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December 2010 Volume 7_ Issue No. 2 - Junior League of Fort Wayne


									   The Leading Force In Building A Better Future For Women And Children

December 2010                                                      Volume 7, Issue No. 2
  The Junior League of Fort Wayne is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism,
     developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action
      and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.
     The Association of Junior Leagues International reaches out to women of all races, religions,
         and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism.
                                                                             Season Greetings!
                                                                                It’s that exciting time of year when
        Junior League of                                                     calendars fill with engagements and our
                                                                             “to-do” lists seem to grow right before our
          Fort Wayne                                                         eyes! Sometimes my “to-do” list can get
                                                                             a bit overwhelming, but that is when I
                                                                             remind myself of my father’s sage advice,
             700 Broadway                                                    “You are worrying your today away. Enjoy
     Plaza Office Building Suite 302                                         the day that you have.”
                                                                                I think about his advice often and how
         Fort Wayne, IN 46802                                                thankful I am for the life and health my family has today.
                                                                                Our family’s journey of thankfulness started about five years
              Phone: (260)425-3447                                           ago, when our son, Jack, then almost 5 years old, was
                                                                             diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is the type of news no
               Fax: (260)425-3448                                            parent can bear to hear. It knocks you to your knees. The
                                                                             doctors told us that if Jack survived surgery, he would be
               Email:                                        paralyzed on his left side. Paralysis wasn’t a concern; we just
                                                                             wanted our Jack.
                                                                                 Seven days later, Jack survived the 12 hour surgery! The
        JLFW website:                                           doctors told us it was one of the largest tumors they had seen
                                                                             and that they were able to remove all but 5 percent of it. They
          AJLI website:                                         also told us the tumor was a low-grade cancer, and that indeed
                                                                             Jack was paralyzed. But we had our Jack!
                                                                                Miraculously, Jack walked out of the hospital two weeks later.
                                                                             You would think I would have been one of the happiest mothers
    2010-2011 Community Project                                              on the planet! But the words “cancer” and “5 percent” took over
                                                                             my thoughts. This is when my father first shared his powerful
    Women’s Independence Project                                             words of wisdom.
                                                                                Our trial didn’t end there. Jack’s treatment was to monitor the
                                                                             tumor with MRIs multiple times per year and if the tumor started
                                                                             to grow, we could begin chemotherapy. I worried, but with each
     JLFW Full Council 2010-2011                                             MRI, optimism inched out worry.
                                                                                This fall, after five years and 14 MRI’s, the doctors gave us
 Connie Heflin ................................................. President   the best news… they think they might have gotten the entire
 Cheryl Felger .............................................. Finance VP     tumor! There has been no sign of cancer. Jack is a healthy and
 Mary Berkshire ..............................................Treasurer
 Vicki Heckman............................ Recording Secretary               happy 10 year old who is doing well in school, playing sports
 Ruth Stone .......................................Sustainer Advisor         and doing all the things a boy his age should do. We have our
 Kelly Zachrich..................................Sustainer Advisor           Jack and it is a miracle that we are so thankful for.
                                                                                 This journey changed me. Yes, I worried a lot, but I learned
 Angie Maloblocki..................... Fund Development VP
                                                                             a lot. I don’t take health and life for granted. I also realized
 Michelle Kearns................ Resource Development Chair
 Ann Marie Hall.................................. Special Event Chair        there are so many people who have their own “stories” and
 Sarah Hayes ............................... New to You Sale Chair           worries. These people don’t often lead into a conversation with
                                                                             their “story,” but their stories are all around us. Listen, share
 Mariah Vogelgesang ...........................Membership VP                 and learn. It’s how we grow as individuals and a community.
 Mary Anne Berron ........ Membership Development Chair
 Shelly Meyer ........................................Nominating Chair           Our members understand the importance of giving to others,
 Bliss Cook .........................................New Member Chair        the importance of lifting someone else up, that we all “get what
 Kim Wagner ................................ Communications Chair            we give.”
 Christine Marcuccilli ................... Cookbook ad hoc Chair                The Junior League of Fort Wayne is a great network of
                                                                             community and civic leaders who care about others. This is
 Kate Virag ............................................. Community VP
 Sharon Charron... Women’s Independence Project Chair                        why I serve JLFW with so much pride. I hope
 Lori Wenino .............................. Community Impact Chair           each of you has a wonderful holiday and that
                                                                             you worry a little less about the “to-do” list and
                                                                             enjoy the day you have!

