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An Introduction to concepts of Viral internet marketing to increase your web traffic and income.

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									What is Viral Traffic?

Viral traffic has always been and will always be the best way of sending quality traffic to your
site or business, so it’s a vital part of your marketing arsenal. In the past viral marketing was
known as referral marketing or word-of-mouth. One friend told a another friend who told two
more and so on…

We’ve all experienced viral traffic in one form or another. Have you ever had a friend of yours
recommend a restaurant to you where they’ve recently eaten? Have you ever recommended a
car that you’ve owned and enjoyed? How about a new cell phone that you bought that has all of
the bells and whistles?

All of these are examples of viral traffic. Why? They’re viral because you’ve taken a message
and told some friends about it. They’re likely to pass the same message along to their friends,
and so on. Just like a virus!

We’re going to take these proven ideas and apply them to internet traffic, and we’ll see just how
effective this can be. And in particular we will be looking at ways that you can use to send a
huge amount of traffic to your Web site.

Let's get viral

In past times, word-of mouth referral marketing was slow. The message was not passed along
until friends or acquaintances came together. Viral marketing on the internet has exploded in
recent years. We've all seen the likes of YouTube and Facebook soar in popularity - these are
great examples of viral marketing. What makes them so successful is the way in which they
spread their content – through word of mouth (or the internet equivalent). When you consider
that the population of the internet is 360 million people and growing, you can begin to
appreciate how effective viral traffic can be!

So how does viral traffic work? Well, in a nutshell, visitors to your site see what you have to
offer, and if they like what they see they’ll tell their friends. They’ll either email their friends or
post it on a site like Facebook. Their friends will see these emails or site postings and visit the
site that their friend suggested.

They will like what they see, and they’ll tell their friends. The message spreads like wildfire in a
dry forest. Just like a virus doubles with each generation, the visitors to your site will with each
referral passed on. That’s viral traffic in action!

As you can imagine, the traffic potential here is limited only by the number of people that are
connected online. The potential here really is unlimited as the population of the internet grows
and the growth in social Web sites takes off. Word of mouth spreads incredibly quickly.

If we take the analogy that we spoke about earlier and you assume that one person tells two of
their friends and they tell two friends and so on and so forth, it only takes 10 generations of that
to happen for one message to reach over 1,000 people. What would happen if you were able to
start by not telling one person but with 100 or 500 or 1,000 people?
 Can you imagine how much more quickly your message will spread if you tap into this incredible
resource? Consider social networking sites like Twitter, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. They are
hugely popular, and the traffic that these sites get everyday would make you green with envy.
Visitors come to these sites because they're looking for recommendations to find stuff on the

These sites have built a reputation of showcasing interesting web sites, and so when people visit
these sites and find a link to your site they're going to be far more likely to visit. We want to use
that trust element generated by the reputation of these big sites to our advantage when
building our viral marketing plan. As you’re about to see, building that trust relationship
between you and your visitors is key to successfully generating viral traffic.

Why should you care about viral traffic generation?

Viral marketing is not just for the big boys out there. You might think that you need a huge
marketing budget to take advantage of viral traffic, but that is simply not the case at all. You
don’t need any flashy ads to be produced to benefit from viral traffic, and it should definitely be
an important part of your overall marketing effort.

There are several reasons that you should be using viral traffic generation, so let's take a look at
some of those right now.

It's Fast and Effective
We’ve already touched on just how fast it can be.
It's Inexpensive
Viral traffic generation does not have to cost you a single dime.
It Shields You from Any Negative Comments
As soon as you start making yourself known on the internet by offering a product or service,
nine times out of ten it's going to be received very well. But remember, the internet is a voice
box for everybody out there. And there is always the chance that someone will say something
negative about your site or service, probably for no reason other than to be nasty.

By utilizing viral marketing and taking advantage of viral traffic, you shield yourself from
negative comments. How? Because you're beating them with sheer numbers. If you’ve got so
many positive comments out there, the occasional negative one will get lost in the noise.

It Can Find Customers
Viral marketing can find customers that you never knew you had. Your current marketing plan
might target very specific niches, while viral marketing could open up your traffic income to
whole other demographics you just didn’t even know were there.

How much will it cost me?
Viral marketing campaigns can range from free to some that could start to cost you a little cash.
We’re mainly going to concentrate on viral methods that are free. Once the message is out
there, the message takes care of itself. The population of the internet takes care of spreading
your message for you. The only cost that it may incur would be to pay for the extra bandwidth
that you're going to need because of the huge amount of traffic you're about to receive!
How it Works
Now that we've talked about the benefits of viral traffic let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk
about some of the questions that you may have right now. And first and foremost in your mind
is likely: how do I make my message go viral?

 Well there are no guarantees, obviously in life, and also in viral traffic generation. But there are
things you can do that will increase your chances of success. Successful viral marketing is a
mixture of skill, timing, know-how and luck. You might get lucky right out of the gate and find
the technique that works best for you. It might take you ten times to find the one that really
works for you. But the key here is to keep at it because you will find at least one method that
will drive quality traffic to your Web site.

The key to successful viral marketing is to be unique. We've probably all received emails (I know
I have) from friends that point me to a YouTube video. And it's something that obviously caught
the attention of millions of people because it's unique in some way. It's either really funny or it's
a new take on something that’s been done before. Perhaps it's visually unique. Any one of these
will cause people to pay attention and pass the message along.

If you can think outside of the box with your message, you're really going to increase your
chances of success.

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