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									                  2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

2010 3rd International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering
                              (ICCEE 2010)
 2010 International Conference on Measurement and Control Engineering
                             (ICMCE 2010)
 2010 International Conference on Construction and Project Management
                             (ICCPM 2010)

                International Convention Centre of UESTC

                            Chengdu, China
                         November 16 - 18, 2010

                            Co-Sponsored by


                              2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

                                   November 16, 2010 (Tuesday)
                        Lobby of International Convention Centre of UESTC
                      10:00 – 12:30                                      Arrival and Registration
                      13:30 – 17:00
            Note:(1) You can also register at any time during the conference.
                    (2) Certificate of Participation can be collected at the registration counter.
                (3) Please copy PPT files of your presentation to the secretary when you register.
        (4) The organizer won't provide accommodation, and we suggest you make an early reservation.
                     (5) Please register the Chengdu One Day Tour at the registration desk.

                             Morning, November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)
                        International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 204)
       8:45 – 09:00                                             Opening Remarks
       9: 00 - 9: 40                                            Plenary Speech 1
                                                              Prof. Jeng-Shyang Pan
                                      IET Fellow, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Taiwan
       9:40 – 10 : 20                                           Plenary Speech 2
                                                           IEEE Fellow, Prof. Wang Jun
                                                      The Chinese University of Hong Kong
       10:20- 10:30                                                Coffee Break
       10:30 - 11:10                                            Plenary Speech 3
                                                             Prof. Chin-Chen Chang
                                                   IEEE Fellow, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
       11:10 – 11:50                                            Plenary Speech 4
                                                               Prof. Wang Tianbao
                                               Chengdu University of Information Technology, China

                           11:50 – 13:30                         Taking Photos&Lunch Break

                            Afternoon, November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)
                        International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 204)
                                           SESSION – ICCEE-01 (30)
                                                Session Chair:
                                              Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X008    Study of Electrical Simulation Application in Hydraulic System
        Jinjun Jiang, Jinjun Jiang, Rui Xu and Ru Su
X012    Modeling and Simulation of a Two-Mass Resonant System with Speed Controller
        Ghazanfar Shahgholian and Mehdi Manoochehri – Rasoul Bostaki - Asghar Farhadi
X013    Effect of load Shedding Strategy on Interconnected Power Systems Stability When a Blackout Occurs
        Mehdi Manoochehri, Ghazanfar Shahgholian and Mahdi Ebrahimi Salary
X014    Modeling and Application of Step Voltage Regulators in Radial-Meshed Networks
        Shirin Soltani - Ghazanfar Shahgholian - Mehdi Manoochehri – Saeed Soltani
X018    A Review on Knowledge Management in Military for Malaysian Armed Forces’
        Puteri N.E Nohuddin, Mohd Rizal Mohd Isa and Lt. Kol Reizal A. Ismail
X025    Voltage Transients in Processing Industry with Overcompensated Power Factor
        Deepak M Ochani
X042    A Novel Nonlinear Performance Monitoring and Fault Identification Method Using Kernel GDA
        Xi Zhang, Yaqing Zhu ,Weijian Huang and Weiwu Yan
X055    Method of Forecasting PMLSM Direct Thrust control Based on Neural Network
        Adel Deriszadeh - Ghazanfar Shahgholian - Mehdi Manoochehri
X071    CFSB: A Load Balanced Switch Architecture with O (1) Complexity

                           2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

       Shen Zhijun, Zeng Huashen and Gao Zhijiang
X104   A Chance Constrained Programming based Approach to Stochastic Optimal Power Flow
       Hui Zhang and Pu Li
X105    Design of a 256-Bit Antifuse OTP IP for LCD Driver ICs
       Liyan Jin, Ki-Jong Kim, Hwang-Gon Jeon, Du-Hwi Kim, Pan-Bong Ha, Young-Hee Kim and Cheon-Hyo Lee
X109   The Effect of Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) in Routing and Wavelength Assignment using Selective
       Assign Shortest Path First (SASPF) algorithm
       Saw Chin Tan and Fouad M. Abbou
X110   Pratical Parameter Selection of Support Vector Machine for Regression
       Xiaoying Deng, Tao Liu, Yong Luo and Hongbo Lin
X111   Improvement of the Spatial Multiplexing MIMO systems without channel state information by using
       Constellation Rearrangement
       Farhad Bahadori Jahromi and Mohammad Ali Masnadi-Shirazi
X116   Estimation of Distribution Algorithms based on Switched Copulas
       Xiaoping Wang, Huimin Gao, Jianchao Zeng and Baolin Ye
X117   A parallel simulation code for synchronization of spin torque oscillators for microwave applications
       Yan Zhou, Ada Zheng and Herman Wu
X119   Implementation of AES-128 Algorithm Based on FPGA
       Yu-lin ZHANG and Xing-gang WANG
X120   Nonlinear Optimal Predictive Control with Disturbance Observer for Active Power Filter
       Wang Xiaogang and Zhang Jie
X124   A New Method to Measure the Parameters of Triangular Wave
       Mengxi Lin
X126   Research on Fault-tolerance for On-board Computer
       Li Yi, Li Xinming, Liu Dong and Luo Qianfu
X127   A Flight Control Computer of Double DSP Structure for Mini UAV
       Wu Jia-nan, Wang Wei and Wu Cheng-fu
X129   Design and Realization of Avionics Integration Simulation System Based on RTX
       Liang Wang, Hong-de Deng and Feng-ju Kang
X132   Development of Auto Tuning PID Controller using Graphical User Interface (GUI)
       Tengku Luqman Tengku Mohamed, Nor Fazli Adull Manan, Mohd Afzan Mohd Anuar and Zulkifli Mohamed
X134   Security Analysis of Sensor Network Encryption Protocol
       Yan Li-li, Peng Dai-yuan and Gao Yue-xiang
X137   Neural-Network-Based Rotor Position Estimation of Switched Reluctance Motor in Full Range of Speed
       Xulong Zhang, Guojun Tan and Songyan Kuai
X138   Demand Pattern Adjustment to Deal with Congestion in Electricity Market
       Shinq-Jen Wu and The-Hoach Nguyen
X140   Dynamic Adjustment Mechanism of Security and Complexity Based on Scalar Product Protocol
       Cai-xia Chen, Chao Cheng, Xiao-kong Zhao, Yong-long Luo and Hong Zhong
X141   CDMA Based Remote Control System for Robot with Visual Assistant
       Yin Yunguang, Qin Guihe, Dong Jinnan and Yuan Shuai
X148   A New Privacy-preserving Scheme of P2P Systems
       Xu Wu
X155   Design of Yellow River Flow Velocity Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
       Hu Xiao-peng and Huang Xiao-liang

                       16:00 – 16:10                                 Coffee Break

                                       SESSION – ICCEE-02 (29)
                                            Session Chair:
                                          Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X156   An improvement way of smoke simulation
       YAN Lanlan, ZHOU Yongxia and WANG Kangjian
X158   Statistical Model Identification and Parameters Calculation of High Resolution SAR Image for Targets
       Weiping NI, Weidong YAN, Xinlu MA, Ying LU and Junzheng WU

                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X159   The Switching Power Supply Design of Electric Vehicle Charger
       Guo Yifeng, Zhang Chengning, Wang Zhifu and HUANG Limin
X162   Design of Hybrid Controller for Two-Cart Inverted Pendulum System
       B. Baigzadeh, V. Nazarzehi and H. Khaloozadeh
X164   A Integrated Computational Approach for Protein Sub-network Detection in Parkinson’s Disease
       Yue Huang and Yunying Huang
X165   An Image Boundary Extraction Algorithm Based on Mathematical Morphology
       Kai Tang and Zun-wen He
X166   An Improved Chaotic Genetic Algorithm Optimized LS-SVM Method for Electrical Load Forecasting
       HU Jue and CHEN Zhiming
X176   A Combined Protection Algorithm for Double-node Failures in Optical Mesh Networks
       Ning-Hai Bao, Zhi-Zhong Zhang, Le-Min Li, Hong-Fang Yu and Hong-Bin Luo
X177   A semi-supervised HMM for EEG signal classification
       Daoli Li, Yuanqing Li and Jinyi Long
X179   Application of electrical capacitance tomography in pneumatic conveying of pulverized coal
        XU Qing, GAO Yanli amdWANG Weidong
X182   Analyse of High-speed Electrical Capacitance Tomography System Design
       GAO Yanli, ZHANG Yonggao and WANG Weidong
X185   Study on Indeterminate Frequency Hysteresis Current Comparison Control strategy of Parallel APF
       Suxia Jiang, Liying Jiang, Lingzhi Cao and Chunwen Li
X187   Study of a Varied Hysteretic-band Current Control Technology
       Manyuan Ye, Pinggang Song, Song Li , Yinling LI and Yonggao ZHANG
X189   The security model in Peer-to-peer network based on the control of the degree of dissatisfaction
       Hai-Sheng Wang, Xiao-Lin Gui and Hai-Chen Wang
X199   A Study of Vibration Parameter Image for Rotating Machinery Based on Self-adaptive Edge Detection Method
       Ying Zhang, Xianzhang Su, Zhansheng Liu and Rui Cong
X203   Reform of Forest Tenure on eSuperMap Data Gathering System
       Chang ZHOU and Zhibo CHEN
X204   Study on Particle Image Velocimetry Technique in The Surface Flow Fiel of River Model
       ZHAO Jian-jun, YU Heng and QI Feng
X209   A High Performance-Price Ratio Small Power Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Controller
       Wei Min and Wei Juan
X210   The controller of Brushless DC Motor Integrated Electromotor and Generator Based on DSP
       Wei Min and Wei Juan
X211   High Performance and Full Digitalization Design of Brushless DC Motor Control System
       Wei Min and Wei Juan
X215   A Hybrid Sequential Switching Shunt Regulator (HS3R) for Satellites
       C. Salinas and YuanJun Zhou
X216   Research on Segmentation Algorithm of 2D Color Barcode Based on Mobile Phone
       Zhi Liu, Lingna He and Ronghua Liang
X218   The design and implementation of UART based on AMBA bus
       Peng Wang and Wuchen Wu
X221   Improved on Douglas Spatial Vector Data Compression Algorithm Constrained by Key Point
       Feiyue Ye, Kun Chai and Junlei Liu
X222   Application of Base-scale Entropy in driving fatigue EEG
       Lingmei Ai, Miaomiao Liu and Jun Shen
X225   SABER-Based Modeling and Simulation of Induction Motor Drive System for EVs
       Ping Liu, HePing Liu and Jun Guo
X226   Research on Network Security Management Based on Policy
       Wang Haitao and Jia Zongpu
X232   The research in remote and real-time monitoring system of digitized earthquake omen instrument
        Min Ren and Jianjun Lu
X235   A New Local Descriptor for Affine Invariant Feature Extraction
       Wang Peng, Wang Ping, Qu Zhi-guo, Gao Ying-hui and Shen Zhen-kang

                         Afternoon, November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

                  International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 109)
                                       SESSION – ICCEE-03 (30)
                                            Session Chair:
                                          Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X236   Topographic Information Based Three-Dimensional Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
       Lu Jihua, Yao Xingmiao, Li Chuan and Fucai Yu
X241   A Survey of Preventing, Blocking and Filtering Short Message Services (SMS) Spam
       Muhammad Taufiq N, Mohd. Fikri Azli bin Abdullah, Kyunguk Kang and Deokjai Choi
X243   Distribution System Voltage Regulation With Distributed Generation Based on VQC and SVC
       Peng Li, Xilei Yang, Changzheng Gao, Ruyu Shi and Jinxin Liu
X244   An Improved Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm Based on inner-memeplex Crossover and Gaussian Mutation
       Bi Li and Shiheng Tan
X245   Extracting User Interest from Avatar Action Log in Virtual Space
       Tateaki Komaki, Fumiko Harada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa
X248   Measurement of Concentration to Manage Worker Condition
       Toshiki Hayashi, Fumiko Harada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa
X249   The Impact of Supporting Policies on Information Technology Outsourcing Pricing in China
       Peng Bin and Zhao Zheng
X250   Integration of Models for Automation Controllers in OPC UA
        René Simon, Matthias Riedl and Matthias Damm
X252   Modeling And Simulation of the Magnetorheological (MR) Absorber Systerm based on Modelica and
       Juan Zhang and Mingquan Shi
X253   Authentication Scheme for Smart Terminal Users
       Guifen ZHAO, Ying LI, Xiangyi HU and Liping DU
X254   Extracting Ontology from Tagging to Web Pages in Similar User Group
       Masaya Ito, Fumiko Harada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa
X256   Exploration of Bus Performance on QEMU and SystemC-based Virtual Platform
       Tse-Chen Yeh and Ming-Chao Chiang
X257   Detecting Learning Patterns during Exercise from Function Call Logs
       Kohei Tanigawa, Fumiko Harada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa
X262   PSA_SAT: a new SAT solver accelerated by GPU
         He Wang, Kai Lu and Gen Li
X263   Reducing Maintenance Cost of Mud Slide Prediction System with Categorization of Sensor Data in Sensor
       Kazuya Kato, Yusuke Yokota, Fumiko Harada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa
X264   Sliding Mode Based RCMAC Application for Dynamic Friction and Uncertainty Compensation of Robot
       Seong Ik Han, Dae Yeon Yeo, Sae Han Kim and Kwon Soon Lee
X266   Effects of processing conditions on the magnetic behaviour of soft magnetic composite materials at low
       Marco Actis Grande, Luca Ferraris, Róbert Bidulský and Jana Bidulská
X267   Semantic Network to Formalize of Learning Items from Lecture Notes
       Masahiro Ono, Fumiko Harada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa
X269   Application of Bayesian Networks Based on Genetic Algorithm in Tank Bottom Corrosion Evaluation
       Ying Zhang, Ronggang Chen, Rui Cong and Xiaoxin Wang
X270   A Study Using a Wavelet Transform Algorithm to Determine Arteriovenous Fistula Stenosis
        Yen-Nien Wang, Chan-Chih Yang and Shi-Jun Chou
X273   The Neural Network System for Crack Monitoring in Concrete Bridges and Its Application
       Yong Xu, Yong Xu, Zhixiang Zhou and Benniu Zhang
X275   The research in streaming media on-demand technology based on IP Multicast
       Xudong Sun and Jianjun Lu
X277   Design and Research of Electric Vehicle Driving System based on SOPC
       Zhao Ya and Qi Hui
X279   Level Sets Method and Corner Detector Fused Approach to Image Classification
       XIN WANG

                           2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X283   Power optimization in lighting sector and its effect on power quality
       Aaditya Mohole
X289   Air Pollutant Index (API) Estimation of Klang Valley Using Artificial Nueral Network
       Kama Azura Othman, Roshaslinie binti Amdam @ Ramli , Noor Hafizah Abdul Aziz and Norhayati Hamzah
X291   Research on Microcomputer Measurement and Analysis System of Dynamic Process in GMAW
       Zhe Fan, Quanyou Sha and Jinfa SHI
X292   A New Frequency Estimating Method of Low Oscillation in Power System Based on Spectral Kurtosis
       Gang Chen, Zhigang Liu and Jie Liu
X293   The Study and Application of Workflow Management System Based on Multi-role Playing
       Zeng Ziwei and Zhang Qiusi
X295   Detection Algorithm of 2D Barcode under Complex Background
       Zhi Liu, Xingbo Guo and Chong Cui

