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Pimples usually go away after some time. However, in some people especially those who have severe
problem of pimples they will remain forever if nothing is done. There are some simple and effective
remedies available for pimple scars some of which are discussed below.

Lemon juice is one of the most popular remedies for pimple scars. It is helpful for getting rid of pimples
as well. Therefore, applying it will not only free the skin from pimple scars but it will also prevent growth
of other pimples as well.

Lemon juice is very simple to apply as you can directly apply it by scrubbing a piece of lemon on the skin.
There is no need to keep it on the skin for long. You can remove it after 10 other 15 minutes. However,
you will have to do this for some days to get the effect.

The vitamin C in lemons plays an important role in healing the scars. There are some other things as well
which are used against the pimple scars. However most of them are sticky smelly and you have to keep
them for a long time on your face. However, lemon juice is free from all these and even then, is one of
the most effective options available.

Alternative Treatment for Pimple Scars

It is not always possible to get rid of pimple marks completely. It would, of course, depend
entirely on what kind of pimple marks you have. The ones that run deep into your skin would
have a tendency to lighten, as opposed to disappearing completely. Scars caused by pimples are
not always rid of easily. They can, however, be lightened considerably. You can apply aloe vera
gel to your scars. This will help to lighten them. If they are fresh, they will heal considerably as
well. Get fresh leaves and split them to remove the gel. Applying this for about 15 minutes
should help a lot. Alternately, you can apply a mix of lime juice and rosewater to the marks. This
will not allow the lime to have any adverse reaction to your skin. You will have to remember to
always apply sun screen before going out in the sun if you use lime juice, since it has a tendency
to make your skin bleach faster.

Soak six almonds overnight and grind them into a fine paste with milk cream. You can apply this
on the acne scar and leave it on overnight. Another effective measure to even out your skin tone
and help to lighten scars is to make a scrub with oatmeal, yogurt and tomato juice. Leave this on
till it dries and then wash with cold water.
When your acne has cleared up, sometimes you’re left with pimple marks that can be frustrating
to deal with. Just when you thought that you were done with the acne, you have these awful
pimple scars! I can totally sympathize.

There are different ways that pimple marks can look. Which one of these three do you have?

1. Pink or reddish marks. If you have a flat, pink pimple mark where your zit used to be, this
isn’t a pimple scar at all. What I mean by that is that it’s not permanent. These “pseudo-scars”
are actually the final phase of your pimple, and it will likely go away in the next six months. In
the meantime, you might want to use concealer to cover up the pimple mark. And make sure
you’re cleansing your face well and moisturizing properly.

2. “Pits” or pockmarks. These are pimple marks that have left the skin dotted with unevenness.
These pimple scars are the most difficult to remove. I haven’t heard of a natural treatment for
pimple scars that are uneven like this. You might have some luck with cocoa butter, but I
recommend that you talk to a doctor about your options. There are some pimple scar treatments
that are available to you, depending on the severity of your pimple marks. The sooner you treat
the scars, the more likely you'll be able to get rid of them for good, so act fast!

3. Dark spots. These occur when the pimple leaves you with a little discoloration where it once
was. They’re annoying! I get these pimple marks, and I found some good advice, including some
natural treatments here. Definitely check out this answer because it helped me!

In the future, take care of your skin. Be sure you’re using a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer.
Some people think that treating acne means they need to dry out their skin, but the drier your
skin, the more prone you are to pimple marks. Don’t pick, pop or squeeze your zits. Instead,
allow them to go away overnight by using some sort of acne product. This will prevent more
pimple scars.

A natural product for acne that I like is the Burt’s Bee’s pimple treatment. There’s also a really
good, natural face wash made by Belli — it’s actually made for pregnant women. I started using
it when I was pregnant, because I wasn’t supposed to use anything with benzoyl peroxide or
salicylic acid. And that made me think about whether or not I wanted to resume using those
harsh types of products afterwards — if it’s bad for my baby, isn’t it bad for me, too? So I still
use it. I think it works really well for mild acne and I recommend you try it, since you seem to be
interested in natural products. I hope you have success getting rid of your pimple scars.

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