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Shri Shivaji College of Arts_ Commerce and Science_ Akola


									     Shri Shivaji College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Akola
                                     Departmental Profile
1. Name of the Department              : Computer Science

2. Year of establishment               : UG 1985
                                         PG 2007
                                        Other (Career Oriented Programme etc.)    2007
                                               Certificate, Diploma & Advance Diploma

3. Details of the staff members        :
Sr.    Name of the       Educational        Designation        Experience    e-mail address
No. faculty              Qualification                     Teaching Research
                         M.Sc.,             Associate
       Mr. V. M.                                                                    vinmpatil21@yaho
  1                      P.G.D.C.Sc.,       Professor       22 Yrs.       8 Years
       Mr. D. N.                            Associate                               dnbesekar@rediff
  2                      M.C.A.,M.Phil                      19 Yrs.       5 Years
       Besekar                              Professor                     
       Mr. C. H.                            Assistant                               chsawarkar@rediff
  3                      M.Sc.                              11 Yrs.         Nil
       Sawarkar                             Professor                     
       Mr. M. M.         M.Sc., S.E.T.,     Assistant                               mukul.bhonde@re
  4                      Dip. in S/W                        10 Yrs.         Nil
       Bhonde                               Professor                     
05     Mrs. Anita B.    M.Sc., M.Phil.      Lecturer       8 Years                  anitasdube@rediff
       Dube                                 (CHB)                         
06     Mrs. Shilpa      M.Sc.               Lecturer       4 Years                  vaidehi_0304@ya
       A. Sadatkar                          (CHB)                         
07     Ku.              M.Sc.                              6 Month
                                            Lecturer                                shubhi_badhe@ya
       Shubhangi M.                                                         Nil
08     Ku. Sheetal B.   M.Sc.               Lecturer       6 Month                  soneji.sheetal@red
       Soneji                               (CHB)                         
09     Ku. Archana      M.Sc.               Lecturer       6 Month                  archana25sep@gm
       M. Kale                              (CHB)                         
10     Ku. Vaishali     M.Sc.               Lecturer       6 Month                  vaishalirathod123
       Rathod                               (CHB)                         
11     Mr. Abhishek     M.C.A.              Lecturer       6 Month                  abhishek_lenovo@
       Joshi                                (CHB)                         
12     Ku. Sneha        M.Sc.               Lecturer       4 Years                  kalamkar.sneha@g
       Kalamkar                             (CHB)                         

4. Details of administrative/ technical staff: (if applicable)
 Sr.           Name                Educational        Designa    Experi             e-mail address
No.                               Qualification          tion     ence
                                                      Lab.         28
  1    Mr. A.B. Bhalerao        S.S.C.                           
                                                      Asst.       Yrs.
                                                      Lab.         18
  2    Mr. N. K. Sawarkar       S.S.C.                           
                                                      Attdt.      Yrs.
                                                      Lab.         16
  3    Mr. S. P. Kawade         M.P.Ed.,M.Phil.                  
                                                      Attdt.      Yrs.
                                                      System       04
  4    Mr. A. D. Bhilkar        M.Sc.,B.Ed.                      
                                                      admin.      Yrs.

5. Student profile to programs:
    Course              Men                Women             Total          Demand ratio
     B.Sc.               173                90                263              1:3
     M.Sc.               05                 22                27               1:2

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6. Success rate of each programme, its comparison with University results, Merit list
           Program               UG                               PG
                                  I          II         III        I          II
 2004-05    College Results     63.30      60.40      51.14
           University Results   38.12      47.72      51.13
 2005-06    College Results     65.12      55.17      71.43
           University Results   37.03      41.97      53.39
 2006-07    College Results     71.87      72.22      67.39
           University Results   35.22      43.04      48.69
 2007-08    College Results     65.30      72.33      71.00      33.33       NA
           University Results   35.05      44.87      48.75      34.00
 2008-09    College Results     42.44      80.97      67.36      23.53      87.50
           University Results   31.70      43.38      51.03      32.83       3.57
Average    College Results        61.61       68.22      65.66     28.43       87.50
           University Results     35.42       44.20      50.60     33.42        3.57

8. Number of faculty members on University Bodies/ and other academic bodies and Social
  Organizations. Their role in curriculum designing and college development.

