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					 March–April 2004                                                                                                           Westernite

   Official Publication of District 6 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers                         March–April 2004 Vol. 58 No. 2

Mid-Year                                         Movin’ Them Doggies Through
Board Meeting                                    Downtown Denver
                      This year’s District 6     Re-Timing 218 Signals in the
                      Board Meeting was a
                      great success. The         Denver CBD
                      day-long meeting           John LaSala, P.E., PTOE, City and County of
                      started at 8:00 A.M.       Denver
                      and ended before 5:00      Darrell Alston, City of Thornton, Col.
                      P.M. at the Hilton         Michael Finochio, P.E., City and County of
                      Hotel in our               Denver
                      President’s, Randy
                      McCourt’s,                      Working as joint partners, the Denver
Ken Ackeret, District hometown of                Regional Council of Governments
6 Secretary-Treasurer Portland, Oregon.          (DRCOG) and the City and County of
                      This location gave         Denver (CCD) recently re-timed 218 traffic
 everyone an opportunity to see the hotel        signals in the central business district
 and meeting rooms where our 2007                (CBD) of Denver, Colorado. Figure 1
 Annual District meeting is scheduled to         depicts the project location.
 take place. During the course of the day,
 the Board received various reports,             Layout and Characteristics
 ranging from international activities to             The Denver CBD presents numerous
 our more local District 6 committee             challenges beyond the classic textbook grid.
 chair’s plans and accomplishments.              A large proportion of the signals exist
 Attendees included the entire District 6        within the core CBD grid, which is skewed         Figure 1: Project Area
 Board, Tim Harpst (International Vice                                     (Continued on page 6)
 President), Wes Pringle (District
 Administrator), John Kerenyi
 (WesternITE Editor), Jon Pascal (Web
 Manager), Rory Grindley (Advisory
 Committee), Steve Sasaki (Membership
 Vice Chair), Walter Okitsu (California
 Traffic Engineering Registration Chair),
                                                 Welcome to Sacramento!
 Jennifer Rosales (Career Guidance                      On behalf of the ITE Northern               an original stop of the
 Chair), Marie Girardot (Vendor Chair),           California Section members and our                Pony Express, the
                         (Continued on page 2)    Local Arrangements Committee (LAC),               western terminus of
                                                  it is our pleasure to invite you to the 2004      the transcontinental
                                                  ITE District 6 Annual Meeting to be held in       railroad, and a key
                                                  Sacramento, California, June 20-23.               river port for the
    What’s In This Issue                                The meeting will be held at the new         shipment of gold and
                                                  Sheraton Hotel in downtown                        other commerce.
                                                  Sacramento, one block from Arnold’s                     The conference
 More Sacramento Meeting Info               3     office at the State Capitol. The                  will feature several
 WesternITE Round-Up                        4     centerpiece of the luxury hotel is the            innovations and            Steve Brown, LAC
                                                  renovation of Sacramento’s Historic               attractions: a fourth      Co-Chair
 This Year’s District 6 Candidates          5     Public Market Building originally                 track of technical
 February 10 is Hank Mohle Day              8     designed by renowned architect Julia              sessions (discussion panels on hot topics),
                                                  Morgan, famous for designing the Hearst           the Opening Reception (which will be
 President’s Message                        9     Castle.                                           held in the exhibit hall), an exclusive
                                                        Sacramento has a long and                   viewing at the adjacent IMAX theater
 Section/Chapter Activities                10
                                                  important transportation heritage. It was                                  (Continued on page 2)

                                                                                                              Page 1
 Westernite                                                                                                              March–April 2004

                                                    available to travel to Sections and                years.
Mid-Year Board Meeting                              Chapters to support them – travel             •    The Board approved Student Chapter
Highlights                                          should be coordinated through                      Charters and By-laws for the Boise
                                                    President Randy McCourt.                           State and Washington State Student
(Continued from page 1)
                                                •   Zaki Mustafa noted that District 6                 Chapters.
Jeff Webber (Seattle LAC Chair), Bob                overall income for last year was              •    The Board approved up to $1,500 to
Grandy (Sacramento LAC co-chair) and                $100,775 with expenses of $101,859.                the University of Idaho Student
Bob Morast (Oregon Section Vice                     He indicated that the Seattle Annual               Chapter to attend the 2004
President). Highlights included:                    Meeting will generate a small amount               Sacramento Annual Meeting and
•    Ray Davis noted in his International           of excess revenue.                                 conduct the James H. Kell Award
     Director’s report that the Expert          •   Jennifer Rosales presented a survey of             Student Competition. The Board also
     Witness Committee is looking for a             District 6 members on mentoring, the               directed the Career Guidance Chair to
     newsletter editor, and that anyone             results of which will be used in the               conduct an RFP competition to select
     interested should contact him for more         development of a mentoring program                 a student chapter to conduct the
     information. Ray also recognized that          to be presented to the Board at the                James H. Kell Student Competition
     there are currently 1,039 certified            Sacramento Annual Meeting.                         and receive $1,500 at future annual
     Professional Traffic Operations            •   Jeff Webber presented a report on the              meetings after Sacramento.
     Engineers (PTOEs) internationally.             successful Seattle meeting, noting that       •    The Colorado/Wyoming Section and
     Exams will be offered at the March             the final registration numbers were the            the Arizona Section were each invited
     ITE Technical Conference in                    second-highest in history (2,307). The             to prepare proposals to host the 2009
     California and at the ITE Annual               Board congratulated Jeff and his Local             District 6 Annual Meeting and present
     Meeting in Florida next summer. He             Arrangements Committee on a job                    them to the District 6 Board in
     also noted that ITE is undertaking             well done.                                         Sacramento at the Annual Meeting.
     constitutional amendments regarding        •   The Board approved a $1,000 student           •    Board action was taken to reduce
     nomination and election procedures             initiative donation to the Washington              travel costs.
     (details of which can be found on the          Section as a thank-you for a job well         •    The Board approved a $5,000 budget
     ITE web site []).                   done in hosting a successful Joint                 to initially fund a data collection
•    Pat Noyes, International Director,             District 6/ITE Annual Meeting this                 program. Requests for proposals (due
     informed the Board that she is                 past summer.                                       in early spring) shall be issued through
     currently Chair of the Security and        •   The Board approved the Presidential                the Technical and Career Guidance
     Evacuation Advisory Committee and              appointment of Jenny Grote as our                  Chairs to seek Student Chapters to
     serves on the Transportation Awards            next District 6 Administrator effective            conduct data collection efforts,
     Committee for ITE International.               June 23, 2004. Everyone expressed                  providing $1,000 to $2,000 grants.
•    Rock Miller, International Director            their thanks to Wes for all the work he
     noted that the District 6 Board is             has given the district over the past ten

                                                a state-of-the-art fuel
                                                cell technology
Welcome to Sacramento!                          center sponsored by
                                                all the major
(Continued from page 1)
following the opening reception, and            manufacturers.
family night at the world famous California     Another technical
State Railroad Museum.                          tour will feature a
     More than 90 individual technical          hands-on visioning
presentations (20 more than at recent           session to plan the
Annual Meetings) will be made.                  future of
                                                                         Downtown Sacramento, as viewed from across the Sacramento River
Presentations focus on such topics as           transportation and
community design, road diet, the future of      land use in the
carpool lanes, pedestrian master plans/         Sacramento region using the PLACES3                  baseball team. Participants can easily
ADA, goods movement, multi-jurisdiction         Model.                                               extend their trip with a family vacation to
ITS, transit priority, small/rural area               Sacramento is an inviting city for             Lake Tahoe (1-1/2 hours by auto), Reno (2
planning, and much more.                        families, with attractions such as Sutter’s          hours), the Napa Valley wine country (1-
     The ever-popular traffic bowl will         Fort, the historic waterfront, the State             1/2 hours), or San Francisco (2 hours).
entertain conference participants and their     Capitol, the railroad museum, the Crocker                  We look forward to seeing you in
families on Tuesday afternoon, followed by      Art Museum, and the River Cats triple-A              Sacramento on June 20-23!
the annual awards banquet. A golf outing
is scheduled for Sunday morning at the
nearby Teal Bend Golf Course, a popular                 Watch for your registration packet
championship course adjacent to the scenic
Sacramento River.                                            to be arriving shortly!
     A series of technical tours will include

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 March–April 2004                                                                                                  Westernite

       Frequently Asked Questions about the Sacramento Meeting
Q: How would you describe the Sheraton         Q: What is this Fourth Track that I keep          California Fat’s, Fat City, and the
   Grand Hotel where the 2004 District 6          hearing about?                                 trendy new Tunnel 21 (owned by
   Annual Meeting will be held?                A: In addition to the three concurrent            Sacramento King Vlade Divac). The
A: It’s just two years old, one of the two        technical tracks offered at recent             River City Brewing Company is at the
   large convention hotels in downtown            meetings, we’ve added a fourth                 west end and the Hard Rock Café at
   Sacramento, and just one block from            track—providing you access to a total          the east end of the Downtown Plaza.
   the State Capital. The meeting rooms           of over 90 speakers—that will address
   are located in an elegantly renovated          hot topics such as the future of HOV       Q: What’s a River Otter taxi?
   historic building designed originally          lanes, pedestrian master plans, High       A: The River Otter Taxi Co. is a water
   by Julia Morgan.                               Speed Rail, and more.                         taxi that will take you from the Old
                                                                                                Sacramento riverfront to several
Q: Who’s that strange guy wandering            Q: What’s a Rivercat?                            restaurants along the American River
   around Sacramento with the dark             A: If you go to the Sacramento River,            including Crawdad’s, Chevy’s, Sushi
   glasses on?                                    and look across to the west bank,             on the River, and the Virgin Sturgeon.
A: That would be our new Governor…                there’s a place called Raley Field
   Arnold… who was sent back from the             that’s the home of the Sacramento          Q: Why should I come to Sacramento for
   future to terminate those nasty taxes.         Rivercats, AAA affiliate of the               this Annual Meeting?
                                                  Oakland A’s. That’s a long way of          A: Because the Governator says you
Q: What is there for my family to do              saying I’m not really sure what a             must!
   during the meeting?                            Rivercat is.
A: Organized events include a special
   showing at the IMAX Theater Sunday          Q: Is there shopping nearby?
   evening at 8 pm and Family Night at         A: The Downtown Plaza, an open-air
   the California State Railroad Museum           mall designed by the architects of
   on Monday Night. Other great family            Horton Plaza in San Diego, is just a
   attractions in very close proximity to         six-block walk from the hotel.
   the hotel include the historic
   waterfront in Old Sacramento, Sutter’s      Q: What restaurants should I try?
   Fort, the Golden State Museum, and          A: If you’re along the riverfront in Old
   the Crocker Art Museum.                        Sacramento, try Rio City Café or Joe’s
Q: Will it be hot in Sacramento in June?          Crab Shack. Other great Old
A: Not as hot as Palm Desert in July.             Sacramento restaurants include

