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                               Newsletter of the albert einstein academy

October 2011                                                                                    

Relative to Your Generosity
At AEA, generous family giving is         In 2010-2011, AEA attained an API          operate.      It is the unfortunate
a vital part of our school. It allows     score of 908. Our API scores for           reality of the California school
us to provide the education you           the 7th grade ranked AEA #1 in the         system that other public schools
want for your child. Our school           entire Santa Clarita Valley, our 8th       m u s t c u t i n s t ru c t i o n a l t i m e
budget is dependent upon family           grade ranked #1, and our 9th grade         (including half-days), art
pledges and our annual budget             ranked #2. With your help, this            programs, athletic programs, and
takes this into account. It is critical   school year, we will be just as            teachers, while class sizes continue
that we receive your pledge               successful.                                to increase, but not at AEA. Your
amount in order to continue many                                                     financial support allows us to
                                          Like the hundreds of families that
of our current offerings. While                                                      continue a strong AEA college prep
                                          have enrolled in our school, you
many families give $2,500 per                                                        program.
                                          have chosen the Albert Einstein
student or more, and many others          Academy for many reasons that set          Financial Pledge forms were
make automatic monthly                    us apart from other schools,               included in your child’s
contributions that add up to or           including:                                 Enrollment Packet and are
exceed that amount, all donations                                                    available on-line through the
are appreciated. Our primary goal         • A financially supportive family          school website as well. Please
is to achieve 100% participation.           community                                return your pledge form and
We ask that you contribute an             • Small class sizes for more               contribution to Wendi Mann in the
amount that you feel is financially         individualized attention                 front office, or donate your
appropriate for you while keeping
                                          • Preparation of young people for          financial support through our
in mind the high value of your
                                            college and lifelong learning            website by October 10, 2011.
child's education.
Last year we purchased projectors,        • A highly qualified and dedicated
                                            faculty                                                 Thank you,
interactive whiteboards, individual
lockers, laptops, and computers for       • A variety of elective, language,         AEA Development Committee
our state-of-the-art computer lab.          and arts classes
Areas where future donations will         • Daily physical education and
have an immediate impact will be                                                    COMMUNITY CALENDAR
                                            sports programs
to help pay for building
improvements, utilities,                  • A safe, caring, and healthy            Oct. 5         Dance Team Bake Sale
maintenance, more classrooms,               school environment                                    during lunch *
teacher training, purchase                                                         Oct. 5         Back-to-School Night &
                                          The Albert Einstein Academy
additional classroom technology,                                                                  Potluck Dinner
                                          provides this great education in a
science and lab equipment, a sports                                                Nov. 5-6       Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser
                                          secure environment without the
field, and supplies. Every penny of       $15,000-$25,000 price tag of a
your tax-deductible contribution          private school. Public state funds                 * The AEA Dance Team
goes directly for your child’s            are very limited. Every year, our            will be holding a bake sale on the
education.                                per-student payment from the state            first Wednesday of each month
                                          falls short of what we need to                          during lunch.

                            “All religions, arts and sciences are branches
            :                                                        of the same tree.”
     Quote                                                                 - Albert Einstein
                  Meet the Aea Staff...
Jared Krupp                         For the past ten years, Mr.          teaching career, Jared was in the
                                    Krupp has been the Art               food and beverage business,
Mr. Krupp studied art at Cal        department chairperson at            managing restaurants in
State Long Beach, and               Montclair Prep school in Van         Monterey, CA. and Lake Tahoe. 
graduated from CSUN with a          Nuys, teaching drawing and           His hobbies include cooking,
Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art.  He   painting classes at the high         surfing, playing guitar, skiing,
also completed the Masters in       school level.  Mr. Krupp is a        and spending time with his
Drawing course at Associates in     classically trained artist and his   wife and daughter, Jayden.
Art in Los Angeles.                 passion lies in teaching the         In Mr. Krupp’s own words: “I
Jared Krupp believes in             fundamentals of drawing and          am very excited about my
continual professional and          painting, while encouraging          future at AEA, and I feel we all
artistic development as is          and convincing students that         have a very special opportunity
evidenced by the numerous           anyone can learn to draw.            to make a real difference in the
drawing and life drawing            Prior to embarking on his            lives of our students here!”
classes he has taken at the
                                                                         We all look forward to the
American Animation Institute
                                                                         w o n d e r f u l c re a t i v i t y a n d
in Los Angeles.
                                                                         artistry that will issue from the

                                                Aea                      portal of your art studio.