                        16:00 – 16:10                                Coffee Break

                                        SESSION – ICCEE-04 (28)
                                             Session Chair:
                                           Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X296   A Novel Rule-Based Discourse Structure Builder-Architecture and Design
       Rohana Mahmud and Faiiaz Khak
X299   Tissue Culture of Oil Palm Monitoring System
       Noor Hafizah Abdul Aziz, Suzi Seroja Sarnin, Kama Azura Othman and Nurkhadijah Zainol and Ahmad
       Tarmizi Hashim
X300   Controlling Information Release in Language-based Security
       Yanfang Fan, Zhen Han, Yongzhong He and Yong Zhao
X304   Optimized Sensing Time for Opportunistic Spectrum Access
       Bicheng Liao, Pu Wang and Xiaoli Gan
X305   Recover Feature Correspondences based on Weighted Support Vector Regression
       Bangsheng Cheng
X306   Synchronization Between Two Different Chaotic Systems Using Adaptive Sliding Mode Control
       Zahra Rabiei, Reza Bideri and Naser Pariz
X307   The Simulation and Research on Zero-Vector PWM Common-mode Voltage Suppression in Diode-clamped
       Five-level Converters
       ZHANG Yong-gao, LI Yin-ling and LIU Huan
X310   Efficient Macroblock-based Motion Compensation for H.264 Decoder
       Honghua Hu and Derong Chen
X314   Detecting Dull Features from Action Logs of Elderly
       Naotaka Sato, Fumiko Harada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa
X322   Research on Fire Disaster Fire-fighting Simulation System of Large-Long Tunnel
       Shouqi Cao and Yanling Han
X323   Research Position Distribution on Center of Seals Deviating From Camera Optical Axis
       Yongmei Liu,Ming Lei,Junchai Gao,Zhiyong Lei and Hanshan Li
X324   Research on Intelligent Aided Decision-making System based on Data Mining Technology for Disaster of
       Storm Tide
       Yanling Han, Xiaohua Yuan and Shouqi Cao
X325   Delay Analysis in Harmonic Detection and Algorithm Improvement
       Ping Wang, Guodong Cui and Yong Li
X328   Physical design of a low power mixed-signal chip: ZCOUNT
       Ligang HOU and Wuchen WU
X329   RF Controlled Rotating LED Display
       Muhammad Rizwan, Farhan Iqbal, Ahmad Bilal Abdul Wahid, Saad Ahmed Aejaz and Muhammad Faran
X332   Development of Interactive Inky Image Display-Paper-made Display with Thermochromic Ink and
       Temperature Control System
       Hiroki Yamada, Kunihiro Nishimura and Michitaka Hirose
X333   Designing and Developing High-Confidence Petroleum Extraction Software Systems using the Model-Driven

                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

       Huawei Zhai, Weishi Zhang, Licheng Cui, Xiuguo Zhang, Xiong Xie and Jinyu Shi
X334   Support System to Present Materials Reflecting Students Understanding
       Toru Hirose, Fumiko Harada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa
X335   Fast Inference of Network Topology Using End-to-End Measurements
       Wang Yuhong, Fei Gaolei and Hu Guangmin
X336   Properties and Applications of Two Kinds of Perfect Nonlinear Functions
       Ping Li
X339   Interactive Imaging Definition Evaluation Method Without Reference
       Haoting LIU, Jie LI, Heng ZHANG, Hanqing LU and Yu TIAN
X342   Road segmentation based on learning classification
       Yiming Nie , Zhenping Sun , Daxue Liu , Tao Wu and Bin Dai
X349   A Feature based Defect Detection Method
       Zhang Yuan, Chen Bin, Sun Xiaogang and Zhang Liang
X355   Evaluation on network load balancing in Xen
       Wang Xiaojing, Tong Wei, Zhao Wei and Liu Jingning
X374   A Novel DC-DC Converter for Battery-UC Hybrid Energy Storage Device Using Hybrid Control Algorithm
       Varsha A. Shah and Ritesh Chaudhari
X377   Electricity Education Should Emphasize Particularly on Disquisitive Teaching
       LI Li-xin and LI Chun-ming
X389   The Research on Embedded Software Dynamic Reconfigurable Technology Based on Mode
       Yang-sen QIN,Yun-wei DONG, Long LI and Hong-bing ZHAO
X391   Mobile Media Developing Analysis Based on 3G Industrial Chain
       Wang Lu, Han Jie, Sun Wei and Pan Sheng

                       Afternoon, November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)
                  International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm. 111)
                                       SESSION – ICCEE-05 (31)
                                            Session Chair:
                                          Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X393    A novel PAPR reduction scheme based on selective mapping and a random-like coding with no explicit side
        information in OFDM systems
        Fateme Kargozar, Mir Javad Mousavinia and Mehrbakhsh Nilashi
X396    Person's Chi-square Theory based Global Term Weighting
        Xia Tian and Yanmei Chai
X397    Analysis and Comparison of Data Mining Tools using Case Study of Library Management System
        Manu Bansal and Mandeep Kaur
X409    The RF stealth performance of Symmetrical Triangular Linear Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave
        Yang Hongbing and Zhou Jianjiang
X412    A Modelling Method for Managing A Pre-construction Planning Process
        Baiyi Li, Simon Austin, Min Zheng and Tony Thorpe
X419    Safety Prediction Of Weapon System With Environment Factors Based On Neural Network Ensemble
        Yao Yi., Liu Bingjie, Wang Chunjian and Huang Yue
X445    SIR Propagation model of Smart phone Bluetooth virus with bimodal variable infection rate
        Wenjuan Zhang, Zhaohui Li, Yonghui Hu and Wei Xia
X448    Study the algorithm of obtaining 3D image reconstruction coordinates
        Feng Hai-ming, Wang Qin, SuBin, ZhuKui and Yu Qing-cang
X450    Intelligent Combined Control Applied On Radar Servo System
        Wang Qun-jing and Zhang Qian
X452    An Improved Video Encryption Algorithm Based on chaotic sequence
        Gang Li and Jiaying Wang
X455    A New Algorithm for the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Problem Based on Likelihood Function
        Hangyuan Du and Yanling Hao

                              2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X456     An Improved IHS Method in Image Fusion
         Silong Zhang and Guojin He
X462     Online monitoring system of 330kV transmission line arresters
         Guo-Qing Yang, De-Yi Wang, Xin-Wei Zhang, Guan-Jun Zhang and Wen-Yuan Zhang
X467     Research on description and inference of information based on Conditional Event Algebra
         Lan Xu-hui , Xiong Jia-jun and Li Ling-zhi
X468     Output Power and Efficiency analysis of Oil Turbine for 660MW Steam Turbine Based on Theoretical and
         Numerical Approach
         Biao Yan and Xide Lai
X469     Studies of Boundary Problem Based on Wavelet Series for a Finite Interval
         XiaoJian Ma, ShaoYan Li and BingYuan Han
X474     Formal Analysis of A Response Mechanism for TCG TOCTOU Attacks
         Xiaolin CHANG, Zhen HAN, Jiqiang LIU and Jogesh K. MUPPALA
X491     Design &Implement of Embedded Web Technology in Traffic Monitoring System
         Rui Li and XiangQiang Xiao
X493     Linux-based Emulating of Sever with Software Aging and Modeling on Resources Consumption Rule
         You Jing, Zhang Lan, Xu Kangning and Sun Yuqiang
X500     Radial magnetized Tubular permanent magnet linear synchronous motor thrust fluctuation optimization
         ZHAO Jinghong, ZHANG Junhong and RAO Xiang
X501     Self inductance calculation of the permanent magnet linear synchronous motor
         ZHAO Jinghong and ZHANG Junhong
X512     Research on Key Technologies of Real-time High Level Architecture Framework Design
         Shiyuan Zhu, Jian Huang and Jianguo Hao
X513     Study in intelligent network direct marketing system model based on multi-agent
         Wang Suozhu and Li Haifang
X518     The Announcement Effects of Stock Dividend in Shanghai Stock Exchange
         Hu Zuguang and Minhaz Uddin Ahmed
X524     Study on Fault Diagnosis Based on IMF complexity feature and support vector machine
         Liu Weidong,Wu Husheng and Lv Jianxin
X528     A Fast Hybrid Algorithm for the Scan-Conversion of Ellipses
         NIU Lian-qiang, YANG Nan and LIU Shou-ren
X531     Random Noise Attenuation Based on Support Vector Regression and Adaptive Wiener Filtering
         Xiaoying Deng and Yong Luo
X536     Performance comparison of ISAR imaging method based on time frequency transforms
         Chunjian Xie, Chenjiang Guo and Jiadong Xu
X537     Proposal of the Detection System for Safety Equipment-Wearing using IBC-Application of IBC (Intra-Body
         Communication) Technology
         Masaki Fujikawa and Masakatsu Nishigaki
X548     Large-Capacity And High Performance NAND Flash-based Image Recorder System
         Yonggang Xu, Qinzhang Wu, Guoqiang Ren and Feng Zhang
X20217   Fast Optical Character Recognition Using GPU Technology
         Ehsan Arianyan, Seyed Ahmad Motamedi and Iman Arianyan

                          16:00 – 16:10                                    Coffee Break

                                          SESSION – ICCEE-06 (29)
                                               Session Chair:
                                             Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X553     A Soft Switching DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Applications
         Nima Harsamizadeh Tehrani,Mohamad Nabipour and Mehran Ahmadi
X558     An Improved Wall Climbing Robot for Ship Rust Removal
         Zhengyao Yi ,Yuhang Wang, Yongjun Gong and Zuwen Wang
X565     The Research of Hiding Technology of Hardware Trojan in Chip
         Niu Xiaopeng, Li Qingbao and Xie Xiaodong
X567     Steady and efficient methods of pattern recognition based on repulsive equilibrium inside SOM
         LIU Jing-bo, LUO wei-min and LIU Jing

                             2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X570     Research of Anti Electromagnetic Interference Technology for PMSM Driving System
         Bai Gong-ding and Ma Xiao-feng
X571     Research of Choice and Design for PMSM Driving System Data Transmission and Control Communication
         Bai Gong-ding and Gai Jiang-tao
X572     A Framework For HLA-based Warfighting Simulations
         HU Chengjun and ZHENG Yuan
X573     Harmonic retrieval approach based on cross-high-order cumulant of hybrid colored noises
         Yuling Gao, Qing Huang, Xiaotao Kang and Yaowu Shi
X574     An Ontology-based Classification Index Method for Vertical Search Engines
         Jun Zhang, Peng Qi, Lili Zhang and Xin Zhou
X575     Fault Diagnosis Approach Based on SVM and K-Means Clustering
         Jifeng Zhou, Qing Yang, Dongxu Zhang and Dongsheng Wu
X578     An Improved Variable Neighborhood Search Method for Identical Parallel Machines Scheduling Problem
         Jing Chen and Quan-Ke Pan
X581     A System-Level Layered Modeling Framework for Reconfigurable Systems
         Wang Peng and Lin Shuisheng
X582     Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Classification Based on SVM with End-member Extraction
          MA Xin-Lu, YAN Wei-Dong, Ni Wei-ping, BIAN Hui and WANG Pei-Zhong
X584     The management and optimization of queue state vector based on Multi-core processor
         Wu Haitao and Lin Shuisheng
X585     The Time-Effect of Load-Transfer in Discontinuous analysis methods
         WANG Shimin, HE Chuan and ZHU Hehua
X589     Analysis and Simulation on Detection Performance of DS/FH Hybrid Spread Spectrum Signals for TT&C
         under Repeater Jamming
         Yang Wenge, Lu Weitao, Meng Shengyun and Yu Jinfeng
X599     A Simple Case Study of FTA in Engineering
         Tang Yongzhong and GOU Pingzhang
X600     Robust Analysis for Dichotomy and Absolutely Stability of the 2D Lure Systems with Parameter
         Ao Dun, Lei Fei and Yuan Haiying
X603     Identification of Vulnerability in Smart Grid Based on Complex Network Theory
         JiaChen HOU, Gang XIONG, Timo R.NYBERG and Pekka HÄMÄLÄINEN
X604     To Enhance Power Distribution Network Management of Local Power Service Enterprise by using Cloud
         Gang XIONG, JiaChen HOU, Timo R.NYBERG and Pekka HÄMÄLÄINEN
X609     Modeling study on the interpersonal relationship network of the rumors spreading
         Chen Xi, Tu Qin and Ming Cong, HongLiu
X613     Three dimensional visualization solution in military command and control system
         Jan Hodicky and Petr Frantis
X621     Method of reducing thrust ripple for permanent magnet linear synchronous motor based on field oriented
         CHANG Jiu-jian and MA Wen-li
X622     Research and Implementation of the Intrusion Detection System in WIA-PA Network
         Min Wei, Keecheon Kim, Qiaoli Wang and Ping Wang
X624     Model and algorithm for computer spare parts logistics management system
         Huihui Huang and Buyang Cao
X627     Robust and Efficient Network coding Against Pollution Attacks
         Yiqing Song, Minghu Wu and Siguang Chen
X630     Design of GPS Software Receiver Base on Intermediate Frequency and Weak Signal Simulation
         ShangGuan Wei, Liu Zhen-guo, Cai Bai-gen, Wang Jian, Wang Jing-jing and Zhang Han
X40221   Design and Simulation of a Wideband Hybrid Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier using LDMOS transistor
         Iman Arianyan, Abdolali Abdipour, Abbas Mohammadi and Ehsan Arianyan
X40223   Fast FDTD Computations On GPU Technology
         Mehran Hekmatpanah, Seyed Ahmad Motamedi and Ehsan Arianyan

                           2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

                     Afternoon, November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)
                 International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 104)
                                      SESSION – ICMCE-01 (30)
                                           Session Chair:
                                         Time: 13:30 – 16:00
W009   Algorithm of decision-making aids To optimize the Scheduling of the tasks of maintenance in time-reality
       Aissam Aboussalim, Mohamed Mediouni and Ouafae Bennis
W011   Real Time Recognition and Sorting System by Using ADSP BF533
       Karamjit Kaur Sekhon and Anil Yadav
W019   A Direct-Integrating Solution for State Equation of Nonlinear Control Systems
       Shaozhong Cao
W020   Bridges Influence Line Estimation for Bridge Weigh-in-Motion
       Sio-Song Ieng
W021   A Low Cost Microcontroller Based True RMS Measurement Using Fast AC to DC Converter
       Uday B. Mujumdar and Jayant S.Joshi
W023   Measurement of Urban Sprawl and Urban Pattern Using Geoprocessing Method
       Zhi-qiang Lv
W068   Analysis of Built-up Area Expansion and Rural Land Loss for a Fast Developing Region
       Zhi-qiang Lv
W028   Parameters Estimation of Ultrasonic Echo by Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
       Yonghong Zhang
W030   Research on Torque-Angle Characteristic of Rotary Electromagnet of 2D Digital Valve
       Bin Meng, Jian Ruan and Lizhong Lu
W036   A Wavelet and State Space-based Approach for Instantaneous Frequency Identification of Linear
       Time-Varying System
       Xin Xu, Zhiyu Shi, Wenyun Wang and Shuangli Long
W038   Simulation and VHDL Code for Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller Applied to a Power
       Shirin Ale Aghaee and Khosrow Amiri Zadeh
W040   The FDA Model of Slope Stability Prediction in Chengkou County
       Wu Heng-bin and He Yun-xiang
W041   Neural Network for the Prediction of Transformer Oil Performance with Multi-parameter Correlation
       Jia-yuan Hu, Shun-an Cao, Zhi Li and Jian-li Xie
W044   Copper phthalocyanine based organic thin film transistors as NO2 gas sensor
       Songqi Fu, Guangzhong Xie, Huiling Tai, Xian Li and Ping Sun
W045   Variational Bayesian Interpretaion of the Kalman Filter
       Yao Zhi-ying and Liu Dong
W048   The 3D Reconstruction of Revolution based on Photogrammetry Method
       Leng Wei, Xiang Qing, Guo Chaohe and Wang Jun
W052   A New Method of Visibility Enhancement for single Foggy or Hazy Image
       Hong Zhang , Guifang Yan, Yuecheng Li and Han Hongbin
W057   Design and Implementation of Cross-Platform Indoor Localization System Based on TinyOS
       Wei zhang, Ai Chen, Xiaoxia Huang, Cheng Chen, Shubing Shan, Jingwei Zeng
W058   Acquiring location information for using electric wheelchairs inside buildings
       Yasuaki Sumida, Kazuaki Goshi, and Katsuya Matsunaga
W060   Research on the traffic data analysis of NC200 based on VB programming
       Huang Kai, Chen Xi, Hou Dezao and Wang Heng
W062   Effectiveness evaluation of Road Work Zone Speed Control Technologies
       Huang Kai, Hou Dezao, Chen Xi and Wang Heng
W082   A New Algorithm of 12-lead ECG P wave Detection Based on Wavelet Transform
       Tang Chun-hui, Liao Yun-peng and Liu Man
W089   Design and Impaction Test of High-g MEMES Accelerometer
       Zhaokui Diao, Ping Li and Feng Wen
W091   Rectangular Electrode Characteristic in Electrodynamic Solid Particle Measurement
       M. R. Ghazali, W. I. Ibrahim, S. Abd Ghani and M. F. Rahmat