                    Sacramento Meeting Highlights
     As host to this year’s District 6         by the Sacramento Area Council of             hydrogen fueling station. Take a tour of the
Annual Meeting, Sacramento provides a          Governments (SACOG). Winner of the            facility and hear how the partnership is
great opportunity to learn about everything    prestigious Governor’s Environmental and      addressing fuel infrastructure requirements,
from historic railroading to the newest        Economic Leadership Award (Land Use           vehicle and fuel safety, market incentives,
research in fuel cell technology, cutting-     category) as presented recently by            and consumer acceptance.
edge applications of land use/                 Governor Schwarzenegger, the Blueprint
transportation planning tools – and much,      Project is designed to engage community       Capitol Corridor Intercity Rail
much more!                                     members in meaningful discussions about            The Capitol Corridor, providing
                                               growth—through a hands-on, real-time          intercity rail service between Sacramento
California State Railroad Museum               computer exercise. Join SACOG staff in a      and the San Francisco Bay Area, has been
     Located in Old Sacramento, the            real workshop to experience why               one of the most dramatic rail success
complex of historic facilities and unique      community members have been getting           stories in the United States over the past
attractions is widely regarded as one of       involved by the thousands.                    five years. From 1998 to 2002, ridership
North America’s finest and most visited                                                      soared from 0.46 to 1.1 million annual
railroad museums. We’ll have the museum        California Fuel Cell Partnership              riders while the cost per passenger mile
reserved for our exclusive use during the           The Partnership is a collaboration of    declined by 27 percent. The Sacramento
Monday Night Family Event, so you can          auto companies, fuel providers, fuel cell     station, which features the highest boarding
take your time in viewing the lavishly         technology companies and government           levels of all the corridor’s stations, can
restored trains and engaging exhibits.         agencies placing fuel cell vehicles on the    provide you with access to destinations
                                               road in California. The West Sacramento       such as San Jose and Oakland/San
Sacramento Region Blueprint                    headquarters facility was built in 2000 and   Francisco.
     The Blueprint Project is a cutting-edge   houses vehicle maintenance bays and a
transportation/land use study undertaken

                                                                                                     Page 3
 Westernite                                                                                                               March–April 2004

                                  WesternITE Round-Up
                                  Tips from Around the District
                                                    streets. Executive summaries from the             Sacramento region as part of its
Hawaii Section                                      three resulting reports are available at          Blueprint Project. The project aims to
                                                           teach key stakeholders and the public
Nimitz Highway                                      h-1a.htm and full copies of the reports           at large about the interactions between
Contraflow Lane                                     can be obtained by contacting Douglas             land use and transportation, and to
     Hawaii                                         Meller (                work towards a shared vision of what
DOT opened a                                        of Hawaii DOT.                                    the Sacramento region should be like
contra-flow lane                                •   Effect of Polymer Modified Asphalt                in the year 2050.
along Nimitz Highway in September 2003.             Binders on the Performance of the Asphalt    •    Mobility Strategies for Sacramento
The four-month demonstration project                Concrete Mixes Used in Hawaii, Adrian             County—Sacramento County is
converted one of the eastbound lanes on             Ricardo Archilla: The research                    sponsoring a major study, entitled
Nimitz Highway into an extra lane heading           involves the study of different polymer           Mobility Strategies for County
into the downtown area during the                   modifiers for asphalt cement and seeks            Corridors, which is developing long-
morning rush-hour period from 5:30 AM               to identify the polymers best suited for          range strategies for improving mobility
to 8:30 AM. If the demonstration project is         use on Oahu given its unique                      in eleven major corridors in
successful, funding is available to continue        environmental conditions, traffic                 Sacramento County. The study will
it on a long-term basis. More information           loads/volumes, and aggregate types.               identify possible improvements to
regarding the project is available at http://   •   Investigation Of Traffic Detectors For Use        roadways, bicycle, pedestrian and           In Hawaii, Panos D. Prevedouros:                  transit facilities on a corridor-by-
contraflow/index.htm.                               Conducts a review of detector                     corridor basis, and also evaluate the
                                                    specifications with special emphasis              overall effect that
Planned Projects for the State DOT in 2004                                                            such
                                                    on detectors suitable for measure-
      The State of Hawaii Department of                                                               improvements
                                                    ments on arterial streets and rural
Transportation is planning to spend more                                                              would have on
                                                    highways, as well as testing of several
than $200 million on new highway and                                                                  mobility in the
                                                    portable and semi-portable detectors.
maintenance programs in the coming year.                                                              county.
                                                    Accuracy of volume, speed and
Some of the nearly 70 projects scheduled to
                                                    classification counts under congested/
go to bid or begin construction in 2004 are                                                      Kristin Calia, Section
                                                    uncongested, sunny/
listed below:                                                                                    President
                                                    cloudy/rainy and day/
•     Oahu: Widening of the H-1 Freeway             night conditions are
      (westbound) from the Waimalu                  being investigated.
      Viaduct to the Pearl City off-ramp
      ($56 million).                            Cathy Leong, Hawaii Section
•     Oahu: Extension of the Zipper             President                                             Schedule of Contributions
      (movable barrier) lane along the H-1
      Freeway from Pearl Harbor to Ke'ehi                                                             Issue
                                                                                                      (Deadline)     Sections/Chapters
      Interchange ($8 million).
•     Hawaii: Widening of Queen
      Ka'ahumanu Highway from Henry             Northern                                              Jan-Feb
                                                                                                      (Nov 25)
      Street to Kealakehe Parkway ($23                                                                               Central California
      million).                                 California Section                                    Mar-Apr        Hawaii
•     Maui: Widening of Mokulele Highway        •   New Sacramento Light Rail Extension Up            (Jan 25)       Northern California
      from Kolaloa Bridge to Kealia Pond            and Running—The South Line Light                                 Washington
      Driveway ($18 million) and Maui               Rail Extension project has extended
                                                                                                      May-June       Intermountain
      Humane Society to Kolaloa Bridge              Sacramento Regional Transit’s system                             Southern California
                                                                                                      (Mar 25)
      ($15.3 million).                              6.3 miles south from Downtown
                                                    Sacramento to Meadowview Road.                    July-Aug       California Border
University of Hawaii at Manoa Research              The grand opening of the extension                (May 25)       San Francisco Bay Area
Projects                                            took place in September 2003.                     Sept-Oct       Washington
•    Investigation Of The Effects Of Limited        Regional Transit officials expect the             (July 25)      New Mexico
     Ramp Closures Along The H-1 Freeway,           line to add 8,100 passengers daily to                            Riverside/San Bernardino
     Panos D. Prevedouros: Project                  the light rail system by 2005.                    Nov-Dec        Alaska
     identified ramps along the H-1             •   Sacramento Region Blueprint Project—                             Arizona
                                                                                                      (Sept 25)
     freeway which, if closed, would cause          The Sacramento Area Council of                                   Central Coast
     a significant improvement of the flow          Governments (SACOG) has
     conditions on the freeway without                                                                Please submit your contributions to the
                                                    conducted dozens of interactive                   Managing Editor (contact information on
     causing major congestion on adjacent           workshops throughout the six-county               last page).

    Page 4                                   
 March–April 2004                                                                                                          Westernite

                                               bridge less than an inch off its temporary          secrets of getting traffic problems fixed,
Washington Section                             piers and lowered it onto 24 high-strength          saving lives in the process. He was created
                                               rollers. It was pulled along a track into           by Timothy Miller, an ITE District 6
Section Initiates                              place. This reconstruction project is part of       member in Washington.
Student Mentoring                              the Bellevue HOV Access project to                  To learn more about the
Program                                        accommodate the HOV access ramps to                 Traffic Tim program, visit
     A new                                     the Bellevue Transit Center.                        the Traffic Tim Web site
student mentoring program has been                                                                 at
established and managed by the Student         State Legislature Passes 5 Cent Gas Tax for
Mentoring Committee of the section. The        Needed Projects                                     Gary Costa, Section President
program has four basic areas: 1) Student            The State Legislature recently passed a
mentoring; 2) Monthly mentoring article        gas tax increase of 5 cents, and WSDOT
from members; 3) Student shadow for the        responded with the release of six state
day; 4) Donations for monthly meetings         projects that are moving forward to design
and District 6 meeting in Sacramento,          and construction, including:
2004. The committee consists of Bob            1. I-5 SR 161/SR 18 Triangle
Herman, Darek Jarzynski, and Kerensa                Improvements. Fee $2.4 million.            Apply for the
Fromherz Swanson.                                   Environmental documentation, access        Pedestrian Project Awards
                                                    decision report and design. Berger-
I-90, Sunset Interchange                            ABAM selected.                             The deadline for submitting applications
      A newly expanded Interstate 90/          2. SR 18 Issaquah Hobart Road to I-90           for the ITE International Pedestrian
Sunset interchange, located on the east             Widening. Fee $3.4 million. EIS to         Project Awards is April 1, 2004. Awards
edge of Issaquah, was opened to traffic on          include I-90 connection and 30%            will be granted in the following categories:
August 29, 2003. This interchange serves            design to widen roadway to meet the
over 102,000 vehicles daily. The project            design criteria from 50mph to 60mph.       •      Facilities
converted an existing half-interchange into         There is Freight Action Strategy           •      Policy
a full interchange and constructed a new            Seattle to Tacoma Corridor (FAST)          •      Elderly and/or Mobility Impaired
road into the Issaquah Highlands                    money available. HDR selected.             •      Education
development. Also included were                3. SR-520 West Lake Sammamish                   •      Safety
construction of water treatment ponds,              Parkway to SR 202. Fee $5 million.         •      Partnerships
bicycle trails, creek enhancements, wetland         The EIS and the design will be
mitigation, landscaping, vehicle detection,         updated. CH2MHill selected.                Go to for more details.
and CCTV cameras.                              4. SR-522 Snohomish River to US 2
                                                    four-lane widening. Fee $1.2 million.
Rail Transit                                        Environmental documentation and
     Sound Transit Link, bringing light rail        design file. Parametrix selected.
to the Seattle area, broke ground on           5. SR-539 I-5 Access/Improvements:
November 8th. The ground-breaking marks             Ten Mile Road to International
the beginning of a six-segment, 14-mile
connection from Seattle to a station near
                                                    Border. East/West Corridor Study.          District 6 Candidate
                                                    Fee $1.2 million. Study by-pass of
the SeaTac airport. An earlier light rail           Bellingham traffic, assist with R/W        Slate Announced
section in the City of Tacoma was opened            plans, hydraulic, utilities etc. for
on August 22nd.                                     widening of roadway. DEA selected.              The following individuals have been
     Sound Transit Sounder commuter            6. SR-539 I-5 Access/Improvements               nominated as candidates for District 6
train trips between the City of Seattle and         (Ten Mile Road to International            officers:
the City of Everett opened on December              border) and widening (Ten Mile Road             President: Zaki Mustafa
21, 2003. This segment was opened after             to SR-546). Fee $4 million. KPFF                Vice President: Ken Ackeret
completing a $258 million agreement with            selected.                                       Secretary-Treasurer:
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway                                                                   Bob Grandy, Dalene Whitlock
Company. Sound Transit Sounder opened          RTID to Help Fund Regional Projects                  International Director:
an earlier commuter train between the City     A Regional Transportation Improvement                   Rory Grindley, Kathyrn Harris
of Seattle and the City of Tacoma in late      District (RTID) was established by the
2000. The ridership has doubled since that     Washington State Legislature in 2003. The            In accordance with Section 5.2 of the
time.                                          counties of King, Snohomish, and Pierce         Bylaws of District 6, additional
                                               (Everett/Seattle/Tacoma area) are               nominations may be made by petition
Minimizing Impacts to the Public Through       preparing a regional plan and funding           signed by not less than five members.
Innovative Techniques                          package to send to the voters.                  Each petition shall be accompanied by the
     How can a transportation project                                                          written consent of the nominee to run for
make everyone happy? By shortening                                    “Traffic Tim” Teaches    the office for which nominated, and must
schedules, saving money, and delivering                               Kids About Traffic       be received by the Secretary-Treasurer not
innovative solutions for a successful                                 Safety                   later than 60 days prior to the election
project. The NE 8th Street Overpass                                   Traffic Tim is a book    (due April 23). No member may be a
project in downtown Bellevue                   series created to inspire children to become    candidate for more than one office.
accomplished all that by incorporating an      aware of traffic safety while having fun.
innovative technique that lifted the new       Parents and children alike will discover the

