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					                                    Northwest Florida State College
                                     AA Transfer Student Survey
                 Combined Results : Summer 2007, Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Summer 2008
                                    1287 Sent: 175 Returned (14%)

University Major or Degree Program
        Accounting & Finance                 12           Environmental Science/Policy          3        Pre-Clinical Allied Health
        Actuarial Science                                 Exceptional Student Education                  Pre-Law/Professional Option
        Aerospace Engineering                 2           History                                        Project Management                  6
        Animal Science                                    Industrial Mgt. & Syst. Engineering   3        Psychology                          4
        Biblical Studies                                  Information Tech. – Arts & Sciences            Public Relations/Marketing          2
        Biochemistry (Pre-Med)                            Interdisciplinary Humanities                   Radiography
        Biology/Pre-Med                       4           Interdisciplinary Social Science               Religion & Modern For. Lang.       2
        Building Construction                             International Studies                 1        Resort Mgt & Hospitality
        Business/Economics                   13           Journalism                            2        Secondary Education/History
        Chemical Engineering                              Management & Info Systems                      Social Science Education           3
        Chemistry                             2           Marketing & Multinational Bus.                 Social Work                        6
        Civil Engineering                                 Mathematics                           2        Sociology & Journalism
        Communication/Public Relations        4           Meteorology                                    Special Education
        Computer Science/Technology           1           Nursing                               7        Teaching
        Criminal Justice/Criminology         10           Paralegal (Pre-law)                            Unknown
        Digital Media                                     Philosophy
        Education                             5           Physical Geography
        Elementary Education                 16           Physical Therapy
        Engineering, Electrical/Computer      4           Physics
        English (Creative Writing Spec.)                  Political Science/Pre-Law             4

Have you applied for admission to a university or college?                           Yes - 156      No - 18            No Response - 1
If yes, please mark which one(s) you applied for, and the status of your admissions (please mark all that apply):
                                           Applied for   Accepted for     Denied        Admission
        University/College                 Admission      Admission      Admission       Pending                    Comments
Florida Atlantic University (FAU)                 3           3                                        Housing too expensive

Florida A & M University (FAMU)                   1           1
  Florida Gulf Coast University
 Florida International University                 2           1                                        Housing too expensive
                                                                                                       Denied because lack classes for major
                                                                                                       Decided to attend OWC/NWFS
                                                                                                       FSU – Panama City Campus
  Florida State University (FSU)               31            23              3              4          Not going to FSU – decided on UWF
                                                                                                       Fall 08
                                                                                                       Enrolled & attending
                                                                                                       Start Fall 2008
                                                                                                       Currently Attending
                                                                                                       All course credits transferred
                                                                                                       My credits are still being processed by
  University of Central Florida                19            18                                         UCF
             (UCF)                                                                                     Fast & Easy
                                                                                                       School of Choice
                                                                                                       Now Attending
                                                                                                       Choose to go to UCF, accepted in BSN
                                                                                                       Decided to attend OWC/NWFS
                                                                                                       Unhappy
                                               25            15              8                         I will attend UF for Fall 2008
    University of Florida (UF)                                                                         Accepted in School of Engineering
                                                                                                       Attending Currently
                                                                                                       Late Application
                                                                                                       Admission Officers are Assholes at UF
                                                                                                       Will Apply
University of North Florida (UNF)                 4           3

                                                                                                       Was accepted to their nursing program,
University of South Florida (USF)                 2           2                                         but they notify you in mid-April for a
                                                                                                        May start date. Not enough time to
                                                                                                        fine housing, etc.

                                                    I start in the Fall of 2008
                                                    Decided to attend OWC/NWFS
                                                    Little trouble…….
                                                    I declined by seat due to UF
                                                    Currently Attending
                                                    Decided on UWF
                                                    Have been accepted & registered for
                                                     Fall 08
                                                    Starting this Fall
                                                    Current Student
                                                    Already enrolled – completed 1
                                                    Going here now
                                                    Pending waiting for final grades
                                                    Already have 6cr hrs towards
                                                    No longer enrolled – moved out-of-
University of West Florida (UWF)   78   75   1       state
                                                    Not attending
                                                    Enrolled Fall 08
                                                    I switched to OWC due to location,
                                                     price and attitude
                                                    Currently Attending
                                                    Currently Attending
                                                    Currently Attending Summer Courses
                                                    Entering my 3rd semester
                                                    Attending Fall 08 School Year
                                                    Will graduate April 09
                                                    Student for About one year
                                                    Will graduate December 08
                                                    Full Time
                                                    Will Graduate in Spring 09
                                                    Smooth Credit Transition
                                                    Currently a Senor at UWV
                                                    Graduating in December 08
                                                    No Problems
                                                    Currently Enrolled
Ashford University (on-line)       1    1           Currently Attending
Auburn University                  3    3
Baptist College of Florida         1    1
Campbell University                1    1           Completed 2 Summer Sessions –
                                                     Enrolled Fall 08
Clemson University                 1    1
Columbia College                   1    1
Drake University                   1    1           Accepted 62/70 credits – am a standing
                                                     jr. for Fall 08
Flagler College                    1    1           Working on my Masters
Florida Institute of Technology    1    1
George Washington                  1    1
Georgetown                         1    1
Jacksonville University            1    1
Judson College, Alabama            1    1           Waiting for Transcripts
Kaplan University                  1    1
Louisiana State University         1    1
Mansfield University               1    1           In PA
Mobile University                  1    1           Even w/scholarship OWC won
Northwest Florida State College    8    7    1      Was admitted into the Nursing
(OWC)                                                Program
                                                    Completed 4/yr with you
                                                    Accepted as provisional – pending
Pensacola Christian                1    1
Purdue University                  1    1
Regis University in Colorado       1    1

