (1977) married his wife                                              as one of his main interests is
     Linda in 1983 and has two teenage                                              managing sports injuries, often
     sons.                                                                          attending to injured current and old
         After Mazenod he attended                                                  boys.
     Pharmacy College and graduated                                                     Mark (1985) graduated as
     as a Pharmacist in 1981. He started    sick of beating fellow Mazenod          a Chiropractor in 1990 and
     his own pharmacy in Sunshine in        Old Boy Gerard Minack he turned         subsequently started his own
     1983 and in 1986 set up another        to cycling road racing. He has          practice in Bayswater.
     in Rosebud. Over the years he has      completed several triathlons as             He is married to Bronwyn and
     added another pharmacy in Mount        well as the Melbourne Marathon a        has an eight year old daughter
     Waverley and yet another one in        couple of years ago.                    Chloe.
     Rosebud.                                   Andrew (1978) tragically died in        Mark has been involved in
         Daryl and his wife, also a         a motor car accident the year after     competing and coaching triathlons
     Pharmacist, manage the four            leaving Mazenod.                        for the last 22 years. He has
     Pharmacies while also looking after        Robert (1982) completed             finished three gruelling full course
     the boys, Matthew and Charlie.         his Medical degree at Monash            ironman triathlons throughout
         Daryl continued to play footy      University and then commenced           Australia.
     after school for a couple of years     working at Box Hill Hospital and            Currently he is Co-ordinator for
     then changed to squash for a           subsequently specialised in General     Triathlon Kids for the Nunawading
     number of years and when he got        Practice.                               Triathlon Club.

                                                                                 WHAT ARE THE OLD BOYS UP TO?

Brendan Neil          (1983)
I was fortunate enough to be in the
first CAPE (Course for Assessment
& Practical Education) class at
Mazenod in 1982. I wanted to leave
school after Form 4 so my father
found me a job ‘spot welding’ in a
Springvale factory (he knew what he
was doing). I lasted two and a half
weeks standing in front of a small
machine welding BBQ stands for
eight hours a day.
    So back to Mazenod it was, and
the CAPE course was an excellent
opportunity for me. I worked every
Friday as an Electrician and found
that was my vocation. I left to do      hammer to get it back going as quick        are enough peanuts in peanut butter
an electronic course for a year, as     as possible. I loved the pressure and       and our Polly-Woffles aren’t bent.
finding an apprenticeship wasn’t        it has helped me to this day. (Black            I have been married for 15 Years
easy, so the next year I applied for    Jacket Classic Golf Winner 2001)            to my teenage sweetheart from
100 jobs exactly before accepting an        I left to explore the world for a       Avila, Suzanne (Clarke.)She is a
electrical apprenticeship with Nissan   year in 1989/90. I hitchhiked from          primary school teacher in Ferntree
manufacturing plant in Clayton.         Oxford to Inverness over a couple of        Gully where we love to live. We are
    I couldn’t have chosen a better     weeks and I have many stories to            blessed with two magnificent boys,
profession; I loved my job and the      tell of these times. I came back to         who we hope will end up at Mazenod
people I worked with at Nissan. Our     a job, selling electrical equipment         one day. Peter is 11 years old and
job was to keep the assembly line       to manufacturing companies like             Jack is 8; they both love St- Kilda
running; we worked on conveyors,        Nissan and still do. I sell inspection      and are trained in Trampolining
robots and other machinery; when        cameras that make sure we have              by another Mazenod family, the
the line stopped we were under the      enough beer in our stubbies, there          Warehams.

                                        School campus for the first year and      in establishing their own business,
                                        a half where Mazenod was located          most notably establishing
                                        before venturing to the current           Community Banks.
                                        location in Kernot Ave Mulgrave.              Bill’s former teachers probably
                                             Bill left the College in 1971        got a surprise when they saw he
                                        and completed Matriculation               was an instructor at State Bank
                                        at Springvale High School. He             Staff training and also facilitates
                                        commenced work at the State               Director Education sessions
                                        Bank in Feb 1973 and has been             working with the Australian
                                        involved in the Banking Industry          Institute of Company Directors.
                                        since then, performing many               He also worked with Solicitors on
                                        traditional banking roles and some        assisting Directors understand
                                        not generally associated with             the roles and responsibilities of a
                                        Banking. His roles have included          Company Director.
                                        being an instructor at State Bank             In his personal life Bill has been
                                        Staff training, Officer in Charge         married to Rhonda for 32 years
                                        of the Forms Design and Control           and they have a daughter, Sarah
                                        section of the State Bank and             21. They have travelled to Pacific
                                        Methods Department, the Manager           Islands (Fiji, a couple of times)
                                        Banking Practices at the National         and Europe four times and he can
Bill Den Hartog           (1972)        Mutual Royal Bank and the Bank
                                        of Melbourne. Bill is currently
                                                                                  now get by with basic linguistics in
                                                                                  Holland, Germany, France (French
As one of the inaugural students        working at Bendigo Bank where he          was not a strong point at school),
at Mazenod College in 1967, Bill        is a Senior Community Enterprise          Italy (Latin for a couple of years
attended the St Joseph’s Primary        Manager working with communities          helped ) and yes, England as well.