                                                                                                           Page 5
 Westernite                                                                                                           March–April 2004

                                                streets with an average of three lanes of       only these three signal timing plans
                                                travel. The block spacing is also fairly        developed. Special event plans, which had
Feature Article                                 uniform in the standard north-south grid,       carefully evolved over years of operation
                                                averaging 350' east-west x 580' north-south.    and traffic expansion, were left virtually
(Continued from page 1)
                                                     As can be seen from Figure 1,              intact by this project. Turning movement
at an angle of approximately 45 degrees         numerous event centers exist along the          counts were taken at 112 intersections,
with respect to the balance of metro            western fringes of the central business         with movements at the missing
Denver's more prevalent north-south grid        district. Additionally, the 16th Street Mall,   intersections determined from arriving and
system. This creates interesting interactions   which is restricted only to pedestrians and     departing traffic at adjacent intersections.
along Speer, Colfax, and Broadway, the          buses, attracts substantial numbers of          Several older counts were also used.
three main arterials which traverse the         tourist and local trips. Parallel to the 16th         To determine the most acceptable
boundaries of the core CBD, where the           Street Mall are two one-way couplets            means of proceeding, numerous meetings
skewed streets meet the standard north-         which serve as prime arteries for local and     were conducted between DRCOG and
south grid system. As an advantage to           express bus routes, in addition to carrying     CCD. An important consideration
signal timers, the skewed portion of the        substantial commuter, shopping, and             involved determining the project
grid has generally uniform block spacing        entertainment-bound traffic. Perpendicular      constraints. One restrictive factor in the
averaging 350' northwest-southeast x 480'       to these bus arteries are the one-way           timing project was the timing along the
southwest-northeast. Most of the streets in     couplets of light rail transit which occur      light rail transit routes and the 16th Street
the core CBD operate as one-way local           along Stout and California Streets.             Bus Mall. Over the years, the timing in
                                                Pedestrian traffic is high in some areas, and   these corridors had been optimized in order
                                                several signals have an all-pedestrian          to allow efficient transit service. Any
 About the Authors:                             phase. CBD traffic is typically highly          significant changes in timing in these
 John La Sala, P.E.,
                                                directional during the weekday peak             corridors would have had a very
 PTOE is currently                              periods, with heavy inbound movements in        detrimental effect upon transit travel. For
 employed as a Traffic                          the morning and outbound volume in the          this reason, it was decided to start with
 Signal Engineer with                           evening.                                        signal timing along these corridors as a
 the City and County                                                                            starting point.
 of Denver. He serves                           Background                                            DRCOG develops signal timing using
 as the Technical                                     The CBD re-timing effort was              a combination of Synchro, TSPPD, and
 Committee                                      overdue, as it had been eight years since       CORSIM software. Synchro provided the
 Chairperson for the                            the previous re-timing effort of 1994-5.        main means of analysis, while TSPPD
 Colorado/Wyoming                               During those eight years, Coors Field           provided further illumination of corridor
 section of ITE. He received an M.S. in         opened to major league baseball, the Elitch     progression. Where needed, CORSIM
 Civil Engineering, with an emphasis in         Gardens amusement park moved                    provided a microscopic view, and was
 Transportation, from the University of         downtown, and the Pepsi Center opened to        helpful in simulating transit operations.
 Colorado at Denver.                            professional hockey, basketball, and other      However, since the timing along the main
 Darrell Alston is                              large events. During this relatively brief      transit corridors did not change, CORSIM
 currently employed as                          period of eight years from 1994 to 2002,        was used sparingly. SimTraffic was
 Project Manager—                               metropolitan Denver witnessed a                 considered as a microscopic simulation
 Traffic with the City                          substantial population boom of 24 percent       tool, but was not used because CORSIM
 of Thornton,                                   which ignited the appetite for more             provided more flexibility. VISSIM would
 Colorado. Until                                downtown event centers, arts, restaurants,      have provided a very high degree of
 recently, Darrell                              and nightlife, along with office space to       flexibility, but was not selected because it
 worked as a Traffic                            house the growing numbers of downtown           would have required increased labor cost.
 Operations Engineer                            businesses. In the Coors Field area alone,            CORSIM does not allow different
 with the Denver Regional Council of            clusters of decaying warehouses have been       types of transit vehicles to co-exist on the
 Governments. He was the Project                transformed into a hotspot of urban             same route. Therefore, 16th Street Mall
 Manager for DRCOG on the Denver                nightlife. These land use changes caused        shuttle vehicles were introduced into the
 CBD re-timing project. He received a B.S.      travel pattern changes that triggered the       network using the FRESIM portion of
 in Civil Engineering from Colorado State       need to re-visit the coordination plans.        CORSIM. Light rail vehicles were
 University.                                          During the period between the two         simulated using heavy vehicles, with
                                                CBD re-timing projects, traffic on key          several parameters adjusted to match light
 Michael Finochio, P.E.                         corridors increased by an average of 14         rail behavior. The CORSIM/FRESIM
 is currently employed                          percent. In the lower downtown area,            model was developed by Dave Aden when
 as a Senior Traffic                            traffic increased by an average of              he worked for DRCOG.
 Signal Engineer with                           approximately 16 percent. Evening peak-               Using Synchro version 5, DRCOG
 the City and County                            hour traffic increased by approximately 13      analyzed cycle lengths beyond the existing
 of Denver. He was the                          percent.                                        75-second cycle; however, it was agreed
 Project Manager for                                                                            that the 75-second cycle served the CBD
 the City on the CBD                            Preparation                                     best for all plans. Based upon knowledge of
 re-timing project. He is an Associate               Traffic counts were conducted for          prevailing traffic patterns, CCD made
 Member of ITE. He received a B.S. in           three time periods: morning peak, lunch         several changes to splits and offsets.
 Civil Engineering from Colorado State          hour, and evening peak. The lunch hour          Throughout the project, DRCOG provided
 University.                                    counts were used to develop the off-peak        excellent responsiveness to the changes
                                                plan. For most of the 218 intersections,

     Page 6                                   
 March–April 2004                                                                                                        Westernite

Feature Article (continued)                            The
  requested by CCD.                               travel impacts
                                                  of this project
  Signal System                                   were
        At the time of project implementation,    measured by
  approximately half the signals were             performing
  connected to the City's central signal          before and
  system (an Econolite icons traffic signal       after travel
  system), which was installed as part of this    time and delay
  project. All signalized intersections in the    studies on 13
  project area are equipped with NEMA             select, heavily
  controllers. Communication to these             traveled
  signals is achieved via fiber optic cable.      corridors.
  Communication to the icons system is            These results
  accessed via the Denver Traffic                 were
  Management Center (TMC), which helped           extrapolated
  facilitate implementation of new signal         to the
  timing, as controller data could be             remaining
  uploaded and downloaded from computers          corridors in
  to the signals which were connected to          order to
  icons. Currently, most of the remaining         obtain
  CBD signals are being added to the icons        systemwide         1. Sum of travel for all 13 corridors
  system.                                         results. Before/ 2. Average of travel for all 13 corridors
                                                  after studies
  Implementation                                  were performed                            Figure 2: System-wide Results
         Implementation commenced in              through direct
  October 2002 and proceeded over a period        measurement using a test vehicle equipped            Average vehicle speed increased slightly to
  of one month. Some engineers feel that a        with a Jamar board. Using the Jamar board            15 mph. The most dramatic improvement
  signal timing project is mostly complete        and its associated software, travel time,            for the evening peak occurred on
  once the timing plans have been developed       stopped delay and speed were determined.             northbound Speer Boulevard, which
  and implemented. However, especially in a       See Figure 2 for a graphical depiction of            showed a reduction in travel time of nearly
  project as complex as this one, much work       the systemwide results.                              two minutes. Broadway and Park Avenue
  still remains.                                       In the morning peak, travel time                West showed improvements in excess of
         Following the implementation, six        (adding together the end-to-end travel time          one minute. However, travel time on 15th
  months of “tweaking” transpired. During         for the 13 select corridors) improved by 12          Street and Larimer Street increased by
  this period, CCD and DRCOG engineers            percent. Travel time reductions in excess of         approximately one-half minute.
  drove on downtown streets discovering           one minute were documented on Blake,
  areas for improvement, and also to observe      17th, and 22nd Streets, and southbound               Overall Systemwide Improvements
  driver reaction to the new timing plans.        Speer Boulevard. Stopped delay (adding                    Based upon the corridors evaluated,
  Because of the close signal spacing in this     together delay for the 13 select corridors)          the new traffic signal coordination plans
  grid network, adjacent intersections easily     decreased 23 percent, and average vehicle            reduced average travel time in the CBD
  affect one another, magnifying the impact       speed (average speed for the 13 corridors)           area by 12 percent over the course of an
  of a change. Therefore, each change had to      increased from 16 to 18 miles per hour               average weekday. Average travel speeds
  be carefully weighed against the                (mph).                                               increased by 3 mph, and averaged stopped
  background of a delicately balanced                  During the off-peak period, travel time         delay decreased by 23 percent. As shown in
  system. The work often proceeded by trial       was reduced by 14 percent. Of the 13                 Table 1, this project is estimated to have
  and error, with the help of Synchro and         corridors, 10 showed improvement during              reduced total travel time on the corridors
  TSPPD as visual planning tools. These           the period. Two of the corridors remained            evaluated by more than 2,000 vehicle-
  tools were no substitute for fine tuning in     unchanged; however, eastbound Colfax                 hours per day. Daily fuel consumption and
  the field that enabled the plans to gradually   travel time increased by nearly one
  evolve.                                         minute. The most dramatic              Table 1: System-wide Measures of Effectiveness
         Constantly changing conditions           improvement occurred on Blake
  during the tweaking phase presented an          Street, where travel time decreased Performance Measures                 Daily Benefits
  additional challenge. Light rail was being      by more than two and one-half
  re-located in conjunction with the              minutes. Average stopped delay         Vehicle-hours of travel           634-hour reduction
  expansion of the Colorado Convention            decreased 32 percent, and vehicle
  Center. Signal timing was further changed       speeds increased from 16 to 19         Fuel consumption                  272-gallon decrease
  to accommodate the new alignment of             mph.
  LRT. Detours associated with the                     During the evening peak,          Time and fuel costs               $10,550 saved daily
  expansion created an even more interesting      travel time was reduced by six
  situation, causing a need for temporary         percent, with a 12-percent
  timing changes.                                                                        Daily pollutant emissions 745-pound reduction
                                                  reduction in stopped delay.