Mr.V.M. Patil
       • a member of Board of Studies in Computer Science, S.G.B.Amravati University,
       • worked on different number of committees constituted by S.G.B.Amravati
         University, Amravati like local enquiry committee, subject examination committee,
         syllabus committee, paper setter and valuer for UG & PG exams.
       • worked as subject expert and V.C. nominee in selection & placement committee,
       • External examiner in YCMOU, Nashik for various examinations in Amravati region.
       • a member of KVK research group, Aurangabad
       • member of organizing committee of seminar and conferences of other

Prof. D.N. Besekar
         • He has worked on different number of committees constituted by S.G.B.Amravati
           University, Amravati like local enquiry committee, subject examination committee,
           syllabus committee, paper setter and valuer for UG & PG exams.
         • He has worked as subject expert and V.C. nominee in selection & placement
         • He has appointed many times as paper setter, valuer of M.C.A., M.Sc., external
           examiner by Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur [CG].
         • He is also working as Coordinator of Career oriented programs [UGC Sponsored] run
           by the department.
         • He is also appointed as Guide to the MCA student run by Indira Gandhi Open
           University, New Delhi.

Prof. C.H. Sawarkar
         • He has worked on different number of committees constituted by S.G.B.Amravati
           University, Amravati like local enquiry committee, subject examination committee,
           syllabus committee, Paper setter and Valuer for UG & PG exams

Prof. M.M. Bhonde
        • He has worked on different number of committees constituted by S.G.B.Amravati
          University, Amravati like subject examination committee, syllabus committee, Paper
          setter and Valuer for UG & PG exams

9. Learning resources of Department (Laboratories, Computers/ Internet/ Departmental library etc.)
           • The department has a departmental library with nearly 90 titles.
           • The department has two well equipped and furnished laboratories with 40
             computers in local area network [LAN] providing the facilities of broadband
             internet to each computer.

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          • To teach online, the department laboratories are equipped with ceiling mounted
            LCD/DLP projectors, educational CD/DVD/e-books, magazines, best programs,
            latest software’s, knowledge of modern hardware, etc.

10. Enhancement of the resources during last five years.
         • Advanced laboratories are developed for the UG & PG students separately
         • High configuration computers with latest software connected in a LAN to share the
           resources & communications
         • Internet facility was upgraded from dial up to broadband connectivity provided by
           BSNL- ISP
         • The department has a separate server room equipped with server and modem, hub,
           etc. to provide the broadband connectivity to the every department in the college
         • A special person is appointed to maintain the LAN & computers & its peripherals to
           every department
         • To teach most effectively we also use the LCD/DLP etc, that help the students for
           online teaching
         • For the purpose of up gradation and acquiring the recent knowledge, topic and
           phenomenon, we modernise the computer laboratory

11. Modern teaching methods
       • The teacher use online teaching and practical base on syllabus and recent trends that
          can help for better understanding
       • To prepare a chart, table, and graph, to get effective understanding and make a
          difference other than the usual methods to get an exact meaning of the phenomena.
       • To check the knowledge by the different methods like unit tests, terminal tests, short
          answer, long answer, group discussion, and other various methods of student’s

