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                                                   S. A.
                                         Real Wealth
                                        Vol. 2 No. 11      A Non-Profit Business Association      November 2005

 Mission                                                   NOVEMBER 1ST
Statement                                                              Jim Peters
   The mission of the San
Antonio Real Estate Investors’
Association is to provide a forum
for the sharing of ideas with a
                                                                         presents his
common goal of increasing real
estate knowledge and improving
ethical investment techniques.                              Property Buying Tour
   The mission includes sharing
practical hands-on knowledge,        Jim Peters is one of the leading experts on how average people can
and making it available to the
real estate investors through
                                     make big money investing in real estate. Jim has taught thousands of
networking with experienced          people how to purchase houses creatively with no money down.
investors to reduce errors and
shorten the time required to          Jim helped build one of the Nations most successful real estate
become a successful investor.        mentorship and training companies. Their students have literally
Other objectives are to offer        bought and sold over $1 Billion of real estate over the past decade.
guidance, direction and problem
solving to all investors from        Most recently Jim along with best selling author Wendy Patton have
novice to the experienced.           revealed an unprecedented wealth creation process called the Property
   This Association will strive      Buying Tour. "Our goal is to take investors by the hand and do most of
to provide quality speakers at       the work for them." On one of their last tours Property Buying Tours
general meetings to further the
member ’s awareness and
                                     helped their clients lock up over $200 MILLION Dollars in Property!
knowledge of the investment          Mr. Peters is a frequent keynote speaker at investor conferences across
community, and to continually        the country. Prior to real estate Mr. Peters was co-owner of a highly
grow and review the Association’s    successful Northwest investment company. Mr. Peters currently sits
                                     on the Board of Directors serving as Vice President to the Pediatric
                                     Cancer Survivor Project, a non-profit organization.

       6-9 pm
    General Meeting
                                    From the President’s Chair
                                    What an honor it was to have Lou Brown here last month. The first time
 Tuesday, November 1st              I saw Lou Brown was two years ago at the San Antonio Real Estate Expo. I
 Tuesday, December 6th              was too busy with administrative responsibilities at the front door to sit
       Omni Hotel                   through his entire presentation, as was the case during his one-day event
   West Frontage Road,              here; so, I've decided to attend his weekend event in Dallas December the
  Wurzbach off ramp IH10            10th and 11th. Even with the level of experience that I have Lou has
                                    managed to strike a cord that is calling me to hear more. This sentiment
  Education Meeting                 was shared by one of our even more experienced investors Mitch Stephens
                                    who has done over 900 house deals to date. Mitch was so impressed with
Tuesday, December 20th
                                    Lou's materials that he jumped up during Lou's presentation and told the
     Holiday Inn Select
                                    audience "this guys got stuff that I haven't seen before", a great testimonial
     77 N.E. Loop 410               at a great time. And no, he wasn't paid to say that. Nancy Wagner is
 Diagonal to North Star Mall
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From the President’s Chair
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working diligently to contract more big names like Lou Brown and Robyn Thompson so as to provide a greater
diversification of expertise for all levels of investors. Know this that the greater amount of attendees at our
monthly meetings the greater the names of the speakers that Nancy can bring to speak. For instance to bring
in a name like Ron LeGrand one of the undisputed masters of the industry we would have to guarantee a
minimum of 300 people in order for him to even consider attending. Though not every product that these
guru's sell may be for everyone and I am a firm believer in buy only one, master it and as your needs change or
your business grows consider others. As was the case with Mitch Stephens who most would say would not need
to buy any courses ended up purchasing Lou Brown's course. As Mitch said, "this guys got stuff that I haven't
seen before" at his level that says a lot about the need for ongoing education. A bit of information that you may
not know about our agreements with these speakers is that they are required to provide 90% education and only
10% of their presentation can be a sales pitch. So if your busy mastering a course that you already own or still
looking for the one that strikes the right cord attending the general monthly meeting will allow repeated
exposure to the information that the speakers are required to provide. Assuming they were speaking for 100
minutes you get 90 minutes of information without investing a dime just your time once a month. And that
one free bit of advice or technique could result in a major transition in your real estate investing endeavors or
even be the solution to a current roadblock. One last thing and then I am off to go find an ugly house or
multiunit somewhere; my deepest gratitude goes out to all of the volunteers, your help during these events his
invaluable to the board members and SAREIA because the more we grow the more that needs to be done to keep
this a truly great association. For anyone else interested in helping the association in any capacity please contact
Earnest Patino our volunteer coordinator because we need help in many areas. Skills are irrelevant but if you
have special skills please let him know so that we can better determine how you can best serve our association.

