LAFD Weekly Bulletin #2004-11 by AaronBurks


									                         L O S A N G E L E S F I R E D E PA R T M E N T

                                                                                                       FIRE DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATION
CORINA ALARCON, President       JAY H. GRODIN, Vice-President                                                 200 N. MAIN STREET
              ROLAND COLEMAN, Commissioner
               LOUISE FRANKEL, Commissioner                                                                     WILLIAM R. BAMATTRE
                                                                Los Angeles Fire Department
             TYRONE FREEMAN, Commissioner                         on the WORLD WIDE WEB                               Fire Chief

Wednesday, March 10, 2004                                                                                Number 11
                                      This document may now be viewed on the World Wide Web at the above address

            DIRECTIVES AND ACTIONS                                                     ANNOUNCEMENTS (Continued)
                 BILINGUAL POSITIONS                                                           GANGREEN SOFTBALL CLUB
            ADMINISTRATIVE BULLETIN NO. 25                                                    25-YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY
                                                                              Wanted, all ex-players and medal winners to help celebrate 25
Bilingual                                                                     years of good times, great memories, and camaraderie.
Position       Authorized                            Language/ No. of
                                                                              Place:           La Paz Restaurant (818) 880-8076
   No.          Location          Classification      Bonus Positions
                                                                                               4505 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas
   136         FPB- Central        Clerk Typist       Spanish    1
Upgraded        Industrial                             (5.5%)                 Date & Time: Sunday, March 28, 2004 – (“C”shift on duty)
                                                                                               Dinner & Social Hour: 5:00 p.m.
The above change should be made in ink and dated on the “Roster               Food & Price: Buffet style dinner, $20, includes meal, tax,
of Approved Bilingual Positions” attached to Administrative                                    and tip.
Bulletin No. 25 and initialed by concerned officer(s).                        Reservations: Joe Espinoza, F.S. 26-A, (213) 485-6226
                                                                                               Rick Denning, F.S. 72-B, (818)756-8672
                                                                                               Keith Bandy, F.S. 61-C, (213) 485-6261
                    ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                              Dick Markota, Batt.10-A, (818) 756-8610
                                                                                                  * * * Casual Attire * * *
                     RETIREMENT DINNERS                                                                    xxx

Name:                William “Bill” G. QUINN, Captain II, F.S. 4-C                       “DeFEO RETIREMENT PARTY”
Place:               Ports O’ Call Restaurant (310) 833-9280                  It’s finally happened –
                     Berth 76 Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro
Date & Time:         Wednesday, April 14, 2004 - (“B” shift on duty)          Come help us celebrate 44 years of dedicated
                     Social Hour: 6:00 p.m.-Dinner: 7:00 p.m.                 service to the Los Angeles City Fire Department and
                                                                              the citizens of Los Angeles.
Food & Price: Captain’s Buffet, $40, includes tax, tip and gift.
                                                                              Name:         Robert J. De FEO, Assistant Chief, Division 1A
Reservations: Call F.S. 4 Grapevine: (213) 972-9042 or                        Place:        Wilshire Grand Hotel
              (213) 622-9011                                                                930 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
                 ALL ARE WELCOME                                              Date & Time: Friday, March 26, 2004–(“C” shift on duty)
                                   xxx                                                      Social Hour: 5:30 p.m.-Dinner: 7:00 p.m.
                                                                              Food & Price: Chicken, Beef or Fish, $45.00, includes tax, tip and
Name:                Ralph L. LA PREZIOSA, Firefighter III/Helitac,
                     F.S. 90-C                                                Reservations: Call Div. 1 – Leticia (213) 977-8961 or email
Place:               94TH Aero Squardon Restaurant                                –Must be paid in advance
                     16320 Raymer Street, Van Nuys
Date & Time:         Thursday, April 1, 2004 - (“B” shift on duty)            Rooms are available at the Wilshire Grand Hotel at a rate of
                     Social Hour: 6:00 p.m.-Dinner: 7:00 p.m.                 $97.00. Call (888) 773-2888 and request L.A. City Fire
                                                                              Department Group.
Food & Price: Sirloin Steak or Chicken Marsala, $40, includes                                    ALL ARE WELCOME
              tax, tip and gift.                                                                         xxx
Reservations: Call F.S. 99 Grapevine: (818) 981-6379                           WOMEN OF THE LOS ANGELES FIRE DEPARTMENT
                                xxx                                                SILVER ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION
Name:               Dan HENRY, Captain 1, F.S. 93-B                           Come and celebrate 25 years of dedicated service by the
Place:              Disabled American Veterans Hall                           Women of the LAFD.
                    6543 Corbin Ave., Woodland Hills                          Event:         Silver Anniversary Celebration Dinner
Date & Time:        Thursday, May 27, 2004–(“B” shift on duty)                Place:         Renaissance Hollywood Hotel
                    Social Hour: 5:00 p.m.-Dinner: 6:00 p.m.                                 1755 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood
Food & Price: Tri Tip & Chicken Barbeque Buffet, $35, includes                Date & Time: Friday, April 2, 2004 - (“A” shift on duty)
              tax, tip and gift.                                                             Social Hour: 6:30 p.m.-Dinner: 7:30 p.m.
                                                                              Food & Price: Chicken/Salmon combo or Vegetarian, $75 donation.
Reservations: Call F.S. 93: (818) 342-1645 or (818) 756-8693
                                                                              Reservations: Call (213) 473-3373 – RSVP Line or
                  ALL ARE WELCOME
                                                                                                ALL ARE WELCOME
                                                   ANNOUNCEMENTS (Continued)