     Robert Martinelli           (1987)
     After completing his VCE in 1987,      PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1997.        2007. Only a short time ago in late
     Robert went on to study Law            During 8 years with PwC, Robert        August 2009, Robert and Christine
     and Commerce at Melbourne              spent 3 years working in the           welcomed their first child, Freddie,
     University.                            Sydney office.                         into their home in Surrey Hills. It
        Having completed his university         In 2005, Robert took up the        was not soon enough according to
     studies in 1992, Robert accepted       role of senior taxation advisor with   parents, Arnaldo and Sarina…
     a position to complete his articles    Shell Oil Products. He now spends          Robert remains a keen
     with Freehills. During 4 years with    much of his time in Perth assisting    Collingwood fan and enjoys
     Freehills, Robert specialised in the   in taxation aspects associated with    watching most sports. He has a
     corporate law area with a particular   Shell’s gas exploration portfolio.     small interest in two racehorses
     emphasis on taxation law.                  Just before leaving PwC            and is waiting for them to hit the
        With a view to gaining              in 2005 (although completely           track. He thinks he may be waiting
     further expertise in the broader       unconnected!), Robert took up          a while. He also enjoys traveling, a
     taxation area, Robert joined           residence with work colleague,         glass of good red ink and tries to
     the corporate consulting firm,         Christine, and they married in         balance it out by jogging regularly.

     Dean Martinelli          (1991)
     After completing VCE in 1991,
     Dean commenced studies at
     Monash University. He completed
     both a Bachelor of Laws and
     Bachelor of Commerce in 1996.
         In 1997, Dean accepted a
     graduate position with Ernst
     & Young in their tax consulting
     team advising large corporates
     in the Energy and Mining sector
     on domestic and international tax
                                                Robert and Dean
         He subsequently joined Robert
     at PricewaterhouseCoopers, once
     again focusing on tax consulting.
     However at PwC, Dean’s focus           career he has crossed paths with
     was mainly on companies in the
     biotech and technology sector.
                                            many Mazenodians and there
                                            has always been an immediate
                                                                                    News for the Editor
     During this time, Dean also
     completed his Master of Laws at
                                                In 1996, he met Angela and          Do you have
     the University of Melbourne.
         Whilst Robert has moved on,
                                            they married in 2000. They now
                                            reside in Kew with their two sons,      any news?
     Dean has remained at PwC and is        Thomas, aged 4 and Justin, aged         about yourself or another
     now a director. In recent times, he    3. They are expecting their third       member of the wide College
     has changed his focus to assisting     child in early 2010.
                                                                                    family, which could be
     private companies and high                 Dean likes to keep fit. In
                                                                                    included in the next issue of
     net wealth individuals. He has         addition to chasing the kids
                                                                                    the Newsletter? If so, please
     enjoyed the change because he is       around the house, he regularly
     dealing directly with the owners       cycles and jogs and has competed        forward to Steve Putrino.
     of the business as opposed to          in a number of BRW triathlons.          We want to hear from you.
     management.                            Like Robert, he still follows the       Telephone: 9560 0911. Email:
         Throughout his working             Pies very keenly.             

                                                                                     WHAT ARE THE OLD BOYS UP TO?