Nehama Meged                                                             credentialing in this recently

Nehama brings a wealth of            Go Rockets!                         created credential program. 
                                                                         Nehama Meged has been
experience, ability, humor, and                                          teaching for close to twenty
passion to her position as          B.A. in Biblical Studies and         years, taking some time out to
Director of Hebrew Studies at       Jewish History.  Nehama went         raise a family of three and a
AEA.                                on to earn her M.A. from             husband of one.  Nehama is a
Born and raised in Jerusalem,       Hebrew Union College in              world traveler, a Master teacher,
Israel, Nehama attended the         Judaic Studies.                      a passionate individual, and an
highly gifted Boyer School.                                              incredible asset to our school. 
                                    Nehama is just shy of receiving
After a two- year tour of duty in   her NETA Program Master              The entire Albert Einstein
the Israeli military, Ms. Meged     Teacher certificate and is one of    Academy community welcomes
attended Hebrew University in       the first Hebrew language            our Hebrew Director, Nehama
Jerusalem where she earned her      teachers to apply for                Meged.

                                                  AEA’s Newest Students!

     elc                om
                                                               Ashley Nickel - 10th Grade
                                                              Abigail Charime - 9th Grade

                                                              Michael Charime - 9th Grade
                                                              Rachel Charime - 9th Grade
                                                               Alexis Renoso - 8th Grade

                                    The Relativity: October 2011
                                         Ae Eventsa

   Back-to-School Night
        & Potluck
                                                   h e Date
          Wednesday, Oct. 5                  Save t
If your last
             6:00 p.m.
               Please bring enough
                                                             AEA’s 1st Annual
name ends      for 8 people
    A-D        Paper Goods - plates,
               napkins, forks

                                                         Nov. 5th-Nov. 6th
    E-H        Drinks & Cups
    I-M        Appetizers
    N-Q        Salads
                                                      from: 8:00p.m.-8:00a.m.
We also will need volunteers to
set-up (5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.) and               There will be dancing, games, food, and fun,
clean-up (8:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.).
                                                     not to mention the opportunity
       Contact Beth Abreu at                     to make a lot of money for our school!

                                                 WISH LISTS
                                        What do the AEA teachers wish for?
                                       Can you make their wishes come true?
  Ms. Meged: Large map of Israel and Middle East, TV with remote control, Headphones with microphone
  Dr. McDonnell: Digital cameras (new or used), lenses, Photoshop software, Tripods, Projector
  Ms. Snir:  Dry erase markers, Poster board, Markers
  Ms. Cohen:  Multi colored butcher paper
  Mr. Erenberg: Portable scoreboard, Balls, Electric pump, Field hockey equipment
  Ms. Mann:  Copy machine
  Ms. Pasternak:  Table for overhead projector, Bookshelves, Storage closet
  Ms. Ergican:  Projector cart
  Ms. Stift:  Graph paper, Protractors, Highlighters, Clipboards, Whiteboard markers, Hand sanitizer, Compasses,
                Small pencils, Promethean board, Document camera
  Ms. Stolarski:  White Board markers
  Ms. Spivack:  Chart paper, Colored markers and pencils
  Mr. Wolfe:  Scantron, History videos
  Dr. Farris: Microscopes, 4 Drawer file cabinet, Tall shelves
  Mr. Gika:  Interactive Whiteboards (Smart Boards) for all classrooms, and Overhead projectors

                                          The Relativity: October 2011
EPO News: Nice to See You!                                                                 MAKE $$$
Thank you to all the parents who        school and we encourage each of                 SHOPPING ONLINE!
attended the Parent’s Night Out at      you to join a committee that meets
BJ’s! It was seeing and meeting so      your needs and sparks your passion.               $$$ for AEA that is!
many new and returning parents.
                                            Enjoy the month of October!             Through AEA’s Online Bookstore
Please remember that the Einstein             Kim Zimmerman                
Parent Organization (EPO) is a
                                                  EPO President
terrific way to get involved with our

                                                                                    DONATION NEEDED
  PHOTOS WANTED                              HELP WANTED                                - Plastic Garden Shed -
       Do you have a photo of                - Fundraising Assistant -             AEA is in need of a plastic shed
         life at AEA... like a           T h e Every Day for AEA                   to store sporting goods and other
           Sporting Event,               Fundraising Chair could use a             supplies.
            Fundraiser, or               hand!                                     Contact Coach K, Rick Kaufman,
       Back-To-School Night                  Contact Karla Keneman at              for more information.
      that you think should be                
        memorialized in the
          school yearbook?
           Please send your
        school event photos to or
                                                           Dance-A-Thon 2011
     Have more than just a few?
                                                            Host Families Needed!
       Please put them on a disk                                   Have you ever wanted to...
            or flash drive.                                 Put on the ultimate party for your child?
            RED FLAG!                     Celebrate a birthday or special event in an over-the-top fun & fabulous way?
                                                    Showcase one of your special someone’s special talents?
     Flag Football Team photos                  Without having to find a place, or cleanup after over 200 teens!
           needed now!                                               Here is your chance!