           ATTENTION: LAFD GOLF CLUB MEMBERS                                                         A/O GUS PEREZ
                          SCHEDULE FOR 2004                                                BLOOD DRIVE AND BLOOD TESTING FOR
                            MARCH - APRIL                                                 THE NATIONAL BONE MARROW PROGRAM
DATE      SHIFT TIME       PRICE           COURSE             DIRECTOR             In June of 2003, Apparatus Operator Gus Perez (F.S. 38-B)
                                                                                   was diagnosed with Leukemia. In order for Gus to live a long
MAR. 22-24             SO. CAL. PARTNERS AT PRIMM**                                and healthy life, he must have a bone marrow transplant in
MAR. 25    B     8AM     $46.00         LOS VERDES                 MOODY           the near future. In an effort to help A/O Perez, the Los Angeles
                                                                                   Fire Department along with the City of Hope will be sponsor-
APR. 12    B    8AM      $65.00       ROBINSON RANCH               GANT            ing six blood drives. In addition to donating blood, participants
APR. 19    B    8AM      ANNUAL SENIORS CHAMPIONSHIP**             KLASSE          will also provide blood samples for further testing to determine
APR. 22    C    8AM      $55.00       MILE SQUARE                  GARCIA          if they are a potential match for a transplant. This process will
APR. 28    C    0730     $40.00       BAILIE OPEN**                TED BAILIE      automatically register the donor with the National Marrow
                                                                                   Donor Program.
               BI-MONTHLY TOURNAMENT RULES                                         To sign up as a donor, please contact the perspective Fire
You may call the director of the tournament for reservations no more than 35       Station listed below. The initial blood testing process will take
days and no less than 10 days prior to the tournament. Use either number,          approximately one hour to complete.
home or grapevine, to contact the tournament director. Call early to reserve       Date                      Time             Location   Contact
your starting time. If you must cancel, PLEASE do so by calling the tourna-        Mar. 25, 2004-Thursday    0730–1330 hrs.   FHMTC      F.S. 38–(310) 548-7538
ment director at least 14 days before the tournament. Anytime after that date,
                                                                                   Mar. 26, 2004-Friday      0730–1330 hrs.   FHMTC      F.S. 38–(310) 548-7538
you must secure a replacement or you will be responsible for the green fees. Any
                                                                                   Mar. 30, 2004-Tuesday     0730–1330 hrs.   F.S. 88    F.S. 17–(213) 485-6217
no-shows will be responsible for all charged fees. The person signing up a group
                                                                                   Mar. 31, 2004-Wednesday   0730–1330 hrs.   F.S. 88    F.S. 17–(213) 485-6217
will be responsible for any cancellations or no-shows. Please, do not make a
reservation for a non-member of the LAFD GOLF CLUB.                                We encourage you to participate in this life-sharing program for Gus and
                                                                                   possibly others in need of a bone marrow transplant. Everyone is welcome.

