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     Dong Jae Han
                  Fishing is
• Fishing is the activity of catching fish. Fishing
  techniques include netting, trapping, angling
  and hand gathering. Fishing is not usually
  applied to catch-ing aquatic mammals such as
  whales, dolphins, sharks.
               History of Fishing
• Fishing is an ancient practice that dates back at
  least to the Paleolithic period which began
  about 40,000 years ago. During this period,
  most people lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle
  and were, of necessity, constantly on the move.
               Sport Fishing
• Sport Fishing can take only 4% of the fish, but
  they generate $600 million in economy activity
• The commercial fishery only generates $400
• Licenses, guides, outfitters, supplies, resorts,
  all pump millions into BC’s economy.
  Sustainability             Possible
   in Fishing             ->    solution

• Cooperation with   ->    • Boundary, set limit on
  the U.S                    how many they can
• License buyback    ->    • Government purchases
                             the license it has sold.
              Native Fishery
• BC aboriginal people are guaranteed the right
  to fish in BC.
• Sometimes, natives are fishing when non-
  natives are not permitted.
• This creates tension over dwindling stocks.
• Salmon runs had previously been the back
  bone of the industry
  -sockeye, pink, cone, chum and spring
  salmon represented 60& of the total value
  of all salmon caught on the West Coast.
• By the 1990s most of the salmon were gone.
• Once there were 100 fish processing plants.
    Dangers of Farmed Salmon
• Disease breeds in close quarters.
• Escapees bring new diseases to wild
       Environmental Concerns
• The environmental effects of fishing can be
  divided into issues that involve the availability
  of fish to be caught, such as overfishing,
  sustainable fisheries, and fisheries
  management; and issues that involve the
  impact of fishing on the environment, such as
  by catch.
• salmon has to be raised to controlled
Future outlook for the economic sector

• Advocate says that providing these services
  create 6 times more jobs as are available in
  the commercial fishing industry.
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