                                                   - 10 -
                              2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

W093      Design of Calibration Instrument for Ventilator Tester
          Desen Cao and Jing Chen
W097      An Indirect Adaptive Predictive Control with Augmented UD Identifier for Linear Time Varying Systems
          Pouria Sarhadi, Karim Salahshoor and Ali Khaki-Sedigh
W109      Study of PCB Rogowski Coil Used for Heavy Current Measurement Application
          Li Weibo, He Hong, Tang Wenjun and Rao Jin
W114      Research and Design based on Embedded WEB PLC
          Lei Pei,Ping Zheng, Xiaoguang Wang, Qiang Xiao, Pin Shi,Jinfeng Hu
W118      Contour-Based Image Representation by Hierarchical Structure
          FENG Ziliang, LIU Jia and SHI Guanmin
W30026    An Enhancement Algorithm for Infrared Image Based on Histogram Weighted Filter and Contrast Stretch
          Liu Jia, Feng Ziliang, Wang Di and Feng Shicai

                          16:00 – 16:10                                   Coffee Break

                         Afternoon, November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)
                     International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 104)
                                          SESSION – ICCEE-07 (28)
                                               Session Chair:
                                             Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X631     Software design of automatic sewing machine control system based on PC and Turbo PMAC
         Xiong Jie , Zheng Xiangzhou, Liang XiuYing,Wang Wenjin, Xin Shangjun, Du Feifei and Zhu Tingting
X632     A New Controller Based on Reinforcement Learning for Voltage Control of PEMFC
         N.Ghadimi ,P.Farhadi, R.Ghadimi, B.Sobhani and F.Hshemi
X634     Robust and Efficient Response to TCG TOCTOU Attacks In TPVM
         Xiaolin Chang, Zhen Han, Jiqiang Liu, Zhonglan Yuan and Jogesh K. Muppala
X638     The design of wireless Smart Home system based on ZigBee
         Gao Mingming and Shao Liangshan
X639     A novel Analytical Model for Hidden Node Problem in CAMA/CA Multihop Wireless Networks
         Jie. Sun and Wei. Guo
X640     Information Fusion of Multi-sensor System Based on Bayesian Statistical Theory
         Minghao Xiong and Jianguo Wang
X645     Conducted Interference Simulation for DC-DC Switching Power Supply
         Zhao Mingmin, Su Donglin, Xie Shuguo and Sun Hongtao
X646     A deployment strategy of service registry in complex network
         Shuangqing Li, Jun Hu, Zhen Ni and Mingqiang Zhou
X647     Application of an Improved Collaborative Optimization Method for Power Converter Optimization
         Minghong Han
X650     A New Approach for Chessboard Corner Detection Based on Snake Model
         Li Dang, Fanrang Kong and Ao Zhang
X655     Intelligent receiver for MPSK and MQAM signals
         Hua Peng and Jing Li.
X656     HOE: Hotness-guided symbOlic Execution
         Jun Yang, Shaoyin Cheng, Fan Jiang and Peijie Luo
X660     Problems of 3PL Information Construction and Correlative Solution
         Li ZhuoWei, Ge Liang and Cao Bo
X662     Analysis of Power System Inter-harmonic Based on Fast Time-Frequency Atom Algorithm
         Guojun He, Weirong Chen, Zhiyu You and Chengzhi Tang
X671     Edge Detection Using a NonSampled Contourlet Transform
          Da Chen, Mingqiang Yang and Dengwang Li
X679     Area and Performance Optimization of Barrier Synchronization on Multi-core Network-on-Chips
         Xiaowen Chen, Shuming Chen, Zhonghai Lu and Axel Jantsch.
X680     Web Service based Assisted Wireless Network Transmission on Hydrological
          Xuhui Huang and An Huang.

                                                      - 11 -
                              2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X682    The Construction and Realization of the Educational Resources Center Software System Orienting To
        Knowledge Management
        Jun Xiao, Xiaoxiao Zhu and Xue Li.
X696    Mini Gear Vibration Monitoring System Based on Virtual Instruments
        Chuanhui Wu, Yu Guo and Yajun Fan.
X697    Low-cost Micro Condition Monitoring System Based on LabVIEW and SQL Server
        Zhizhou Jia, Yu Guo and Yajun Fan
X698    A New Approach for Improving Lookup Efficiency in P2P Networks through Allocating Load Based on
        Nodes' Strength
        Mohammad Reza Zand Miralvand.
X699    Numerical Simulation Research on the Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on A Tanker in Oblique Motion
        Zhan Chengsheng
X701    Cryptanalysis of a Self-certified Threshold Proxy Signature Schemebased on Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm
        Qi Xie
X702    Research on A New Security Problem of USB: Monitoring Cable Attack, Countermeasures and Applications
        An Wang, Xianwen Yang and Zheng Li.
X705    Design of mapping system of Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol
        Xiajiao Yang and Sheng Wang
X706    Differential Power Analysis of DECIMv2
        Yanyan Jia and Yupu Hu.
X710    Position Control for a Novel Mobile Robot Using Support Vector Machine
        Zheng Yili, Kan Jiangming and Sun Hanxu
X1404   Implementing a Virtual Firewall to Secure Virtualized Platform
        Yuqiong Sun and Mengqian Li

                        Afternoon, November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)
                    International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 201)
                                         SESSION – ICCPM-01 (30)
                                              Session Chair:
                                            Time: 13:30 – 16:00
P010     Malaysian Contractors in Gulf Construction--A Preliminary Study on Financial and Economic Risks
         Loo Siaw Chuing and Hamzah Abdul Rahman
P011     Green Construction in Real Estate Development in China
         Guo Hong, Su Minfang and Shi Xiuqin
P012     Factors Making Cost of Construction Project High at Saudi Arabia
         Dr. Abdulrahman AlSinaidi
P013     Review of Subcontracting Practice in Construction Industry
         Yoke-Lian Lew, Hassim S., Muniandy R. and Teik-Hua Law
P014     Study on the Training Model of Contract Management Ability for College Students Major in Engineering
         Liu Guangjie, Zhang Wei and Hu Jinhong
P015     The Assessment of Applications for Extension of Time Claims In Malaysian Construction Industry
         Yoke-Lian Lew, Hassim S., Muniandy R. and Mee-Ling Tan
P016     The Research of Engineering Transaction Costs Based on Entrop Weight - Group Decision
         Wang Zhuo-fu and Zhang Yi
P019     Research on Applying Gray GM(1,1)Model in Construction Project Cost Forecasting
         Wu Yaoxing and Chen Zhenghui
P020     Applying Ant Colony Optimization to Multiple Resources Leveling
         DING Ji-yong and WANG Zhuo-fu
P021     The Adverse Effect Analysis of Publishing The Maximum Control Price in Construction Bidding
         ZHOU Wei and WANG Zhuo-fu
P029     Game Analysis of Credit Issue within the Construction Agent System
         XU Yong-ge and WANG Yi-ting
P033     Development of Resource-Driven Scheduling Model for Mass Housing Construction Projects

                                                       - 12 -
                               2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

          Ms. A. Cindrela Devi and Dr. K. Ananthanarayanan
P040      Research of Unascertained Measure Model in Real Estate Investment Risk Assessment
          Jun’e Liu, Yuechong Wang and Yongsheng Liu
P042      The Research about the Capital Allocation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
          YongGe XU and Kang LI
P052      The Analysis of Factors on the Development of Construction and Demolition Waste Disposition
          Industrialization in China
          XU Yong-ge and WU Zong-liang
P064      Geological Survey of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Water Section Based on High Density Numerical Analysis
          Li Xutao
P068      Addressing Scheduling Software for Anayzing Delay Claim
          Khalid S. Al-Gahtani
P078      Measuring the Impacts of the Delivery System on Project performance Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build
          Mahdi ghassemi
P10000    Research on the Classification of Urban Public Transport Development Level Based on LVQ Neural
          Sun Hui, Fan Zhiqing and Sun Xiaopeng
P10007    Preventing Conflict for Partnering Projects in Malaysia
          Hamimah Adnan, Ismail Rahmat, Azizan Supardi and Siti Diana Tamjehi
P10014    Study on the Lean Planning System of China Construction Enterprises
          Xiao Yue-jun and Zhao Yan-yang
P10015    Behaviour Based Safety Approach: A Mechanism for Workplace Safety Improvement
          Faridah Ismail, Ahmad Ezanee Hashim, Rahmatul Hidayah Salimin and Mohd Adnan Mahmood
P10016    Organisational Safety Culture Assessment Tool: An Innovation for Measuring Safety Culture
          Faridah Ismail, Nasyairi Mat Nasir and Razidah Ismail
P10017    Identifying Significant Factors Influencing Building Construction Cost Estimating Practice in Malaysia
          Tien-Choon Toh, Connie Ting, Kherun-Nita Ali, Godwin-Uche Aliagha and Omar Munir
P10020    Computer-aided Architecture Design Based on Parameterized Model——Taking Elementary and Secondary
          Schools as Examples
          Cao Ying and Wang Lizhong
P10021    Relation Between the Project Team Members Communication Type and the Involved Members Participation
          on the Challenge of Green Solutions on Buildings
          Figueiredo Ivana Almeida de and Yashiro Tomonari
P10022    Causes and Effects of Delay in Iranian Construction Projects
          Towhid Pourrostam and Amiruddin Ismail
P10030    Study on Planning and Construction of Clothing Creative Industrial Park
          GU Tongyu, YANG Yixiong and LI Chunying
P10036    The Cognitive Logic of “one divides into three”---also discussion on the nature of engineering
          Dezhi Jin, Yingtang Zhou and Jianming Yang
P10046    TRIZ-based Conflicts-Solving Approaches in Innovative Product R&D Project Management
          Chi-Hao Yeh, Ful-Chiang Wu, Ming-Jaan Wang and Bing-Chang Ouyang

                           16:00 – 16:10                                    Coffee Break

                         Afternoon, November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)
                     International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 201)
                                           SESSION – ICCEE-08 (28)
                                                Session Chair:
                                              Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X712     Model Predictive Controller for Hypersonic Vehicles
         Tan Yilun and Yan Jie
X715     A Graceful Restart Approach for Multicast Protocols in High-available Routers
         Si Xiong, Lemin Li and Qiang Wang
X722     The Design and Development of Database in Electrician’s Digital Assistant

                                                        - 13 -
                             2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

        Jingzhao LI, Ping REN, Jianquan CAO and Duoxue LI
X723    Dimensional Parameters Effect on Performance of Transverse Flux Linear Motor Using Three-dimensional
        Finite Element Analysis
        Jin Tao Liang, Sheng Dun Zhao and Jia Xie
X724    Outfit Recommendation with Consideration of User Policy and Preference on Layered Combination of
        Fumiko Harada, Yukiko Okamoto and Hiromitsu Shimakawa
X725    Mapping ORM into SWRL
        Wen-lin PAN and Da-xin LIU
X726    The Routing Strategy of Network-on-Chip with Dual Subnets Infrastructure
        Hui Shen and Xiang Ling
X727    Tactical Digital Information Link System Appling Different Schemes of Scheduled Medium Access
        Hang Li
X729    The Community Structure of Engineering Software Format Network
        Zhang Zhihua, Feng Jun and Zhao Zhengxu
X734    Prediction Control for ATE Metrology Parameters Based on Improved LS-SVM
        Mao Hongyu, Yang Guang, Yang Hongsheng and Hu Zhuolin.
X739    A Novel NLOS Mitigation Approach for Wireless Positioning System
        Jian Chen and Yong-ning Zhuo
X740    Characteristics Analysis of Planar Motor with New Permanent Magnet Array
        Huang Rui, Wu Shihong and Piao Zailin.
X741    Face Recognition via Sparse Representation and Local Binary Patterns
        Kaining Wu, Ruoyu Wang and Hanqiang Cao
X744    Fiber-optic Electric Field Sensor Based on Electrostriction Effect
        Juan Zhao, Huiyuan Zhang, Yinshun Wang and Hongwei Liu
X746    A Study of Current Limit Characteristic on 110kV HTS Cable
        Qiushuang Sun, Huiyuan Zhang, Hongwei Liu and Yinshun Wang
X749    An Improved SUSAN Corner Detection Algorithm
        Liang Wang, Jiatao Song, Wei Wang and Keming Xie
        Gao Shuguo, Liu Haifeng and Pan Jin
X756    CRKH :A Cluster-based Secure and Scalable Group Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
        Rong Jiang, Jun Luo, Jin Zhong and Hao Hu
X757    An Adaptive Protection Scheme based on Topology-recognition for Shipboard Electrical Power Systems
        Hongbin Zhen, Xiaofeng Zhang, Liansuo Qi and Jianli Xu
X758    Enhanced Decision Making Free Search
        Yifei Wang and Jihao Yin
X760    An Improved Vehicle Detection Algorithm based on Hybrid Difference
        jie chen and jun zhu
X761    Shape-Based Pedestrian Detection in a Novel Hierarchical Structure
        Jianqing Wang, Min Wang, Hong Qiao and John Keane
X763    A Fuzzy Reputation System Based on Security Policies for Ad-hoc Networks
        Morteza Romoozi and Hamideh Babaei
X764    A Fish Swarm Intelligence Algorithm for Improvement of Connectivity in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks by Adding
        Static Nodes Based on A Realistic Mobility Model
        Morteza Romoozi and Hamideh Babaei
X766    Research on Intelligent Vision System for Smart Substation
        Hongwei Li.
X777    Associative Classification Based on Artificial Immune System
        zhang Lei and Jiang Jimin
X780    Moving Object Segmentation via Background Estimation in H.264 Compressed Domain
        Yu Lu
X1461   Formulization of the Electromagnetic Immunity of Microcontrollers
        Tao Su, Thomas Steinecke and Markus Unger

                                                     - 14 -
                           2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