                                                      W E E K LY U P D AT E
                        HEAVY LIFT GURNEY                                          in attending this class should contact Captain Frank Semenza at
                                                                                   the EMS Training Unit (213-485-8022) and be guided by his
The Department recently purchased six large-weight capacity
                                                                                   instructions. Interested members should telephone immediately.
(650 pounds) gurney systems. Currently, Paramedic Rescue
                                                                                   Firefighters volunteering for this class will have the opportunity to
Ambulances 3 and 60 each have one of these gurneys. Members
                                                                                   become licensed paramedics by January 2005.
requesting the “Heavy Lift Gurney” should also consider addition-
al resources, i.e. task force, Heavy Rescue, USAR, an EMS Captain
                                                                                              QUARTERLY DEPARTMENT STATISTICS
and Battalion Chief. Eventually, there will be two “Heavy Lift
Gurneys” in each Division. A Department-wide training program,                     During the months of October, November and December of 2003:
along with a Training Bulletin, is currently being developed.
Patients requiring heavy lift capabilities offer a unique challenge to             The 20 busiest fire stations were:
our members. A heavy lift dispatch algorithm will also be devel-                    1.   Fire Station 9      59 responses per day    1,932 emergency hours
oped to provide the best care for the patient and safety for our                    2.   Fire Station 57     48 responses per day    1,781 emergency hours
members.                                                                            3.   Fire Station 64     46 responses per day    1,566 emergency hours
                                                                                    4.   Fire Station 33     46 responses per day    1,529 emergency hours
          2003 / 2004 PARAMEDIC TRAINING CLASSES                                    5.   Fire Station 39     46 responses per day    1,562 emergency hours
On October 6, 2003, 13 Firefighters began paramedic training at                     6.   Fire Station 66     45 responses per day    1,488 emergency hours
the Los Angeles County Paramedic Training Institute in                              7.   Fire Station 11     44 responses per day    1,355 emergency hours
Commerce. Their clinical training was in December, and their field                  8.   Fire Station 46     39 responses per day    1,484 emergency hours
internship began in January 2004. These Firefighters should                         9.   Fire Station 89     38 responses per day    1,438 emergency hours
become licensed paramedics by April 2004.                                          10.   Fire Station 27     36 responses per day    1,242 emergency hours
                                                                                   11.   Fire Station 61     36 responses per day    1,305 emergency hours
On January 5, 2004, 11 Firefighters began paramedic training at                    12.   Fire Station 98     35 responses per day    1,212 emergency hours
the Los Angeles County Paramedic Training Institute in                             13.   Fire Station 60     34 responses per day    1,281 emergency hours
Commerce. Their clinical training will begin in March, and their                   14.   Fire Station 65     34 responses per day    1,391 emergency hours
field internship will begin in April. These Firefighters should                    15.   Fire Station 26     33 responses per day    1,192 emergency hours
become licensed paramedics by July 2004.                                           16.   Fire Station 68     33 responses per day    1,336 emergency hours
                                                                                   17.   Fire Station 94     32 responses per day    1,277 emergency hours
The April 2004 Paramedic Training Class has been cancelled due to
                                                                                   18.   Fire Station 29     32 responses per day    1,164 emergency hours
LAFD budgetary reductions.
                                                                                   19.   Fire Station 81     31 responses per day    1,191 emergency hours
There are 10 openings for LAFD Firefighters to attend paramedic                    20.   Fire Station 3      30 responses per day      936 emergency hours
training starting July 6, 2004, at the Los Angeles County
                                                                                   The number of responses, and emergency hours worked, were the
Paramedic Training Institute in Commerce. Firefighters attending
                                                                                   total for the fire station, and included any Engine, Light Force,
this class will be assigned to special duty and attend class every
                                                                                   Squad, Paramedic RA, BLS RA, EMS Battalion Captain, Battalion
Monday – Friday for about 3 months. Any Firefighter with 12 or
                                                                                   Chief and Division Chief assigned to the station.
more months of LAFD experience prior to July 6, 2004, interested

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