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									De-Cluttering the Easy Way

Most people have a tendency to accumulate things. It happens without any effort or
intention of collecting items; it is simply a matter of overlooking or ignoring the need to get
rid of unused or unneeded stuff. This ‘stuff’ can include everything from clothes to
electronics and appliances. And although there eventually comes a time when the clutter is
obvious, it is common for the de-cluttering process to be postponed.

The reality is that when a significant amount of clutter is accumulated, the cleanup process
becomes more involved. Because there is more ‘stuff’ to sort through, the process can take
longer and even become stressful. When there is a huge amount of things to go through, the
entire process can be overwhelming. And that often results in less desire to get started with
the sorting and cleaning up.

Obviously, the sooner the de-cluttering process begins, the sooner it is completed and the
cleared space can be enjoyed. There are several ways to get started – and finished with
your de-cluttering. You can begin by designating just a few minutes a day to the project.
Within a short period of time you will have a small space cleared and eventually a whole
room. Then, maybe, before too long your entire home will be de-cluttered. Organization
experts are happy to help in providing advice and assistance in such cleanups. However, it
is essential that the homeowner be involved in the project. Sorting through the
accumulated stuff is the only way to really determine what is worth keeping, what can be
given away or donated, and properly disposing of what is junk.

One of the easiest ways to handle de-cluttering is with the assistance of professionals. This
help can include everything from basic advice and tips to help with the physical task of
removing the junk from your home.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the junk removal Calgary residents and businesses rely on for such

This company is professional in every sense of the word. Appointments are made and the
team of haulers arrives on site ready to go to work. They will even ensure that recyclable
items are recycled and that useable items are donated to local charities. And before the
team leaves the site they will sweep the area clean.

De-cluttering can be easy, if you call in help from experts. And organization will keep your
home de-cluttered and looking great. Rather than holding on to or storing unneeded items,
get in the habit of discarding them. This will help minimize the build-up of clutter. Before
deciding what to do with an item, you should ask yourself if you need or want it, and if it
serves a purpose. When you make the decision to get rid of something you should consider
whether the item can be recycled, given away, or donated. This helps others and it
minimizes the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfills.
About The Author:

Gracie Todd is a home decorator/designer that believes strongly in clutter-free
environments. According to Todd, a clutter-free space allows positive energy to flow more
freely. She begins many of her projects with a de-cluttering phase. Todd says 1-800-GOT-
JUNK? is the rubbish removal Calgary professionals like herself rely on.

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