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					Why India does not produces REAL ‘fast’ BOWLERS….

An average speed of an Indian bowler now a days is 125-135.with most of he bowlers are
relying on their line and length then speed as their main weapon. Despite starting their
career at 140+ speed many of the bowlers have lost their pace very badly. The real fast
bowling criteria is over 90 miles per hour (145.6 kmph) which many Indian bowlers fails
to met.

Here, are some reasons why India does not produces the real quick stuff…

·Indian pitches: The average score of first innings at Indian pitches is 285 highest
comparing to other countries like Pakistan, Australia, England & even Sri lanka. That’s
why pace does not matter because as quick as the Indian bowlers can bowl the flat pitches
of India will only suit batsman. A bowler bowling quickly gets no wicket and become a
huge failure on Indian pitches. That’s why may be Indian bowlers despite having a great
potential fails to bowl quickly. But there are also some other reasons for it.

·Mental structure: 7 out of 10 emerging Indian bowlers are off spinners there are very less
players who opt for fast bowling. Also in their early days they start as a fast bowlers but
as soon as they start to play cricket at competitive level they become batsman or spin
bowlers. Some of them are Sachin tendulker, MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Harbhajan Singh
and many of them, they started their career as fast bowlers but become batsman or spin
bowlers due to their mental structure and the training they got in their early playing days.
No Indian bowler is motivated to bowl fast like it is done in Pakistan, New Zealand and
Australia despite having National cricket academy, which has a reputation of producing
good fast bowlers there is no real quick stuff in India.

·Injury: one of the main culprit for depriving India of real quick fast bowling is Injury.
Here is the list of bowlers, which started their career at 145+ bowling but soon become
only medium fast bowlers after injuries.

·Zaheer Khan: The spearhead of Indian bowling debuted in 2000 was used to bowl over
145 mark in his starting matches. Soon after the successive injuries of 2003 2004 2007
2011 he now bowls at 130-135 mark only. After his hamstring pull he has just become a
medium fast bowler.

·RP Singh: The left arm fast bowler was debuted in 2005,bowls over 150 mark on his
very best day against Srilanka but soon after his back injury a dip could be seen in his
speed which falls to 130 speed mark and which also lead to his dropping from the team.

·Munaf Patel: The discovery of MRF speed academy was used to bowl at 155 mark but
soon after his ankle injury he shifts from speed to line and length and bowls below a
medium pacers speed as he now bowls at 120-125 the lowest in his career, it is also due
to his ankle injury.
This shows that injury cuts the speed of Indian fast bowlers.

·Secured career: every body now a days wants a secured career in cricket no body wants
to risk their careers in cricket. Fast bowlers are most prone to life long injuries, which
may lead to their departure from the team. As every body wants to enjoy the privilege of
being in the Indian cricket team. That’s why they are not ready to sacrifice their careers
by bowling fast and endangering their careers. But other countries security is provided to
the cricket if anything happens to them while playing cricket. But in India even the board
also wants to earn only money at any cost & there is so much competition that if one
bowler is out for a minute the other is ready to take his place in every next second.

These were the main reasons why India always fails to produce the ‘REAL’ FAST

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