Douglas by pengxuezhi


• 1.1 In the target language, engage in
  conversations, provide and obtain
  information, express feelings and emotions,
  and exchange opinions.
• 1.2 Understand and interpret both written and
  spoken forms of the target language on a
  variety of topics.

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In this game you will be using your speaking, reading and listening skills to answer
    questions about things in a market.
Before you start the game, obtain a scorecard by clicking the “Scorecard” button.
    Print one off to use for the game, then close the Word document. Scorecard
In the next screen, you will have the option of “visiting” four different booths. Start
    at any booth you would like to by clicking on one of the booth signs. You will
    then navigate through the game with the Exit         Back  Mercadobuttons. “Exit”
    will end the game, “Back” will return you to the last specific “booth” or
    question you visited, and “Mercado” will take you back to the market screen.
Make sure you “visit” each booth and answer all the questions to complete the
    game. Give yourself one point for each correct answer unless otherwise noted.
    When you have answered all the questions in one “booth”, click             to go

    to the next booth.
When your score card is full, go to         and click Finish
                                      Mercado                    .

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Frases   Frutas   Precios   Verduras

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Write down the following phrases in Spanish and say them out loud. Next, click
the      button to check your answers. Give yourself one point for writing it down
correctly and one point for speaking it correctly (two possible points for each

1. How much does it cost?
2. That is very expensive!
3. I want 3 boxes of apples.
4. Are the tomatoes good?
5. Where can I buy watermelon?

                                                Exit        Back       Mercado
¿Cuánto cuesta?

         Exit   Back   Mercado
Eso es muy caro!

          Exit   Back   Mercado
Quiero tres cajas de

            Exit   Back   Mercado
¿Son buenos los

         Exit   Back   Mercado
¿ Dónde puedo
comprar sandía?

         Exit   Back   Mercado
Identify the following fruits and write their names next to the
   corresponding number on your score card. Next, click the fruit to
   check your answer.

   1.                   2.                     3.

   4.                  5.

                                        Exit        Back    Mercado
Exit   Back   Mercado
Exit   Back   Mercado
Exit   Back   Mercado
Exit   Back   Mercado
Exit   Back   Mercado
On your answer sheet, fill in the blank with the English name
  for the following vegetables. Next click the Answer
  button to check your answer.

1.   Maíz es ______________. Answer
2.   Cebollas son _______________. Answer
3.   Calabaza es _______________. Answer
4.   Zanahorias son_______________. Answer
5.   Lechuga es ____________. Answer
                                     Exit      Back     Mercado

   Exit   Back   Mercado

    Exit   Back   Mercado
squash, pumpkin

         Exit   Back   Mercado

     Exit   Back   Mercado

     Exit   Back   Mercado
Click the      button after each number to hear a price out loud in Spanish.
    You may listen to it up to 4 times. Then write the price you hear on your
    scorecard. Next, click the Answer     button to check your answer.

1.   Precio # 1                Answer 1

2.   Precio #2                 Answer 2

3.   Precio #3                 Answer 3

4.   Precio #4                  Answer 4

5.   Precio #5                  Answer 5

                                               Exit        Back       Mercado
Exit   Back   Mercado
Exit   Back   Mercado
    Exit   Back   Mercado
Exit   Back   Mercado
Exit   Back   Mercado
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