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					 Invoice App by Apptivo, Inc.

Configuring Invoice App
• Configure button helps you configure the Invoice App and it is found in the invoice
• On clicking “Configure” you can see the Invoice App Configuration.

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                              General Tab

1. You can default either “Service” or “Item” or “Both” as your default by which
   when you click on Quick invoice one of the above will open by default.
2. Invoice App can generate Invoice number automatically if you prefer.
3. We also have a option on invoicing in Multi currency which could be set from
4. Once you click “Save Changes” the changes you made will go effective.
                       To Set online payments

1. You could configure to get paid online when a invoice is sent by using wither
   “Paypal” or “Google Checkout” or “”
2. Each payment gateway has its own setting which Configuration will guide you
   through the process.
                       Payment Terms

This area you could pre-define different payment terms you accept
while invoicing a customer.
                           Auto Reminders

1. You can set Auto reminders for the unpaid invoices of customer and configure
   the reminders by the number of days you would like to get reminded about a
   payment delay.
2. You can send the reminders for unpaid customers through this configuration.
3. Click “save”.

You can well define the Tax codes you would use in your invoice.
You can select the type of tax either fixed or percentage. While in fixed type it is
mentioned as USD and in percentage type tax rate is converted into %.
                            PDF Templates

You can set up your PDF templates for the invoice structure on clicking “Add”.
                    Invoice PDF Template

Once you have made the changes you needed in the Template you can
name the template and click “save”.
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