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									Solar Power Systems For Camping

You've probably already heard of people using solar power on their camping trips. If you think it's because
they are loaded with money and can afford it think again. Today,solar power is cheaper than ever and a
portable solar panel is the perfect solution for power on a camping trip. So if you regularly go camping you
should take another look at this renewable form of energy.

The main considerations of solar panels for camping are that they are portable, reliable and practical.

You wouldn't have a hard time believing that it's much more fun to travel in an RV when you have your own
source of power with you. You will still find the odd camper who will tell you they don't need it. Of course,
if you only go to sites where there is a power hookup then you don't need an alternative power source. If you
want to ensure a power hookup you do need to book in advance. With an solar panel equipped RV you can
go camping at a moments notice safe in the knowledge that you have your own readily available power
source. You can also go a bit more remote when you have your own source of power.

Before you go camping however, it's wise to calculate your exact electrical requirements and don't forget to
add in a reserve for those cloudy days. If you are going to rely on solar power you need to plan your trip for
when you know there is going to be plenty of sunlight available.

Get enough solar panels to recharge your batteries in a reasonable amount of time. You'll be stuck without
power for a while if you drain the batteries and the panels don't have enough grunt to recharge them quickly.
Calculating your power requirements is essential to choosing your system. Calculate your daily usage, add a
bit extra on for reserve and then start looking for a system that will suit.

There a few manufacturers developing solar systems that cater specifically to RVs. Shop around and you can
find one that will suit your budget and needs. Try not to be dependent on too many electrical devices. If you
absolutely can't do without then at least try to find a more energy efficient version of it. You are trying to get
away from it all but some things you just can't or shouldn't do without.
You don't have to have an RV to benefit from solar power while camping. Portable and lightweight systems
are becoming more commonplace these days. You can even get panels that fold up like a blanket and have
enough power to charge a laptop. You can get these in a variety of sizes, some big enough to power a laptop
computer or some just big enough to charge a rechargeable lantern. If you're a hiker you can get a pack with
solar built in that provides enough power to charge a mobile phone, torch or iPod.

Solar power is no longer the domain of homes or offices. Now, it is already possible to carry solar power
systems anywhere you go. There is no doubt that camping is more enjoyable if you have a solar system with
you. Why use noisy, smelly generators when you can use free power from the sun. More and more homes
and campers will be discovering the benefits of solar power in the future.

So next time you go camping why not indulge yourself with an affordable solar power system. Of course
you still need to plan your trip carefully and choose the right time of year. If it's cloudy weather you might
find yourself without power until the sun comes out which is no fun. Camping is always more fun if you
have your own unlimited source of power on you.

Leigh is passionate about camping and likes to share his enthusiasm online. For more ideas on what's
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