12. Faculty members participated in National and International Conferences/ workshops,
    seminars etc.
     Name of      National Name of Conference / Seminar / Workshop etc.          Paper
     the          /                                                              /Poster
     Teaching     Internati                                                      Presentation
     Staff        onal
     Mr.V.M.      Inter-    (1) International Conference on “Advances in         Session
     PATIL        national Computing” (ICA-2008)                                 Chair
                            Venue: Anuradha Engg. College, Chikhli, Distt.
                            Date: 21-22 Feb. 2008
                            (2) Advances in computer vision and information
                            Venue: BAMU Aurangabad.
                            Date:28-30 Nov 2007.
                            Paper read:
                            1. “Technology Management: a secure protocol         Paper
                            management for electronic voting system.”            Presented
                            2. Information Communication Technology - 2006
                            (3) Computer Association of Nepal
                            Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal
                            Dated: 24-26 Mar-2006                                Paper
                            Paper read:                                          Presented
                            1.“Architecture of e-election on wireless platform”
                            2. E-Robotics System Architecture and Future
                  National (1) National Conference on Advance Technologies
                            in Computing and Networking (ATCON-09)
                            Venue: H. V. P. Mandal, Amravati                     Paper
                            Date: 13-14-Nov-2009                                 Presented
                            Paper Presented:

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Security of electronic voting system based on
signature in a large scale
(2) National Seminar on
“Information Technology Enabled Services”,
Venue: Dept. of Computer Science and Information
Technology Shri Shivaji College, Akola,
Date: 11-04-2009
Paper read:                                      Paper
1. Multilevel security in Computer Network for   Presented
Electronic Voting System
2. Security aspects of E-election system.
3. Modularity and Software Testing in ITeS.
(3) National conference on “Advancement in
information technology & Internet Security”
Venue: Sinhgad Institute of Business
Administration & Research, Kondhwa, Pune             Paper
Dated: 04-05 Jan, 2008                               Presented
Paper read: “Security problem: Issue raised during
voting over Internet (VOI)
(4) National conference on “Statistics & Computer
Application “
Venue: GVISH Amravati                                Papers
Dated: 28-30 Nov, 2005                               Presented:
Paper read:                                          02
1. Securities in WLAN Application
2. Media Convergence Future Trends
(5) National conference on “Computer
Communication and Security”
Venue: BAMU Aurangabad
Date: 4-5 Jan., 2004                                 Papers
Paper Read:                                          Presented
    1. E-GPS: The internet controlled Geographical
    Positioning System
(6) National Conference on “RECENT”
TECHNOLOGY “organized by North
Maharashtra University, Jalgaon on dated 10-11th     Paper
oct. - 02                                            Presented
Paper read: “E-election System”
(7) National Seminar on “INFORMATION
held by Amravati University on dated 22-24 Jan.,
Paper read:                                          Papers
1. INTERNET : To improve the internal efficiency     Presented:
of organization.                                     03
2. SYBER SPACES: The overview of Censorship
& cyber law.
3. On Line Business & Robots
(8) Seminar in 1991 & Course on Office
Automation with Personal Computer:
1. Presented a paper on “ISTE” Course Material 13    Paper
April 1991                                           Presented
2. Presented a paper on “DISTRIBUTED DATA