                      Afternoon, November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)
                  International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 205)
                                     SESSION – ICCEE-09 (30)
                                          Session Chair:
                                        Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X784   A Geometric Attacks Robust Image Watermarking Based on DWT Domain Features
       Jiang-bin Zheng, Ping Ren, Sha Feng and Sheng Zhong
X787   Human Recognition Using A New Feature Fusion Method
       Xiaohui Hou and Zhijing Liu.
X792   An Exact Analysis of Oscillator Noise in M-QAM OFDM Communication Systems
       Mohammad Hossein Madani, Abdolali Abdipour and Abbas Mohammadi
X796   A Cross Coupled Transconductance Mixer for WiMAX Application
       Chih-Lung Hsiao and Yi-Lun Huang
X802   Face Recognition Based on the Improved Local Binary Pattern
       Wumin Liang, Jiatao Song, Wei Wang and Keming xie
X807   Study of 6kV Chain STATCOM Current Indirect Control Strategy
       Shi Li-ping, Liu Zhi-yuan and Hu Ya-jing
X814   A Novel On-line Dead Time Effect Compensation Based on Random Position PWM
       Simeng Xu and Chon Chen
X820   Design and Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Linear Motor for Speed Sensorless Control
       Rui Zhang, Zongxia Jiao, Liang Yan, Shuai Wu and Juntao Yu
X833   A Modeling Method Of Air Data Computer For line Maintenance
       Geng Hong and Wang Yueyan
X840   Autonomous and Adaptive Removal of Moving Cast Shadow based on Texture Analysis
       Jingbo liu, Wensi Cao and Weidong Jin
X843   Network Security Protection System Based on P2P technology
       Yuqiong Duan, Dongzheng Wu, Jing Li and Xun Tang
X847   Measurement of the Additional Phase-shift for a Long-range Precision Underwater Positioning System
       Min Yu
X853   Establishment of Airworthiness Information Retrieval System by a Modified Collaborative IRST Model
       Cai Yong, Wang Zexin and Hu Yunfa
X855   Nonlinear Control for a Class of High-order Nonlinear Uncertain Systems
       Daozheng Liao
X857   Research on High Performance RTI Architecture Based on Shared Memory
       Zhihui Zhang
X859   A Fair and Efficient Power Control Game for Cognitive Radio Networks
       Jin Liu, Supeng Leng and Qing Wang
X862   Fit Phase Error Function For Compensation In Structural Light 3D Measurement
       Yi He, Qiang Xia, Ping Zhou and Xinran Liu
X868   Reduction PAPR of OFDM Signals by Combining SLM with Hadamard Transform
       Zhongpeng Wang
X871   A License Plate Image Enhancement Method in Low Illumination Using BEMD Technique
       Wensi Cao, Liu Jingbo and Luhong Gong
X872   Improving Efficiency for Discontinuous Accesses of Cell/B.E. Using Hardwired Scatter/Gather on
       Noboru Tanabe, Taro Tsukamoto, Atsushi Ohta and Hironori Nakajo
X873   Efficient Scheduling with Adaptive Fault Tolerance in Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems
       Senthil Kumar Chandran, Radhamani Pillay Pillay, Radu Dobrin and Sasikumar Punnekkat
X894   Mutual inductance calculation of the permanent magnet linear synchronous motor
       ZHAO JinghongZHA, NG Junhong and RAO Xiang
X897   On Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Autonomous Systems
       Hassan Fathabadi
X908   Transportation Congestion Evaluation and Short-term Forecasting Based on Fuzzy Logic and ANN
       G.C Zhang and Kun Li
X920   Data Acquisition System for Press Machine

                                                 - 15 -
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

        Ku Xiangchen, Li Jishun, Ma Wei and Xue Yujun
X926    Study on Nonlinear Dynamics of DC-DC Converter based on General Fractal Dimension
        Weigang Wen and Huijuan Jia
X928    Set-membership Estimation of Linear Uncertain Discrete-Time Systems using LMIs
        He Qing and Yang Shuo
X936    Self-similarity in Block I/O Traffic
        Yuhui Deng and Xiaohua Meng
X959    Wavelet based ECG Data Compression Method using 3D SPIHT
        Negar Farmani and Ali Motie Nasrabadi
X960    Designing and Simulation a New Antenna
        F. Mohsenni fard, E. Abiri jahromi and A. Zakeri

                         16:00 – 16:10                                 Coffee Break

                                         SESSION – ICCEE-10 (28)
                                              Session Chair:
                                            Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X963    A New Algorithm to Mitigate NLOS Error Based on Third-order Cumulant in Cellular Wireless Location
        Jianhui Wang, Fanzeng Kong, Weijia Cui and Wenzheng Song
X964    A Cellular Location Algorithm with Less Information Based on Optimized BP Neural Network by AGA
        Jianhui Wang, Fanzeng Kong, Weijia Cui and Wenzheng Song
X966    Research onWAP Supervision with System Dynamic Model
        Du Mao-Kang, He Han-Tao and Wang Yong
X967    QC-LDPC Encoding and Decoding Algorithms for G.hn Standard
        He Yi, Yao Rugui and Wang Ling
X972    Research on Technology of Transforming JAVA Program into Abstract Syntax Tree of Procedure Blueprint
        Tu Pei-Hong and Liu Jian-Bin
X980    A Revolution in the Field of Current Detection Brought by a Novel Current and Temperature Sensor
        Ximin Ma, Anqi Wu and Wei Wu
X981    An Improved Method Based on Second-derivative for Perona-Malik Model
        Jun Shi and Yi-guang Liu
X984    Research and Implement of Multitasking and Remote Real-time Graphics Rendering and Authoring System
        Fan Chenm, Wei Zhao, Leiting Chen, Rong Li and Hongbin Cai
X991    The Segmentation of DSCT Cardiac Images using GCBAC
        Yuke Chen, Rongqian Yang, Ken Cai, Xiaoming Wu and ShanXin Ou
X996    A Variable Step-Size Least p-Norm Algorithm under Alpha Stable Noise Conditions
        Shen Feng, Gai Meng, Lv Dongze and Liu Na
X997    Research on Coordinate Measurement Method Based on Rotating Planar Laser Beams
        Dabao Lao, Xueyou Yang, Jigui Zhu and Shenghua Ye
X1007   Step Generalized Predictive Control and Its Optimization
        FEI Jingzhou and MA Xiuzhen
X1012   Design of Robust Flight Controller with Multi-objective Constraints
        Qingjiang Zhang and Xinmin Wang
X1017   A 5.5 GHz Voltage Control Oscillator (VCO) with a Differential Tunable Active and Passive Inductor
        Najmeh Cheraghi Shirazi, Ebrahim Abiri and Roozbeh Hamzehyan
X1018   Design of a 4-Port SRAM Cell with High Noise Margin
        K.L. Man, Jerry Chang and Eng Gee Lim
X1023   The Concept and Taxonomy of Hardware Trojan Horse
        Hongbo Gao, Yu Zhu, Qingbao Li and Yu Nan
X1024   UWB Antenna Design with Band-stop Function
        Hou Xiaochen and Chen Aixin
X1028   Low Power Decimation Filter Design of A High Resolution Biomedical Sigma-Delta Modulator
        Hwang-Cherng Chow and Jhih-Syuan Chen
X1030   Application of Stationary Wavelet Packet Decomposition and Hilbert Transform in Fault Characteristics
        LIU Yi-hua and CAO Fang-xing

                                                    - 16 -
                              2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X1037   Towards a Model for Information Traffic Flow in Wireless Networks
        Mingzhe Liu, Shibo Zhao and Ken Hawick
X1039   Recursive Plateau Histogram Equalization for the Contrast Enhancement of the Infrared Images
        Zongwei Lu, Zhide Tang, Lin Zhou and Qian Zhang
X1043   Research on Credibility of Simulation Data with Consideration of Consistent Probability
        SHI Xian-ming, WANG Qi, SHI Quan and LI Wen-sheng
X1058   DSP-Based Real-time Solution of Inverse Kinematics Problems for 6R Robot Manipulators
        Cheng Lin, Pan Haihong, Liao Xiaoping, Liu Xiaolin, Fu Bing and Zhu Guoqing
X1062   Sequential Data Fusion for Multisensor System With Correlated Noises
        Binglei Guan and Quanbo Ge
X1065   Identify Impulse Response for Biological Systems with Matrix Perturbation Methods
        Chao-Yi Dong and Xiao-Yan Chen
X1066   A High Gray Drive TCON for TFT-LCD
        Zhijie Tang, PengYan and Qingbo He
X1069   Mapping OWL 2 into ORM
        PAN Wen-lin and LIU Da-xin
X1073   Noise Analysis for Active CMOS Mixers Including Memory Effect
        Benqing Guo, Guangjun Wen and Xiaolei Li

                             Morning, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                            International Convention Centre (Rm 204)
        8: 40 - 9: 20                                           Plenary Speech 5

        9:20 – 10:00                                            Plenary Speech 6

                          10:00 – 10:30                                   Coffee Break

                          12:00 – 13:30                                   Lunch Break

                             Morning, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                            International Convention Centre (Rm 104)
                                          SESSION – ICMCE-2 (22)
                                               Session Chair:
                                            Time: 10:30 – 12:00
W125      Provision of new models for payment systems acceptance by users
          Ahmad Khalatbari and Shahriar Mohammadi
W127      A new Non-destructive Technology Application of Ground Penetrating Radar——A Case Test of Detection of
          Underground Water Pipe Leak in Campus
          Limou Chen and Qianfeng Wang
W129      Small Signal Equivalent Circuit Modeling and Designing of Buck Converters Based on Voltage Mode
          Wensi Cao, Jingbo Liu and Luhong Gong
W132      Speech Enhancement Using Time-Frequency Wavelet Threshold with Auditory Masking
          DING Wei, YANG Xiaoyan, WANG Zhong and ZHANG Lei
W138      Research on the Dynamic Characteristic of Crankshaft Online Automatic Measuring System
          Zhai Hua, Zhong Huayong, Sun Yundong, Ding Shuguang and Zhao Han
W141      Design of the Fluorescence Detector Device Based on Integrating Sphere
          Qi Cheng, Ming Kong, Zihong Ye and Xiaoping Yu
W153      Bidirection Greedy Walk Based Mobile-Sink-Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks
          Jianbo Yao

                                                       - 17 -
                              2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

W159     MAM Capacitor in RF MEMS Tunable Networks
         Sheng Wu and Jinwen Zhang
W160     A New optimizing algorithm used on the prediction of the fault of the transformer
         Yuan Zhijian and Pei Zichun
W161     Using FFT Magnitudes and ELM for Multi-pitch Estimation
         Pat Taweewat
W162     Double-Hysteresis Current Control Strategy of Three-phase Voltage-type PWM Rectifier
         Wen-shao Bu, Xian-bo Wang and Li-li Zhai
W164     Workspace Measurement Positioning System Based on Rotating Planar Laser Beams
         Yang Ling-hui, Yang Xue-you, Yang Zhao and Zhu Jigui
W165     Comparative Analysis and Design of Two Diverse Realizations for FPGA Based Digital PID Controller Using
         Xilinx SysGen®
         Abdul Aziz, M.Ali Qureshi, Hammad Khan and M. Haseeb Akram
W166     Kinematics of 3-UPU Parallel Leg Mechanism Used for a Quadruped Walking Robot
         Dianfan Zhang, Guiling Xu, Zhengyan Qi, Hongbo Wang and Xing Hu
W169     Size-alterable Buffer Pool for NMR Spectrometer Console Based on VxWorks
         Sibin Lian, Zurong Ni, Zhenyao Zheng , Zhiwei Chen, Ying Chen and Zhong Chen
W199     Mass Properties For The VX-SAT Communications Satellite
         Jose Alvarez
W211     Trilateration-based Positioning Via Filtering Method
         Hyeonwoo Cho, Younghun Lee and Sang Woo Kim
W1002    Multi-section Interpolation Function Based Generalized Observer Design for Generalized Affine Parameter
         Linear Systems
         Xin Wang, Xian Zhang and Hui Wang
W1004    Robust stability and robust Stabilization for Uncertain Singular Linear Systems with Time-Varying Delays
         Hui Wang, Xian Zhang,Fan-Biao Li
W10007   Research on the Three-Dimensional Velocity Field Splitting Measurement Method of Cavitations-Impinging
         Stream Reactor
         Li Qin, Li Fubao, Li Zhongke and Wang Dexi
W10008   The Distribution Adjustment of the Basic Farmland Based on the Agricultural Land Quality——take
         Feng-jiang as an example
         Gao lili, Wu kening, Zhao huafu and Gao shuo
W10010   Measurement of Evaporation Duct Height Using Satellite Remote-Sensing data
         Jiao Lin and Zhang Yong-gang

                          12:00 – 13:30                                       Lunch Break

                             Morning, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                            International Convention Centre (Rm 109)
                                           SESSION – ICMCE-3 (22)
                                                Session Chair:
                                             Time: 10:30 – 12:00
W10012   The Application of Audio Index and Video Index in Set Top Box with Virtual Instruments
         SHE Fangyi, KANG Jianhua and QIN Jun
W10016   Radiated Immunity Testing in Reverberation Chamber
         JIA Rui, WANG Qing-guo, CHENG Er-wei
W10017   The research of interference of electric field analysis and anti-interference in High-voltage substation
         XiangjunWang, Yi Liu and Dou Ji
W10025   Research on RAIM Algorithm in Global Positioning System
         TENG Yun-long, SHI Yi-bing and GUO Cheng-jun
W10032   An intelligent illumination control system for image measurement
         Zhou hu and Yang Jianguo
W10035   A New Measurement Method and Apparatus for Measuring Duty Cycle of Air Brake compressor
         Wang Xuan-feng, Ying Guo-zeng, Wang Ming-yue and Liang Ying-chun
W20011   Performance Assessment of the Combustion Control Loop

                                                         - 18 -
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

         Junghui Chen, Yu-Hsiang Chang and Yi-Cheng Cheng
W20023   Improving the Accuracy of Robot-based Measuring System by Calibrating Robot and Robotic Hand-eye
         Aiguo Li, Wenbiao Wang and Xiang Wu
W30024   Affine transformation Geomagnetic-matching Localization based on Genetic-searching Strategy
         Yunxiao Lv,Zhaopeng Lv, Jiangfeng Luo, Meiping Wu and Xiaoping Hu
W30028   Fast initial alignment algorithms for SINS based on rate biased RLG
         on a stationary base
         Zhang Xiaoqiang, Wu Wenqi, Zhang Yan and Chu Minsheng
W30033   Oil-gas Well FBG High Pressure Sensors Testing Equipment Study
         Chen Hai-feng, Xiao Dian-shi, Chen Xu-hui, Cai Dao-gang, He Miao and Chen Hong-li
W30034   A Parallel Mechanism Based Vibration Isolation System Using Negative Stiffness
         Md. Emdadul Hoque, Takeshi Mizuno, Yuji Ishino, Masaya Takasaki
W30035   A Quantum-Particle Swarm Evolutionary Algorithm
         LI Shiyong and LI Hao
W40000   Design of SATA2.0 Data-Encryption/Decryption Device Controller
         Sang Xu, Yan Bo and Li Guangjun
W40001   Ant Colony Mining Algorithm and Its Appliances in Intrusion Detection Systems
         SUN Li-juan, GUO Jian, XIAO Fu and WANG Ru-chuan
W40014   Study on Parameter Design and Control Technology of Boost Converter with Power Factor Correction
         Shixiang Zhou
W40022   Methods of Improving Slew-Rate in Op Amps
         Yao Xu-Dong
W40031   An acceleration algorithm of ray tracing Oriented shared memory multi-core environment
         Zheng-Wu Yuan and Qing-Ping Mei
W40040   Linearly Constrained Constant Modulus Algorithm Based Blind
         Multi-user Detection for MC-DS-CDMA Uplink
         zhengqiang wang, Xin-e Li and Ling-yuan Li
W40033   The Comparison on Three Interpolation Methods for Precise Ephemeris of GPS Satellite
         Peng Liu, Kaidong Zhang, Meiping Wu and Qiuhui Yang
W40036   Fault Diagnosis of the Three-Tank System Based on Extended Probabilistic Neural Network
         Jifeng Zou, Qing Yang and Yingjun Song
W220     High Percision Adaptive Robust Control for Servo System with Uncertain Dead-Zone Nonlinearity
         Jian Guo, Yifei Wu, Bin Yao and Sun Ying

                        12:00 – 13:30                                  Lunch Break

                           Morning, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                          International Convention Centre (Rm 111)
                                        SESSION – ICCPM-2 (10)
                                             Session Chair:
                                          Time: 10:30 – 12:00
P10048   A Development of Practical Cost Control System for Small and Medium-sized Contractors
         V. Benjaoran, A. Kaewsikhoa and W. Tabyang
P10051   Comparative Research on the Current Situation of Technology Level in Domestic and Overseas Support
         Housing Construction Field
         Li Wei, Zhang Wei and Hu Jinhong
P10052   Construction of Curriculum and Teaching Reform
         Li wei, Jin Jinghui and Chen Lijuan
P10055   Stakeholders’ Harmonious Integration of Construction project Based on Game theory
         Ao Yi-bin and Wu Yong-xiang
P10056   Management Model of National Park in the Natural Heritage----The Case of Jiajin Mountains Giant Panda
         Ma Yuewei, Zhao Yongtao, Chen Fubin and Sun Yulian
P10057   Distress Analysis of Asphalt Pavements on a Steel Deck