                                                                                                           Page 7
 Westernite                                                                                                                March–April 2004

                                                 planned within the scope of the project           Denver CBD on a more frequent basis,
                                                 budget and schedule. More accurate                especially if it continues its rapid rate of
Feature Article (continued)                      analysis could have been obtained, but at         transformation. In the next iteration, we
vehicle emissions were estimated for an          what cost? And, how much additional time          hope to use more effective analysis and
average mix of vehicles based upon the           would be needed?                                  implementation techniques in order that
Mobile 6 model. Developed by the                       At the present time, DRCOG initially        we may improve the daily benefits to
Environmental Protection Agency, Mobile          uses Synchro version 5 to determine the           downtown travelers by an even greater
6 represents the current standard of vehicle     optimal cycle length and on some projects         margin.
fuel consumption and emissions for               also uses TRANSYT-7F version 9 to test
corresponding speeds of travel. The Mobile       their results. TRANSYT-7F is often
6 data was integrated with the travel time       considered to be a more robust software for
curves in order to estimate the daily            grid networks such as a CBD, but at the         February 10th Proclaimed
benefits to consumption and emissions            expense of increasing labor intensity and
presented in Table 1. As calculated from         loss of some simple coding capabilities. For       “Hank Mohle Day”
time and fuel savings, using a fuel cost of      example, TRANSYT-7F does not have the
$1.35/gallon and a time value of $17.00          capability to code shared-use lanes.                 At a Joint Section Meeting, Randy
per person-hour (based upon $13.40 per                 Although precision of software            McCourt, District 6 President, along with
person-hour at average vehicle occupancy         increases as newer versions evolve, the         the Southern California Section and
of 1.25), the daily monetary gain to all         complexities of traffic characteristics mean    Central Coast Section Presidents, declared
motorists was estimated at approximately         that no software will perfectly model actual    the day of that meeting, February 10th, to
$36,450 per day.                                 traffic flow. Intensive microscopic             be known as Hank Mohle Day in
                                                 simulation programs such as VISSIM              recognition of R. Henry (Hank) Mohle’s
Lessons Learned                                  could provide a more precise analysis at        outstanding leadership and extensive
      When viewing the project from a            the expense of a very significant increase in   contributions to the traffic engineering
broad perspective, in a system such as that      labor intensity.                                profession. Hank has been an ITE
of the Denver central business district with           Another lesson learned from this          member for over 50 years, has held
its fairly uniform grid system, it may seem      project is to check the operation of all        positions at Section, District and
to the casual observer that a more               signals prior to and after implementation.      International levels, and has participated
systematic means of signal timing could be       This includes checking the accuracy of the      in numerous Councils and publications.
conducted. From this perspective, grouping       clocks in the controllers, and replacing or
of signals with simultaneous or double           repairing equipment which perform
alternate offsets would seem to be               inadequately. Additionally, for signals on a
appropriate more often than is currently         system, the communication status should
implemented. However, in light of the            be checked. Assuming that everything is
transit corridors where timing remained          working properly beforehand results in a
fixed, and existing travel patterns, this        high probability that at least one signal is
proved to be a difficult challenge. Perhaps      not working according to plan.
traffic could be rerouted to follow a more             Ideally, it would be advantageous if
efficient pattern, but this was outside of the   the amount of time spent in the tweaking
scope of this project.                           phase of this project could be reduced
      Another possibility for future timing      through more accurate analysis prior to         Erik Zandvliet, Hank Mohle, Randy McCourt, and
projects would be to conduct weekend             implementation. The bottom line,                Farhad Miran
counts plus counts on Friday and Saturday        however, is that this would have entailed
nights. The counts conducted during the          further expenditure of time and money in
lunch hour may have adequately measured          the analysis phase, either by spending more
mid-day patterns, but the increasing level       on traffic counts or more detailed analysis.
of activity in downtown Denver following         Despite software advances, the process of
normal business hours might warrant              post-implementation field study with some
additional traffic plans. Additionally, since    tweaking will probably always be an
only about half of the 218 intersections         essential component of signal timing. Since
were actually counted, further accuracy          traffic conditions change constantly, this is
could have been obtained by counting             especially true with a large and time-
more intersections. However, counting            consuming project. In the global view, the
more intersections or more time periods          goal of the project becomes maximization
would have entailed increased labor cost         of the overall benefit-to-cost ratio for the
and time.                                        entire process of analysis plus fine tuning.
      This discussion on traffic counts                Overall, the Denver CBD re-timing                  Save the Date—June 20-23
provides an introduction into another            project of 2002-2003 was successful in
dilemma of the project. Not only was the         improving the quality of traffic flow. We
timing of 218 closely spaced intersections a     are grateful to the many efforts of the staff   Correction
balancing act, but also the feat of project      of both the Denver Regional Council of          The January-February issue inadvertently
management presented its own needs for           Governments and the City and County of          neglected to credit Joel Falter for co-
balance. The benefits and costs of the           Denver Traffic Engineering Services             authoring the feature “New Citizen Bro-
project had to be carefully weighed and          Group. We would prefer to re-time the           chures Available” with Nazir Lalani (page
                                                                                                 17). The Editor apologizes for this oversight.

    Page 8                                     
 March–April 2004                                                                                                       Westernite

President’s Message
      Why did you join ITE? That is one of      research. It will involve student chapters        positive:
the questions the District 6 Board asked        and retired members of ITE, providing             •    85th percentile
ourselves to begin the process of               unique mentoring opportunities. Although               speeds within 200-
developing our District’s strategic plan.       current funding is a modest $5,000, I                  400 feet from the
Interestingly enough, we found that each        believe it will be a catalyst to further               pedestrian crossing Randy McCourt
board member was asked (in some cases           investments in pragmatic documentation                 were reduced 4 to 7
told) to come to an ITE meeting by a            and research in transportation engineering.            miles per hour
professor, a supervisor, or a fellow worker.    Please review the more detailed description            when a pedestrian was present (from
In my case, it was an invitation by Bob         of the program on our Web site, along with             34 to 27 MPH within 200 feet and
Layton that opened a gateway of learning        the RFP for student chapter participation              from 34 to 31 MPH within 400 feet).
through networking, sharing experiences         that is due April 1.                              •    Percent of vehicles traveling 5 miles
with others and listening that has enriched          Finally, we are heading into the                  per hour above the posted speed (400
my career development. For many that            election season and we have outstanding                feet from the crossing) decreased from
have gotten that invitation, gone, and felt     candidates from District 6, including two              17% to 3%.
out of place—don’t give up. It’s important      International Vice President nominees, that       •    No vehicles were observed traveling
that we embrace people as they start this       will be looking for your support and                   10 miles per hour above the posted
odyssey of learning to encourage our            learning from you how best to serve you.               speed 400 feet from the crossing after
collective development in the                   At the section and chapter level, one thing            installation, compared to 3% before.
transportation profession, introducing          you can do to help the candidates is to           •    The percentage of vehicles applying
them to others that have common                 provide them time to speak to your                     brakes in the presence of pedestrians
professional interests and backgrounds.         members and help them with reduced                     increased from 38% to 78%.
Please don’t miss the opportunity to invite     meeting costs and travel arrangements. The        •    The percentage of vehicles that
someone to an ITE meeting. They provide         candidates fund much of their campaigns                stopped for pedestrians in crossing
a place for professional relationships to       themselves and any support is greatly                  increased from 9% to 47%.
grow over one’s career.                         appreciated.
      As part of our strategic plan, the                                                          Follow-up to Earlier Feature: Use of Driver
Board is reviewing historic ITE charters,       Before/After Study of                             Feedback Signs Approved
missions, and strategic plans. Through our      Passively Activated                                    The July/August 2003 WesternITE
workshop, we defined five primary goals         Crosswalk Flasher                                 reported research conducted by the City of
for District 6. The top two (student                 With growing                                 Phoenix on driver feedback signs. The
initiatives and career development) are         attention being paid                              feature noted that their use was not
aimed at strengthening our profession           to pedestrian safety                              approved by the Manual on Uniform
through our people—attracting and               and crossing                                      Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Since
developing the best for our field. Technical    treatments,                                       then, the 2003 version of the MUTCD was
excellence/emergence, social networking,        attempting to find                                published, which includes use of driver
                                                                        Photograph of crosswalk
and promoting the profession are aimed at       measures that                                     feedback signs. The color recommendation
                                                                        flasher installation.
how we can retain strong professionals by       produce effective                                 is yellow and black—not black and white.
learning, sharing information, and              results requires the                              Section 2B.13 states:
recognition. The Board will be developing       use of before-and-after studies. In                    “A changeable message sign that
this plan over the remainder of this year,      Wilsonville, Oregon, a growing suburb of          changes the speed limit for traffic and
and I would encourage you all to share          Portland with about 15,000 residents, DKS         ambient conditions may be installed
your ideas about ITE with any board             Associates has worked together with the           provided that the appropriate speed limit is
member.                                         City of Wilsonville to put together local         shown at the proper times.
      At the Mid-Year meeting, one of my        guidelines for enhanced pedestrian                     “A changeable message sign that
campaign objectives was achieved. The           crossings (contact Dana Beckwith, Brian           displays to approaching drivers the speed at
District Board approved a data collection       Copeland, or Scott Mansur). Their most            which they are traveling may be installed in
fund that will be utilized to obtain data       current crossing installation (using infrared     conjunction with a Speed Limit sign.
regarding pragmatic issues in                   passive pedestrian detection to activate               “Guidance: If a changeable message
transportation engineering that generally       both in-road and above road flashers, and         sign displaying approach speeds is
seem to go un-researched. From trip             standard signing) has produced solid              installed, the legend YOUR SPEED XX
generation to stop sign compliance, simple      results. The crossing was installed on            km/h (MPH) or such similar legend should
before/after studies, travel times, parking     Wilsonville Road (a two-lane arterial             be shown. The color of the changeable
demand, and multi-lane freeway ramp             posted 35 MPH) near a transit stop and a          message legend should be a yellow legend
merging turbulence—numerous issues we           pre-school. The before data was collected         on a black background or the reverse of
all deal with daily go un-quantified and/or     April 2002, followed by installation of the       these colors.”
un-documented. This program is aimed at         crossing treatment in June 2002
initiating or seeding research in these areas   (approximately $55,000), with after data
as a platform for more comprehensive            collected June 2003. The results were very

                                                                                                          Page 9
 Westernite                                                                                                           March–April 2004

Section and Chapter Activities
                                                the applicants have sufficient means to       signal timing techniques, including
                                                complete the project, leading to firm fixed   advanced pedestrian phases.
                                                price contracting to help reduce escalating
Hawaii Section                                  costs. For projects where the State is not    Section Happenings
                                                sure what the scope of work should be,              This spring, the San Diego State
                                                discussions with prospective consultants      Student Chapter will be holding their first
                                                can help the State to determine exactly       annual career fair! More information will
                                                what it needs. Ms. Conway-Jones also          be available in February with the details
                                                discussed how to ensure that the selection    for firms interested in attending this
                                                process is not influenced by political or     function. All the proceeds will go to the
                                                other outside sources, as well as             SDSU ITE Student Chapter. The SDSU
                                                debarment and suspension, to help prevent     students are also compiling a CD-ROM of
November Meeting                                selection of consultants with                 the chapter member’s resumes. For more
     The November luncheon meeting was          insufficient experience for a                 information on the career fair or the CD,
held on November 18, 2003 at the                project or that previously                    please contact
University of Hawaii at Manoa in                been convicted for a crime.
Honolulu. The featured speaker was Lin                                                        Upcoming Events
Zhang, Ph.D. candidate at the University        Cathy Leong, President                             The March luncheon meeting will be
of Hawaii and recent ITE Student Paper                                                        a joint meeting with the Southern
Award winner. Mr. Zhang presented a                                                           California Section and will be held Friday
study of an eight-mile stretch of the                                                         March 19th, at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott
                                                                                              in Dana Point. A mini-workshop is
westbound direction of the H-1 Freeway
between 6th Avenue and the Pali Highway         Border Section                                anticipated on the various Congestion
off-ramp. Travel times utilizing test                                                         Management
vehicles, traffic volumes, and vehicular        November Meeting                              Programs (CMPs) in
speeds were collected and analyzed, and               The November luncheon meeting was       place in Los Angeles
the resulting models were then compared         held at the Handlery Hotel in San Diego.      County, Orange
based upon the various performance              Richard Leja, from the City of San Diego,     County, and San
measures. Based upon these results, Mr.         updated the membership on the progress        Diego County.
Zhang concluded that travel times can be        of the La Jolla Parkway/Torrey Pines
predicted well for short freeway sections       Road intersection reconstruction project.     Ahmed Aburahmah,
and the model with the best performance         This $8.9 million reconfiguration project     Scribe
was a simple exponential decay model.           will improve traffic flow and decrease
                                                traffic congestion. Other benefits include
December Meeting                                concurrent water and sewer main
      The December luncheon meeting was
held on the 9th at the office of Belt Collins
                                                replacement work, and extensive
                                                landscaping.                                  Student Chapter
in Honolulu. The featured speakers were
Danielle Conway-Jones, Associate                December Holiday Party                        Opportunity:
Professor of Law at the University of                 The 2003 Annual Holiday Dinner
                                                Dance was a lot of fun for all attendees.
                                                                                              Get Paid to Collect
Hawaii at Manoa, and Jessica Horiuchi,
attorney for Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing. Ms.       Everyone danced until midnight! A photo       Data for ITE
Conway-Jones began her presentation             spread, including traffic engineers dancing
regarding Act 52, new legislation               “The Electric Slide” can be found in the
pertaining to procurement, by outlining         last newsletter (available online at
                                                        Data Collection Fund RFP
the major points of the legislation. Act 52
calls for the institution of pre-bid            CalBorder/).                                  Student Chapters are encouraged to
conferences, a debriefing mechanism,                                                          submit proposals to conduct
negotiated procurement to obtain best and       January Meeting
                                                                                              transportation engineering data collection
final offers, and the creation of a neutral          The January luncheon meeting was
                                                                                              projects to Randy McCourt by April 1,
institute to review, critique, and analyze      held at the Handlery Hotel in San Diego.
                                                                                              2004. Details of the RFP can be found on
procurement initiatives. Ms. Conway-            The speakers were Duncan Hughes and
                                                                                              the WesternITE web site
Jones then discussed negotiated                 Julio Fuentes, both from the City of San
                                                                                              ( Study grants of
procurement, where applicants can discuss       Diego, who presented the City of San
                                                                                              $1,000 to $2,000 will be awarded to
the details of a project with the State so      Diego’s traffic signal timing practices.
                                                                                              successful proposer(s) up to a total of
that the scope of work is clear to the          They focused on several locations
                                                                                              $5,000. Awards will be issued in mid-
applicants and the State can determine if       throughout San Diego where the City has
                                                                                              April for completion by June 2004.
                                                implemented some innovative traffic