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2] Mr. D.   Internati    1) On “Challenges and opportunities in IT
N.          onal         Industries” (ICCIT-2005)
Besekar                 Venue: Punjab College of Technical Education,
                        PUNJAB .                                              Paper
                        Date:12th Nov 2005.                                   Presented
                        Paper read: “Development of Technique to
                        Recognize Different Characters and Symbols.”
                        2) on “creating Competitive advantage in Global
                        Economy” (ICCCAGE – 2006)
                        Venue: Punjab College of Technical Education,
                        PUNJAB .
                        Dated: 8th April 2006                                 Paper
                        Paper read: “A Perspective on Information             Presented
                        Technology In Agriculture to Compete Global
                        3) On “Global Trends in Information
                        Technology”(ICGTIT- 2007).
                        Venue: Punjab College of Technical Education,
                        PUNJAB                                                Paper
                        Dated: 31ST March 2007.                               Presented
                        Paper read: “Data Mining from Very High
                        Dimension Data using Special Row Enumeration
            National    (1) National Seminar on “Information Technology
                        Enabled Services”, (ITES-2009)
                        Venue: Dept. of Computer Science and Information
                        Technology Shri Shivaji College, Akola,
                        Date: 11-04-2009
                        Paper read:
                        1. Study to develop an approach for rotation          Paper
                        invariant Modi numeric characters recognition using   Presented
                        eigen digit
                        2. Effective optimization technique for web mining.
                        3. Survey : Study of online and offline character
                        2) “A Novel Approach to Strengthen the
                        Agriculture System Using IT”
                        Published in:
                        National Conference Proceeding on “ Recent Trend      Paper
                        in Information Technology for Rural Development”      Presented
                        Shegaon College of Engineering, Shegaon.
                        Date: DEC 2007
                        3)National Seminar on “Foreign investment in
                        India: Problem and Prospects” (NSFDI-2005
                        Venue: S.D. (P.G.) College , Muzaffarnagar (U.P.)     Paper
                        Dated: 26-27 November 2005                            Presented
                        Paper read: “E- Marketing”
                        4) National conference on “Computer
                        Communication And Security”
                        Venue: BAMU , Aurangabad                              Attended
                        Dated: 4th -5th January 2004
                        5)National Conference on “RECENT TREND IN
                         DEVELOPMENT”                                   Paper
                        Venue: Shegaon College of Engineering, Shegaon. Presented
                        Paper read: “A Novel Approach to Strengthen the
                        Agriculture System using IT”
                        Dated: 9-10th DEC 2007.
            State       6)State level Seminar on “Importance of E-
                        Commerce in Present Age”                        Paper
                        Venue: Shri. Shivaji College, Akola             Presented
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                             Paper read: “E-Commerce Application of Data
                  National   7) Eighth Annual Conference of Society of
                             Statistics, Computer & Application.
                             Venue: GVISH, Amravati.                                 Attended
                             Date: 28-30 November 2005.
                  National   8) National conference on “The concept of social
                             justice: Dr. B.R.Ambedkar & Pt. Nehru”,
                             Venue: G.N.Azad Arts, Comm. & Sc. College,              Paper
                             Barshi Takli                                            Presented
                             Dated: 14th -15th March, 2009
                             Paper read: “Dr. B.R.Ambedkar: The great
                             companies of social justice”
    3. Mr.        National   (1) National Seminar on
    C.H.Sawa                 “Information Technology Enabled Services”,
    rkar                     (ITES-2009)
                             Venue: Dept. of Computer Science and Information
                             Technology Shri Shivaji College, Akola,                 Paper
                             Date: 11-04-2009                                        Presented
                             Paper read:
                             1. WiFi Technology : Security Aspects regarding
                             2. Advanced and future trends of IT in Agriculture.
                             (2) Eighth Annual Conference of Society of              Attended
                             Statistics, Computer & Application, Venue:
                             GVISH, Amravati.
                             Date: 28-30 November 2005.
                  Worksh     (1) “Workshop on XML Technologies”                      Attended
                  op         Venue: Shri Shivaji Sc. College, Amravati
                             Date: 26-27 Oct, 2005
                             (2) Workshop on College Office & Library                Attended
                             Computerisation, Organised jointly by Deptt. of
                             Comp. Sc. & I.T., Shri Shivaji A.C.& Sc. College,
                             Akola and Master’s Software, Nagpur
                             05th Jan-2009
    4. Mr.        National   (1) National Seminar on
    M.M.                     “Information Technology Enabled Services”,
    Bhonde                   (ITES-2009)
                             Venue: Dept. of Computer Science and Information        Paper
                             Technology Shri Shivaji College, Akola,                 Presented
                             Date: 11-04-2009
                             Paper read:
                             1. Green Computing : The Global Requirement

13. Department organised the conferences/ workshops and seminars etc.
       Department has organized a National Level seminar on topic ‘Information Technology
       Enabled Services-2009 [ITeS-2009]’ during the last academic session 2008-09 on 11
       The Workshop “College office and Library Computerization” was conducted by the
       department on 5th January-2009
       Department has organized the 8th State Level AIM’S Objective type written test held by
       Smt. S.M.Agrawal Institute of Management, Chalisgaon (M.S.). at the centre Shri Shivaji
       College, Akola. 60 students from Comp. Sc. Deptt. participated in the test.