                                                    - 19 -
                               2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

          Yi-Wei Weng, Jyh-Dong Lin, Wei-Hsing Huang and Ming-Chin Yeh
P10058    Environmental Life Cycle Analysis of Office Buildings in Canada
          Amin Ganjidoos, Sabah Alkass and Zhi Chen
P10065    Research and Evaluation on the Profit of Chinese Real Estate Companies
          Lizhi Deng, Wei Li and Ruixiang You
P10066    Estimating Carbon Emissions associated with Manufacture and Installation of HVAC Systems in Office
          Shuo Chen and Guomin Zhang
P10070    The Countermeasures for Sustainable Utilization of Urban Rain-Flood
          Jun Yan, Ju Zhang, Sainan Chen and Changyou Jiang

                           12:00 – 13:30                                    Lunch Break

                          Afternoon, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                     International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 204)
                                           SESSION – ICCEE-11 (30)
                                                Session Chair:
                                              Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X1076    Research and Implementation of WAP-based Interactive English Learning System
         Qingtang Liu, Yanhui Xie, Linjing Wu, Mei Liu and Panfeng Chen
X1078    An Improved Routing Algorithm Based On PROPHET
         Yayi Cheng and Yongsheng Sang
X1080    Design and Implementation of M-learning System based on Mobile Streaming Media
         Qingtang Liu, Xiaodong Ren, Linjing Wu and Shilin Duan
X1081    Modeling and Analyzing Exception Handling in Service-oriented Software
         Wu Qing and Ying Shi
X1084    A Design of Pedometer Based on the Internet of Things
         Chen Hongzhu and Sang Yongsheng
X1085    The Weapon Target Assignment Strategy Research on Genetic Algorithm
         YUAN Haiying, LEI Fei, GAO Xuejin and LI Haitao
X1101    A Fuzzy Cell-Head Controller for a Hybrid IPMAC Network Incorporating Wireless Sensor Networks
         Tarique Haider and Mariam Yusuf
X1104    A Novel PSR Enhancement Technique for Full on-Chip Low-Dropout Regulator
         Ling Ding, Shuying Zhang, Yang Liu, Yingying Yuan and Yuchun Chang
X1109    The Mechanism of Information Hiding and Securely Access on File View in Intranet
         Yong Ai, Yiwen Liang and Hongbin Dong
X1111    A Pseudo-Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter with a Phase-Locked Ramp Generator
         Ye Zhihao, Wu Xiaobo, Zhao Menglian, Sun Yueming and Yang Peng
X1112    Calculation of Electric Field Distribution along AC Transmission Lines Porcelain Insulators Based on Electric
         Field Symmetry Analysis
         Li Shiqiong and Wang Zezhong
X1115    A Multi-document Summarization Method Based on Frequent Itemset
         Fang DU and Yongsheng SANG
X1120    Self-adapting Lip Contour Detection Method based on Active Shape Model and Color Information
         Mao-yang Xu and Bo-chuan Zheng
X1121    A Fully Synthesizable Hybrid DPWM with Digital Delay Locked Loop
         Xuzhen Shen, Xiaobo Wu, Menglian Zhao and Lin Qin
X1127    GMF-ALF: A Development Framework for the Graphical Modeling Tool
         Yiwei Yin, Dou Sun, Yongwang Zhao and Dianfu Ma
X1129    Mobile Robots' Navigation Based on Spiking Neural Networks
         Xiuqing Wang, Feng Lv, Zeng-Guang Hou, Min Tan and Yongji Wang
X1134    Hybrid ADC based on Flash and Delay-line Structures
         Lin Qin, Menglian Zhao, Xiaobo Wu and Xuzhen Shen
X1140    SOC GPS Receiver Enhancement In Urban Canyon
         Rui Chen

                                                        - 20 -
                             2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X1142   Hydraulic Brake System Analysis Using Bench Experiments for Off-Road Vehicles
        Lin Muyi and Yao Guangwei
X1150   Application of Dynamic Infrared Temperature Measurement Technology in Electrical Equipment Condition
        GENG Jiang-hai and JIA Bo-yan
X1152   Preceding Vehicle Detection Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform
        Ting Wei and Mei Xie
        Sun Lijun
X1171   Research on Evaluation Method of Vehicle Head-Lamp Follow-Up Steering Control System Based on Virtual
        Pengchao Du, Wei Liu, Pengchao Du and Wei Liu
X1173   A Parallel Data Communication Interface for Multiple Modularized SCM Systems Embedded in Smart Car
        ZHANG Liang-Li
X1174   Adaptive Multiple Description Coding Scheme for AMR-WB in Converged IP Network
        Zhongbo Li, Yongqiang Xie and Jin Qi
X1175   Theoretical Analysis and Experiment on Dynamic Performance of Linear Servo System based on Pole
        PAN Chao,ZUO Jian-min, WANG Mu-lan and Li Ning
X1176   A Power Control Scheme for TDMA based Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
        Li Li and Shangqi Zou
X1181   A Study in Traffic Characteristic Analysis of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) in the
        Intra-Domain Network
        Puttinun Patpituck and Sanon Chimmanee
X1182   An Improved Texture Synthesis Algorithm Based on Line
        Pu Yuanyuan, Su Yi, Wei Xiaomin, Xu Dan and Wan Cuilan
X1183   Metrics and Classification of Software Reliability Model Based on Precision And Robustness
        Zhan-Wei HUI, Zhan-Wei HUI, Zhan-Wei HUI and Bin HU

                         16:00 – 16:10                                  Coffee Break
                                         SESSION – ICCEE-12 (28)
                                              Session Chair:
                                            Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X1184   An Investigation on Team Experiential Learning in Zhejiang Knowledge-based Enterprise
        Yuchun Xiao and Xiaoxia Xie
X1187   Interactive Real-time Fire Simulation
        Ming Duan and Zhong-kui Luo
X1200   A Study on the Relationship between Saturated ESDD and Atmospheric Pollution
        JIA Bo-yan, GAO Jun, LI Man and ZHANG Yan-jun
X1201   Improved Particle Swarm Optimization With Group Balance
        Zhen-yu Lei and Yu-ming Jiang
X1202   A Power Quality Evaluation Method Using Optimal Algorithm for Combining Subjective and Objective Weight
        Wei Chen, Jie Lin and Xiaohong Hao
X1205   Plane’s RMS Requirement Determination Simulation Based on HLA
        WANG Xiao, ZHAO Guangyan and SUN Yufeng
X1207   Research on Validity of Sampling Points in a Bridge Erecting Machine Safety Monitoring System using
        Variable Precision Rough Sets
        Na Chen, Shaopu Yang,Cunzhi Pan and Yunlong Tang
X1209   A Simplified Code-Aided Synchronizer Suitable for TDMA Signals
        Hua Peng, Jing Li and JunJie Wang
X1221   A Unified Approach for Sparse Reconstruction of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
        Yu Lu, Jianrong Bao and Bin Wang
X1223   Design and Dynamic Walking Control of Humanoid Robot SCUT-I

                                                     - 21 -
                              2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

        Bi Sheng, Min Huaqing, Wen Zhengdong, Chen Qiang and Li Chun
X1226   A Study in Internet and PACS Traffic Characteristics for Supporting Telemedicine over the Internet in Thailand
        Sanon Chimmanee and Puttinun Patpituck
X1229   Performance and Quality Analysis of Adaptive Beamforming Algorithms (LMS,CMA, RLS & CGM) for Smart
        Abdul Aziz, M.Ali Qureshi, M. Junaid Iqbal and S.Zeeshan A. Zaidi
X1231   Batch Import Datas to Water Resources Datasbase
        DAI Chang-lei, HAN Hong-jun and YE Yong
X1234   A Novel Anti-fuse Based on (Ba, Sr)TiO3(BST) and Pb(Zr, Ti)O3 (PZT) Thin Films
        TANG Qianying, YUAN Liu, HE Yafan, LI Ping, XIE Xiaodong and WANG Gang
X1236   A QoS Multicast Routing Algorithm with Multiple Constraints in Ad Hoc Based on EA and ACA
        KangShun Li, Chao Sun and Wensheng Zhang
X1239   A Velocity Measurement Principle Based on Scaling Parameter Estimation of Chaotic System
        Lidong Liu, Jinfeng Hu, Zishu He, Chunlin Han and Lei Chao
X1240   The Chaotic Interleaver Desgin for BICM-ID
        Zhang Lulu, Zhang Huaqing and Zhao Shuaijun
X1241   Improving Speech Intelligibility based on LP Coefficients Modification
        XiuYu Kuang and ZhiMing He
X1255   A Reusable Verification Platform of DMA Controllers with Hierarchical Division
        Te Zhang and Sujuan Liu
X1261   Regression based PACS Metric for Evaluating End-to-End QoS Capability over the Internet for Telemedicine
        Sanon Chimmanee
X1267   Model Resource Service Optimal-selection for HLA-Based Simulation in the Cloud Simulation Environment
        Z. H. Zhang
X1270   Chaotic Analysis of the Velocity Signal in Impinging Stream Mixer
        Jianwei Zhang and Yanfang Song
X1273   Universal Design Research of Concerning about the Details of Life Integrated Solution
        Yongxiang Liu and Shuisheng Teng
X1275   To Promote Universal Design in the “Low Carbon” Effect in Aging Society
        Yongxiang Liu and Jie Liu
X1279   Optimal Selection of Cutting Parameters by Genetic Algorithms
        Libao An, Lijia Feng, Chunguang Lu and Yu Hou
X1283   The Application of FastDOA in Ultrasonic Array Location of Partial Discharge
        Xie Qing, Li Ningyuan, Zhang Jiangxing, Lu Fangcheng, Zhang Liheng and Chen Liang
X1286   Large-scale Moving Objects Data Management and Analysis
        Rong Xie and Xin Luo
X1289   The Effects of Variable Traffic Load on Time-Delay to Support QoS for PACS Application
        Sanon Chimmanee and Puttinun Patpituck

                         Afternoon, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                    International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 109)
                                          SESSION – ICCEE-13 (29)
                                               Session Chair:
                                             Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X1298    Study on Modeling Methods of Fringing Electric Field Sensor
         Yunzhi Huang and Haoming Cui
X1320    A New Model for Medium and Long-term Economic Prediction--two-level and auto-regressive algorithm of
         GMDH based on Logistic model
         Hongmei Li, Panos Liatsis, Changzheng He and Xiaoyi Jiang
X1328    Real Value Time Series Prediction By CVNN And Fourier Transformed Data
         Reza Askari Moghadam, GholamHousein Mozdourani Shirazi and Ali Sohrabi
X1330    Efficient Split-Bregman Method of Levelset for Nerve Axon Segmentation
         Ximei Zhao, Zhenkuan Pan and Shixiu Zheng
X1331    Research and Implement on Separation of Subchip Multipath Components for RSSI-based Location

                                                        - 22 -
                           2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

        Jufeng Luo, Yaoxian Fu, Xiaobing Yuan and Yingguan Wang
X1333   An Anti-jamming framework for Spread Spectrum Communication System Based on Independent
        Component Analysis
        Miao Yu, Mingyue Wang and Shengyong Guan
X1334   A Chinese Character for License Plates Recognition Algorithm Based on SOFM Neural Networks and
        Invariant Features
        Yang Na, Chen Houjin, Hao Xiaoli, Li Zhilin and Yang Na
X1336   Three-dimensional Shape and Color Texture Acquisition Technique with a Single Monochrome Camera
        Zhongwei Li, Kai Zhong, Yusheng Shi, Congjun Wang and Lichao Zhang
X1337   An Improved Fuzzy Morphological Edge Detection Algorithm
        Wang Hailan and Fan Shaosheng
X1351   Real-time Dynamic Simulation of Large-scale Vegetation in a Wind Field
        Yali Yu, Guofang Ding, Leiting Chen and Jianzhong Zhang
X1354   Using a Model Checker for the Analysis of Systems Dependent on Execution Speed
        Takahisa MIZUNO, Shin-ya NISHIZAKI and Kazunori NOMURA
X1355   Study of CA Code Acquisition Technique for Weak GPS Signal
        GUO Lichao, LIAN Baowang and MA Zhaoxia
X1359   Automatic Construction of English-Chinese Parallel Term Database
        Dongbo Wang and Ying Jiang
X1364   An Improved Fast Transient Response Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Buffer Impedance Attenuation
        Peng zhenyu, Lv Changzhi and She Shuojie
X1369   Paramrter Identification for A Class of New Delayed Chaotic Systems
        Junqun Xu and Lili Deng
X1371   Design and Realization of a High Precision Absolute Positioning Sensor
        Xiao-hui Li, Yun Cheng and Song Xue
X1382   Soil Apparent Electrical Conductivity Measurement using Virtual Instrumentation
        Babankumar S. Bansod, D H B Sashank, Ritula Thakur and O.P.Pandey
X1469   An application of fuzzy C-means based clustering technique in smart farming
        Babankumar S. Bansod and O.P.Pandey
X1389   Mining Association Classification Rules Based on Frequent Pattern List
        Qin Li and Sheng Chang
        Majid Joudaki, Mehdi Imani and Niloofar Mazhari
X1397   Speech-Driven Lip Animation Method Based on HTK
        Chunmei Gao, Bochuan Zheng and Yu Zhang
X1398   An Effective Nonparametric Clustering Algorithm Based on Statistical Features of Neighborhood
        Xi Peng, Zhang Yi and Dongchen Wei
X1399   A Modified Complement Naive Bayes for ChineseWeb Page Classification
        Xu Xiaowei and Mingying Luo
X1400   A Fast Mosaic Method for UAV Sequence Images
        Guangyuan Zhang, Wei Liu, Huai Yuan and Yuhui Liu
X1401   Semantic Integration for Multi-Source Geo-Data based on Ontology ——A Case of Integration of Chart and
        WEN Min, TANG Xin-ming, SHI Shao-yu, WEN Jian-qiang and YAN Hao-wen
X1406   Feature Selection Method Based on Adaptive Relief Algorithm
        Fan Wenbing, Wang Quanquan and Zhu Hui
X1408   Euler-Maruyama Method for Stochastic Differential Equations of Duffing Oscillator
        Rui GuoSheng, Zhang Song and Zhang Yang
X1412   Color Image Enhancement Based on Luminance Component
        Jin-yuan Xiang and Wu-jin Li
X1422   The Optimization of Gray Model Applied to Super Short-term Load Forecasting
        Jiaxing Zhai, Shaotao Dai and Liye Xiao

                       16:00 – 16:10                                  Coffee Break

                                                   - 23 -
                          2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