See you at the next monthly meeting, Yeah Baby!

Orlando Rodriguez
President SAREIA

     If you are not receiving your SAREIA E-Letter every
              Monday, Wednesday and Friday
            contact Alberto Urcelay at 662-0297.

        Go right into the meeting!!!
  Yes if you have your SAREIA ID Badge you do not have
  to stop and register at the SAREIA desk for meetings.
  Just wear your ID badge on your shirt (we have badge
  holders) and the person at the door will let you right in
  without a hassle. If you do not have your badges ask
  Alberto Urcelay or the people at the check in desk for it.
  We have many badges that have been printed but not
  picked up. If you do not pick them up at the next meeting
  we will mail them to the address we have on record.

              Board Meeting
          open to the membership
  If you are interested in attending the monthly Board
  meeting contact Alberto Urcelay, SAREIA Administrator
  to RSVP and get the meeting location.

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                                                                    "THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM OUR WEBMASTER, IF YOU
               Extra! Extra!                                        ARE USING SPAM BLOCKING SOFTWARE FROM YOUR INTERNET

             Read All About It!                                     SERVICE PROVIDER, AND NOT GETTING THE SAREIA MEMBERSHIP
                                                                    MAIL, THE SAREIA E - LETTER, YOUR SETTING IS TO HIGH AND MUST
                                                                    BE ADJUSTED TO A LOWER SETTING. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS
                 Available NOW!                                     PLEASE CONTACT THE WEBMASTER, PATRICK, AT 684 4305 OR BY
                                                                    EMAIL AT C100@SBCGLOBAL.NET."
     SAREIA Member Association
      Discounts* to products and
            services from:                                                    Buy More Houses - Sell Faster
                                                                           I will purchase all types of cash flows:
                       Sherwin-Williams                             Structured settlements, owner financed properties.
                     Home Depot Supply                                                   I Buy Houses
                    National Tenant Network
                          Office Depot                              Free Quote                                     Cash in days
                               Avis                                                     Bruce Pollock
                              DHL                                                        Real Estate Investor
                          Paymentech                                                                            Bus (210) 481-0264
                                                                                 Fax (210) 481-3651
                     Nationwide Insurance
                        Powernet Global
                     Saba Wireless/Nextel
                         and more . . .
 *Available to all current members in good standing. Discount
 Requirements vary per company. Members may need to
 open credit card charge account with each individual
 company. Members log on and use the benefits you feel are
 important to you and your investment needs.

      How do you take advantage
          of these benefits?
      1. Log on to:
                                                                Q                                                                    A                                                                                      F
      2. Press member login (sometimes you have to
                                                                                 Home Remedies                                       F
         press this more than once)                             L                  Home Remedies                                     R
                                                                I                                                                    A
                                                                                   Looking for a Contractor??
      3. user id:      sareia        (lowercase)                T                                                                    B
                                                                Y               Call Home Remedies                                   L
      4. password: dreamhouse (lowercase)                                                                                            E
                                                                        for Affordable - Quality Contracting Services
                                                                                      - Free Estimates -                             P
      5. Press Benefits                                         W
                                                                                  (references available upon request)                R
                                                                O                                                                    I
      6. Explore the Benefits                                   R      Matt Schaefer               210-262-3612                      C
                                                                K                                          S

                                                                LAW OFFICE OF PATRICK REED
                                                                    Formation of Partnerships, Corporations & LLCs
                                                                               Trusts • Asset Protection
                                                                            Marital Property Agreements

                                                                14310 Northbrook Dr., #100 • San Antonio, TX 78232
                                                                      Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

November 2005                                                                                                              Page 3
                                        Have you moved?

                                     Changed your Address?

                                     ... Telephone Number?
The End of the Year Party                ... Cell Number?
    is coming up on                     Please let us have your

  December 15, 2005.                 updated information at the

                                     check in desk or call or email
                Details to follow.

