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					Brown Bulletin
The Monthly Newsletter of Room 108
January 5, 2009                Volume 5, Issue 1
It’s Winter!
     Please label all of your child’s boots, hats,
gloves, scarfs, snowpants and jackets with their
name so that I can find the owner if they wind up on
the floor or playground. Also, the path to the
playground is very muddy. Please consider sending
boots with your child even when it is not snowy. I                       Calendar
wanted to remind you that in order for a child to stay
in from recess a doctor’s note is needed.                Monday, January 5                   D guidance
                                                                                             & computer
What We Are Learning About                               Tuesday, January 6                  E library
     This month we are beginning a unit in reading       Wednesday, January 7                A gym
called Journeys. We will read about going places         Thursday, January 8                 B music
like the ocean or on a plane and about journeys          Friday, January 9                   C art
around our community such as the library or a field
trip. In math we will introduce the dime and counting
amounts in the teens. Later in the month we will         Monday, January 12                  D guidance
begin exploring numbers to 100. During writing we                                            & computer
are working on gathering good ideas to write about.                  reading log due!
In social studies we will be learning about families.    Tuesday, January 13                 E library
Here are a few of the websites we have visited in        Wednesday, January 14               A gym
class that your child might like to explore at home      Thursday, January 15                B music
too.                                                     Friday, January 16                  C art                                         Monday, January 19                  NO SCHOOL!                                                                   Martin Luther King Jr. Day
                                                         Tuesday, January 20                 D guidance
Items to Send In                                                                             & computer
Remember to collect and send in any of the following                 reading log due!
items to benefit our class and school.                   Wednesday, January 21               E library
        Ink cartridges                                   Thursday, January 22                A gym
        Old cell phones                                  Friday, January 23                  B music
        Pop tabs
        Box Tops
                                                         Monday, January 26                  NO SCHOOL!
                                                                                             Records Day
                                                         Tuesday, January 27                 C art
                                                                     reading log due!
                                                                     report cards come home!
                                                         Wednesday, January 28             D guidance
                                                                                           & computer
                                                         Thursday, January 29              E library
                                                         Friday, January 30                A gym

A Peek Inside Our Classroom
Here are pictures from our
classroom. It’s Mrs. Pawlowski
(Natalie’s mom). She volunteers
once a month and teaches the
students Spanish. Ask your child
if he or she remembers any
Spanish colors or numbers!