Page 2                                                                                                                         December 2010
                           PROMOTING VOLUNTARISM
                  New Member – Fall Recap!
September Super Saturday – September 18th was our first Super
Saturday for the 2010-2011 League year and was a great way for our
New Members to reach Active membership while helping our
Community. We partnered with the Community Impact Committee for
the Done-In-A-Day event at the Community Harvest Food Bank to
assist with their Farm Wagon Program, which can serve as many as
718 families in a single day! Guest speakers Amie Burton from
Community Harvest and Sustainer Sarah Reincke made the day                        JLFW members volunteered at the
                                                                                 Community Harvest Food Bank at the
memorable. We welcomed five New Members at this event!                            September Super Saturday event.

Welcome, Nicole Miller, Shelley Bontrager, Michelle Banks,
Christina Myers, and Sarah Payne!
                                            New Member Retreat – October 16th was our Fall New
                                            Member Retreat. We went to a local orchard and had a ball!
                                            We completed our afternoon by having apple pancakes with
                                            our freshly picked apples and spent time getting to know
                                            each other through team building activities and pumpkin
                                                          November Super Saturday – November 13th was our next
                                                          Super Saturday, we introduced New Members to the JLFW
     Enjoying the New Member Retreat on October 16        New to You Sale and had a blast! Pairing with Sustainers,
  (l-r) Bliss Cook, Michele Platte, Jamie Steeg, Michelle
     Banks, Ritu Singh, Amy Johnson, Mary Lou Brink       Actives, Senior Actives, and community volunteers, New
                                                          Members volunteered in the morning and afternoon and
went through a JLFW orientation over lunch. New Members were able to help at the cash registers, help
shoppers pick out furniture, clothing and jewelry, and get to see not only how JLFW raises money to fund
our projects, but also the chance to see who and what benefits from the funding. We had guest speakers
Desirae Miller from Hope House and Sustainer Kelly Zachrich.
Welcome, Michele Platte, Betty Brown, Mary Lou Brink, Tabitha Durham, Jen Kopecky, Stacy Junk,
Angie Garcia, Renee Griffin, Erin Whitt, Katie Niezer, Lauren Yoder, and Judy Munoz!
Our next Super Saturday will be in February. We look forward to another fun day with our New Members!
If you are interested in membership, or would like more information about our great organization, please
contact New Member Chair Bliss Cook at, the JLFW office at or
260-425-3447, or visit our website at

                    ~ The Junior League of Fort Wayne Membership ~
 The Junior League of Fort Wayne has been giving back to the community since 1941 - almost 70 years!
 We currently have 88 Actives and New Members, and 180 Sustainers.
 Our members benefit from the following:
  Being a part of a hands-on movement that has changed the face of Fort Wayne through countless
    volunteer hours, over $1 million in financial support, and 85 past projects, which include Family
    Connections, Erin’s House, and the Child Advocacy Center.
  Personal leadership training unmatched in our community
  Opportunities to build lifelong friendships with a group of dedicated, community minded, and caring
 If you are interested in membership, or if you know of someone who would make a great JLFW
 member, we would love to talk with you! Please contact Bliss Cook, New Member Committee
 Chair, at or 413-9264.

 December 2010                                                                                                  Page 3
                      IMPROVING THE COMMUNITY
                    Upcoming Community Impact Opportunities!
 The Community Impact Committee has organized the following opportunities for the Junior League of
 Fort Wayne. Please consider volunteering at the Wellspring Food Bank or the Transitions Center for
 Women. If you have questions or if you would like to volunteer, please email Lori Wenino, Community
 Impact Chair at
 Wellspring Food Bank - There are many families in our community in need of as-
 sistance with food and basic supplies. The Wellspring Food Bank on Broadway
 serves a large population in Fort Wayne. You can help the Food Bank to serve
 those in need by volunteering for one of the following shifts. During a shift, JLFW
 members help fill food orders, work directly with the community, and also get to
 know one or two other JLFW members. It is a great way to give back!
 Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 8:30am-Noon
 Saturday, January 8, 2011 - 8:30am-Noon
 Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 8:30am-Noon

                         Transitions JLFW will be offering child care at the Transitions Center for
                         Women so the residents can attend our Women’s Independence Project
                         classes. JLFW members will work alongside a Transitions employee for the
                         two hour span, helping to provide the children with activities and attention.
                         Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - 6:45-8:45pm
                         Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - 6:45-8:45pm
                         Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 6:45-8:45pm

          We are finalizing the details regarding the very popular Kids In the Kitchen event.
                                Information will be available very soon!