14. Evaluation process.
    The evaluation is done based on the unit tests, home assignments, student seminars, practical
    tests, group discussions, personal observation with respect to academic performance &
    student achievements in various activities / co-curricular activities and self development of
    the students.

15. Participation of teachers in academic activities other than teaching and research.
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      • Development of Police Record Software for the S.P. Office, Akola district
      • Mr. V.M.Patil is appointed as a special executive magistrate by the Governor of
      • Mr. D.N.Besekar is working as a coordinator of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Studies
        Centre, Shri Shivaji College, Akola.
      • Mr.C.H.Sawarkar is working as a treasurer of Vishwabharati Education Society,
        Amravati, Management member of Rashtriya Prashikshan & Shikshan Prasarak
        Mandal, Amravati, and a Life Member of Mahatma Fule Mali Mahasangh, Amravati
      • Mr. M.M.Bhonde is a director of Asmita Institute of management studies, Amravati. He
        is also a member of Asmita Shikshan Mandal, Amravati.

16. Research activities     :
M.Sc./M.Phil Dissertations
              Name of the
Sr.No.                                       Title of the M. Phil Dissertation              Period
   1    Mr. V.M.Patil              Multilevel security of electronic voting system 2008-09
                                   Study for recognition handwritten numerical
  2     Mr. D.N.Besekar                                                            2008-09
                                   characters of modi script
                                   Analytical study of LIC data using data mining
  3     Mrs.A.B.dube                                                               2008-09

Doctoral Research details
Name of the Teaching          Guide Name              Name of Ph.D Title             University
Staffs submitted MRP
1] Mr.V. M. PATIL         Dr. K. V. Kale         “Study, Design and              S. G. B. Amravati
                          Deptt. Of Computer     Implementation of e-            University,
                          BAMU,                  election system model           Amravati.
                          Aurangabad             using OLAP Algorithm”
2] Mr.D. N.               Dr. O. P. Vyas         “Study of Different             Pt. Ravi Shankar
BESEKAR                                          Aspects for Analysis of         Shukla University,
                                                 Microarray Data                 Raipur (C.G.)
                                                 (Expression Data) in Data

Details of minor/major research projects
                                  Name       of     the     Funding
Sr.No. Title of the Project                                                   Amount       Period
                                  Principal/Coordinator     Agency
         Study, Design and
                                                            UGC,       New
   1     implementation of E- Mr. V.M.Patil                                   95000/-      2006-08
         election system.
         Recognition of Hand
                                                            UGC,       New
   2     Written          English Mr. D.N.Besekar                             90000/-      2006-08

18. Participation of the department in extension activities
    • The staff members frequently visits to the different institutions to deliver guest lectures on
      various topics to aware the students on emerging fields of information technology.
    • The staff members conducts training program for competitive exams.
    • Computer awareness programs were conducted at rural areas.
    • The departments organizes workshops for non-teaching staff members.
    • The department organized a driving license camp for the college students.
    • The department organized a workshop for Library & Information Science.

19. Participation of the department in consultancy services
    • Free of charge Hardware & Software Consultancy is provided by the staff members of the

20. Achievements of the students during last five years
    • 60 students from Comp. Sc. Deptt. participated in the 8th State Level AIM’S Objective
      type written test held by Smt. S.M.Agrawal Institute of Management, Chalisgaon (M.S.). at
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       the centre Shri Shivaji College, Akola. The following students qualified the written test
       and were selected for the subsequently followed Programming Contest
       1. Abhishek Kaushik            2. Umesh Murumkar          3. Swapnil Patinge

   • Ku. Mayuri Gudade was selected as an Executive in the Wipro BPO Ltd. in the campus
     interview held at Vidyabharati Mahavidyalaya, Amravati in 2008-09

21. Achievements of the staff members during last five years
    • Mr. V. M. Patil, Mr. D. N. Besekar and Ms. A. B. Dube have completed M.Phil. in
      Computer Science.
    • Mr. V. M. Patil and Mr. D.N. Besekar have registered as research students of Ph. D.