    DRIVER NEEDED                         Just pay $50.00 to the Einstein Academy & you can fill 50 minutes
       Got a pick-up truck?
                                                    at the first annual Dance-A-Thon, Nov. 5th-6th
 The EPO needs volunteers with                 Play your family’s favorite music & teach us your favorite dance....
 trucks to help haul supplies for                 The Twist, the Electric Slide, the Two-Step, or the Hustle...
 various events & activities.                          Have a favorite era? Maybe the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s?
 Contact Kim Zimmerman, EPO                  Bring in your old albums & show us what it was like back in the day....
 President, for more information.
                                         You pick the theme, provide the music, bring the favors, & lead the way!
                                         SO, come & Join the AEA rock & roll band, Mr. Gika’s family, the Zimmerman
                                             family, & the Garetto-Barnetts & sign up to host your own 50 minutes.
       FROM THE                                        We only have nine spots left so hurry up & get one.
     DRIVER’S SEAT                                        Thank you for your help & support!
     - Notable & Quotable -                                The AEA Dance-A-Thon Committee
 Today, in the drop off line, as the
 kids were getting out the car, the             Please Contact David Garetto-Barnett at (661) 755-2388 to sign up.
 driver asked,
        “Where is the exit?”.            **all groups and themes must be approved by the AEA administration**

                                         The Relativity: October 2011
                                       SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES
 Oct. 15       Step Out/Walk to STOP Diabetes                                              All events listed are
                                                    AEA "sanctioned" events
               Contact: Bonnie Mahler at                     but the event may not necessarily
                                                                                        be "supervised" by AEA. 
 Oct. 22       Make a Difference Day  
                                           The independent
               Contact: Kristen Lindquist at               community service events
                               Donna Wood at                           are supervised by
 Nov. 1        Santa in the Marathon
               We areClarita process of organizing a group site for the day, more      the staff holding the event
               information to follow
               Contact: Kristen Lindquist -                   and by the parents of
                        Donna Wood at                             the participating students.
               We have secured duties at the event and are looking for volunteers

  Fundraising: Every Day for AEA!
  AEA offers programs that make               points.  The store usually has        money for AEA every time you
  it easy for you to raise money              promotions regarding these            check out at Ralphs!
  every day for AEA!                          special items. You will receive a     For more information, contact
                                              coupon with your receipt stating (in                                                      Karla Keneman at
                                              the amount of Box Tops earned.
  conjunction with Box Tops) is way                                       
                                              Simply go on-line and record
  to earn money for our school                them to bank money for AEA!
  while shopping at Albertson's.                                                      Little things can make a big
  You can earn 5 bonus box tops just is a very           difference, please sign up
  by registering on-line, that's $.50!        similar with Ralphs. Check out
                                                                                             and participate
  When you purchase certain items             their website and register to make
                                                                                          Every Day for AEA!
  at Albertson's, you will gain

Rockets: Launch Schedule
Junior High Flag Football:
10/6      3:00 vs Trinity at Central park
10/17    3:00  vs Legacy at Central park
10/26    3:00  vs  Pinecrest Canyon Country at Central Park

Junior High Girls Basketball:  (All games at Church of Nazarene unless noted)

10/6      4:00   vs Trinity
10/11    4:00    vs Delphi
10/13    3:00    vs Pinecrest Canyon Country at Pinecrest
10/18    4:00    vs Trinity
10/19    3:00    vs Pinecrest Canyon Country at Pinecrest
10/27   First round play-offs time to be announced
Cross Country:
10/6             AGBU Pasadena at TBA
10/11            GH Hillcrest Christian at Hansen Dam or El Cariso
10/15            Cowboy Classic at Lake Castaic
10/18            New Jewish Community at Pierce College, Woodland Hills

10/21            Mt. Sac Invite at Mt. Sac College  **Junior & Senior High**
10/27            Summit View at TBA
Girls High School Volleyball:

10/4      4:00 vs Santa Clarita Christian at SCC (AEA Home Team)
10/6 3:00      vs Delphi at Home                        
10/19 3:30     vs Delphi at Delphi  
10/24 3:00     vs Faith Baptist at Home
10/25 3:00     vs Faith Baptist at Faith Baptist
10/27 3:15     vs AGBU at AGBU

                                             The Relativity: October 2011

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