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A Guide To Compare Cholesterol Drugs Providing You The Solution To Natural, Safe Cholesterol

Have you ever tried to compare cholesterol drugs? Doctors usually prescribe medications to lower
cholesterol levels of people who need further treatment, aside from diet modification, regular
physical activity, and weight control. Examples of those who need cholesterol lowering drugs, are
those without coronary heart disease but with two or more risk factors, as well as those with
existing coronary heart disease.

If you try to compare cholesterol drugs, you will notice that each one has its own advantages and
disadvantages, but they all have one thing in common - side effects. Side effects are a major
concern when it comes to medications that lower cholesterol, as some of them can be quite
serious. Here is a quick guide to help you compare cholesterol drugs used to manage high
cholesterol levels:

Examples of statins are simvastatin, rosuvastatin, and atorvastatin. These are easy to administer
and have few drug to drug interactions. Pregnant women and those with liver disease, however,
should not take statins.

Statins can cause muscle weakness, muscle pain, neuropathies, and memory loss. Common side
effects associated with statin use are constipation, abdominal pain, and abdominal cramping.

Bile Acid Sequestrants
Bile acid sequestrants lower LDL levels but these can also cause HDL cholesterol to decrease. In
addition, bile acid sequestrants can cause constipation. Examples of drugs that belong to this
class are colesevelam, colestipol, and cholestyramine.

Niacin can help decrease total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels while promoting
an increase in HDL cholesterol. However, a lot of people cannot tolerate niacin, making it a less
than ideal option in lowering cholesterol levels.

Fibrates are also used to manage cholesterol. These drugs lower triglyceride levels while
increasing HDL cholesterol. Examples of fibrates are clofibrate, fenofibrate, and gemfibrozil.
Serious side effects associated with the use of fibrates include muscle pain and abnormal liver
It is very evident that drugs to lower cholesterol can be risky. While these can be effective, there
are serious risks to be considered. This is one of the reasons why more and more people, instead
of trying to compare cholesterol drugs and choosing which one is best for them, turn to natural

Natural supplements are now available which can help lower cholesterol levels. Choose one that
is of high quality, by making sure that it contains only natural ingredients, and has ingredients
proven to be effective like policosanol, pumpkin seed oil, vitamin E, and lecithin oil. These are safe
to take and will not produce any harmful side effects like drugs do.

If you care about your health, then you might want to consider natural ways to manage your
cholesterol, instead of depending on medications that can harm your body.

If you are ready to achieve great cholesterol levels, naturally and safely, and protect yourself
against heart disease, then visit my website today, where I share what I personally successfully
use, for excellent cholesterol levels and super heart health.

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