22. Plan of action during next five years
    • The department is planning to increase the strength of students appearing for post
      graduation with active participation in research work.
    • To provide the guidance & motivate the students to appear for NET/SET/M.Phil/Ph.D.
    • To assist the students for placement at various companies in IT industry.
    • To organize an international conference.
    • To introduce new courses/ programs in the field computers sc. and information technology
      to fetch significant job avenues for the students.
    • To seek the involvement of IT industry in the departmental research activity.
    • To place the students of the department in innovative field of Multimedia & animation, the
      department has been linked up with a Multimedia Company from Mumbai.

23. Important alumni of the department
 Sr.            Name                 Current Position               Email / Mobile No         B.Sc
 No                                                                                          Passed
  1    Mr. Vinit K. Asorkar      Computer Business              0724-2431950                   1989
  2    Mr. Ajay R. Mishra        Airtel Professional            9370655606                     1992
  3    Mr. Dnyeneshwar W.        Sr. Clerk Education Dept.      9850064078                     1996
       Patokar, B.Sc B.Ed        Z.P. Akola
   4   Miss. Madhuri Ambere      Software Test engineer,        madhuri_ambere@yahoo            2000
       M.Sc (Comp)               Pune                 
   5   Mr. Mangesh Rathi         Manager                        9822578986 9960906767           2002
   6   Mr. Shailesh V. Adhau     Mkt. Manager, Amaron           9960499901                      2003
       B.Sc MBA                  Battery Ltd, Mumbai            adhau_sailesh@rediffmai
   7   Mr. Javed Parvez M.I.     Azspcoate Consultant (Soft)    9371225847                      2004
       B.Sc MCA                                                 saikh_javedparvez@redif
   8   Mr. Rohit V. Shah         Jr. developer, Kennovation     2224609 /                       2005
                                 S/W Services Pvt. Ltd
   9   Mr. Ravindra V. Tekade    Computer Software Associate    9021084693                      2007
  10   Mr. Dinesh R. Bodhode     Computer Office & System In-   9373778040                      1989
       B.Sc PGDCA                charge A.P. Primary Akola
  11   Mr. Rahul Ambulkar        Manager of P&G / Gillette                                      1999
       B.Sc MBA                  Akola
  12   Miss. Gitanjali Akarte    Lieutenant
  13   Mr. Dipak Gonge                                          9823081081,                     2002

24. Any other highlights.
    • Through the scheme of ‘Guardian Teachers’, the staff members have to look after 15-20
      students allocated to them as the students guardian. They counsel the students to resolve
      their academic as well as personal problems.
    • The remedial coaching is provided to the weaker students in the department.

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• The meritorious students are generally awarded by prizes on some special occasions to
  encourage them. Our department runs poor students sponsorship scheme to help such
  students in their studies.
• The teachers of the department sponsors award for the highest scoring students of
  respective subjects.
  Teacher’s sponsored awards to students in the academic session 2007-08
   Sr.    Name of the     Name of the award        For the    Name of the student this
  No.      Sponsorer                             examination            year
  1      V.M.Patil      Late Mahadeorao          B.Sc.II     1. Mahesh S. Kawade
                        Deorao Patil Award                   2. Ku. Mayuri R. Gudade
                                                             3. Ku. Ritika A. Padia
  2      D.N.Besekar    Nanaji Besekar Award     B.Sc.I      1. Ku.K.S.Pande

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