SCAD                                            1             1                                       The process was easy and fast
Southern Illinois University                    1             1                                    
Other (cont):
Spring Hill College                             1             1                                       Transferred in 2006
Texas State University                          1             1                                       Current Student
Troy University                                 4             2                             2         I expect to be admitted
US Air Force Academy                            1             1
University of Alabama                           3             3                                       Problems
                                                                                                      Already Started Masters UAB
University of Albany                            1                                           1         In NY
University of Maryland                          2             1                             1
University of Miami                             1             1
University of Montevallo                        1             1
University of New Hampshire                     1
University of South Alabama                     1             1                                       Graduated May 3, 2008
University of Tampa                             1             1
Webster                                         1             1
Worchester Polytechnic Institute                1                             1                       Was placed on waiting list - declined
Did OWC staff (advisors, faculty, counselor) assist with this process?                  Yes - 74       No - 92         No Response - 9
         One comment: Never helped with anything

How would you rate the level of assistance?

    Outstanding 78                     Good 45           Neutral             19       Poor 3    Very Poor 2       No Response 28

If you were denied admission, what were the reasons given:
   Did not meet the required grade point average                                        2
   Did not satisfy all of the pre-requisites for the program                            8
   Limited Admission Program                                                            4
   Did not meet the deadline                                                            2
   No reasons were given as to the denial                                               3
        o    UF stated that due to a reduced amount of acceptances, I was not competitive enough for my intended major
        o    Still attending classes for my A.A. before moving forward
        o    UF would not accept me as a freshman or a transfer. Told me I didn’t have enough pre-reqs even though I would have
             enough with Spring Classes.
        o    FSU budget cut backs
        o    Mail – months late.
        o    Online, Mail
        o    ACT not high enough
 If denied admission, how were you notified?
        o    Through the internet and was mailed a letter of notification.
        o    I received a letter in the mail.
        o    Mail                                                                       3
        o    Via internet post & paper mail
        o    Email, not phone or letter
        o    I was notified of denial of admission via mail
        o    E-mail & mailed letter
        o    By letters and on-line
        o    By letter                                                            2