Andrew Blackley (1988)
I finished my VCE at Mazenod in               Broome to continue our travels.           are very heavily into their sport
1988. It should have been 1987                    Back in Broome, I was talked          especially football and cricket.
but too much partying in Year                 into playing footy for local team         The whole family are very keen
11 saw me taking an extra year                Towns. It was a great move with           anglers and love the many camping
to finish. It was a good time and             us winning the 1993 premiership.          adventures we continually go on.
I made another group of good                  It’s a very quick brand of footy in       A couple of overseas trips have
friends. After finishing at Mazenod           Broome and there is a lot of talent       also been a great experience for
I went on to Deakin University                with quite a number having played         us all.
Burwood and 3 years later I was a             in the AFL or WAFL leagues. The               Since moving to Broome
qualified primary school teacher              good thing about Broome footy,            permanently in 1994, I became
(PE major of course). It was at               unlike other footy elsewhere, is no       a Real Estate Agent. I am now
university where I met my wife of             one gets paid so we all play for the      a Director and Licensee of PRD
16 years ,Leanne. In 1992 there               love of the game.                         Nationwide Broome. I am still
were no teaching jobs available, so               We finished the rest of our           playing footy (although the body
Lea and I set off on an adventure             journey around Australia and found        is a little worse for wear) and still
around Australia. All was going               ourselves back in Melbourne. We           taking the odd screamer but not
fine until we found ourselves in              didn’t last long as we both really        as graceful on the landings these
Broome in North Western Australia             missed the Broome lifestyle. With         days. I won my 5th premiership
(Kimberley) and money was                     a deadline to qualify for football        last year in my 15th season for
beginning to run thin. By pure                finals, we packed up the car, Lea         the club and both Lea & myself
luck whilst walking down the main             now pregnant, and headed for a 12         are now life members. With no
street a voice called out to me from          day drive to Broome. It can be done       reserves or veteran’s leagues I am
a pub. In was a former Mazenod                quicker but was a bit slower with         not sure if the body will hold up for
student and Old Collegian player              a morning sickness suffering wife.        many more seasons and the young
,Marty Fitzpatrick. Marty was                 It proved worth it with a second          guys aren’t getting any slower.
teaching in Broome and informed               premiership in a row.                         I am very much involved in the
us there was a lack to relief                     We have been in Broome                kids’ sport, being a coach and
teachers so plenty of work to be              ever since then, only getting             president of the Junior Football
had. He was right.                            back to Melbourne to visit family         League, also a coach and vice
     After saving enough to fly back          occasionally. The lifestyle up here       president of Junior Cricket. Was
to Melbourne for Christmas, we                is amazing and a great place to           a great year for our family in 2008
were married in March by Father               bring up kids. We now have two            where myself and the kids won our
Kevin Davine, then flew back to               boys: Matty 14 and Mitch 12. Both         respective Footy Premierships and
                                                                                        Lea won her Netball Premiership.

“You should’ve seen the one that got away!”


     Matthew in the Black Hawk

      Matthew Williams (1988)
      Matthew completed his VCE at          as part of an Australian Defence                  and April he completed a trip to
      Mazenod College in 1996. After        Force panel to interview with the                 Africa visiting 10 nations over three
      receiving a scholarship to attend     Governor-General of Australia.                    weeks. Back in Australia Matthew
      the Australian Defence Force              Matthew was selected to serve                 has travelled with Her Excellency
      Academy he completed a Bachelor       as the Military Aide at Government                to all states, assisting the
      of Science Degree in 1999 before      House in Canberra. He began his                   Governor-General with her duties
      completing his military training      role as the Aide-de-Camp to Her                   as our Head of State.
      at the Royal Military College in      Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC,                       Matthew will complete his
      2000. Matthew was allocated           Governor-General of Australia,                    role with the Governor-General in
      to the Australian Army Aviation       in December 2008. During 2009                     December 2009 and looks forward
      Corps and began two years of pilot    Matthew has travelled widely with                 to returning to flying operations in
      training. In 2002 he graduated as     Her Excellency; during March                      Sydney next year.
      a Black Hawk Helicopter pilot and
      was posted to Townsville to the 5th
      Aviation Regiment.
          Matthew spent six years serving
      as a Black Hawk Helicopter pilot
      both in Townsville and Sydney.
      During this time he served in East
      Timor and Papua New Guinea and
      during 2005 spent five months
      in Afghanistan deployed with the
      Special Operations Task Group
      during Operation Slipper.
          In 2008 Matthew took a break
      from flying operations and was
      posted to the Special Operations
      Headquarters in Sydney. He
      worked as part of the operations
      branch and assisted with the
      coordination of special operations
      across the Middle East Area.
      During 2008 Matthew was selected
                                              Matthew with the Govenor General of Australia

                                                                                  WHAT ARE THE OLD BOYS UP TO?