 Our Women’s Independence Project

 The Women’s Independence Project Committee
 and their committed volunteers have been very
 busy securing resources, holding classes, and
 supporting program participants by...

                                                            ...holding ‘mock’ employment interviews to
                                    ...assisting            help prepare WIP participants with their at-
                                     residents                   tempts to re-enter the job market...
                                    from Hope
                                    House and
                                   with career
                                    choices at
                                    the Career
                                   Closet of the
                                                       … and supporting the residents of Hope House in their
                                                              new jewelry making social enterprise.

Page 4                                                                                           December 2010

December 2010                             Page 5
                                      2011-2012 Board of Directors
This is your opportunity to participate in the nominating process for the 2011-2012 leadership team of JLFW.
Each member is encouraged to complete a self-submission/recommendation form. Feel free to nominate
yourself or fellow League members by emailing the Nominating Chair, Shelly Meyer at
The Nominating Committee is accepting submissions for the following positions (job descriptions are available
upon request):
               President Elect                      Membership Vice President
               Community Vice President             Treasurer (two year commitment)
               Fund Development Vice President
To self-submit for a Board position, please email the following information to Shelly Meyer at or fax to 425.3448:

   1.  Name                                                   11. Please provide us with an example of a time
   2.  Number of years in League                                  when you demonstrated leadership in JLFW
   3.  Position(s) you are applying for                       12. Please share an example of your ability to build
   4.  Current placement                                          relationships or create collaborations
   5.  Past League placements                                 13. What might prevent you from meeting the
   6.  Work experience                                            expectations of the role
   7.  Other volunteer and related experience                 14. What type of training would you need for the role
   8.  Explanation as to why you want to serve on the         15. Do you currently work
       Board                                                      and/or volunteer in any
   9. Describe you leadership and communication                   capacity that might be a
       styles                                                     conflict of interest for
   10. Please share an example that demonstrates                  you to serve on the
       your knowledge of JLFW’s council system and/               JLFW Board? If yes,
       or the strategic direction of the organization             please explain.
All information will be treated as confidential, to be used only by the Nominating Committee. All nominations
must be submitted by Wednesday, January 12, 2011. If you have any questions, please contact Shelly Meyer
at 260.627.7498 or another member of the Nominating Committee.

                                  2011-2012 Chair Positions/Selection
 We have another opportunity to participate in the nominating process for the 2011-2012 leadership team of
 JLFW. Each member is encouraged to complete a self-submission/recommendation form for Chair positions
 for the 2011-2012 League year. This form will be distributed at upcoming meetings in December and January
 or it can be emailed to you by contacting the JLFW Office at Feel free to nominate yourself or
 another League member by emailing Nominating Chair Shelly Meyer at
 The Current/New Boards will be selecting Chairs for the following positions:
         Women’s Independence Project            Resource Development                      New To You Sale
         Membership Development                  Nominating                                New Member
         Communications                          Community Impact                          Special Event
 To self-submit for a Chair position, please email the following information to Shelly or fax to 425.3448:
 1. Please indicate which position you are interested in and if there is more than one of interest, please rank
    your preferences (1 being your first choice).
 2. Please outline your strengths, skills or interests that should be taken into consideration.
 3. Please indicate any additional information that you feel should be considered.
 All information will be treated as confidential, to be used only by the current/new Boards. All nominations
 must be submitted by Friday, February 18, 2011. If you have any questions, please contact Shelly Meyer at
 260.627.7498 or another member of the Nominating Committee. Thank you for your help and participation in
 the nominating process!