     o   By letter, the University of Florida was the only school I did not get accepted to.
If denied admission, did you challenge this decision?                      Yes       1         No     15
 One comment: I didn’t want to go there.
Other Comments:
     o   I am very pleased with my experience at Northwest Florida State College and will recommend this school for my brother
         starting as a college freshman. I will definitely look into donating funds when the opportunity arises.
     o   OWC is one of the best schools I have ever been to. If high school advisors helped out half as much as OWC’s did then the
         school systems would be a lot better. I feel completely prepared for FSU because of the amazing guidance and education I
         received at OWC. The fact that OWC is not a state university is wonderful! Congrats!
     o   Easy process to get transcripts sent.
     o   All the time that I have been @ NWFSC has been great. All the faculty are so helpful and the broad variety of programs that
         they will soon offer is great. Staying local for college saves so much money, it’s nice to have that option now!
     o   I was in a unique position graduating HS w/several scholarship opportunities. I opted to take a very low cost route – attending
         OWC, living in my trust fund properties, receiving Bright Futures and getting 2 degrees in the amount of time it takes to earn
         one. I also could work full time while attending full time. I couldn’t and still can’t beat the $ saved b/c I stuck around, worked,
         and had FL prepaid college. It’s great and OWC (now NWFS) seems to be growing as fast as I am. The staff are great as
         well. Top notch @ low cost. It’s Tony the Tiger GREAT!
     o   Made me mad that they (UF) wouldn’t take me in with my 31 (ACT), Eagle Scout, + 3.85 at OWC. Transferring my credits
         (high school + college) took over a month. UA didn’t see me as a freshman and wouldn’t give me a scholarship until we went
         to Tuscaloosa & sat down with them. UCF took me in within two weeks and accepted me into the honors college. But their
         scholarship deadline was in January, so they didn’t give me any scholarships.
     o   Thank you so much!! Daniel & his parents are very pleased & satisfied. OWCC help was invaluable!!
     o   Calc 3, Differential Equations, and Physics are not on the course list for computer science; the courses are required at UF. I
         had a hard time getting Financial Aid to pay for these courses because they were considered to be excessive. Over all, my
         time at OWC was very rewarding.
     o   Great, helpful staff. Very personal learning experience.
     o   OWC had terrible advising – no help what so ever. Even got me messed up on order classes had to be taken. Pre-reqs
         messed up. Forced to take Summer classes paying out of pocked b/c Bright Futures did not pay for Summer classes. Should
         have gone straight to UCF like my siblings did.
     o   I believe that in the college’s quest to become at the four year level they have forgotten about the student’s they already have
         at the school.
     o   I have only received the best help from the financial aid office, women’s resource center, the student bookstore, and the
         counselor at Hurlburt (even the cafeteria!); I would like to let every know that I truly appreciate them !!
     o   I enjoyed by college time. Thanks!
     o   Work with new students & help develop a course of action directed towards their major so they don’t have to take further pre-
         req’s when they attend university.
     o   Have not applied for admission into a bachelor’s program yet. Have intentions of applying for admission into the education
         degree at Northwest Florida State College once prerequisites are met.
     o   I received my AA & BAS from WOC in May 08; But over all the college is great. Need to offer on-line Master’s classes.
     o   I Applied in April 2008 pending my BSN and was accepted to UAB – Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program without
         condition. . NO problems with my AA from OWC or my BSN from OWC/UWF.
     o   Enjoyed my time at OWC!! Thanks!!
     o   OWC – oops – NFSC – has always been wonderfully helpful in assisting me with my dream of finally going back to, and
         graduating from, college.
     o   UWF needs my transcripts indicating I finished my AA. Could Student Services send UWF the transcripts?
     o   The transfer was easy. Thanks. Making transcript transfers easier would have been great. I think I had to mail a written
         request in the mail. There is no need to write a letter.
     o   Overall, a great learning environment.
     o   No need to challenge, had other schools pursuing me more actively anyway. Had a great start to my college career by starting
         at OW, instead of going right to a bigger university. It made it a lot easier to adjust from high school to college. Thanks for a
         great education that I received at OW.
     o   I enjoyed my time at Okaloosa-Walton College.
     o   I relocated, therefore never applied to Northwest State College.
     o   I have enjoyed my classes
     o   It was a pleasure to attend NSFC (OWC at the time).
     o    I also ma grateful that the official transcripts can be sent at no charge. That helped a great deal. I have had to request so
         many transcripts, that the fees became frustrating. NFSC is the only school I’ve found that doesn’t charge. It was one less
         stress to worry about! Thank you!
     o   Staff was very helpful. Thank you for everything.
     o   I am moving out of state in the middle of August. I have not yet applied to any college. I will apply after I am settled in
     o   A faculty that is more motivated would be wonderful. Also, staff that realize they are there for the students and not just a
     o   I was not denied admission. The staff was very helpful in helping me with my admission.
     o   I was previously enrolled at WUF in 2004 and OWC simultaneously. I am an active duty Air Force member and have moved
         out of the area.
    o   I have not yet applied to a University or College but will be doing so within the next year.
    o   I am happy with this college.
    o   OWC & UWF had my transfer completed before my completion at OWC. It was wonderful. Everything transferred and was a
        great beginning to further my education at UWF. Thank you O.W.C.
    o   Thanks!
    o   OWC (sorry I’m always going to call it that) was a great school for me. I wasn’t ready to go to college yet, but I knew I at least
        needed to get working on my A.A. This school was convenient, affordable, and has professors that love to teach what their
        teaching. At the same time they realize what they’re teaching is probably not our major, we just got to have it. *Collegiate
        High School took over, those kids may have the brains to be there, but not the maturity level !!!!!*
    o   Congrats on your new status & name!
    o   I already have an AAS in Dental Hygiene so I did not apply for my BA or BS
    o   Now that NW Florida State College is broadening their ability to offer new degrees & programs, I suggest that advisors seek
        higher levels of knowledge. In my experience advisors (not all, but some) have inadequate knowledge, and are/have been
        unable to answer all my questions without referring me to other persons, and schools. The Advisors know their information
        about NWFSC, but maybe they should research more in order to better help students that plan to further their education.
    o   During my time at NWFL State College, everyone was very helpful. I was accepted to your Nursing program, but it is not
        nationally accredited & I don’t want to stay in Florida once I receive my BSN otherwise, I would have chosen NWFL State.
    o   I love the classes I took at OWC. I am grateful for the opportunities that my education from OWC has opened for me.
    o   I enjoyed my time at OWC. I got a great education I will use in the future.
    o   Classes at NWFLSC were enjoyable but VERY easy. I do not feel as if I am prepared for classes in a higher level college.
    o   I wish OWC had legal classes. I was an international student.
    o   At application for admission time, I did not request any help from any faculty member at NFSC. I was, however advised by
        my professor at the time, that SCAD would be a suitable school to further my studies and here I am, and I’m really happy. 

C. Bishop/October 2008


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