Ian Neil       (1979)
My earliest memory of Mazenod was                                                    Collegians Football Club, and was
the first day of school, I remember                                                  still playing Cricket with Mazenod
standing with my St John Vianney                                                     up until the time we left Melbourne.
buddies trying to act cool and survey                                                It is great to see both those clubs
the situation around us. On that                                                     continue to grow and go from
first day, the library, the gym and                                                  strength to strength. I still keep in
the chapel didn’t exist, the Manual                                                  touch with old school mates and,
and Fine Arts Complex and the                                                        when I can, I play in a twice a year
O’Rourke Wing were way into the                                                      golf tournament where the first prize
future. Richmond were still a force in                                               is an old Mazenod Reefer Jacket.
football.                                and have spent a lot of time on the              My brother Brendan also went
    That first day at Mazenod was in     road including a year in Asia and the       to Mazenod, three years behind me.
1974 and I graduated in 1979. From       Middle East. In 2003 as a family we         Our family have had a tough time
there I went to RMIT and graduated       took off around Australia- we were          in the last twelve months with our
with a business degree. I started        on the road for over two years and          oldest brother dying tragically in his
working in Local Government in           eventually settled in the coastal town      hometown of Perth and our father
Victoria which I found fun and           of Albany in Western Australia.             dying a few months afterwards.
exciting; I had stints at Waverley,          We are still in Albany and after        Father Sherman conducted our
Dandenong, Nunawading, Springvale        working with the City of Albany I           brother’s funeral and Father Davine
and Greater Dandenong.                   have now joined the Great Southern          oversaw our father’s funeral. It was
    I married Debbie Carr in 1993 and    Community Housing Association.              wonderful to be able to call on these
we now have two children, Angela is      As Development Manager I am                 priests to help us through such
14 and Stuart just turned 13.            responsible for the acquisition and         difficult times, an indication of the
    By 1995 I had established my own     construction of social housing assets       wonderful community we are part of.
consulting business, specialising in     throughout the region. It is our plan            I am enjoying the country life
Customer Service, Organisational         to grow from 100 to 300 houses over         and I don’t think I will ever live in a
Strategy and Personal Development.       the next three years.                       big city again. However, I still stay
That job took me all over Australia          Mazenod has always been part            connected with my old classmates,
and to different parts of the world.     of my life since that day in 1974. I        some of whom I first met in
    I have always been a traveller       played over 250 games with the Old          kindergarten.

Roland Marino (1973)
Roland commenced school at               Kentucky Fried Chicken as a store
Mazenod in 1968. The first 3 months      manager at the Dandenong store
of the school were at St Joseph’s        and worked there for six months.
Primary school at Springvale.            His interest in travel took him to
When the college moved to Kernot         employment at Thomas Cook in
Ave there was no freeway. Roland         Collins St, Melbourne where he
remarks that cows roamed freely          worked for two years in a variety
on our football grounds and you          of tasks. In 1977 he took up
had to be careful where you walked.      employment with Trans Australian
He completed six years and was a         Airways, the Australian domestic
prefect in his last year.                airline and part of the Australian
    After leaving Mazenod, Roland        Government’s two airline policy             Fuel Corporation emergency room.
went to work at the CBC Bank at          with Ansett Airlines. TAA eventually        He then returned to QANTAS in 1995
Hughesdale. Within one month the         became Australian Airlines. Roland          to work at Melbourne Airport where
bank sent him to learn how to use a      became the duty supervisor in               he is currently employed.
hand gun, as most bank employees         database operations, responsible for            He lives in East Oakleigh with
were required to do. He recalls          all the information in the Australian       his wife, Consolacion and has been
that there was also a .38 revolver       Airlines computer systems. When             married for 23 years. His main
under the counter in case of an          the airline merged with Qantas In           interests are travel, especially in
armed hold-up. After six months,         1995, Roland left the airline industry      his favourite destination (the United
he changed employment and joined         briefly and worked at the Gas and           States) and motor sports.