Page 6                                                                                                December 2010

 What is ODI?
 After over 89 years, The Association of Junior Leagues International Inc. (AJLI) continues in its
 commitment to provide excellent service and training to its member Leagues in support of the Junior
 League Mission.
 Organizational Development Institutes (ODIs), a series of mission-based training meetings, are a critical
 component of AJLI’s training program. These training sessions are geared toward building the
 knowledge of League members who manage the League’s key functions. They are highly rated by
 delegates. Held over the course of a three-day weekend (noon Friday to noon Sunday), ODIs are a
 fun-filled and refreshing way for Junior League members to learn. Delegates will come away with greater
 knowledge, fresh ideas, and a plan to implement what they have learned.
 Participants will attend three plenary sessions and will choose from concentration tracks in Membership
 Development, Fund Development, Community Impact, Building Internal Capacity, and Electing Leaders
 for Tomorrow’s League.
 Participants will be able to access study packets containing information pertaining to their concentration
 track directly from the on-line registration page. This will enable delegates to come into their sessions
 already familiar with the basic concepts and will enable a more in depth, interactive training experience.
 When, Why, How, etc.:
 Spring ODI will be held in Tampa, FL – March 11-13, 2011. Travel, ODI registration, meals and
 overnight accommodations are taken care of by JLFW.
 If you are interested in attending, please contact Shelly Meyer at or fax to 425.3448 the following information:
 1. What track interests you and why?
 2. What are your goals for ODI?
 3. Give a brief resume of your past experiences – volunteer and/or career
    experiences. Include any additional information that you feel should be considered.
 Deadline for self-submission is Wednesday, January 12. Delegates from JLFW will be chosen on
 Sunday, January 16. Registration and travel arrangements will begin at that time. Delegates will
 be chosen by the Nominating Committee and all information will be kept in strict confidence.

                                           70 for the 70th!
    What better way to celebrate our 70th Anniversary than by doing what we do best… volunteering!
            Our goal is for each of our members to volunteer 70 hours during our 70th year.
      Any volunteer time will count towards this goal, including committee meetings, reading e-mail,
      volunteer opportunities, Super Saturdays, Done-in-a-Day (DIAD) events, Kids in the Kitchen,
                                   Junior League University Classes, General Membership Meetings…
                                    At each GMM, members will be asked to record volunteer hours for
                                        that month. By the end of our 70th League year, we hope to
                                               have over 7000 hours recorded. Good Luck!

December 2010                                                                                         Page 7
                                  NEW TO YOU SALE 2010
      New To You Sale Raises Funds For Programs
On Saturday, November 13, the Junior League of Fort Wayne held its
fifth annual New To You Sale at the former Marshall Field’s store at
Glenbrook Square Mall. Nearly 1,100 shoppers came out to buy
bargains, helping the League raise more than $14,500 for its programs
aimed at improving the lives of women and children in the Fort Wayne
This year’s New to You Committee – Kelly Day, Amy Johnson, Julie Risley, Kim Staggs, Carrie Stuckey,
and Chair Sarah Hayes – decided to build on the successful 2008 and 2009 sales rather than reinvent
the wheel. One new component added this year was the Twice the Price Preview Party the evening
before the sale. Actives, New Members, Sustainers and their friends were invited to get first dibs on
many great items, all while enjoying music and refreshments.
The Committee would like to thank all who donated to the sale and volunteered their time either during
the sale setup or during the sale, especially those people – including Senior Actives, Sustainers and
our irreplaceable office assistant Gloria Baals – who were not required to work.
Many individuals, organizations and businesses offered their support or donations to help ensure a
successful sale, and we would like to acknowledge their generosity:
      Baker Street Steaks, Seafood and Spirits                            Andrew Howard
                     Bliss Cook                                         Michelle Kearns/PHP
              Custom Poly Packaging                                    Catherine Kasper Place
                 DKM Embroidery                                             A Party Apart
            General Growth Properties                                  Sirva Moving Services
                GraphX Direct, Inc.                         St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Confirmation Class
              Ann Marie and Ben Hall                          St. John the Baptist Confirmation Class
               Homestead Key Club                                     Jennifer and Darren Vogt

                We offer a huge and heartfelt thank you to Hagerman Construction for the last minute
                unscheduled assist with distributing the merchandise left after the sale to local charities.