November 2005                                                Page 4
                San Antonio Real Estate Investors’
                Association does not exist to render or give
                legal, tax, economic or investment advice,
                and disclaims all liability for actions or
                inactions taken or not taken as a result of
                communication from or to its officers,
                directors and members. Always seek
                advice from qualified and competent

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October 2005                         Page 7
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                                    SAREIA Newsletter
                           Advertising MONTHLY Rates as of April 5, 2005
      1 Page Advertisement - $225                        ¼ Page Advertisement (3.5" x 4.5") - $100
      ½ Page Advertisement (7"x 5”) - $175               Business Card (3.5" x 2") - $100 for a YEAR
                  Any ad can be run for 6 months or 12 months with a 10% or 20% discount.

October 2005                                                                                           Page 8
Lease Options Owner Financing Options Subject To Wrap
Arounds Contracts For Deed Land Trusts Notes Flipping
Options Sweat Equity

                      litt      no
  Buying houses using little or none of your money, and getting
  paid when you buy
  Learn how to use Amortization schedules to increase profits when owner financing
  How to buy houses using Private Lenders, and paying Little or No interest
  Retirement accounts where the balance increases as you make each withdrawal,
  Wholesaling using Options, Subject To and Owner Financing
  Using Owner Financing and Notes when buying or selling houses
  The do’s and don’ts of “Subject To”, and why you must know this
  Buying houses using Land Trusts, or should you buy in a Land Trust
  How and when to use Contracts For Deed and Wrap Arounds
  Seasoning of Title, combining these strategies, and much, much more . . .

   With the knowledge you’ll acquire, you’ll be able to make money
     by helping solve problems, even if you don’t buy the house!

                                    Why should you attend?
      2 full days covering the art of Creative Financing Strategies
      Follow up session AFTER the 2 day workshop. You continue learning AFTER the training
      When you do a deal with us, in addition to the $$$ you make, we’ll reimburse the tuition paid!


                     SAN ANTONIO – Saturday & Sunday, November 5th & 6th

                           For more Info Contact us: (877) 418-2125

                                       Produced by Elmer Diaz and Dennis Arocho
                                       Presented by Road 2 Success, LLC

October 2005                                                                                             Page 9
                      How To Find More Deals
                       & Flip More Contracts
   -     Having a difficult time finding good leads? Tired of looking for vacant, ugly houses?
   -     Not sure how to fill out the contracts? Confused about how much to offer?
   -     Don’t know how to do a detailed property inspection? Then Don’t Miss This …
              Hands-On, In The Field, Participating Event! Scouting Neighborhoods,
                 Calling Sellers and Inspecting Houses! 2 Full Days Learning:
   -     How to Scout neighborhoods effectively, and generate more leads than you can handle
   -     Aggressive, but cheap marketing that will have sellers calling you to buy their house
   -     Master the telephone, and find deals all over Houston with ads the seller pays for
   -     How to write contracts and make offers to Banks, Real Estate Agents and For Sale By Owners
   -     How to perform a Quick and Easy property inspection, and learn to estimate repairs
   -     How to analyze each deal, and learn a proven formula to increase the number of offers accepted
   -     How to build a team of Realtors that will WANT to work with you, and give you help with MLS
   -     Detailed step by step instructions on how to flip a deal for fast $$$ and how to protect your deal
   -     How to Assign contracts that are NOT ASSIGNABLE, such as foreclosures and REO’s …

            After the training, you’ll be able to find more leads than
          you can handle, inspect and estimate repairs with confidence,
           easily write contracts & flip any contract you get accepted!

