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					Who Should Compost?

As there are many uses for compost, you will find people with different interests and
occupations utilizing this environmentally friendly resource.

A homeowner can create a compost bin or pile to reduce the amount of trash they are
throwing away. As an added benefit they are creating a fertilizer for their house plants or
garden plot. Since compost bins require green food (grass clippings) and brown food
(organic waste) you can collect your grass clippings and add them to your bin too.

On a farm, crops can produce a lot of waste. A farmer can use crops that are not
consumable and add them to a compost bin along with manure from any livestock they
may keep. Once the compost matures and is ready, the farmer can use the material for
added nutrients in the soil; build up low spots in his field; and to keep the soil healthy –
mature compost has the ability to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.

A professional landscaper can create compost material for clients that want only natural
or organic materials used on their lawn or flower beds. This can be a low-cost material
for a landscaper to utilize providing his clients with Earth-friendly options with a low
overhead cost.

If you like the idea of composting but do not have the space or time to create one, check
with your city or municipality’s recycling center. Some will accept your yard waste and
clippings for a city compost heap. This material will then be used throughout the city’s
parks and gardens. In certain centers they may let the residents utilize the mature
compost for their own needs too.

Schools will utilize compost to teach the students the process of decomposition and to
teach children what we can do to help our planet. This is in addition to the cost savings
for the school in up keeping the grounds and park.

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