         The 2010 New to You Committee Plus
   (l-r) top row: Chair Sarah Hayes, Cheryl Felger,
  Julie Risley, Connie Heflin. Bottom row: Mary Lou
  Brink, Amy Johnson, Carrie Stuckey, Kim Staggs

Page 8                                                                                           December 2010
                            MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS
                                  December Cluster Meetings
  With December comes Cluster Meetings in place of our monthly General Membership Meeting.
  Cluster meetings are smaller meetings held in different areas of Fort Wayne and allow members
  to discuss topics more in depth since they are a more intimate group. Members pitch in with
  snacks to share!
  Cluster meetings will take place Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at the following times and locations
  - please contact the hostess to reserve your spot:
         Tower Bank located at 116 East Berry Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 in the lower level
           conference room - Gathering at 11:30am - Meeting begins at Noon
           Please RSVP to Shelly Meyer at
         Joelle Grigsby's home located at 3805 Vermilion
           Cliffs, Fort Wayne, IN 46814 - Gathering at
           6:30pm - Meeting begins at 7:00pm
           Please RSVP to Joelle at
         Lacey Anderson's home located at 10223 Consta
           Verde Commons, Leo, IN 46765 - Gathering at
           6:30pm - Meeting begins at 7:00pm
           Please RSVP to Lacey at

    Please plan to attend a Cluster Meeting to join in the
         sharing of thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

December 2010                                                                                     Page 9

Page 10                            December 2010
                           LOOKING TO THE FUTURE
                                             The Strategic Roadmap is, as the name
                                           suggests, a roadmap for change across The
                                          Junior League - in governance, management,
                                          membership models and community impact.

 Action Learning Teams
 The Junior League of Fort Wayne (JLFW) has been presented with an exciting opportunity from
 the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI). AJLI is forming 15 small teams, called
 Action Learning Teams (ALTs) to create, test, and implement Junior League best practices in
 the focus areas of governance and management, membership models, and community impact.
 The Action Learning Teams are the next step in AJLI’s Strategic Roadmap.
 The Junior League of Fort Wayne is going to apply for the small League Issue-Based
 Community Impact Action Learning Team. Participating in the Issue-Based Community Impact
 Action Learning Team will allow the Junior League of Fort Wayne to be an early adapter and to
 bring best practices to our League.
 If JLFW is selected, we will begin working on the Action Learning Team in early 2011. This ALT
 process is a 2.5 year commitment.
 Nominating has selected the following members to participate in JLFW’s Action Learning Team:
     Courtney Waterman – ALT Representative
                                                                        Sandi Kemmish
                 Dee Keywood
                                                                       Amanda Kinneman
                   Nicole Miller
                                                                          Ruth Stone
               Mariah Vogelgesang

 Congratulations to these women and thank you for your service and dedication to the Junior
 League of Fort Wayne!
 Stay tuned to find out if JLFW is selected! We will know mid-January 2011.
           Here’s where we need to get to…being a network of women developed as
            community and civic leaders creating lasting and meaningful impact.

                               Help us Improve Our League Lore Newsletter
                    The Communications Committee is looking at ways to update the League Lore
                    publication! If you have any thoughts or ideas about topics that should be covered,
                    new columns or profiles, or anything else you would like to see in our newsletter,
                    please send your comments to Kim Wagner, Communications Committee Chair,
 Please remember that League Lore is more than just a communication tool for our membership - it is
 currently distributed in print and electronically to over 680 individuals, businesses, and Junior League
 members, and it is posted on our website for the public to view.
 We will be doing an “audit” of the newsletter over the spring, and hopefully will launch a new look
 sometime next year! Your input is greatly appreciated.

December 2010                                                                                          Page 11
                      CELEBRATING OUR MEMBERS
                                        December 2010
     1 - Natalie Scruggs               13 - Linda Dykhuizen              22 - Susan Matteson
     2 - Kelly Day                     13 - Nancy Leef                   25 - Sue Watson
     6 - Betty Fishman                 14 - Karen Geels                  26 - Kara Squires
     6 - Danielle Allen                15 - Michelle Beary               26 - Stephanie Fisher
     6 - Sarah Payne                   15 - Constance Gregory            29 - Edee McMahan
    10 - Veronica Muskin               17 - Michele Platte               30 - Hope Huber
    12 - Sarah Hayes                   18 - Melanie Hall                 30 - Betty Brown
    12 - Ainsley Lee                   18 - Betty Thieme                 31 - Heather Berkshire

                                                             January 2011
                                                                         18 - Polly Hagedorn

                                        1 - Terri Stumpf
                                        2 - Julie Risley                 18 - Sally Aichele
                                        4 - Lacey Anderson               20 - Melinda Perry
                                        7 - Maxine Leckie                21 - Jane Kearns
                                        7 - Betsy Chapman                28 - Nancy Graham
                                        9 - Barbara Ponder               31 - Kate Virag
                                       17 - Betsy Perry Patton

 Welcome to the World ...
    Congratulations to Kelly and Kevin Dreibelbis on the recent arrival of their
       new son! Little Connor arrived on Thursday, September 9, 2010.
                Our very best wishes go to the Dreibelbis family!