   Page 10                                    
 March–April 2004                                                                                                      Westernite

                          Positions Available
                                                year of traffic signal maintenance
      URS Corporation, ranked #1 design         experience. With either requirement,                   Tell them you saw
firm by ENR, is looking for motivated           experience in maintaining microprocessor-            their ad in WesternITE!
team players in Arizona, with strong            based instruments, TSII Type I controllers,
technical, business development, and            basic knowledge of PC operations, and
communication skills. The following             optical pre-empt devices, including
positions are available:                        telemetry equipment, is preferred.
      Traffic Engineer—B.S. Civil Eng. &        Background check required.
EIT or PE; pref. min. of 2 yrs of exp. in            Mesa offers a competitive benefits        (including stock options, incentive pay,
traffic eng. Position reqs include study &      package. A City of Mesa application is         tuition reimbursement, and more!), CH2M
analysis, report prep, design & plan prep.      required. Applications will be accepted        HILL offers the opportunity for personal
Candidate would work under the                  until a sufficient number have been            and professional growth, challenging
supervision of a Sr. Traffic Eng.               received. Applications, supplements and        projects, and the latest technology. To
      Senior Municipal Engineer/Project         more information about the City of Mesa        apply, indicate job code 5049BR and
Manager—B.S. Civil Eng. and PE; 10+ yrs         are available at or         submit your resume to
of exp in municipal infrastructure design       apply to: City of Mesa Personnel, 200 S.       Visit our web site at
w/ emphasis on transp. facilities. Exp.         Center St., Bldg. #1, P.O. Box 1466, Mesa,     EEO/AA employer
req'd in technical aspects of transportation    AZ 85211-1466. Call for information: (480)
design, staff supervision, project mgmt,        644-2365                                            THE TRANSPO GROUP, INC.
bus. dev. & client contact. Local exp. w/            City of Mesa respects, values and
AZ communities is desired.                                                                     Traffic Analysis ● Planning ● Design
                                                welcomes diversity in our workforce. To
Email:,                                                               The Transpo Group is a consulting
                                                this end, we encourage all interested people
fax 602-648-2505 or mail resume to URS,                                                        firm that has been providing traffic
                                                to apply.
Attn: Human Resources, 7720 N 16th                                                             engineering and transportation planning
Street, Ste 100, Phoenix, AZ 85020                             CH2M HILL                       services to public and private sector clients
      EEO/AAE/M/F/D/V                                                                          in the Northwest region since 1975. The
                                                     We keep the Northwest moving!             Transpo Group has professional civil
         CITY OF MESA, ARIZ.                    CH2M HILL has engineered much of the           engineering registration in the States of
                                                Northwest's infrastructure by delivering       WA, OR, CA, ID, WI, MT, CO. Our
      Traffic Signal Technician—(Salary:        state-of-the-art transportation systems that   projects include traffic operations analyses
$36,816 - $49,691/Annually)                     move the people, goods, and services that      including microscopic simulation; traffic
      The City of Mesa, AZ invites you to       fuel our region's economy. Put your            impact studies of new developments; long-
apply for the position of Traffic Signal        leadership talents to work in delivering an    range, multi-modal transportation plans;
Technician. With a population of more           exciting mix of innovative and diverse         transportation financing programs; bicycle
than 440,000, Mesa is 15 miles east of          transportation projects with our team in       and pedestrian facility plans; planning for
Phoenix and covers 128 square miles.            Bellevue, Washington.                          HOV, rail, and high capacity transit
Incumbent is responsible for performing              Transportation Associate Project          systems; Transportation Demand
skilled work in the installation,               Manager—You will lead the design and           Management (TDM) programs, and
maintenance, and repair of electrical and       delivery of complex road and highway           Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
electronic traffic signal control devices and   transportation projects in the Puget Sound     We also provide traffic engineering design
systems. Work includes: inspecting              area. Responsible to manage scopes,            services, especially related to traffic signals,
computerized traffic control systems and        schedules, and budgets; plan and direct        signs, streetlights, and channelization. For
recommending improvements,                      team member's work; mentor junior staff;       more information about our firm, visit our
troubleshooting malfunctions and                and provide technical and quality              website at
responding to emergency calls, performing       guidance. Will build client relationships           We are currently seeking motivated,
construction of traffic signals and             and participate in business development        growth-oriented individuals for the
inspecting the work of contractors, and         activities.                                    following immediate openings:
performing scheduled periodic                        Requires BSCE, PE and 9+ years'
maintenance functions and maintaining           work history designing and managing            Senior Transportation Engineers (Kirkland,
written logs of work performed. The             various road and highway projects. Must        WA and Spokane, WA)
incumbent uses a personal computer (PC)         have experience leading multi-discipline       Qualifications:
for record keeping and diagnostic               teams, and managing budgets and                •    Degree in Civil Engineering
troubleshooting of signal operations.           schedules. Top candidate will demonstrate      •    Active PE license for 5+ years, ability
      Requirements: Any combination of          strong interpersonal, oral, and written             to register in WA
training, education, and experience             communication skills, and team                 •    Excellent project management and
equivalent to considerable (3 - 5 years)        orientation. DOT knowledge and                      client relations skills
traffic signal maintenance experience, or an    successful business development ability
Associate in Applied Science Degree in          required, preference to candidates with
Electronics Engineering Technology (or
educational equivalent), and at least one
                                                WSDOT experience.
                                                     In addition to excellent benefits
                                                                                               Don’t forget…
                                                                                               The latest Positions Available ads are
                                                                                               always on our Web site!

                                                                                                         Page 11
 Westernite                                                                                                               March–April 2004

                                     Positions Available
•    8-10+ years transportation engineering     Diego offices. We have immediate                  professional organizations and client
     experience, preferably consulting to       openings for additional staff as indicated        discussions. Preferred experience would
     public and private clients in the          below.                                            include: project management, traffic
     Northwest, in one or more of the                 Senior Traffic Engineer for San             analysis (including simulations), traffic
     following areas:                           Bernardino Office: Our San Bernardino office      design, and report preparation. Writing
     ♦Performing traffic impact studies and     is seeking a Senior Engineer to manage the        skills are a must.
          comprehensive transportation          day-to-day operations. The candidate                    Please visit our website at
          planning studies.                     should have a B.S. in Civil Engineering; for more information
     ♦Evaluating traffic signals, corridors,    P.E., T.E. and/or PTOE. 10 years                  about the company and the positions. E-
          and complex transportation            experience in traffic and civil project           mail salary history with your resume and
          systems.                              management and scheduling, traffic                cover letter and address it to: Human
     ♦Developing and implementing travel        analysis, report preparation and knowledge        Resource Department at
          demand management (TDM)               of principals, and standards for traffic with the
          programs, neighborhood plans,         engineering. Candidate should have                position in the subject line.
          and traffic calming measures.         supervision and business development
     ♦Designing traffic and multimodal          experience. Good oral and written                                  AAE, INC.
          transportation systems, including     presentation skills are necessary. The
                                                                                                        Traffic Engineering Positions Available in
          bus transit, rail, and other high     applicant should also demonstrate
                                                                                                  Brea—AAE, Inc. is a dynamic and fast
          capacity transit systems.             familiarity with design analysis and project
                                                                                                  growing consulting engineering firm
                                                management administrative software tools.
                                                                                                  located in Southern California. We are
Transportation Engineer (Kirkland, WA)                Transportation Planner/Engineer in our
                                                                                                  currently seeking candidates with traffic
Qualifications:                                 San Diego office: Position requires a
                                                                                                  engineering experience for our Brea office.
•     Degree in Civil Engineering, emphasis     bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering,
                                                                                                  Ideal candidates must have a Bachelor’s
      in transportation                         Urban Planning or a related field, and
                                                                                                  degree in Civil Engineering or related field
•     EIT certificate                           desirably 1-3 years of professional
                                                                                                  from an accredited college or university,
•     Ability to work cooperatively to          engineering or planning experience. Ability
                                                                                                  possess a license (P.E. or T.E.) in the State
      ensure product success                    to work independently with some
                                                                                                  of California and have a current valid
                                                consultation from supervisor, preparing
•     Proficiency with Excel, Microsoft                                                           California Driver’s License.
                                                budgets and recommendations,
      Office, AutoCAD                                                                                   This position requires a minimum of
                                                participating in professional organizations
      The Transpo Group offers:                                                                   5+ years of Traffic Engineering experience,
                                                and client discussions. Preferred experience
competitive salaries; flexible work hours; a                                                      with an emphasis on experience in the city
                                                would include: project management, traffic
comprehensive paid time off (PTO)                                                                 system. Duties will include acting as
                                                analysis (including simulations), traffic
program; employer-paid medical and                                                                Deputy City Traffic Engineer for various
                                                design (including traffic signal, signing and
dental insurance, group disability, and life                                                      cities and some in-house traffic
                                                striping, and street lighting design), and
insurance for employees; 401k and profit                                                          engineering. Typical duties include
                                                report preparation. Writing skills are a
sharing plans; support of ongoing                                                                 addressing day-to-day traffic operations
professional education and development                                                            issues, preparing engineering
                                                      Associate Transportation Planner in our
activities.                                                                                       recommendations for traffic engineering
                                                San Bernardino Office: Position requires a
      Interested individuals are invited to                                                       problems in the cities served as deputy,
                                                bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering,
send a resume, including a cover                                                                  preparing reports (such as speed surveys)
                                                Urban Planning or a related field, and
letter,detailing their experience to:                                                             and policies as they relate to traffic
                                                desirably 2-5 years of professional
Human Resources                                                                                   engineering items for the council’s
                                                engineering or planning experience. Ability
The Transpo Group, Inc.                                                                           approval, and preparing staff reports for
                                                to work independently with some
11730 118th Avenue NE, Suite 600
                                                consultation from supervisor, preparing
Kirkland, WA 98034
                                                budgets and recommendations,
Fax: 425-825-8434
                                                participating in professional organizations,        Positions Available Ads:
                                                and client discussions. Preferred experience        To place your ad, e-mail your ad to
                                                would include: project management, traffic The
    KATZ, OKITSU & ASSOCIATES                   analysis (including simulations) and report         deadline is the 28th of the previous odd-
                                                preparation. Writing skills are a must.             numbered month. The cost is $1.50 per
     Katz, Okitsu & Associates is a                   Traffic Engineer in our San Bernardino        word, with a minimum cost per ad of
specialized traffic and transportation          Office: Position requires a bachelor's degree       $100.00. Ads are also posted on our
engineering firm with offices throughout        in Civil Engineering or a related field, and        web site at More
Southern California. We offer excellent         desirably 5 years of professional traffic           information is available on our Web site.
salaries, competitive benefits, and a           engineering experience. Ability to work
challenging and professional work               independently to create traffic signal, traffic     It’s Here! Pay for your Positions Avail-
environment. Currently we are accepting         control, signing and striping, and related          able ads conveniently, using a credit
applications to fill openings for senior and    plans with minimal consultation from                card. You’ve been asking for it, so we’re
associate traffic engineers, civil engineers,   supervisor, preparing budgets and                   doing it! Call the Managing Editor to
and transportation planners in our Los          recommendations, participating in                   arrange at (714) 939-1030.
Angeles, Tustin, San Bernardino, and San

