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									                          How is an STD Test Done?
Different organizations and other health groups concerned on the widespread of sexually transmitted
diseases have made HIV and STD testing more available in health sites that people often go to when
they are sick. This means STD testing is more reaching out to help those who needed to be tested or
treated. Aside from this, they also made more sources of information on STDs. This way, many people
will be educated with the facts of STDs. This information may help one know how to deal with STDs
and what to do to avoid being infected with it.

Many people are not aware that there is a specialized test being conducted to determine STD infection.
If one does know, he or she may not be familiar with how testing is done. STD testing will include
consultation, physical examination, laboratory testing and counseling. As soon as the person noticed
signs of being infected, he or she may start with the consultation. The doctor may be asking about his
or her sexual history, so it is important that the patient is comfortable with the doctor that will handle
his or her case.

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Physical examination is done to check if there are any symptoms or signs that have occurred in the
patient's body. Some STDs may be determined through the symptoms that physically showed up in the
patient's body.

Laboratory testing will need urine, blood or swab samples from the patient. This is when the collected
samples are tested in a laboratory for possible infection. Normally, a local STD test may give out
results in a few days. There is also another way to obtain results faster. Private STD testing clinics are
also offering quick STD testing.

Once diagnosis is made, treatment with the doctor will follow. The patient will be required to take
medications. Their diets may also be altered. And preventive measures are to be followed by the patient
to prevent spreading the disease to his or her partner and to other people. Early detection does not only
give immediate treatment but also stops the widespread of such dangerous diseases like STDs.

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Treatment may start immediately to prevent further health complications and to stop the spread of the
disease to other people. Knowing that the disease is incurable, the treatment will consist of medications
to preempt the spread of the virus to other parts of the body of the patient. It will also make the patient
feel better and live longer. During treatment, counseling will be done to remove the entire trauma that
the patient went through with all those testing. It will also help the patient prepare for what the
treatment may require. The fact that one has been infected with a fatal disease can even cause more
trauma and depression. And it is important that the patient has somebody to talk to about his or her
condition. Once a patient is diagnosed to be positively infected with STD, he or she is required to have
follow-through checkups and testing even if treatment was completed. This is vital because some STDs
are recurrent and may appear over and over again.

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