     Michael Jago (1984)
     I was the first of three Jago boys
     (younger brothers Rob & Allan) to
     attend Mazenod in the 80’s. Today
     at age 42, I am happily married to
     my wife Julie and have a 15 year old
     daughter Gabrielle.
         Mazenod provided me the
     opportunity to explore and develop
     my passion of music. I was proud
     to play a large part in the school’s
     first large scale musical in 1981.
     It was Joseph and the Amazing
     Technicoloured Dreamcoat. Fr.
     Moroney was in charge of our
                                                 Fr Pat Moroney with Michael
     production and I had the honour of
     playing the Narrator. It was a big
     role for a young year 9 voice, and by
     the final night of the 3 shows, my
     voice was really struggling. However      of the Billy Hyde chain of music
     it was a fantastic experience and         stores. I managed Music Link           and learning new languages, and I
     I made a lot of great friends in          through a period of very strong        feel very privileged to be living this
     every year of the college. It was         growth, and oversaw the building of    now. Luxembourg is a beautiful
     also the start of many Mazenod            their new corporate headquarters       little country (only half a million
     singing “gigs” at speech nights etc..     (which I’m sure many of you drive      people) in the centre of Europe
     I was involved in anything musical        past from time to time) just up the    between Belgium and Germany
     including playing percussion in the       road from Mazenod on Wellington        and it’s very central for me to travel
     school orchestra. I completed year        Road near the Eastlink intersection.   around Europe to visit my sales
     11 in 1984, and went straight into            In 2002, one of the leading        reps and distribution partners.
     the music industry after leaving          brands that Music Link was             My wife Julie was very supportive
     school.                                   distributing decided to sell direct    of our move but daughter Gabby
         Many years later, I am still in the   to retailers and bypass Music Links    was not so keen at the start. She
     music industry, I still love it, and my   distribution network. The company,     has now settled into St.George’s
     career continues to move forward. I       BEHRINGER (          International School (UK education
     have had many great opportunities         a musical and audio manufacturer,      system), made new friends, and
     to work with other cultures and to        asked me to manage this new            she is enjoying the experience of
     see the world. I started my working       Australian business, and I jumped      learning and speaking French. If
     life in music retail (yes including       at the opportunity. Starting up a      only I had chosen French in Year
     Brashs), then moved into sales            new enterprise from scratch really     8 instead of Italian. At the time I
     rep roles in music wholesale. In          excited me, and I had 7 successful     thought I would never need any
     the early 90’s I was appointed GM         years managing their Australian        other languages. See, you just never
     of a music wholesale company in           business. Late last year I was         know where your education will be
     New Zealand, and this promotion           asked by our BEHRINGER CEO if I        needed...
     allowed me to completely manage           would be interested in a promotion          Back in March this year as
     the daily running of an SME               to manage the sales of one of our      part of the procedure for my move
     business. I learnt a lot about            larger overseas subsidiaries.          overseas, I visited Fr. Pat and he
     managing staff, budgets & finance             That conversation resulted         was kind enough to give Julie & I a
     and global sales.                         in a move from Melbourne to            personal tour of the college. It was
           I returned to Australia in 1995     Luxembourg, and since March 2009,      tremendous to catch up with the
     after 5 years in NZ, and I took on        I have been enjoying the challenging   great man after all these years, and
     the role of General Manager for           role of Vice President of Sales        he still looks fit & healthy. I’d like to
     a company called Music Link.              Europe. Not many people have the       pass on my thanks & best wishes
     They are Australia’s largest music        opportunity to move overseas and       (from the other side of the world) to
     wholesale company and the owner           experience living in other cultures    all the crew at Mazenod.

                                                                              WHAT ARE THE OLD BOYS UP TO?