    Page 12                                   
 March–April 2004                                                                                                              Westernite

                                                      CA 92823 or fax to: (714) 940-0700.               Engineering and Transportation. This
Positions Available (continued)                                                growing and dynamic Central Valley city
                                                                                                        serves a population of 250,000 and offers
(Continued from page 12)                                   CITY OF MODESTO, CALIF.                      attractive amenities of urban life while
tasks that need to be approved by the                                                                   retaining the feeling of a welcoming
                                                      Director of Engineering & Transportation—
commissions and councils.                                                                               suburb.
                                                      Currently seeking collaborative and high-
      Send resumes to AAE, Inc., ATTN:                                                                  The divisions of the Engineering and
                                                      energy leader to serve as Director of
HR, 601 S. Valencia Ave, Ste 250, Brea,                                                                 Transportation Department include Capital
                                                                                                        Improvement Services, Transit, Solid
                                                                                                        Waste Management, Traffic and

 Editor’s Corner                                                                                        Development Services, and Airport
                                                                                                        Operations. The Department is supported
                                                                                                        by an operating budget of $22 million and
                                                  •     “September 11th                                 89 employees, responsible for CIP budget
                                                        re-focused our                                  of over $22 million.
 Is business good or is it bad?                                                                         Modesto is desirous of attracting
      In talking to other consultants in                attention.”                                     experienced professionals dedicated to
 the transportation field, I hear two                                                                   progressive and customer focused
                                                  •     “Our clients don’t
 stories:                                                                                               leadership. Requires bachelor’s degree and
                                                        know if they’re
 •    “Business couldn’t be better!”                                                                    California PE registration within one year.
                                                        going to have
 •    “We’re really worried about our                                                                   Salary range is $102,463-$128,079. First
                                                        money, so they’re
      future prospects.”                                                                                review of resumes will occur on March 26,
                                                        holding off doing John Kerenyi
      If your firm is doing great,                                                                      Submit resume, cover letter with current
 congratulations! I wish you the best.            •     “There aren’t any big projects
                                                                                                        salary, and three professional references to:
      For firms that aren’t doing so well,              coming up.”
                                                                                                        Teri Black-Brann, SHANNON
 or are doing well at the moment but                  I’d be curious to know what our                   EXECUTIVE SEARCH, 241 Lathrop
 don’t know what the future holds for             readers think. I’ll publish any interesting           Way, Sacramento, CA 95815; Phone:
 them, reasons seem to vary:                      emails I receive in a future WesternITE.              916.263.1401; Fax: 916.561.7205 E-mail:
 •    “The California budget crisis                                                           ; Website:
      cancelled half my backlog.”                                                             

  Legislative Update
                         January 22, 2004             proposals assume that any related bond
                         marked the Senate            measure would be postponed until at
                         passage of the FY04          least 2006 to avoid competing with
                         Omnibus                      budget-related bonding proposals. On
                         Appropriations bill          January 9 the Governor's proposed
                         (including                   budget was issued, and contained over
                         transportation), which       $16 billion in proposed adjustments/          •      FY-05: Suspend transfer of Prop 42
                         had previously been          reductions to the General Fund, to                   gasoline sales tax revenue (which
                         approved by the              resolve an estimated $15 Billion deficit in          funds TCRP) from the General
                         House in December.           the current year (future years have                  Fund to transportation projects
  Walt Stringer,         Transportation               potentially worse deficits, depending on             ($1.127B), divert sale of Caltrans
  District 6 Legislative
                         funding remained at          ballot measure outcomes in March 2004                property revenue as above ($47M).
  Committee Chair
                         levels agreed during         and beyond). While many of the                       TCRP-funded projects would be
  the November 2003 conference                        proposals do not affect transportation               reprioritized and placed into the
  committee process, and include $7.3 B               directly, the following is a summary of              STIP, with a likely delay measured
  for transit, $32.8 B for highways, and              the impacts:                                         in years.
  $13.9 B for aviation. Check the text of a           •    FY-04: Suspend remaining Traffic
  Conference Report published in the                       Congestion Relief Program monies              The Governor’s proposal must be
  November 25 Congressional Record, at                     from General Fund ($189M), divert        resolved with the Legislature to create a                                       remaining spillover revenue from the     final budget, a process already underway.
        In California, January 28 saw the                  Public Transportation Account to         However, this process will not include
  ceremonial release of the program-level                  the General Fund ($17.5M), divert        Caltrans’ current Director Jeff Morales,
  High Speed Rail environmental                            sale of Caltrans property revenue        who is expected to depart the agency in
  document into a ninety day comment                       from Public Transit Account to           March. Next column, we hope to have
  period, although the Governor’s budget                   General Fund ($51M).                     an update, and perhaps news from other
                                                                                                    states as well.

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 Westernite                                                                                                                                                            March–April 2004

                                                                   CALIFORNIATRAFFICCALMERS                                         DMJM+HARRIS

                                                                   RTCP ● Speed Humps ● Traffic Calming Warrant Analysis ●          Full range of transportation services: Planning ● Highways ● Rail/
                                                                   Neighborhood Traffic Management ● Traffic Commision and          Transit ● Bridges ● Traffic Engineering ● ITS ● Freeway
                                                                   City Council Reports ● Neighborhood Meetings ●                   Surveillance Systems
             SUPPLIERS                                             Roundabouts ● Stop Signs ● School Speed Control Studies
                                                                   P.O. Box 72208 ● Davis, CA 95617-6208 ● (530) 758-1727
                                                                                                                                    Los Angeles:
                                                                                                                                                                (714) 567-2501
                                                                                                                                                                (213) 593-8200
                                                                                              Sacramento:                 (916) 929-3124
COUNTS UNLIMITED                                                                                                                    Oakland:                    (510) 645-4490
Traffic data collection specialists serving Southern California.   CAMBRIDGE SYSTEMATICS, INC.
Manual, machine counts of types customized to your needs:          A National Leader in Transportation Planning ● Travel            DOWLING ASSOCIATES, INC.
Speed, Classification, Volume ● Radar ● Travel ● Video             Demand Forecasting & Analysis ● Freight Modeling &               Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Research ●
Barbara N. Sackett, President                                      Planning ● ITS & CVO Products & Services ● Transportation &      Traffic Software ● Computer Models
Tel (909) 247-6716           Fax (909) 924-8604                    Land Use Analysis ● Transportation Finance                       180 Grand Avenue, Suite 250       (510) 839-1742
                                                                   Oakland, CA                             (510) 873-8700           Oakland, CA 94612                 Fax: (510) 839-0871
TRAFFIC RESEARCH & ANALYSIS, INC.                                  Seattle, WA                             (425) 837-1450 
Specializing in all types of traffic data, including machine and   Cambridge, MA (headquarters)            (617) 354-0167
manual counts, speed, classification, video logging, road                                                   ENTRANCO, INC.
measurements, GPS. DBE CERTIFIED                                                                                                    Full service planning, design, and environmental analysis,
3844 E. Indian School Rd.             (602) 840-1500               CARTER & BURGESS, INC.                                           services for Traffic and Transportation projects. Offices in
Phoenix, AZ 85018                     FAX (602) 840-1577           Comprehensive transportation planning and engineering:           Bellevue, WA; Portland, OR; Boise, ID; Phoenix and Tucson, AZ;
                                                                   Denver, CO               (303) 820-5240                          Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA; Helena, MT; Salt
          PROFESSIONAL                                             Las Vegas, NV
                                                                   Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                            (702) 938-5600
                                                                                            (818) 784-7585
                                                                                                                                    Lake City, UT; and Fort Collins, CO
                                                                                                                                    For numbers call 1-800-454-5601

