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					PlayStation 3 Buying Guide: Expected Price upon Release

By purchasing your very own gaming console, you will see that this is not really a waste of money at all.
With a gaming console, you will be able to entertain yourself when you’re bored, and it is also a great way
to spend time with your children by playing their favorite games with them via multiplayer mode.

Gaming consoles before were simple and have crude graphics and sound technology. However, because of
the advancement in computer technology and microchips, gaming consoles today are now very realistic in
terms of graphics and sound. In fact, you can easily mistake the characters as real life actors that you can
control when you play with today's gaming console and today's games. Down to the imperfection of a
human face, a graphic artist can create a character that looks so human that it can sometimes be scary and

Sony is a company that manufactures such gaming consoles that offer great graphics technology and also
great sound technology. They were responsible for the PlayStation series and today, many people are
awaiting the release of yet another addition for their PlayStation series. This gaming console is called the
PlayStation 3.

Sony promises that PlayStation 3 will provide an exceptional gaming experience to people all over the
world. With state-of-the-art graphics and sound technology integrated in the PlayStation 3 gaming console,
many people are anticipating the release of this particular gaming console in the market today. In fact, many
people have begun preordering or making reservations of PlayStation 3 in Sony retail outlets and online
PlayStation 3 merchants.

However, before you buy, or before you preorder, you have to know the price of a PlayStation 3 unit first in
order for you to know if you can afford it. You also have to know the benefits it can give you in order to
know if you will definitely get what you will pay for.

PlayStation 3 is a highly advanced gaming machine that is integrated with the best graphics chip, and also
the best processor. PlayStation 3 also has an HDMI port for you to enjoy playing games on High Definition
TV. This particular gaming console is also equipped with upgradeable hard drive, flash card reader, and Wi-
Fi. Another great thing about PlayStation 3 is that it is also integrated with the Blu-ray drive and it also has
the backwards compatibility feature that will allow you to play with your old PlayStation and PlayStation 2
games in your PlayStation 3 game console.

The Sony PlayStation 3 price varies from the two different configurations that will be released in the market
today. One configuration is the basic and the other is the premium. The difference between these two is that
the premium configuration has a much higher specification than the basic configuration. If you want to
upgrade in your own pace, the basic configuration is the right PlayStation 3 configuration for you. However,
if you want maximum gaming quality and uses most of the PlayStation 3 features, the premium
configuration is the right one for you.

In the US the price of the basic configuration is expected to be at US$499 and US$599 for the premium
configuration. As you can see, PlayStation 3 can definitely give you your money's worth. With great gaming
technology and great games, PlayStation 3 is worth every penny.

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