          Michelle and Steve Chester are celebrating the birth of their son
             Garrett James, born on Thursday, September 23, 2010.
                       May your life be very blessed Garrett!
          Frogs and snails and puppy dog’s tails…. That’s what little boys are made of!

                                                                      “The Pumpkin Patch”
                                                                The Junior League of Fort Wayne won
                                                              Second Prize and $250 in the 2010 Pumpkin
                                                              Patch competition held on October 23-24 at
                                                                  Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center.

                                                            Congratulations to our hardworking volunteers -
                                                              Connie Heflin, Ann Marie Hall, Bliss Cook,
                                                              Michelle Kearns, Carey Roth, Jeni Sackett,
                                                             Kelly Zachrich, and Carmen Parker - for your
                                                                    hard work on the winning entry.

                                                              Thank you to all who donated pumpkins and
                                                                supplies and to those who voted for us!

Page 12                                                                                      December 2010
                        CELEBRATING OUR MEMBERS
                                 Hats Off to Sustainer Hope Huber!
   Congratulations to JLFW’s very own Hope
  Huber, champion of the 2010 Dancing with
      the Fort Wayne Stars competition! A
     Sustainer and Past President of JLFW,
  Hope is a committed community volunteer.
    She worked tirelessly both to perfect her
  flawless samba and to obtain donations for
       the Carriage House, which provides
 assistance to those with mental health issues.
   Many JLFW Sustainers and Actives were               JLFW members turned out at the Dancing with the Fort Wayne
  in attendance at the Grand Wayne Center                      Stars competition to cheer Hope Huber to victory!
  on November 4th to cheer Hope on as she              (l-r) Joni Dick, Sarah Reincke, Kathy Roudebush, Amy Litchin,
        performed for a crowd of 1000.                   Hope Huber, Meg Distler, Sandi Kemmish, Susan Johnson,
                                                                 Irene Walters, Connie Heflin, and Jill Ramsey
               Hats off to Hope!

  2010 E. Jane Hamilton Dinner Award for Outstanding Community Service
                                   Honors Sustainer Joan McNagny
                                                  On October 13th over 70 Active and Sustaining members of
                                                  JLFW gathered for an evening of celebration, forging and
                                                  renewing friendships as they honored our 2010 recipient of
                                                  the E. Jane Hamilton Award for Outstanding Community
                                                  Service. Joan McNagny, a member of JLFW since 1947,
                                                  was honored for her accomplished volunteer career.
                                                  Joan’s impressive resume includes a lifelong commitment
                                                  to education, serving as Chair of the Board of Directors at
                                                  Ivy Tech Community College and Foundation, member of
                                                  the State Board of Education, and Chair of the Board of the
                                                  Indiana Public Broadcasting Society. Joan also devoted
                                                  much of her time to improving the lives of children in our
                                                  community, state, and nation as the president of the
                                                  Southside High School PTA, and as a member of the
                                                  Governor’s Committee on Youth Empowerment and the
                                                  White House Conference on Youth and Family. For all of
                                                  her efforts, Joan has been awarded the prestigious
                                                  Sagamore of the Wabash award by governors of Indiana
                                                  on three separate occasions.
                                                  Always gracious and modest, Joan has attributed her
                                                  extensive volunteer career to the fact that her husband,
                                                  Bill, spent much time away in his busy law practice and her
                                                  children grew up, leaving her no one to play with at home!
  From our 1960-1961 scrapbook… This picture      Members of JLFW know that Joan is a truly gifted leader,
      of Joan McNagny was printed in the          using her skills and talents to ensure a better world for
    News-Sentinel with a wonderful article on
     her extensive community involvement.         each and every one of us.
  The headline was as appropriate in 1960 as it
         is today! We salute you Joan!             Congratulations Joan - We Celebrate You!

