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									Capture Product Development is seeking partners to expand operations and customer reach.

Seeking Partners


Company Description
About Capture Product Development: Founded in March of 2006 in Austin, TX. Active customers in Bay Area, CA and Austin, TX. Product / service spaces include: Opto-electronics Computers, Industrial Electronics, Consumer Electronics Robotics Wireless devices Analysis (Thermal, Stress/Strain) - Chip-level through System-level


Sought Partners - General Description
Capture Product Development is an Austin-based Engineering Services Company and is seeking to expand. Additional partners are required in the following areas: 1 Sales and Marketing Executive - technical service sales and market analysis 2 Software Engineers - device-level drivers, embedded microcontroller programming 1 Mechanical Engineer - CAD(Pro/E, Solidworks), FEA/CFD analysis 1 Electrical Engineer - mixed-signal design, low-power, high-frequency (5Ghz+)


Partner Skillset Description - Software Engineering
Preferred characteristics: Experienced in embedded software development (C, C++, Assembly) Well versed in memory management and other aspects of programming for microcontrollers. Experienced in writing device-level drivers for microcontrollers. Experienced in programming for motor controllers, battery-charging and sensor IC’s.


Partner Skillset Description - Electrical Engineering
Preferred characteristics: Experienced in mixed-signal and digital electronics design. Well-versed in design for embedded systems (w/ microcontrollers), low-power (portable) design and high-frequency design (5Ghz+). Experienced in thermal management techniques. Experienced in the use of motor controllers, and the power management relating to motors. Familiar with typical software requirements and implementation.


Partner Skillset Description - Sales and Marketing

Preferred characteristics: Experienced in representing technical companies, especially service types. Well-versed in market analysis for technical markets. Well-versed in identifying and approaching potential customers.


Partner Skillset Description - Mechanical Engineering
Preferred characteristics: Experienced in consumer-electronics and industrial-electronics product design. Expert-level Pro/E and/or Solidworks CAD user. Knowledgeable in thermal analysis and stress-strain analysis concepts. User of FEA / CFD software (Cosmos, Floworks, Ansys, Pro/Mechanica, FlowTherm, etc.) is preferred. Knowledgeable in mechanical and general-product aspects of high-frequency electronics product design (shielding, thermals, board layout, etc.) Highly knowledgeable in fabrication capabilities such as: injection molding, sheet-metal, thermo-formed plastics, packaging (including printing), metal injection molding, casting, extrusions. Knowledgeable in materials (thermal and strength properties of metals, properties of various plastics, etc.) Working knowledge and understanding of PDM/PLM systems. Highly knowledgeable in GD&T.

Expansion Launch Parameters for Partners
Company expansion requires the addition of partners - however, current business levels will not support additional salaries without new contracts. Therefore, the business is seeking partners which will: Commit to working with CapturePD as first priority, as contracts are awarded by customers. Commit to being available to join in work-load, in the as-needed fashion described above, during a “launch window” of a minimum duration of 9 months, during which time sufficient contracts will be obtained to support each partner and expand the business. During launch, compensation will only be available during active contract work. Throughout such time as contracts are not active, partners must be self-sustaining. Work on creating company infrastructure in areas which are not already built, such that, upon contract awards, processes, equipment and capabilities are in-place.


Summary Points and Contact Info
CapturePD is seeking partners, not employees. Partners will need to be self-sustaining during a 9-month launch period. Ownership of the company will be shared. Seeking to add partners by end of August. Interest areas, enthusiasm and ability to learn are more important than an exact skill-set. Interested parties may contact Chris Carroll at Please send a resume and a description of your capabilities to accompany your email of introduction.


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