Fr Kevin Davine OMI – Celebrating 50 years of Priesthood (1959 – 2009)
                                                                                     Fr Kevin had a great love
                                                                                 of teaching and affection for
                                                                                 his students. He was very kind
                                                                                 and sympathetic, especially to
                                                                                 boarders, possibly as a result of
                                                                                 his own experience as a boarder.
                                                                                 He was a dedicated teacher,
                                                                                 specialising in Religious education,
                                                                                 English Literature and French.
                                                                                 He saw education as a complete
                                                                                 package, involving firstly the faith.
                                                                                 He encouraged each student to
                                                                                 develop their talents, whether
                                                                                 academic, sport, music, drama
                                                                                 or art. Students from the 1990’s
                                                                                 at Mazenod College Mulgrave will
                                                                                 remember his skill as a musician
                                                                                 in his involvement as Director in
                                                                                 the productions of Gilbert and
                                                                                 Sullivan musicals.
                                                                                     For the last four years Fr Kevin
                                                                                 has taken up the appointment as
On Sunday August 2 this year,           Rector of Mazenod College,               Parish Priest of St John Vianney’s,
Fr Kevin Davine celebrated the          Mulgrave in 1972 where he also           North Springvale. He is also
golden jubilee of his ordination at     taught Religious Education and           a member of the Dandenong
St John Vianney Parish Springvale,      English, coached the First XVIII         Deanery Leadership Team and
where he is the Parish Priest.          and the First XI and founded the         the zone representative on the
Celebrations involved a special         Old Collegians’ Cricket Club. In         Archbishop’s Council of Priests.
Mass, followed by an afternoon          1978 he was appointed Principal          Fr Kevin has overseen extensions
tea with about 400 family, friends,     of Iona College, Brisbane. He            to the aged facility of the John
fellow priests and parishioners in      oversaw a period of great growth,        R. Hannah Hostel, as well as
attendance.                             as well as teaching, coaching and        overseeing the rebuilding of part of
    Fr Davine was born in 1936          being involved in drama and music.       the parish primary school.
in Warragul, the eldest of six. He      He became Rector of Mazenod                  Fr Davine has maintained
was educated in Warragul at St          College, Mulgrave for a second           his contacts with many past
Joseph’s Primary School and St          time in 1989, followed by another        students of Mazenod College with
Patrick’s College and matriculated      six years as Principal of Iona from      marriages, baptisms and funerals
at 15, too young to enter university.   1995 to 2000. Finally, he was sent       and enjoys keeping in touch with
In 1952, he entered the Oblate          back to Mazenod WA, as Principal         many people that he has known at
novitiate at Sorrento, taking his       from 2001 to 2003. Fr Davine             the College.
first vows in 1953. He was sent to      could claim an Oblate record as              Mazenod College congratulates
Ireland to do his priestly studies.     an educator in the Australian            Fr Davine for 50 years of dedicated
He was ordained in 1959 in Sale         Province: 46 years teaching in           service as a priest.
by Bishop Patrick Lyons. He was         three Oblate colleges, 27 of those
appointed to Iona College Brisbane      as principal.
and then in 1966 he was posted
to Mazenod College, Lesmurdie,
W.A. which had just been recently
established. At both these Colleges
he combined a full teaching
load with supervising boarders,
coaching sports, priestly supplies
and study.
    Fr Davine became the second


                     Old Collegians
                      Football Club

                                T   he MOCFC Annual General
                                    Meeting was conducted on
                                Monday 26th October where the
                                                                         The club is also delighted to
                                                                     report a number of people have
                                                                     expressed a desire to work on
                                yearly report and financials were    subcommittees with our appointed
                                tabled. The club was delighted to    office bearers which will make our
                                report another steady year during    tasks smaller and more enjoyable
                                trying conditions and very much      for all concerned. We will finalise
                                look forward to 2010 with the fol-   these groups in coming weeks
                                lowing committee :                   however anyone that would like to
                                                                     assist with social, administration,
                                President - Wayne Francis            football logistics etc should contact
                                VP Football - Chris Smith            the club by return. We encourage
                                VP Social - Steve Paolucci           everyone to participate and
                                VP Admin - Rod Hubbard               enhance the club experience.
                                Secretary - Daniel Oldman                Please call Wayne Francis on
                                Treasurer - Tim Smith                0411 252 845 or visit the website
                                General Committee - Chris  
                                Hansen and Sam Reed                      Go Nodders!

                                                                          OLD COLLEGIANS ASSOCIATION

           Old Collegians
       t long last, things are        existing clubs (such as football      requirements for incorporating the
       moving. On Thursday 22nd       and cricket) and new clubs. Tony      association under the Victorian
       October, some 35 past          outlined his thoughts about a         Associations Incorporations Act,
students from different year levels   steering committee with three         and the ongoing compliance
came together and, over dinner,       working groups. These groups          obligations, will be investigated
discussed the establishment of a      would cover: Alumni Activities,       with the view of forming the
formal Mazenod Old Collegians         Student Support and Organisation/     Association as a legal entity.
Association.                          Strategy.                                 The steering committee is to
   On the evening, the main office        A zoom around survey will         make the final recommendations
bearers of the Steering Committee     be conducted, seeking personal,       by June/July 2010, with the view
were elected. They are:               organisational and working group      of having the first Annual General
Chairman: Tony Pane                   assistance from the Old Boy           Meeting by August 2010, where
Vice Chairman: Paul Faulkner          network. This will be conducted       formal elections will occur. Life
Secretary: John Persico               via email, and as there are 1600      membership for MOCA can be
Chief Advisor: Peter Le Grand         current email addresses on the        obtained by subscribing to the
Executive Officer: Steve Putrino      database, there should be a           Mazenod News. Those who have
   On the night, the underlying       sufficient sample for the survey.     already paid are automatically life
theme was that there should be a          In the meantime, all the          members.
very strong relationship between

                         THE NEXT REUNION

      will be on
      Saturday 9th
      October 2010
      for those men
      who would have
      finished in 2000.