                                     SESSION – ICCEE-14 (28)
                                          Session Chair:
                                        Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X1423   A Novel Intelligent Vehicle Sequencing Approach with Vehicle Infrastructure Integration for a
        Multi-Intersection Network
        Fei Yan, Mahjoub Dridi and Abdellah El Moudni
X1433   A Calibration Technique for the Field-Programmable Analog Array
        LIU Zhi, YU Hong-bo, GUAN Jia-jia and LIU You-bao
X1439   Servo Tracking System Controller Design based on Robust Control Theory
        Miao Li and Huibin Gao
X1462   The Research of Transplant and Application of Embedded Operating System μC/OS-II on C51 kernel
        Liangguang Li, Cong Wang, Shenliang Wang and Qinglin Qu
X1471   A Two-hierarchy Classification Method for Indoor Location Based on KNN and SVM
        DENG Zhong-liang, ZHU Yu-jia, LIU Wen-long, XU Lian-ming and LIU Wen
X1473   A two-hierarchy classification method for indoor location Based on KNN and SVM
        DENG Zhong-liang, ZHU Yu-jia, LIU Wen-long, XU Lian-ming and LIU Wen
X1474   A Black Box Testing Technology Based on QEMU
        Jianping Cai and Lixuan Cao
X1483   Scheduling Technology Research for Clustered VLIW Architecture1
        Yang Xu, Tang Zhizhong, Guo Deyuan and He Hu
X1489   Real-time Simulation of Solid Fracture in Large-scale Scenes
        Rong Li, Yali Yu, Leiting Chen, Jinzhong Cui and Fan Chen
X1492   A Lemma on K-random Extension
        NingNing Peng, Takeshi Yamazaki, Kazuyuki Tanaka and ChenGuang Liu
X1494   Implement of time division multiplexing high speed programmable Viterbi decoder IP core
        Wu Lan and Chen Qiliang
X1500   Equipment Accident Management Information System Based on Maintenance Decisions
        Jiande Wu , Hua Wang, Yugang Fan, Xiaodong Wang and Jian An
X1504   Web Databases Sampling Approach Based on Valid Probability of Query Attributes
        Tian Jian-Wei and Yang Xu
X1511   Signal Sparse Decomposition Based on MPI Parallel Computing
        Hao Liu and Hui Yang
X1512   Query Expansion Using Semantic Pruning in Language Model for Information Retrieval
        WeiTu, Lixin Gan, Xiaoqiang Hu and Xuemei Zhou
X1514   Direct Torque Control of a SPM-Synchronous Motor Drive Using an Adaptive Stator Flux Observer with
        Resistance Estimation
        Wenchao Cao, Anwen Shen, Haitao Qin and Wenyu Wang
X1516   A Solution to Campus Security based on ZigBee and Internet of Things Technology
        Yujie Wang and Yongsheng Sang
X1517   Index Loss Analysis of YBCO Coated-conductor Coils by Means of Simulation
        Xiu Li, Yinshun Wang, Yangrui Zhang, Juan Zhao and Yibo Zheng
X1519   An step-by-step Increment Algorithm for SC-FDMA Systems
        Yi-bing Li, Xu Zhang and Fang Ye
X1521   Load-Adaptive Counting Bloom Filter for Approximate Per-Flow Traffic Measurement
        Qingshan Huang, Jin Zhang and Xiaoming Gu
X1526   Pondering on Power System Security Assessment with Extreme Icing Weather
        Hengxu Zhang and Yutian Liu
X1529   Classifier Design Method towards Bayes Approach
        Qi Wang,Hongke Xu, Shuying Li and Shanshan Li
X1530   Dual Cubature Kalman Filter for Speech Enhancement
        Xianfeng Tang, Binlglei Guan and Quanbo Ge
X1537   Image denoising method of sonar image based on Surfacelet transform with self-adaptive threshold
        Fu Qiang and Li Yibing
X1542   Study of Harmonic Distribution Characteristics of a New MIDC Transmission System
        Jinhui Zeng, Longfu Luo, Jiazhu Xu, Jianying Li, Xiaohu Zhang and Yong Li
X1547   Active Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks

                                                  - 24 -
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

        Hongxing Xia, Guoping Zhang, Jing Ge and Yong Du
X1548   Research of Writer Identification Method Based on Information Fusion
        Qianqian CHEN, Jianbin ZHENG and Enqi ZHAN

                       Afternoon, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                  International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 111)
                                       SESSION – ICCEE-15 (30)
                                            Session Chair:
                                          Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X1562   Intelligent Digital Redesign Of Fuzzy Controller for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based On T-S Model
        Xu Fei and Liu Ming-Yong
X1565   Research on the different protection and restoration mechanism of ASON
        Qi Zhang and Lin Xu
X1566   IP Storage Network Performance Simulation based on 10GbE
        Yang Jian-jun and Zhang Yi-qian
X1573   Photovoltaic Powered Water Pump System for Long Tailed Boat in Thailand using DC-DC Boost Charger
        Chamnan Ratsame, Pratheep Tuptone, Tanes Tanitteerapan and Sirichai Thepa
X1576   Real-Time Stereo Vision Based Fingertip Detection and Tracking
        Xia Yuan and Qunsheng Peng
X1579   A Generalized Computation Model for Plane Normal Recovery by Searching on Gaussian Hemisphere
        Zhaozheng Hu and Takashi Matsuyama
X1584   Research on PID Controller Based on Two Weighted Neural Networks
        Yong Du and Jianying Wu
X1586   Reconstruction of Panoramic Image through Fusion of Sequential Lateral Multi-Lens Logging Images
        Hongtao Hu, Xia LinZ and houli Li
X1588   Distributed Compressed Wide-Band Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio by Exploiting Sparsity Reduction
        Yang Lu, Wenbin Guo, Xing Zhang and Wenbo Wang
X1591   Application of Inductive Filtering Technology in Industrial Rectifier Power System
        Shao Peng-fei, Luo Long-fu and Li Yong
X1596   Chinese Intonation Classification Using Support Vector Machines
        Jingyang XU, Dengfeng KE and Lei JIA
X1597   Remarks on fractional variational principle
        Weiping Zhong and Xiaoming Shen
X1599   Optimization of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Time in Cognitive Radio Networks
        Peng Luo, Wenbin Guo, Xing Zhang and Wenbo Wang
X1600   Analysis of Accelerated aging Vegetable Oil and Mineral Oil in Distributional Transformers
        Jung-Sik An, Chung-Ho Hwang, Jung-Il Jeong, Chang-Su Huh and Ki-Taek Lee
X1602   An Improved Genetic Algorithm For Grid Task Scheduling
        SHI Dongxu and JIANG Yuming
X1603   Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification using Beat-by-Beat Autoregressive Modeling
        Chusak Thanawattano and Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk
X1611   Design and Realization of Assessment Software for DC-bias of Transformers
        Chang Liu, Lianguang Liu and Zhongchen Yuan
X1612   Design and Implementation of the Demo of Radio Spectrum Map (DRSMap)
        Zhi Yan, Long Qian, Xing Zhang, Wenbin Guo and Wenbo Wang
X1613   An      Efficiency    Improvement for Photovoltaic Power System with Maximum Power Point
        Tracking Using        Boost Converter
        Chamnan. Ratsame, Tanesu Tanitteeapan and Sirichai. Thepa
X1616   The Study on Rectifier Circuit of Indirect Matrix Converter Based on DSP and CPLD
         Yang Mei, Chunlai Guo and Zhengxi Li
X1623   A Multilingual Information Extraction Framework for Digital Library
        Wenhao Zhu, Li Fu and Bofeng Zhang
X1627   Variable Soft Incremental Conductance MPPT Method
        Hamid Reza Rahnamaee and Saad Mekhilef
X1632   A fast first-order Continuation total variation algorithm for image denoising

                                                     - 25 -
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

         Dongfang Chen and Ningtao Zhang
X1636    Using Learning Styles to Personalize Web-based Learning System
         Yuewu Dong and Jiangtao Li
X1639    Local Fractional Fourier’s Transform Based on the Local Fractional Calculus
         Weiping Zhong, Xiaoming Shen and Feng Gao
X1649    Multi-Sensor Information Fusion Based on LLSSVM Used in Aerial Vehicle Height Measurement
         Ting Feng, Jiande Wu, Yugang Fan, Jing Li and Degang Huang
X1654    Automatic Object Recognition using Combinational Neural Networks in Surveillance Networks
         Priyanka Mekala, Senor Zafer Erdogan and Jeffrey Fan
X1665    Modeling of Dynamic Placement Problem of Task by a Multi Agent Systems
         Marzougui Borhen, Zeineb Abderrahim, Khaled Hassine, Moez Bousaada
X1666    Using A New Novel Algorithm with Hysteresis Current Control in Hybrid Active Power Filter to Eliminate
         Source Current Harmonic
         Mahdi Faiazy,Hossein Ghadimi,Mahdi Ebtehaj and Rasoul Kazempoor
X1672    On the Security of an Identity Based Broadcast Encryption Scheme
         Xi Zhang and Ling Yang

                        16:00 – 16:10                                  Coffee Break

                                        SESSION – ICCEE-16(28)
                                             Session Chair:
                                          Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X1673    The Global Path Optimization of Spray Painting Robot for Complex Curved Surface
         Yong ZENG and Jun GONG
X1676    Enhancing Consumption Experience using RFID Technology
         Chengliang WANG, Yi SHAO and Yin PU
X1684    Formalizing of Time for Analysing Denial-of-service Attacks
         Shin-ya NISHIZAKI and Ritsuya IKEDA
X1692    Development of a Video Communication System For Managing Ambulance
         Haibin Du, Huixiong Zhang, Guohui Lin, Qian Bai and Haijin zhang
X1693    Relationship of Mean Protein Sequence Entropy with Whole genome ORF prediction Accuracy for Bacteria
         Shijie Li and Huixiong Zhang
X1698    An Innovation Framework for Enabling Trusted Virtual Enterprise Collaboration
         Zahid Iqbal, Josef Noll and Sarfraz Alam
X1699    Analysis of Disable Nodes Impacting on Decentralized Slot Synchronization for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
         Qi Yang and Biyu Tang
X1717    Measuring End-User Perceived Visual Quality with Network QoS Metrics in IPTV Multicast Service
         Kyung-Su Kim, Hyun-Ho Jeong and Tae Geun Kim
X1722    The Test Data Selection Method for Black-box Component Based on Contract
         Ying Jiang, Lin Jin, Xiao-Dong Fu and Yu-Ping Liu
X1728    Detecting Malicious IRC Bots in ISP Backbone Network
         Seokwoo Choi, Choonho Son, Kyung-Su Kim and Jae-hyoung Yoo
X1730    Efficient Table-Based Routing for On-Chip Networks with Faulty Components
         Ming-Hung Bai and Hsin-Chou Chi
X1731    Hardware Implementation of A New CNC Motion Controller
         Vahid M.Naeim and M.B. Ghaznavi-Ghoushchi
X1741    H∞ robust controller design based on feedback linearization
         Li Yang, Jinxue Sui, Xin Zhang and Zhilin Zhu
X10005   Automated Detection and Classification of Smokes Using Electronic Nose and Artificial Neural Network
         K.Rajeswari, Dr.V.Vaithiyanathan and N.Vivekanandan
X10053   Estimation of Temperature Rise in Stator Winding and Rotor Magnet of PMSM Based on EKF
         Xiaoliang Jiang , Zhongying Zhang , Pindong Sun and Z.Q. Zhu
         Chandan Kumar
X10073   Ecological Scheduling Decision Support System Based on RIA and Cloud Computing on the YaLong River

                                                    - 26 -
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

         Cascade Project
         Xu Gang, Li Shao-Cai and Sun Hai-Long
X10079   Design and Test of a Pulsed Magnetic Field Sensor
         Wang Zhen, Mi Dong,Xu Zhangsui and Liu Meiquan
X10083   Multi-sensor Data Acquisition of Machine Vision in Agricultural Application
         Wang Jian, Li Shuoguo and Liu Jianbing
X10108   Planning for Imaging Reconnaissance Tasks Based on Capacity-reserved Mechanism
         LI Jian-Jun, GUO Hao and ZHU Jiang-Han,
X10110   A modified fisher discriminant analysis algorithm for fault diagnose of TE process
         Xiaoqiang Zhao, Shiyuan Li and Ying Wang
X10111   Simulation of Sea Clutter Characters in the Different Duct Environment
         Zhao Yaming and Zhang Yonggang
X10112   Image segmentation algorithm research based on partial differential equation
         Lv fang and Zhang Song-yu
X10118   The Application of Support Vector Machine in Fault Diagnostic of Power Transformer
         Weizheng Zhang, Limin Du, Shi Kuang and Lanjun Yang
X10120   Call Quality and its Parameters Measurement in Telecommunication Network
         Akram Aburas
X10123   Exploiting a Dynamic Binary Translation-based Processor Design Framework to Implement a Java Processor
         Hai-chen Wang and Xiang-Mo Zhao and Hai-Sheng Wang
X10129   An Application System Integrating Active RFID with Kinds of Pressure Sensors
         Dequan Liu, Xiping Zhang, Long Hao and Zehua Gao
X10131   Traction Control for a Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV)
         Woo-Joo Yang and Young-Bae Kim

                        Afternoon, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                   International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 104)
                                        SESSION – ICCEE-17 (30)
                                             Session Chair:
                                           Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X10143   Risk Assessment of Cascading Failures in Power System Based on Bayesian Networks and Fuzzy Reasoning
         Wang Yingying and Luo Yee
X10146   Design of Three-Phase Power[7]Measuring System Based on 71M6513
         Duan Zhengang, Xu fei, Lian Xiaoqin and Zhang Xiaoli
X10148   Defect Circle Measurement Based on Twice Hough Transform
         Zemin Wang, Nisheng Chu, Junchai Gao, Zhiyong Lei and Xiaona Ding
X10149   The Power Quality Monitoring System Based on Virtual Instrument and Configuration Software
         Ou Yang-hua and Wu Zheng-guo
X10152   Performance Analysis of VoIP Codecs over BE WiMAX Network
         Muhammad Imran Tariq, Muhammad Ajmal Azad, Razvan Beuran and Yoichi Shinoda
X10155   Wavelet algorithm analysis and application in three-dimensional transient eddy current
         GuiLin Lu, YuePing Cao, ShaoHong Wang and HaiYuan Xie
X10157   Dependence of IGBT Junction-Case Steady State Thermal Resistance on Heating Current
         Ming Chen, Yong Tang and Bo Wang
X10161   A Detection Method Based on Geometric Algebra and the Application in Compensation of Reactive Power
         Can GE and Guishu LIANG
X10170   Research on Energy-Saving Mode for College Campus Buildings Based on Wireless Network
         ZHU Xue-li, ZHU Shu-xian, WANG Bang-fu and GUO Sheng-hui
X10172   The Impact of Varying Memory Region Numbers and Nesting on RTSJ Execution Time
X10176   The Virtual Link Selection Model of P2P Network Based on QoS
         GAO Xiaoyan
X10184   A Practical Digital Simulation Model for Current Transformer
         Jia Wenchao and Jiao Yanjun
X10187   Adaptive Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion Control using RBF Neural Network

                                                     - 27 -
                             2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

         Ma Jian-wei, Xuan Hui-ping and Jia Xiao-hong
X10189   The Influence of Rotor Sleeve to PM motor Performance
         MEI Kang-yuan and LUO Ling
X10193   Impact of long duration planned outages on paper mills: A comparative study of three paper mills
         Harjit Singh Mangat and Dr. Harpuneet Singh
X10200   CFS Optimization Based on Thermal-aware Scheduling
         Cheng Ke-fei, Jia Ru and Yu Bi-bo
         R.S.K. Selvakumar, K.H. Ghazali and N.M.K. Nik Yusoff
         Wang Lu, Han Jie, Sun Wei and Pan Sheng
X10205   The Design and Implementation of the 64-bit Pseudo-Ling Adder
         Ma Anguo, Cheng Yu, Chen Jianmei and Xing Zuocheng
X20013   Seismic Analysis for the Suspended Converter Valve Tower of the UHV
         Q.G .Sun, X.F. Wu, J.J. Di and Y.C. Zhou
X20014   Opposition-Based Stud Genetic Algorithm with adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system for prediction
         of surface roughness
         Minggang DONG, Qinzhou NIU and Xiaohui CHENG
X20023   Similarity Measures for Short Segments of Text
         Lv Qiang, Deng Wei, Song Ling and Song Ling
X20034   Research on the Strategy Management of Business Crisis
         ChengChunmei, Yang Xiaoyun, Liu Weijun
X20035   Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based On Von Neumann Topology Structure
         Wenping Zou, Yunlong Zhu, Hanning Chen and Hai Shen
X20040   Research of the Influence to the Protection from Electric Locomotive Harmonics based on RTDS
         Jiang Da-Peng, Xu Yong-Hai, Xia Rui-Hua and Yu Yi-Lin
X20043   WSN Data Collection Algorithm Based on Cross-Layer Design
         Wei Tian and Zhen Yang
X20049   Estimate Method for Ship Deformations under Wave Loads
         Aili LIU and Liangjie CAO
X20058   The hybrid search model based on index and broadcast in DHT
         YingGao and Jiang Zhan
X20059   Research on the Recommendation System in a Pure P2P Environment
         YingGao and Jiang Zhan
X20070   Research on Security Vulnerability of Chip
         Zhifeng Chen,Qingbao Li and Zhou Li