December 2010                                                                                                 Page 13
                          SUPPORTING OUR MISSION
                     Support the Junior League Stationery Drive!!
If you have not yet purchased Holiday cards for your family or business, please consider doing so
through one of the Junior League of Fort Wayne’s Holiday Card websites:
                 For both Business and personal needs, please visit
                 to find a nearly endless selection of cards which can be personalized for your personal
                 or business needs.
                 In addition, please visit for a
                 huge selection of photo cards, invitations, notepads, and
                 countless other personalized gifts for all.
All purchases include a minimum 50% tax deductible contribution to the
Junior League of Fort Wayne. Proceeds will help us fund our community
projects and member training to meet our mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of
women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

             2011 Special Event - Save the Date!
   Mark your calendars for Friday, March 11 for our 2011 Special Event.
      The party this year will be held at The Philmore on Broadway!
      Look forward to a new venue with a warm setting that makes
      mingling, dancing, and enjoying fine food a night to remember.
          Watch for details coming soon… but in the meantime,
              please check out the new venue by visiting:

Page 14                                                                                  December 2010
                                        JLFW GENERAL
                                   Address Corrections Requested
 Please note that the Post Office now charges us for returned and forwarded mail. For this reason, League
 Lore will no longer be forwarded and we will not be notified of your new address. In order to be sure that
 you continue to receive our newsletter, please be sure to notify the Junior League of Fort Wayne office of
 your new address or other contact information.
                                                                 Send changes to:, call us at
                                                                 (260) 425-3447, or send your changes in writing
                                                                 to JLFW, 700 Broadway POB Suite 302, Fort
    We can never have enough photographs of our                  Wayne, IN 46802.
    events, socials, committee meetings, trainings,
   conferences, GMMs, etc. Consider dropping your                Or help the Junior League “go greener”… sign
       camera in your purse or tote bag before                   up to receive League Lore in full color via email.
                                                                 Please just notify the Junior League office of
       attending a League function – and use it!
                                                                 your email address, and we will be happy to add
 You may submit photos throughout the year by e-mail             you to the distribution list. Your assistance with
   to Gloria in the League office…             this is greatly appreciated!
    or drop off copies of your developed pictures at
       the JLFW office (photos will be returned).
                                                                       League Lore Advertising
 We also have a JLFW Group Room on
 If you have pictures you would like to upload, please              League Lore is the official newsletter of
contact Gloria so she can send you an invitation to join.              the Junior League of Fort Wayne.
      You can then upload your pictures directly.                     League Lore is published five times
                                                                      annually, and is distributed by mail
    Photos can be used in any of our                                  and by e-mail to a distribution list of
 publications, PowerPoint presentations,                                over 680 community members.
        and on the JLFW Website
              (                                      Advertisements must be approved by the
                                                                   Communications Committee and payment
                                                                   must be made in advance of publication.
       League Lore Submission Guidelines                               Please contact the JLFW Office at
 1. All submissions must be approved by your Council Vice for rates and to place an ad.
 2. Electronic format only.
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 3. Microsoft Word documents only with text in Arial 10
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 7. If critical content is missing (i.e. date/time/location of
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    when notified by the LL editor.                                   League Lore submission guidelines.
 8. All information is due to your VP by the 15th of the
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December 2010                                                                                              Page 15
                                                Junior League of Fort Wayne’s
                                              70 Anniversary Kick-off Celebration
                                                       Wednesday, January 26, 2011
                                                   Fort Wayne Museum of Art Auditorium
                                                   6:30 PM Cocktails     7:00 Program

                                            ~ ~ Save the Date ~ ~ Save the Date ~ ~

           For Your Calendar                                          Regular hours for the JLFW Office are Tuesdays,
                                                                      Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00am-2:00pm
   December 2010
      8   Board Meeting
     14   WIP Holiday Social and Career Fair
     15   Cluster Meetings
   January 2011
      11    Women’s Independence Project Basics Class
      12    Full Council Meeting
      12    Board Self-Submission Deadline
      12    ODI Application Deadline
      16    February League Lore Submission Deadline
      19    Just for Fun - Bunco Night
      22    Board Meeting
      25    Women’s Independence Project Focus Class
      26    General Membership Meeting
   28-29    AJLI Winter Leadership Conference

      The JLFW Office will be closed for the Holidays beginning Friday,
       December 24, and we will return on Tuesday, January 4, 2011.

                                                                                                   Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
                                                                                                   Fort Wayne, IN
                                                                                                   Permit NO. 962

          700 Broadway
          POB Suite 302
      Fort Wayne, IN 46802

    Stay Up-To-Date with
    the Junior League of
   Fort Wayne by visiting
         our website

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