                                               Jason Dean and Jessica a girl Mia

                                               Jason Dean and Jessica a girl Mia
                                               Frank Costa and Amaya a girl Rhianna
                                               Cosimo Costa and Mary twins Anthony & Isabel
                                               Robert Wierzbicki and Cheryl a girl Tahlia
                                               Andrew Kantor and Michelle a girl Eve
                                               Matthew Morley and Maria a boy Callum
           Peter McCulloch to Sarah Edwards
                                               Paul Nelson and Melanie a girl Sienna
                                               Cat Nguyen and Mihn a girl Ursula
      Jason Munso to Amelia Buchanan           Carl Steinfort and Tuuli a boy Tom
      Michael Tartaglia to Filomena Sepe       Carl Costabile and Emily a boy Jackson
      John Mai to Thu Hoang                    Mark Daniell and Leeanne a boy Oliver
      Paul Egan to Mikala Smart                Nick Marmo and Meg a boy Oliver
      Clayton Buckley to Nargiza Kalinina      Phil Jones and Shannon a boy Ethan
      Jonathan Lee to Sarah Ear                Robert Martinelli and Christine a boy Freddie
      Tim Lovett to Celeste Benett             Adam Fennessy and Sally a girl Charlotte
      Damian Williams to Keryn Samson          Adrian Rogers and Barbara a boy Benjamin
      John Kapiris to Tina Tsioupi             Christian Varney and Elizabeth a girl Gretel
      Darren Paone to Helen Bubunaras          Luke Evans and Kylie a girl Nyah
      Peter McCulloch to Sarah Edwards         Luke Marmo and Juliet a girl Frankie
      Stefan Rudzki to Carly Bohle             Michael Bateson and Neesha a boy Benjamin
      Dylan Evans to Aleksandra Dziwulska      Peter Vescio and Tamara a boy Gianluca
       Jarrod Meadows to Danielle McIntyre     Kirk Lorenz Daniel and Rhonda a boy Joshua
      Patrizio Sette to Vanessa Iacovella      Des Duarte and Belinda a girl Jasmine
      Felice Lomuto to Naomi Guyett

                                              In Memoriam                A requiem Mass was held in the
                                                                         College Chapel on Friday 13th of
                                                                         November for all our Mazenod
                                                                         men who have died. The Mazenod
                                                                         College Community is saddened
                                                                         by the recent loss of:

                                                                         Michael Hibbert 1981-2009
                                                                         Ben Badwell 1986-2009
                                                                         Mark Doyle 1965-2009

      Clayton Buckley to Nargiza Kalinina

                                                    MARRIAGES, BIRTHS & DEATHS

    Reunions can be fun!
S   aturday 10th of October
    some 100 staff and students
from the class of 1999 gathered
to celebrate the Eucharist in
the College Chapel, then take a
very slow walk to the Founders”
Complex where festivities got
into full swing.
    There was so much to catch
up with; in many cases 10
years of news It was well past
midnight and the chatter had
not stopped.
    Special thanks to Fr Pat
Moroney for making the College
available and Fr John Sherman
for coming all the way from
Western Australia to be part of
the occasion.
    The next 10 year reunion
will be on Saturday 9th October
2010 for those men who would
have finished in 2000.

    News for the Editor
                                    In next
   Do you                          issue of
  have any
    about yourself or another
  member of the wide College
      family, which could be
  included in the next issue of
  the Newsletter? If so, please
    forward to Steve Putrino.
   We want to hear from you.
       Telephone 9560 0911        Peter McCulloch
                                  and the boys

                                                              Steve Mann and the boy                                                          s

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Kernot Ave                   Editor: Stephen Putrino
Mulgrave 3170
Ph: (03) 9560 0911   Assistant Editor: Peter Naughtin
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