                         16:00 – 16:10                                   Coffee Break

                                         SESSION – ICCEE-18(28)
                                              Session Chair:
                                           Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X20077   Cascaded Multi-Level Multi-phase Inverter: An Effective Tool for High Voltage and High Power Applications
         H.Hakimollahi, S.H. Fathi, J.S.Moghani and B.Vahidi
X20078   A novel rotating magnetic guidance method for measurement while drilling
         Zong Yanbo, Zhang Jun, Shi Xiaofeng and Tian Yu
X20084   Research of Grain Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System
         Hu Hui, Li Yezi and Sun Jinhao
X20085   A Password-based Encryption Scheme with Symmetric Key Cryptography
         Bingjie Huang and Tianjie Cao
X20094   Distribution Network Reconfiguration Based On Improved Differential Evolution
         Tian Youwen, Feng Li, Guo Lijie and Sun Xiaojie
X20095   Moving-Target Detection Based on Space-Time-Frequency Signal Processing for SAR System
         Huang Yao
X20098   An Improved Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimizer Algorithm

                                                      - 28 -
                             2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

         WANG Xi-zhen, LI Yan and CHEN Gang-hu
X20101   Numerical Simulation Analysis of Electro-hydrodynamic in Discharge Space
         LI Qing, LI Haifeng, SUN Xiaorong and WANG Jiguang
X20108   Application of the Fuzzy Algorithm in Cement Waste Heat Power Generation Air Quench Cooler
         Shaohong Jing, Nanzhi Jiang and Qingjin Meng
X20109   Optimization of saturated Formic Acid Pretreatment of Wheat Straw for Production of Fermentable Sugars
         Junping zhuang, Lu Lin, Sun yong and Chunsheng Pang
X20113   A Simulation Model of Solar Array Based on Newton Iteration Method
         Xiaolei WANG , Liang YANG and Pan YAN
X20114   Unmanned Submarine Navigation with Optimal Organization
         WAN Junshe and YOU Linru
X20115   Study of Voltage Level Sequence of Distribution Network in Zhengzhou New district
         Qianye Zhang
X20117   Signal Processing of Altered Wavelet Transform Based on Fractional Lower Order Statistics
         XU Qin and ZHA Dai-feng
         Baodong Bai and Xiaoming Yin
X20121   Structural Design and Electromagnetic Field Analysis of in a Coupled Permanent Magnet Linear Generator
         for Sea Wave Energy Extraction Applications
         Baodong Bai, Shihai Guan and Jin Lu
X20129   On the Convergence Analysis of the Fast Linearized Bregman Iteration Algorithm
         Huiyan Liu and Hui Zhang
X20133   Fuzzy PID controller combines with closed-loop optimal fuzzy reasoning for pitch control system
         Li Yezi, Xiao Cheng and Sun Jinhao
X20142   Principle of Recovery Inrush in Operating Transformer and Its Influence on Relay Protection
         LI Lixin and HE Xun
X20151   Mechanical Design and Dynamics Simulation of De-icing Robot for Power Transmission Lines
         Zhang Yi, Shao Wei, Zhu Da-ling, Zhu Xian-feng, Zhou Sheng-quan and Ai Fu-zhou
X20152   Analysis of Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Sliding Spool Valve by Simulations and Experiments
         Rong Wu, Wenxiang Lin and Wen Tang
X20153   On Optimization Principles of Power Systems with Distributed Generation
         Caihong Chen and Yongqiang Zhu
X20155   Radiation Hardened Asynchronous 4Kb SRAM Based on 0.35μm PDSOI Process
         Chengmin Xie, Zhongfang Wang, Xihu Wang, Longsheng Wu and Youbao Liu
X20162   Simulation method for PCB radiated emission based on combination of electromagnetic theory and circuit
         Fangming Wang, Donglin Su, Mingmin Zhao and Yan Liu
X20165   Design and Simulation of Inertial Matching Method for Estimation of Ship Deformations
         Aili LIU and Liangjie CAO
X20167   Design and Experiment on Supercapacitor Charging Current Loop
         Xinmin Zhou, Mingwang Dong and Dongxiang Zhou
X20168   Study on Energy Saving Technique and System simulation of Port Belt Conveyor
         Xinmin Zhou, Dandan Li and Mingwang Dong
X20170   Development of a Digitized Medium Frequency Electronic Therapeutic Instrument
         Jianshe Jin, Chengke Sun,Yonghui Wang and Jing Jin

                        Afternoon, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                   International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 201)
                                        SESSION – ICCEE-19 (29)
                                             Session Chair:
                                           Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X20175   Research on DSP Environmental Noise Monitoring System Based on Wireless Communication Technology
         Wen Wu, He Dehua and Cao Zhong
X20184   Global Asymptotic Stabilization of an Underactuated Surface Vessel
         Zeng Bo-Wen, Zhu Qi-Dan and Yu Rui-Ting

                                                      - 29 -
                             2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X20185   Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for an Unmanned Mini Vehicle
         Jia-peng Wang, He-ming Jia and Xiang-lian Meng
X20186   NN-Sliding Mode Control for Picking Manipulators
         Gang Zheng, Wen-long Song and He-ming Jia
X20193   Design of System for Distributed and Network Solar Power
         Dingjin Huang,Yunzhou Zhu and Yanwu Ma
X20196   Kinematics Simulation and Control System Design of Serial Robot Based on ADAMS and Pro/E
         Hongmei Fan
X20200   A Finite Element Analysis of the Rectangle Spline Broach
         Guangguo Zhang, Jing Sheng and Feng Wang
X20208   Conduction Uniformity Improvement of ESD Protection Device in 0.35 μm Partially-Depleted SOI Salicided
         CMOS Technology
         Zhongfang Wang, Chengmin Xie, Lihong Yang, Longsheng Wu and Youbao Liu
X20212   Optimize Preview Model Parameters Evaluation of RANSAC
         Jun Zhou, Lei-Ting Chen, Qi-He Liu, Yan-Mei Li and Yun-Bo Rao
X20216   A Design of Human-Robot Interaction Embedded System Based on Image Analysis
         Haifeng Wang, Jiyong Xv, Guanghe Cheng, Huijuan Hao and Maoli Wang
X20222   A New Ranking Algorithm Applied on Question Answer System
         Li Shao-Hua, Feng Jing-Ying, Wang Ya-Xuan and Yang Chen
X20224   An Opportunity Networks Routing Algorithm Based On Social
         Jin-feng Zheng
X20234   The Application of PSR Model in Coal Construction Project on Ecological Environment Recovery
         Xiao Bo shi and Ke Lin wang
X20235   Research on the Evolution Path of Sustainable Development System for Coal Construction Project
         Xiaobo Shi, Zhenhua Zhu and Wenqian Gong
X20236   A Study on the Sustainable Development in the Coalmine Construction Project based on Order Parameter
         XiaoboShi and XiaofeiQu
X20237   The Whole Process Life Cycle Assessment for Coal Construction Project
         Xiaobo Shi, Wenqian Gong and Wenxia Zhang
X20238   Effect on Current Differential Protection Caused by Current Transformer Transient Performance
         Jia Wenchao
X20246   Use of Genetic-algorithm-optimized Back Propagation neural network and ordinary kriging for predicting the
         spatial distribution of groundwater quality parameter
         Jian Li ,Zheng Zhang, Shuchun Liu, Xiumei Zhang and Yu Feng
X20252   Static and dynamic response contrast simulation of long-span beam bridge subjected to flowing ice
         Zhiping Bai, Xiedong Zhang and Chenglin Han
X20253   P Systems Solving the Discrete Logarithm Problem in Polynomial Time
         Lv Jun and Ma Xiaojing
         FIELD BUS
         Zhou Jian and Wang Zhaowei
         XiaoHong Ren
X20257   Automatic Classification of Chestnuts Based on Decision Fusion
         Jiang Yan-jun
X20261   The Study of Comparative Equalization Performance of adaptive algorithms of CMA and LMS algorithm in
         Optical Fiber Communication
         Yuzai Zhong and Bo Xu
X20276   Design of an Adaptive Terminal Dynamic Sliding Mode Controller for Anti-ship Missiles
         He Peng-cheng, Jia Lin-sheng, Wang Yu-lin and Zhang Wen-guang
X20277   A Hybrid Particle Swarm Algorithm Based on Adaptive Local Search
         Xiao Li, Bao Jun-Jie and Wang Yong
X20278   A High-Order Sigma–Delta Modulator Design Methodology For ADC
         Chuan-yun Xiang, Shu-lin Tian, Zhao-xuan Zhu, Peng Ye and Hui-qin Pan
X20279   Research of A Web Service Security Architecture
         WANG Mingfei

                                                      - 30 -
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X20280   Development and Application of Engine Product Data Platform Based on CAE
         YE Nian-ye, NI Ji-min, ZHOU Tong, SHI Xiu-yong and YANG Yong-zhong

                       16:00 - 16:10                                    Coffee Break

                                        SESSION – ICCEE-20(28)
                                             Session Chair:
                                          Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X30004   A security model CCSM in an environment of Cloud Computing
         He Shan and Lin Guoyuan
X30022   A New Image Feature Matching Method Based on Wavelet-Structure Moment Invariants
         Qifeng Qi, Liling Yang and Yueming Hu
X30051   Behavioral Modeling the Power Amplifier with Memory Effect Using the NARMA model
         Jiajia Song, Yuelin MA and Lili Guo
X30065   An Improved Adaptive Median Filter for Image Denoising
         Chun-mei WANG and Tian-yi LI
X30076   Distributed Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
         Zeng Qing-Hua,Zhang YingHui and Li Dan
X30083   Study on Position Determination and Monitoring System for Pipeline Security Based on Stress Wave
         Detection Technique
         Zhang Jie, Cui Ruixue and Li Yingchun
X30100   Study on Application of Fuzzy Control for Energy-Saving Starting of the Wound Rotor Asynchronous Motor
         Xu Qiang, He Chun-han, Ren Kai-chun, Wang Yong-li and Wang Zheng-yin
X30109   Study and Implementation of a Chinese Text Matching System based on MySQL Engines
         CAO Yahui, SU Houqin and CHENG Changsheng
X30110   Sinusoidal TCP Congestion Control Algorithm Design and Verification
         Lianning Li and Yanni Du
X30113   Research and Development of HVDC Remote Control Interface
         Zhang Zi-biao, Liu Guo-ling and Geng Zhan-xiao
X30132   Damping Force analysis of Magnetorheological (MR) dampers
         Haijun Xing and Shaopu Yang
X30143   A Novel Calibraion Method of 2D Laser Range Finder and CCD Camera
         YANG Heng and LIU Xiao-lin
X30144   The Optimal Design Research of Threshold in Fuzzy Controller Application
         He Chun-han, Ren Kai-chun, Wang Yong-li, Wang Zheng-yin and Zhang Xing-qi
X30158   Bi-level Programming Model of Location of Railway Strategic Unloading Station
         Jia Xiao-yan
X30161   A Model of Collaborative Intrusion Detection and Response System based on Multi-agent
         Zhang Ran
X30165   The Research on Flatness Pattern Recognition Based On Improved Direct GA-BP Neural Network
         FENG Xiao-hua, LI Jing and YANG Cong-kun
X30171   The Morphing Mechanism Design Applying Computer Simulation Technique for Folding Wing Aircraft
         Wei ZHANG, HanJie JIANG, Din JIN and Zhi MA
X30180   Image Segmentation Using Snake Model With Quadtree
         Xuefeng Zhao, Ying Yin and Guofu Yin
X30194   Study on Trafficability of SL1400-Beach Vehicle
         Huang Wenshun, Ge Xiaohong and Huang Hongwu
X30196   The Structural Characterization of Larch Bark Bio-oil Phenolic Resin Adhesives
         Xueyong Ren,Wenchang He,Wenliang Wang and Jianmin Chang
X30198   Exergy analysis of energy resources utilization for thermal power plants
         An Lian-suo and Shi Hai-lin
X30199   An Adaptive Feedback Interference Cancellation Algorithm for Digital On-channel Repeaters in DTTB
         Chang Liu, Wei Xia, Zishu He, Rui Qian and Jianlin Zhou
X30201   Application and research of Schneider Electric platform applied to Zhu Jiang Yuan Center for Performing

                                                     - 31 -
                             2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

         Xiaolin Feng, Haijie Mao, and Hui Chen and Ruozhu Chen
X30203   Research on Optimization of Trajectory Planning for Ultrasonic Inspection
         Hui-feng ZHENG, QingHua Meng,Xiao-jun ZHOU and Yang ZHANG
X30204   Design of Intelligent Lighting ControllerBased on ARM
         MA Zhan-aoSU and N Li-chao
X30207   Research on the Detection Technique of Bootkit
         Yu Zhu, Shengli Liu, Honghu Lu and Wenbin Tang
X30233   tissue mimicking phantoms DESIGN AND properties measuring for microwave induced thermoacoustic
         Xiao Yin, Chen Guoping, Zhao Zhiqin and Nie Zaiping
X30259   The Comparative Study of Customer Satisfaction in Internet Banking Information Security Products Based on
         the Quality of Service
         Xing Qiu-dan, Lei Ting and Li Yunfei

                        Afternoon, November 18, 2010 (Thursday)
                   International Convention Centre of UESTC (Rm 205)
                                        SESSION – ICCEE-21 (30)
                                             Session Chair:
                                           Time: 13:30 – 16:00
X30264   A Finitely Concentrated and Distributed Framework for Space Resource Cooperative Task Planning Problem
         LI Jian-Jun, GUO Hao, ZHANG Li-Ning and ZHU Jiang-Han
X40010   A Secure Identity-based Authenticated Group Key Agreement Scheme
         DongPing Wei
X40011   Research and Practice on the Personnel Training Mode of “Post Module Credit System”
         YUE Guoying, SENG Dewen, LIANG Xi, ZHANG Haibo and SHEN Anqu
X40014   A Self-adaptive Enhancement Algorithm for Infrared Image
         WANG Di, FENG Ziliang, LIU Jia and FENG Shicai
X40016   Report on Unban Traffic Information Integration Based on 3G/Web Services Technology
         YIN Chuan, LI Yue and XIAO Yao
X40024   Network-based Monitoring System of Local Ventilators of Coal Mine Underground
         Xiaoming Li and Haiyan Cao
X40032   Formal Detection Method for Hardware Vulnerabilities and Trojan of Embedded Devices
         XieXiaodong, Li Qingbao and NiuXiaopeng
X40033   Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Aircraft Electro--hydraulic Servo Mechanism
         Fei Cao, Xiaogang Ni, Yunfeng Liu and Hai Cao
X40037   Human Face Detection under Nonuniform Illumination Condition
         XIE Jian and YI Ya-xing
X40057   Soft BCC-ideals and Idealistic Soft BCC-algebras
         Peng Jiayin
X40058   Soft Intuitionistic Fuzzy Relations
         Peng Jiayin
X40070   Design of a Low Power Switched Reluctance Drive based on IR2113
         Xue Li, Yan Cai and Yanbin Wen
X40080   Analysis of Energy loss in RC Charging Circuit
         Yao Xu-Dong
X40085   The Research and Application on ETL Tools in Construction Industry Decision System Support
         Liu Feng, Luo li, Wu Guangcheng and Ren Qing
X40089   Distributed Optimization for Utility-Security Tradeoff in Wireless Networks
         Yunmeng Tan, Shengbin Liao and Bo Cheng
X40093   Node Position Predicting in ZigBee Wireless Networks by using BP Neutral Networks
         Xiaoyu Yang and Yongsheng Sang
X40094   Speech-driven Lip Animation Based On SAPI
         Maowei Yang, Bochuan Zheng and Chunmei Gao
X40105   Data Fusion for Satellite Passive Localization based On Combined Method