                                                                   Phoenix, AZ              (602) 263-5309                          email:
                                                                   Salt Lake City, UT       (801) 355-1112
                                                                   Oakland, CA              (510) 465-8400                          FEHR & PEERS ASSOCIATES, INC.
2R ENGINEERING                                                                                                                      Traffic Engineering ● Transportation/Transit Planning ● Parking ●
Traffic & Transportation Engineering ● Traffic Impact Studies ●    CATALINA ENGINEERING, INC.                                       Signal Design ● Bikeway Studies
Litigation Consulting & Testimony ● Neighborhood & School          Traffic Engineering ● Roadway Design ● Research ● Traffic        Denver, CO                 (303) 296-4300
Traffic Management ● Parking                                       Operations ● Civil Engineering ● ITS                             Lafayette, CA              (925) 284-3200
2971 Brimhall Drive                                                180 W. Magee Road, Suite 140                                     Las Vegas, NV              (702) 221-4327
Los Alamitos, CA 90720                                             Tucson, Arizona 85704                                            Reno, NV                   (775) 826-3200
(562) 430-9685             e-mail:            (520) 544-4067            FAX (520) 544-9616                     Roseville, CA              (916) 773-1900
                                                                                               San Francisco, CA          (415) 369-0425
ABRAMS ASSOCIATES                                                                                                                   San Jose, CA               (408) 278-1700
Traffic Planning & Engineering ● Development Services ●            CCS PLANNING AND ENGINEERING, INC.                               Salt Lake City, UT         (801) 261-4700
Litigation Consulting                                              Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Highway
2815 Mitchell Drive, Suite 120                                     Design ● Traffic Signal Systems ● Modeling/GIS ● ITS ●           HEXAGON TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS
Walnut Creek, CA 94598                                             ATMS/ATIS ● Parking ● M/W/DBE                                    Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Travel Demand
(925) 945-0201              FAX (925) 945-7966                     San Jose                   (408) 544-2477                        Forecasting ● Traffic Simulation ● Traffic Operations ●
                                                                   Oakland                    (510) 267-1800                        Environmental Impact Studies ● Traffic Impact Studies ● Parking
ADVANTEC CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC.                                San Ramon                  (925) 314-1220                        Studies ● Transit Studies ● Signal Design
ITS ● Communications ● Systems Engineering ● Traffic               Sacramento                 (916) 646-5650                        40 South Market Street, Suite 600
Engineering ● Signal Design ● Traffic Control ● Traffic Impact                                                San Jose, CA 95113         (408) 971-6100
Studies ● Parking Studies (DBE/MBE)
21700 Copley Drive #350                                            CRAIN & ASSOCIATES OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                        HIGGINS ASSOCIATES
Diamond Bar, CA 91765                                              Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning                    Traffic Engineering ● Signal Operations ● Comprehensive
(909) 860-6222             FAX (909) 860-6722                      2007 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 4 ● Los Angeles,California        Transportation Planning ● Geometric Design ● Signal Design ●                         90025 ● 310 473-6508 ● Fax: 310 444-9771                         Parking
                                                                                                                                    1335 First Street, Suite A, Gilroy, CA 95020
ALBERT GROVER & ASSOCIATES                                         ROBERT CROMMELIN & ASSOC., INC.                                  (408) 848-3122              Fax: (408) 848-2202
Signal System Design ● Coordination ● Operations ● Impact          Consulting Traffic Engineers, Experienced in Traffic             email:
Studies ● Modelng ● Design/Build ● Parking & Access ●              Engineering Evaluation and Testimony as part of Litigation
Inspection ● Implementation                                        73-255 El Paseo, Suite 9       (760) 568-6838                    HNTB CORPORATION
211 E. Imperial Highway, Suite 208                                 Palm Desert, CA 92260          FAX (760) 568-9850                Transportation ● Traffic ● Planning ● Bridges ● Airports ●
Fullerton, CA 92835                                                                                      Highways ● ITS
(714) 992-2990            FAX (714) 992-2883                                                                                        200 E Sandpointe Avenue, Suite 200
                                                                   CTS ENGINEERS, INC.                                              Santa Ana, CA 92707
AUSTIN-FOUST ASSOCIATES, INC.                                      Traffic ● Transportation Planning & Design ● ITS ● Transit       Phoenix                     (602) 528-4300
Traffic & Civil Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Traffic    Facilities ● Highways ● Bridges ● WBE/DBE                        Denver                      (303) 839-8300
Signal Design ● Parking Analysis and Design                        Washington                         Oregon                        Seattle                     (206) 455-3555
2020 North Tustin Avenue                                           1412 112th Avenue NE Ste 102       3300 NW 211th Terrace         Las Vegas                   (702) 365-9334
Santa Ana, CA 92705-7827                                           Bellevue, WA 98004-3760            Hillsboro, OR 97124 
(714) 667-0496              Fax (714) 667-7952                     (425) 455-7622                     (503) 690-8080
                                                                   FAX (425) 462-1374                 FAX (503) 645-5930            INNOVATIVE TRANSPORTATION CONCEPTS, INC.
BOYLE ENGINEERING CORPORATION                                        Transit and Traffic Engineering ● Simulation Consulting Software
Transportation & Traffic Engineering ● Highways ● Structures                                                                        ● Transit Planning
● Transit Signals ● Traffic Control                                DARNELL & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                       Corvallis, OR              (541) 754-6836
1501 Quail Street                                                  Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering & Design           Wilmington, DE             (302) 654-4384
Newport Beach, CA 92660                                            Services ● Traffic Control Signal Systems ● Impact Studies ●     Somerville, MA             (617) 776-7630
(949) 476-3300              Fax (949) 721-7141                     Bikeways ● Parking ● Air Quality Analysis              
                                                                   1446 Front Street, Suite 300
BKF ENGINEERS                                                      San Diego, CA 92101                                              JONES & STOKES
Traffic Engineering ● Signal Design ● Traffic Impact Studies ●     (619) 233-9373              FAX (619) 233-4034                   Transportation Planning ● Air Quality and Noise Studies
Geometric Design ● Parking                                                                                                          Oakland, CA                 (510) 433-8962
540 Price Avenue                                                   DAVID EVANS AND ASSOCIATES, INC.                                 Sacramento, CA              (916) 737-3000
Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 482-6300                              Celebrating our 30th Anniversary, in 16 offices throughout the   Bellevue, WA                (425) 822-1077
San Jose, CA               (408) 467-9100                          west!                                                            Other offices in Portland, OR; San Francisco, San Jose, Irvine,
Walnut Creek, CA           (925) 940-2200                            Corporate Headquarters:                CA; Phoenix, AZ
Pleasanton, CA             (925) 396-7700                          415 118th Ave SE          2100 SW River Parkway        
                                                                   Bellevue, WA 98005        Portland, OR 97201
BUCHER, WILLIS & RATLIFF CORPORATION                               (425) 519-6500            (503) 223-6663                         KAKU ASSOCIATES, INC.
Providing Innovative Solutions Since 1957                          (425) 519-5361 fax        (503) 223-2701 fax                     Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Parking
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering/ Operations ●        Transportation ● Water Resources ● Telecommunications ●          1453 Third Street, Suite 400
Travel Forecasting ● Intelligent Transportation Systems ●          Land Development                                                 Santa Monica, CA 90401
Communications Systems ● Bridge/Roadway/Highway Design                                                                              (310)458-9916              FAX (310) 394-7663
Pleasanton, CA              (925) 463-2730                         DKS ASSOCIATES
Seattle, WA                 (206) 448-2123                         Traffic and Transportation Engineering and Planning ●            KATZ, OKITSU & ASSOCIATES
                                                                   Intelligent Transportation Systems                               Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Signal Timing ●
                                                                   Oakland CA (510) 763-2061                                        ITS ● GIS                                             (DBE)
                                                                   Offices in: Phoenix, AZ; Irvine, San Jose, and Sacramento,       1055 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 300
                                                                   CA; Tampa and Tallahassee, FL; Dallas, TX; Las Vegas, NV;        Monterey Park, CA 91754         (323) 260-4703
                                                                   Portland, OR; Seattle, WA                                        San Diego, CA                   (619) 683-2933
                                                                   Web page:                                  Tustin, CA                      (714) 573-0317
                                                                   email:                                     San Bernardino, CA              (909) 890-9693
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 March–April 2004                                                                                                                                                           Westernite

KIMLEY-HORN AND ASSOCIATES, INC.                                    MINAGAR & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                            ED RUZAK & ASSOCIATES, INC.
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● ITS ●               ITS Planning, Engineering & Deployment ● Signal System                Traffic & Transportation Engineering ● Consulting for
Communications ● Software ● Civil engineering                       Design, Coordination & Timing ● Traffic Engineering,                  Litigation
Regional offices in: San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Long           Transportation Planning                                               10061 Talbert Avenue., Suite 200 Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Beach, Pleasanton, Oakland, Sacramento, CA; Las Vegas,              6 Venture, Suite 315, Irvine, CA 92618                                (714) 964-4880             FAX (714) 964-7219
Reno, NV; Tucson, Phoenix, AZ; Denver, CO                           (949) 727-3399              FAX( 949) 727-4418                        999 Green Street, Ste 1103, San Francisco, CA 94133
Regional Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ (602) 944-5500                   email:                                             (415) 929-8745
                                                                    MIRAI ASSOCIATES                                                      SIEMENS ENERGY & AUTOMATION, INC.
KORVE ENGINEERING, INC.                                             Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Travel Demand         GARDNER TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS BUSINESS UNIT
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Civil Engineering   Forecasting ● Growth Management                                       Transportation Systems Engineering ● ITS Planning & Design ●
● Land Development ● Multimodal Facilities ● Rail Planning          19110 Bothell Way NE, #202, Bothell, WA 98011                         Traffic Control Systems ● Freeway Management Systems ●
155 Grand Ave., Suite 400, Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 763-2929         (425) 415-0905            FAX (425) 415-0935                          Advanced Controller Systems ● Communications
Offices in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Salt Lake City                                                   1355 Willow Way, Suite 275, Concord, CA 94520                                                                                                                             (925) 691-9524 ●
                                                                    THE MOBILITY GROUP                                                    Offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Florida, Los Angeles, New York,
LANCASTER ENGINEERING                                               Transportation Planning ● Transit Planning ● Parking ● Traffic        Portland, Tucson, and Salt Lake City
Traffic and Transportation Engineering ● Light Rail ● Traffic       Planning & Engineering ● Management
Control ● Traffic Impact & Planning Studies                         18552 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 345, Irvine, CA 92612                    TJKM TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS
Union Station, Suite 206, Portland, OR 97209                        (949) 474-1591            Fax (949) 474-1599                          Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Signals ● Impact
(503) 248-0313             FAX (503) 248-9251                                                                Analysis ● Corridor Studies ● Parking ● Traffic Counts ●
email:                                                                                                                    Software Development
                                                                    MULTITRANS TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS, INC.                           Pleasanton, CA 94588       (925) 463-0611
LEE ENGINEERING, LLC.                                               Traffic Operations ● Transportation Planning ● Traffic Impact         Santa Rosa, CA             (707) 575-5800
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● ITS                 Studies ● Speed Limit Studies ● CMP Projects ● Parking and
3033 N. 44th Street, Suite 375                                      Transit Studies ● Collection of all types of traffic data including   TMODEL CORPORATION
Phoenix, AZ 85018          (602) 955-7206                           machine and manual counts.                                            Transportation Planning & Analysis Software Training, email:                      1280 Boulevard Way, Suite 200, Walnut Creek, CA 94595                 Application & Support
                                                                    (925) 930-0500              FAX: (925) 935-9710                       Call (800) T2MODEL or (206) 463-3768
LSC TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS, INC.                                email:                                             Fax (800) T2MODLR
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Transit Planning                                                                          email:
& Facilities ● Signal/Roundabout Design ● Resort Planning ●         NBCE, INC.                                                            PO Box 1850, Vashon, WA 98070
Parking                                                             Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Civil Engineering
Tahoe City, CA             (530) 583-4053                           ● Surveying & Mapping ● School Facilities Engineering                 TRANSCORE
Denver, CO                 (303) 333-1105                           17501 E. 17th St, Suite 270, Tustin, CA 92780                         Traffic Engineering/Operations ● Traffic Control Systems ●
Colorado Springs, CO       (719) 633-2868                           Tel. (714) 573-9999        Fax (714) 573-9877                         Transit ● Parking ● Highway Design ● Roadway Lighting ●
                                                                                                                 Environmental Forecasting ● Travel Forecasting ● Transportation
LIN CONSULTING, INC. (DBE/MBE)                                                                                                            Planning ● ITS ● Toll Systems ● CVO ● Port of Entry Systems
Traffic, Civil, and Electrical Consulting Engineers                 ORTH-RODGERS & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                       9480 Carroll Park Drive, San Diego, CA 92121
ITS Design ● Signal ● Lighting ● Studies ● GIS                      Traffic Engineering ● Highway and Traffic Design ● Traffic            (858) 826-3400
21660 E. Copley Drive, Suite 270                                    Signals ● Signal Systems Design ● Intelligent Transportation          Offices nationwide.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765 (909) 396-6850                                Systems ● Environmental Science and Planning ● Municipal FAX (909) 396-8150                            Services ● Landscape Architecture and Urban Design                    TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES                                             Southwest Office              Corporate Headquarters                  TSM/TDM Planning ● Management ● Evaluation
                                                                    1140 N Town Center Dr,        230 S Broad St, 16th Floor              234 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 400
LINSCOTT, LAW & GREENSPAN                                           Ste 190                       Philadelphia, PA 19102-2141             Pasadena, CA 91101         (626) 796-3384
Engineers & Planners ● Traffic ● Transportation ● Parking           Las Vegas, NV 89134           (215) 735-1932                          FAX (626) 796-2425
Costa Mesa, CA           (714) 641-1587                             (702) 233-4060                FAX: (215) 735-5954
Pasadena, CA             (626) 796-2322                             FAX: (702) 233-4560                                                   TRANSPORTATION PLANNING & ENG., INC.
San Diego, CA            (619) 299-3090                             Principal: Richard T. Romer, P.E., PTOE                               Victor H. Bishop, P.E., President
Las Vegas, NV            (702) 451-1920                             Managing Principal: Robert M. Rodgers, P.E., PTOE                     Signal System Design & Traffic Operations ● Transportation
                                                                         Planning ● Parking & Access ● Project Impact Analysis
LOCHNER                                                                                                                                   2223 112th Avenue NE, Suite 101
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Land Use            P&D CONSULTANTS, INC.                                                 Bellevue, WA 98004          (425) 455-5320
Planning ● Signal Design ● Traffic Impact Studies ● Parking ●       Specializing in Surface Transportation and Aviation Planning and
Highways ● Bridge Design and Inspection ● Environmental             Engineering ● Western Region: Orange, San Diego, Oakland,             TRANSTECH ENGINEERS, INC.
Studies ● Corridor Planning ● Public Involvement ● Construction     San Francisco, CA                                                     Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Construction
Engineering and Inspection                                          Lew Garber, P.E. (714) 835-4447                                       Management ● Highway Design ● Municipal Engineering
H.W. Lochner Engineers and Planners                                                                        624 Brea Canyon Road
5908 Yellowstone Road                                                                                                                     Walnut, CA 91789           (909) 595-8599
Western U.S. Offices:                                               PAT NOYES & ASSOCIATES
Cheyenne, WY 82009         (307) 632-9646                           Public Process Design & Facilitation ● Neighborhood Traffic           URBAN CROSSROADS, INC.
Bellevue, WA               (425) 454-3160                           Management ● Traffic Incident Management Programs                     Transportation Planning ● Impact Studies ● Traffic/Acoustical
Salt Lake City, UT         (801) 262-8700                           1566 County Rd. 83 ● Boulder, CO 80302                                Engineering ● Transportation Modeling ● GIS ● TDM
Portland, OR               (503) 586-0100                           (303) 440-8171                              41 Corporate Park, Suite 300
Boise, ID                  (208) 336-2983                           e-mail:                                              Irvine, CA 92606
Big Fork, MT               (406) 837-6878                                                                                                 (949) 660-1994             FAX (949) 660-1911                                               PENFIELD & SMITH                                            
                                                                    Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Parking ● Civil
LSA ASSOCIATES, INC.                                                Engineering ● Surveying ● Land Use Planning
Transportation Engineering and Planning ● Parking Studies ●         PO Box 98, Santa Barbara, CA 93102
Capital Project Development                                         Santa Barbara, CA         (805) 963-9532
20 Executive Park, Suite 200 Irvine, CA 92614                       Santa Maria, CA           (805) 925-2345
P (949) 553 0666 F (949) 553 1670                                   Camarillo, CA             (805) 981-0706
Riverside, CA              (909)781-9310                            RBF CONSULTING
Ft. Collins, CO
Pt. Richmond, CA
                           (970) 494 1568
                           (510) 236-6810
                                                                    RBF Provides Comprehensive Transportation Planning ● Traffic
                                                                    Engineering ● Design Services ● Highway Design ● Traffic
                                                                                                                                            Professional Services
Berkeley, CA               (510) 540-7331                           Signal Systems
                                                                    Twelve offices located in California, Arizona, and Nevada               Directory Listings:
MEYER, MOHADDES ASSOCIATES                                          (800) 479-3808   
ITS ● Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Traffic       RICK ENGINEERING COMPANY
Control Systems ● Communications ● Transit ● Parking ●              One City Blvd. West, Suite 1285 ● Orange, CA 92868                      To place or modify your ad, send an
Construction Management                                             (714) 939-1440             Fax: (714) 939-1441                          e-mail to The
1515 S. Manchester Avenue                                                                                  deadline is the 28th of the previous odd-
Anaheim, CA 92802          (714) 780-7243
Los Angeles, CA            (213) 488-0345                           RK ENGINEERING GROUP, INC.                                              numbered month. The cost is $6.00 per line,
Long Beach, CA             (562) 432-8484                           Transportation Planning—Traffic Engineering                             with a minimum cost per ad of $100.00. Ads
Sacramento, CA             (916) 772-7976                           Acoustical and Transportation Demand Management Studies                 are also posted on our web site at
Oakland, CA                (510) 832-4662                           20201 S. W. Birch Street, Suite 250
Boise, ID                  (208) 345-4630                           Newport Beach, CA 92660                                        More information is
Idaho Falls, ID            (208) 528-8538                           (949) 474-0809             Fax (949) 474-0902                           available on our Web site.
Las Vegas, NV              (702) 384-2525                 
Denver, CO                 (720) 898-0265
Reno, NV                   (775) 847-7243
Minneapolis, MN            (612) 379-3885