   Next Event – Saturday & Sunday, November 12th & 13th, 2005                                            $595
        ** Call or email and ask about the $pecial discounts!
Limited Seating – Only 20 seats available – Call                         877-418-2125 to register

                  7 reasons why you Should Not Miss this event:
   1-    Power packed training that will enable you to start working the real estate business immediately!
   2-    Learn how to invest in Houston real estate from knowledgeable, experienced Houston investors!
   3-    Monthly networking meetings, providing you a venue to meet other investors and flip your deals!
   4-    Opportunity to enhance your learning with this hands on, personally involved, action taking event!
   5-    Earn discounts on other events held by Road 2 Success, or courses from other National Speakers!
   6-    Opportunity to network with Road 2 Success Coaching Students that are just months ahead of you!
   7-    Be part of our investor buyers list so we can flip our properties and contracts to you and make $$$!
   8-    We’ll give you an easy to use, Quick and Easy, Preliminary Inspection & Estimating Spreadsheet!
   9-    Flip us a deal, and in addition to the flip fee we’ll reimburse what you paid for the training!
             (Yes – we know these are 9 reasons, not 7 – But we like to Under Promise and Over Deliver)
*** For Qualified Students - Special opportunity to Jump Start your business
  and ensure Peak Performance with our 99 days Empowerment Coaching!
               You Will PAY by learning from the School of Hard Knocks, or pay more by not
              recognizing a deal that another trained investor does! Don’t put off your $uccess!
                                           Road 2 Success, LLC
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October 2005   Page 11
    SAREIA Upcoming Events                                                  SAREIA Board of Directors
2005 will bring many exciting speakers to SAREIA. Our membership                  Orlando Rodriguez
numbers allow us the clout to get the best in real estate investing to             Phone: (210) 666-4742
come to San Antonio. These are the speakers Nancy Wagner has                      Email:
lined up for the general meetings. They happen on the 1st Tuesday                    VICE PRESIDENT
of the month at the OMNI Hotel unless otherwise notified. For more                 Joseph T. Almeter
details see "Upcoming Events" at                                   Phone: (210) 415-4831
November 1, 2005 - General Meeting 6PM                                                  TREASURER
Jim Peters will present the newest technique for making money in                       Ed O’Beirne
Real Estate with the "Property Buying Tour". Pick up a CD at the                  Phone: (210) 274-2585
meeting on Oct. 4th to get a preview.                                           Email:

December 6, 2005 - General Meeting 6PM                                            Sharon Fernandez
Don Delarosa                                                                      Phone: (210) 637-5900
    General Meetings are Free to SAREIA Members                                    PUBLIC RELATIONS
             and $20 for non-members                                                  Victoria Pine
                                                                                   Phone: (210) 378-0895
December 15, 2005 - End of Year Party                                        Email:
Details to follow.
                                                                                 Committee Chairs
                                                                                  SPEAKER RELATIONS

           Educational Meeting                                                       Nancy Wagner
                                                                                   Phone: (210) 535-8239
   The meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month and as many
of our members share, it is often the learning experience which sets                   MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                      Sam Maropis
them on the road to success.
                                                                                   Phone: (210) 213-3655
   To check the topics please visit The meetings               Email:
are held at the Holiday Inn Select, on the frontage road of the 410
                                                                                   VENDOR RELATIONS
opposite the Big BOOT mall.                                                          Mark Spencer
  Education Meetings are Free to SAREIA Members                                   Phone: (210) 535-3867
             and $25 for non-members
                                                                               ASSISTANT VENDOR CHAIR
                                                                                      Albert Ochoa
                                                                                  Phone: (210) 475-9900
     New Members and Renewals:
   David A. Bosworth                                 Nhora Prieto                  Mindy Anderson
                             Wiley Mitchel                               Phone: (830) 305-6683 Fax: (830) 303-0432
     Paul Dickman                                 Gary W. Roemisch            Email:
                             Jackie Mitchel
    Don Dietzmann                                   Hugh Rowles              POLITICAL AWARENESS CHAIR
                            John O'Connor                                             Toni Dubois
    Susan Dietzmann                                Eleazar Villarreal
                            Shirley Padalecki                                     Phone: (210) 844-2591
        Frank Lin                                     Allen York              E-mail:
                              Rob Peyton
     James Miculka                                   Gloria York           SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (SIGs)
                                                                                     David Labens
                                                                                   Phone: (210) 355-5286

                                                                            VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE CHAIR
                                                                                     Ernesto Patino
                                                                                   Phone: (210) 685-1232

                                                                                  Alberto Urcelay, Sr.
          Mailing Address: PMB 128                                                Phone: (210) 662-0297
         5492 Walzem Rd. • San Antonio, TX 78218                                 Email:

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