                                                      - 32 -
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

         Yang Zheng Bin, Wu Yan Ping, Jiang Tao and Lu An Nan
X40108   A Study on the Noise Distribution in Image Reonstruction based on Compressed Sensing
         Yin Ming and Shao Shi-Quan
X40110   A New Registration Method Base on Improved Sobel and SIFT Algorithms
         Qiu-Ju Yang and Xue-Mei Xiao
X40111   Seismic Attributes Extraction based on GPU
         Zhang Guang-Zhi, Chen Lei and Ye Duan-Nan
X40113   The Method of Narrow-band Audio Classification based on Universal Noise Background Model
         Rui RUI and Chang-chun BAO
X40116   Avoiding Pollard's Attack On Ong, Schnorr and Shamir Signature Scheme
         Hassan M. Elkamchouchi and Eman F. Abuelkhair
X40117   Software-implemented Configurable Control Flow Checking
         Li Jianli, Tan Qingping and Xu Jianjun
X40123   Simulation of Display Circuit Driven by SCM 1602LCD Based on AT89C52
         Heng Guo, Xinhua Zhao and Zhaokui Shen
X40124   Design and Research on the Output LCL Filter in Three-phase PV Grid-connected Inverters
         Xu ren-zhong, Lang yong-qiang and Liu yan-qin
X40125   Maxwell Demon and the Integration Algorithm of Clustering-Partitioning
         Wang Jinbiao, Tu Ailing and Sun Bai
X40131   An Improved Mosaic Graphic Algorithm for Human-computer Identification
         GAO Cai-yun and CAO Tian-jie
X40133   Quantum Cognitive Map Model based on Quantum Neural Network
         Qian Lv, Lin Ni and Yuan Miao
X40134   Object Automatic Serialization and De-serialization in C++
         Hua Chen and Yi-ning Luo

                        16:00 – 16:10                                  Coffee Break

                                     SESSION – ICCEE-22(20)
                          Session Chair: Associate Professor Chun-Jung Chen
                                         Time: 16:10 – 18:30
X40147   Research on Key Technology of A High-performance License Plate Recognition Method
         Liu cheng-an
X40153   Host Information Real-time Retrieval Technology Based On API Hook
         CHEN Jing-ning, KANG Fei and WANG Jun-bo
X40157   The Design and Application of Multi-channel Analog Signal Source based on PXI Bus
         Zhang Yanjun and An Dongdong
X40159   Particle System Used In Power Grid Visualization
         Zhenyu TAN and Guangyu HE
X40166   Analysis of the Performance of Compact Fluorescent Lamp and Fluorescent Lamp to Show the Better
         Performance of Fluorescent Lamp
         Muhammad Mohsin Aman and Syed Ahsan Ali Hashmi
X40168   Application of Embedded System in the device of Gas meter error’s verification
         Zhang HaiFeng and Li Qi
X40170   A Novel Thematic Term Extraction Method from Chinese Document
         Xing-lin LIU, Qi-lun ZHENG, Qian-li MA, Gu-li LIN
X40171   Determine the Deviation between Construction Layout Point and Design Pool Thread
         Zhang Weifu and Liu Wengu
X40176   Research on Electronic Differential Control Method of Electric Vehicle with Motorized Wheels Based on
         Adhesion Coefficient
         Yingchun Long and Lifu Li
X40177   An Inproved Wavelet Fusion Algorithm Using in Enhanced Vision System
         Feng Shi-cai, Feng Zi-liang, Yang Hong-yu
X40186   Numerical Analysis of Electromagnetic Energy Coupling Varying With Frequency in a Microstrip Circuit
         Y.ZH. Mu

                                                    - 33 -
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

X40191   Research on cell-line layout simulation for piston production lines
         Li Puhong, Zhou Jun, Deng Jianxin
X40192   Extend Experimental Study for the Effects of Path Load on the Similarity of Network Nodes Based on RTT
         Nafei Zhu, Jingsha He
X40193   Pedestrian Detection based on Improved Shape Context in Infrared images
         Wenshu Li, Zhenxing Xu, Xiujin Wei, Song Wang
X40217   A New Method of Steganography using Logistic Map
         Morteza Saberi Kamarposhti , Dzulkifli Mohamad and Mahdi Yaghoobi
X40218   Computer-Aided Characteristic Simulation Model of Deterioration of Insulation of Induction Motor
         Amit J. Modak and H. P. Inamdar
X40219   Circuit Simulation for Large-scale MOSFET and Lossy Coupled Transmission Line Circuits Using Multi-rate
         Iterated Timing Analysis Algorithm
         Chun-Jung Chen and Tien-Hao Shih
X40220   Large-scale MOSFET and Interconnect Circuit Simulation Using Waveform Relaxation and Transmission
         Line Time Step Control
         Chun-Jung Chen, Allen Y. Chang, Chang-Lung Tsai, Chih-Jen Lee, Li-Ping Chou and Tien-Hao Shih
X40226   Research on High Thermal Stability of Laser Material: Ytterbium Doped Phosphate Glasses
         Lidan Fan, Youquan Chen
X40233   Research on level-crossing non-uniform sampling applied in VOIP system
         Liu Yang, Zhang Shuli, Yue Qing and Huang Letian

                                     Conference Banquet
                      Time: 7:30 PM-9:00 PM, November 17, 18
           Venue: Hotel of UESTC (电子科大宾馆) &Dining Hall of UESTC

                         Instructions for Oral Presentations
Devices Provided by the Conference Organizer:
Laptops (with MS-Office & Adobe Reader)
Projectors & Screen
Laser Sticks
Materials Provided by the Presenters:
PowerPoint or PDF files
Duration of each Presentation (Tentatively):
Regular Oral Session: about 10-15 Minutes of Presentation 5 Minutes of Q&A
Plenary Speech: 40 Minutes of Presentation 5 Minutes of Q&A

                                                     - 34 -

              November 19, 2010 (Friday)
            Chengdu One Day Tour (Free of Charge)
Please register at the registration counter on November 16, 2010

                              - 35 -
                            2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

       University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
                     No.4, Section 2, North Jianshe Road,Chengdu,P.R.China(成都市建设北路二段四号)

Renowned as China’s cradle for the national electronic industry, University of Electronic Science and
Technology of China (formerly Chengdu Electronic Information Engineering College) is situated at
Chengdu, the city of over a thousand-year-old cultural history in “the land of abundance”. In 1956,
instructed by Premier Zhou Enlai, UESTC was founded on the basis of the incorporation of electronic
divisions of the then three universities including Jiaotong Universities, Nanjing Institute of Technology
and South China Institute of Technology. As one of the seven earliest key universities in national defense,
UESTC became one of the nation’s key universities in 1960. Then, in 1997 it was included as one of the
first universities into “Project 211”, a project in China for developing 100 first-class universities and a
number of key fields of research for the 21st century. In 2001, UESTC was admitted into the nation’s
Project 985, receiving special support for developing world-class universities and world-famous
research-oriented universities.
Fifty years’ efforts and cultivations have witnessed the University’s process from sole dependence on
electronic information engineering to all-around programs in electronic disciplines, and the University
now turns out to be a key multidisciplinary university with electronic science and technology as its
nucleus, engineering as its major field and featured the harmonious integration of science, engineering,
management and liberal arts, well prepared at the call of the history to come up as a high-level
research-oriented university.
In the new century, electronic information science and technology as the lead for modern high-tech
development demonstrates a more swift and violent stance. In face of the new chance sand challenges, the
staff of the University will hold on its notion of “great buildings and master scholars, ambition and
accomplishments” in the pursuit of excellence and embark on the journey to a more glorious future.

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                        2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

                                 Hotel Information
        For Chinese Authors, please contact the www.cd-fh.com for your reservation.


     For Foreigner Authors, please contact http://english.ctrip.com/ for your reservation.

   The organizer doesn't provide accommodation, and we suggest you make an early


                     Conference Secretariat Contact
ICCEE 2010: iccee@vip.163.com

ICMCE 2010: icmce@vip.163.com

ICCPM 2010: iccpm@vip.163.com

Tel: 4006-999-648 (中文咨询电话), +86-28-8652-8298 (International)

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                                   2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

                                                 Call for Papers
(1)2011 Interna o    nal C e enc e o In o m on
                          onf r        n f r a                         Email: icmlc@vip.163.com. ( .pdf and .doc)
and Industrial Electronics (ICIIE 2011)                                Submission Date 截稿时间:2010-12-15
2011年IEEE信息与工业电子国际会议 (EI&ISTP 检
索)                                                                     (5)2011 3rd Interna o         onf r     n i nal
                                                                                                nal C e enc e o S g
Chengdu, China        January 14-15, 2011                                      n nd r
                                                                       Acquisi o a P oc essi n  g       SAP 2
                                                                                                     ( IC   011)
                                                                       2011年第三届信号获取和处理国际会议(EI&ISTP 检
Website 会议网站:h p: //w                     . r
                                ww. ici ie o g/                        索)
Submission Website 投稿系统:                                               Singapore, February 26-28, 2011
h ps : //www. e          r                 ni .   conf =i ci ie
               asychai r.o g/ account /si g n cgi ?           2
011                                                                    Website 会议网站:h p: //w                       r
                                                                                                      ww. icsap. o g/
Email: iciie@iacsit.org. ( .pdf and .doc)                              Submission Website 投稿系统:
Submission Date 截稿时间:2010-12-15                                        h p: //www. e          r          r
                                                                                    asychai r.o g/ conf e enc es/?conf =i csap2011
                                                                       Email: icsap@vip.163.com. ( .pdf and .doc)
(2)2011 3rd Interna o     onf r         n om
                      nal C e enc e o C p ut er                        Submission Date 截稿时间:2010-12-10
             n ngi eer g CAE 2
and Automa o E n i n (IC           011)
(EI&ISTP 检索)                                                           (6)2011 3rd Interna o      onf r      n om
                                                                                            nal C e enc e o C p ut er
Chongqing, China     January 21 - 23, 2011                             Research and Development (ICCRD 2011)
Website 会议网站:h p: //w                       r
                                ww. iccae. o g/                        2010) (EI&ISTP 检索)
Submission Website 投稿系统:                                               Shanghai, China     March 11-13, 2011
h ps : //www. e          r                ni .    conf =i ccae
               asychai r.o g/ account /si g n cgi ?
2011                                                                   Website 会议网站:h p: //w                        r
                                                                                                        ww. iccrd. o g/
Email: iccae@vip.163.com. ( .pdf and .doc)                             Submission Website 投稿系统:
Submission Date 截稿时间:2010-12-15                                        h ps : //www. e          r      gi .
                                                                                      asychai r.o g/ l o n cgi ?conf =i ccrd2011
                                                                       Email: iccrd@vip.163.com. ( .pdf and .doc)
(3)2011 Interna o      onf r         n i i f r a
                  nal C e enc e o B o n o m cs                         Submission Date 截稿时间:2010-12-15
and Computa o     i l gy BCB 2
              nal B o o (IC        011)
2011年生物信息学与计算生物国际会议(EI&ISTP 检
索)                                                                     (7)2011 Interna o        onf r      n t
                                                                                          nal C e enc e o In el ligent
Haikou, China       February 22 - 24, 2011                                      n e o         I    011)
                                                                       Informa o N t w r ks (IC IN 2
                                                                       2010年只能信息网络国际会议(ICCRD 2010) (EI&ISTP
Website 会议网站:h p: //w                       r
                               ww. icbc b. o g/                        检索)
Submission Website 投稿系统:                                               Dubai, UAE.       March 18-20, 2011
h p: //www. e          r          r
             asychai r.o g/ conf e enc es/?conf =i cbc b2011
Email: icbcb@iacsit.org. ( .pdf and .doc)                              Website 会议网站:h p: //w                    . r
                                                                                                      ww. ici in o g/
Submission Date 截稿时间:2010-12-15                                        Submission Website 投稿系统:
                                                                       h p: //www. e          r          r                    2011
                                                                                    asychai r.o g/ conf e enc es/?conf =i ci in
(4)2011 3rd Interna o         onf r      n a   e
                         nal C e enc e o M chi n                       Email: iciin@iacsit.org. ( .pdf and .doc)
                       g     M
Learning and Compu n ( IC L C 2     011)                               Submission Date 截稿时间:2010-12-01
2011第三届年机械学习和算法国际会议(EI&ISTP 检
Singapore, February 26-28, 2011                                        (8)2011 3rd Interna o      onf r
                                                                                            nal C e enc e o  n
                                                                                     nd i m         echnol o (IC
                                                                       Bioinforma cs a B o e di cal T      gy BBT
Website 会议网站:h p: //w                   l r
                               ww. icm c. o g/                         2011)
Submission Website 投稿系统:                                               2011第三届生物信息与生物医药技术国际会议
h p: //www. e          r          r                  l
             asychai r.o g/ conf e enc es/?conf =i cm c2011            (EI&ISTP 检索)

                                                                  - 38 -
                                   2010 IACSIT CHENGDU AUTUMN CONFERENCES

Sanya, China.           March 25-27, 2011

Website 会议网站:h p: //w                       r
                                ww. icbbt .o g/
Submission Website 投稿系统:
h ps : //www. e          r                ni .    conf =i cbbt
               asychai r.o g/ account /si g n cgi ?
Email: icbbt@vip.163.com. ( .pdf and .doc)
Submission Date 截稿时间:2010-12-10

                               2010 IACSIT CHENGDU CONFERENCE


            nal A soc i a on of Cm t er Sci en an I n a on Technol ogy
    Interna o   s                o pu        ce d form

                                   h p: //w     csi r
                                           ww. ia t.o g/
集的出版和检索(可保证 Ei, ISTP 100%检索),专业学术期刊的出版和发行。
2011 年度高校国际会议合作计划已经启动,欢迎有兴趣的全球知名高校,科研机构,学者与我们联系会议

IACSIT is a registered non-profit international scientific association of distinguished scholars
engaged in Computer Science and Information Technology, who plays an influential role and
promotes developments in Computer Science and Information Technology in a wide range of
We organizes conferences, workshops, and provides sponsor or technical support to
conferences and workshops, it also publishes high quality academic international journals in
Computer Science and Information Technology.
Welcome the universities, Institutes and Scholars to contact us about the cooperation on the
sponsorship of the conferences, Proceeding Publication and journal Publication.

2009 年 2 月,IACSIT 和四川省计算机学会于中国澳门成功举办 ICCSN 2009 会议。
2009 年 8 月,IACSIT 同北京工商大学于中国北京成功举办 ICCSIT 2009 会议。
2010 年 3 月,IACSIT 同东北大学于中国沈阳成功举办 ICACC 2010 会议。
2010 年 4 月,IACSIT 同电子科技大学于中国成都成功举办 ICCET 2010 会议。
2010 年 5 月,IACSIT 同华中师范大学于中国武汉成功举办 ICFCC 2010 会议。
2010 年 6 月,IACSIT 同东北大学秦皇岛分校于中国秦皇岛成功举办 ICCDA 2010 会议。
2010 年 7 月,IACSIT 同大连理工大学于中国大连成功举办 ICSPS 2010 会议。
2010 年 8 月,IACSIT 将与四川省计算机学会于中国成都举办 ICACTE 2010 会议。
2010 年 10 月,IACSIT 将与中北大学于中国太原举办 ICCASM 会议。

For further coopera o n,
(1) Please contact: conference@vip.163.com        (2) please consult on-site supervisor
(1) 请发邮件到 conference@vip.163.com                   (2) 立即与我们现场的会议负责人联系
More conferences: h p: //w       csi r          r       t
                            ww. ia t.o g/ conf e enc e. h m

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