                                                                                                                                                                  Page 15
 Westernite                                                                                                                                                                       March–April 2004

        Official Publication of District 6 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers                                                           Mar–Apr 2004 Vol. 58 No. 2

                                                                District 6 Officers for 2003 – 2004
Transportation and Transit Planning, Traffic Engineering,
Civil/Structural Engineering Design
Denver                (303) 293-8080
Phoenix               (602) 371-1100
Portland              (503) 224-4706                            President                                          District International Director                    International Vice President
Salt Lake City        (801) 904-4000                            Ransford S. McCourt, P.E., PTOE                    Ray Davis, PE, PTOE                                Tim Harpst, P.E. PTOE
San Diego             (619) 557-0580                            DKS Associates                                     Public Works Director                              Transportation Director
Seattle               (206) 727-3367                            1400 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 500                    City of Belmont                                    City of Salt Lake City
Santa Ana             (714) 835-6886
                                                                Portland, OR 97201                                 1070 Sixth Avenue, Suite 306                       349 South 200 East, Suite 450
Tucson                (520) 887-1800
                                                                (503) 243-3500                                     Belmont, CA 94002                                  Salt Lake City, UT 84111
VRPA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.                                         (503) 243-1934 fax                                 (650) 595-7459                                     (801) 535-6630
Certified DBE/MBE                                                                                     (801) 535-6019 fax
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● ITS ●                                                                                                       
Modeling ● Signal Systems ● Parking ● Environmental             Vice President                                     District International Director
Fresno, CA           (559) 271-1200
                                                                Zaki M. Mustafa, P.E.                              Pat Noyes
San Diego, CA        (858) 566-1766                             City of Los Angeles                                Pat Noyes & Associates
                                                                221 N. Figueroa St., Suite 300                     1566 County Road 83
WASHINGTON GROUP INTERNATIONAL                                  Los Angeles, CA 90012                              Boulder, CO 80302
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Signal          (213) 580-5361                                     (303) 440-8171
Systems ● Signal Timing ● ITS ● Environmental Studies ●                      
Corridor Planning ● Transit/Rail ● Tollways ● Civil/Roadway ●
10822 W. Toller Dr ● Littleton, CO 80127                        Secretary-Treasurer                                District International Director
Tel: (303) 948-4001 ● Fax: (303) 948-4010                       Ken Ackeret, P.E., Ph.D., PTOE                     Rock Miller, P.E., PTOE
Offices: Irvine & San Ramon, CA; Boise, ID; Las Vegas, NV;      Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.                   Vice President
Dallas & Houston, TX; Bellevue, WA; Cheyenne, WY                1050 E. Flamingo Road, Suite S210                  Katz, Okitsu & Associates
                                                                Las Vegas, NV 89119                                17852 E. Seventeenth St, Suite 102
Providing 55 years of comprehensive solutions for your          (702) 734-5666                                     Tustin, CA 92780                                   2004 District 6 Annual Meeting
engineering needs. ● Traffic Impact Analyses ● Traffic Signal   (702) 735-4949 fax                                 (714) 573-0317                                     Sacramento, CA, June 20-23
Design ● Congestion Management Plan ● Parking                                 (714) 573-3172 fax                                 Bob Grandy, Co-Chair
Accumulation Analyses ● Project and Project Study Reports ●                                                                           Grandy & Associates
Construction Management and Inspection                          Past President
3788 McCray Street                                                                                                                                                    231 G Street, Suite 28
Riverside, CA 92506
                                                                Julia Townsend, P.E., PTOE                         District Administrator                             Davis, CA 95616
(909) 686-1070 Fax (909) 788-1256                               kdANDERSON Trans. Engineers                        Wes Pringle, P.E.                                  (530) 756-2935                                          3853 Taylor Road, Suite G                          WPA/Willdan                              
                                                                Loomis, CA 95650                                   27042 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 270,
WHITLOCK & WEINBERGER TRANSPORTATION                            (916) 660-1555                                     Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
“W-Trans,” a certified DBE/WBE
                                                                                                                                                                      Steven Brown, Co-Chair
                                                                (916) 660-1535 fax                                 (949) 470-8880                                     Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc.
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Designs for
Livable Communities ● Municipal Services ● Pedestrian                      (949) 770-9041 fax                                 2990 Lava Ridge Ct., Suite 200
Safety/Planning ● Traffic Calming ● Roundabouts ● Traffic                                                                               Roseville, CA 95661-3058
Signal Design/Timing                                                                                                                                                  (916) 773-1900
Santa Rosa, CA (707) 542-9500                                                                                                               
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Rail ●
Highways ● Transit ● Parking ● Traffic Signals ● ITS ●          Managing Editor                                   Technical Editor                                   Web Master
Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning ● TSM                           John A. Kerenyi, P.E., PTOE                       Peter J. V. Koonce, P.E.                           Jon Pascal
San Francisco, CA       (415) 436-9030
Anaheim, CA             (714) 978-8110
                                                                Kimley-Horn and Associates                        Kittelson & Associates                             The Transpo Group
San Diego, CA           (858) 573-9042                          2100 W Orangewood Ave                             610 S.W. Alder St., Suite 700                      11730 118th Avenue NE
Salt Lake City, UT      (801) 363-3955                          Suite 140                                         Portland, OR 97205                                 Suite 600
Seattle, WA             (425) 821-4887
Tempe, AZ               (480) 775-4344
                                                                Orange, CA 92868                                  (503) 228-5230                                     Kirkland, WA 98034-7120                                             (714) 939-1030                                    (503) 273-8169 fax                                 (425) 821-3665 x 230
                                                                (714) 938-9488 fax                                                    (425) 825-8434 fax
Engineers and Planners ● Traffic Engineering ●
Transportation Planning ● Complete Municipal Services ●
Revenue Management                                              WesternITE newsletter is the official publication of District 6 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. Its purpose is to share information
2125 E Katella Ave #200                                         on transportation topics between members and to communicate to members the activities of District 6. Articles relating to these purposes are
Anaheim, CA 92806-6073        (714) 940-6300                    always welcomed and may be sent to either editor. The opinions, findings, techniques and specific equipment cited by individual authors of
Regional Offices in Anaheim, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San        WesternITE newsletter articles do not constitute the endorsement of same by WesternITE. Reprint of any newsletter material (except if
Bernardino, San Diego, Phoenix, Pleasant Hill, Sacramento       copyrighted) for the purpose of sharing technical information is permissible given that proper reference and the above paragraph accompany
and Ventura                                                     the reprint.

                                                                     Westernite                                                                                                   ORGANIZATION
                                                                                                                                                                                   US POSTAGE
                                                                    ITE District 6                                                                                               LOS ANGELES, CA
                                                                    c/o John Kerenyi
                                                                                                                                                                                  PERMIT # 32365
  Change of Address:                                                Kimley-Horn and Associates
                                                                    2100 W Orangewood Avenue, Suite 140
  To change your mailing address                                    Orange, CA 92868
  information, please visit,
  or call, fax, or mail changes to:                                 Dated Material - Time Value
  Institute of Transportation Engineers
  1099 14th Street, NW, Suite 300 West
  Washington, DC 20005-3438
  (202) 289-0222 / Fax: (202) 289-7722

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